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Found 25 results

  1. Hello! I have invites for Demonoid ( and BJ ( I want an invite for BrokenStones ( Actually, I was a member of BrokenStones, but since the site has been moved to Gazelle platform, everyone need to reset their password. I'm trying to do this, without success. If you can help me to contact an administrator of BrokenStones or another way to recover my password and login there again, I will really appreciate and can give you invite for Demonoid or BJ. Please, help me!!!
  2. This is an automated message to make sure this seller really got the stuff what he/she is trying to sell, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then topic will remain closed. Best regards, Invite Scene Staff!
  3. Logo Contest Deliberation and Freeleech Over! We all hope your holidays were great and you enjoyed the extremely long freeleech. The staff will be discussing the submitted logos and post a poll shortly with all the submissions that meet the criteria. We had a great turnout so it's going to be difficult to pick a winner. Thanks, BS Staff
  4. New Torrents - Temporary Currently some code was reverted when adding the snowstorm effect, and it means that any new torrents that are uploaded won't automatically be freeleech. Staff will get it fixed asap, but in the meantime, please report the torrent and staff will manually make it freeleech! Thanks for your understanding. Snowstorm! To add a bit of holiday cheer, we've added a snowstorm to the site! Please report any issues with it to techietrash If for any reason you'd like to disable it (you will get an alert confirming that it's OFF): Please click here: forums.php#snowoff If you'd like to re-enable the snow (you will get an alert confirming it's ON): Click here: forums.php#snowon This setting is saved in a browser cookie, so it will be remembered as long as you don't change browsers/computers and don't delete your cookies! Also, if you'd like a Christmas Style, try out this one: (Completely unsupported, but mostly working!)
  5. Torrent Grouping - Add Version You can now add a torrent to a group by clicking on the "Add version" in the torrent detail page. Please do this so torrents are grouped properly. Thanks, BS Staff
  6. Dear Friends, i have 4 x SCC and 4 x BS invite kindly place your offers. if it seems interesting i will PM you. Thank you!
  7. I will make this one short and sweet (by my standards) Split and or rar'd or scene releases or whatever you want to call them are not allowed here. I have deleted more rar'd torrents here in the past 4 or 5 days than I have in the previous time I have staffed here (roughly 15 months). So it is time to make this clear to everyone! I will make it easy. If you upload a rar'd or split torrent . . . that torrent will get deleted. The uploader will also get a formal 1 week warning. If we notice that the same members are uploading split/rar'd content repeatedly their uploading privileges will be temporarily or perhaps permanently revoked. I am not opening this post for comments. I have heard every argument before and we are not going to change our minds under any circumstances. Everyone remember to read the rules before you upload . . . ignorance of the rules is not a defense.
  8. Hey Guys. I have 1x Brokenstones invite Apply here . Don't PM me. If you like my GA hit the thanks button and also vote this post up.
  9. DNS Update 10 hours and 7 mins ago Hide The site was down for a DNS update. Hopefully it doesn't take long. Thanks, BS Staff
  10. DoS Attack That was the issue. Let's keep our fingers crossed it doesn't happen again soon. Enjoy the new site. BS Staff!
  11. Welcome Back! As you can already tell and heard through the grape vine, the site has been moved to Gazelle. We all need to thank the developers of this source, staff here, and you for being patient so let's get back enjoying BrokenStones. Everyone will need to reset their password. Passwords may be put in your junk folder or blocked by your provider. We will handle accounts with these issues at a later date so please stay turned.
  12. Update: The site is very nearly ready to open up again, except for a "little" snag that it turns out the server along with several others on the provider have been blacklisted in some mailsystems, which causes issues with opening the site again since the emails are critical to get access to the new site.
  13. The site is offline due to maintenance. The reason for this maintenance is that we detected an intrusion by one person on multiple fronts. Fixing all of the security holes in the old code would not be the most efficient use of time. Therefore, we are moving to a new platform which is vastly more secure. It is going to take some time. We too are frustrated but we are working as fast as we can.
  14. As Title Says... BitHumen Invite - Good trusted member - Seedbox - Plenty of Proofs. (Not a member before) 2 BrokenStones Invites - Mac lover 1 Freshon Invite. - Proofs Needed. 2 IPTorrents Invites. - Proofs Needed. - Collectors and sellers stay away please... if i think your a good trusted member you will receive the BitHumen. i will announce winner Very soon depending on how many apply.
  15. Monthly Competition for August! Yep your chance to win the use of a seedbox for free for a month has come around again. This time the competition will echo the same as the extension we ran to July's, just make a post and you will be given 3 random numbers. Only one post will give you the numbers. It may appear a light weight option for the chance to win but lots of stuff is going on behind the scenes here at BS and the next set of monthly competitions coming up are going to be quite funky, so thanks to all staff who are working out of sight but always thinking of members. For further info, please view forum!
  16. Keep an eye out for the start of the July competition, yet another chance to win a seed box for a month. The start date is Saturday July 5th (GMT). A little bit late, just to give the World Cup competition more time in the limelight. There is an extra prize being added this month..... For further info, please click HERE.
  17. 2014-06-30 - Freeleech ends today. We hope you all had fun. Freeleech will end tonight at 12:00am GMT, here's a link for GMT
  18. We will be running a World Cup 2014 Contest. Yes we are starting a bit late but better late than never. The rules are pretty basic . . . you can put in your prediction anytime between now and kickoff. The person running the contest will take a screen shot of the thread just before kick-off to make sure there are no hijinks. Then the awards will awarded. Here are the categories and prizes for each game: 5 GB of upload for correctly guessing the final score 5 GB of upload for correctly guessing the player to score the first goal 10 GB of upload for correctly guessing the player to get the first yellow/red card 20 GB of upload for correctly guessing the minute in which the first goal is scored 20 GB of upload for correctly guessing the minute in which the first yellow/red card is issued It is ok if you make the same guess as someone else. The award will go to everyone who makes the correct guess. Each game will have an individual thread in the following temporary forum: World Cup 2014 Competition Here is an example from an already completed game. Each guess should look something like this: England 2 - 1 Italy First Goal by Rooney in the 35th minute First Yellow card to Balotelli in the 50th minute As of now GaryE will be running the contest but since he will be going out of town during the middle of the World Cup the contest will likely take a pause when he is gone. If you are interested in helping with the running of the contest please pm GaryE (you do not need to be a staffer to help out! You just will not be able to award the awards but tracking them and taking the screen shots of the threads is good enough and GaryE will award the winners when he is able and or he gets back). Good luck everyone and have fun!
  19. With the MONEY K is not to be uploaded here at BS, unless you have found a work around, which I highly doubt. The game has been deleted several times and due to its size, this is hitting members quite heavily. For further info, cheak the related thread and you can join in the the discussion.
  20. We have a monthly competition for June running here at Brokenstones. It is the chance to have a seedbox for a month and the little extra of a 50GB upload credit, if you are the lucky winner. You can join in the comp by clicking here.
  21. I have BrokenStones Account and i need Account or Invite Regards
  22. We have caught a few members selling invites and they have been banned, unfortunately the people who bought their invites from them were banned too. We are still concerned over invite sellers and will offer amnesty to those who report them and offer proof. Such members' accounts would be spared without getting banned even if they were invited by sellers. If you think this may be the case, you can PM any Admin or Mod. There is a post in the forums about this if you would like to join in the conversation, Here