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Found 16 results

  1. BitSpyder | BS | E-Learning | 2020 Review Tracker Name Bitspyder Tracker URL Tracker Genre E-Learning Tracker SignUp Invite Only Maintain Ratio Medium Bonus System No Banned Countries None Tracker IRC IRC Detailserver: Port: 7000 (SSL) Channel: #bitspyder Tracker Description Bitspyder is a E-Learning Based private torrent tracker created on 2006 . The tracker has about 54k+ members and nearly 17k+ torrents. If you're looking for an E-learning tracker that have Very good Content & nice Speeds/PreTimes , then you Surely searching for BitSpyder! You'll hear that it's the best choice for most of users ( that's a shout here also ) , because it's easy to join & really will Fulfill your needs! They have donation system anyone can donate there and enjoy lots of facilities . Donor accounts will never expire due to inactivity. If you have been warned , all your current warnings will be removed by donation. Accounts accessing through Public proxy servers will be Banned without any notice, Be careful. H&R rule for bitspyder is every torrent need to be seed upto 1:1 ratio . If you are seeding long time no need to worry about ratio and H&R actually . Once you reach Power user with good ratio on bitspyder invite getting is damn easy they gifted many invites time to time there . In short IMO , if you are in need of e-learning tracker and you don't any you must Go for bitspyder as its a decent tracker for everyone . Stat ||Home Page|| ||Browse|| ||Forums|| ||Request Section|| Geek News Geek TV Tech Forum Upload User Class ||Rules|| ||FAQ|| ||Donate|| ||Ratings|| Pre-times 7.5/10 Speed 9/10 Content 8.5/10 Community 8/10 Overall 8/10
  2. Hello all, just wanted to give a little to the community for those in need. 2 - RevolutionTT Invites 2 - Bitspyder Invites 1 - Audiobook Invite. Rules: 1. Apply here, Do Not Pm Me. 2. Like + Rep + Feedback Please 3. Invites will go to active members that are here to help others. Good luck and happy torrenting!
  3. Hi, i need bitspyder buffered account only please have bithumen account and other good offers pm me
  4. as the title said [Have] IPTORRENTS & BitSpyder [Want] Fux0r anyone interested give me PM
  5. Lot of invites of Bitspyder, Waffles, IPTorrents, Karagarga Really could use a thx
  6. THANK YOU For making Bitspyder what it is today, for helping us build a better community of knowledge seekers. Your support, co-operation and contributions are the only reasons that made us what we are today. We are proud to a have such a beautiful community. Now we are Celebrating our 9th Anniversary in building a better community. We continue to expect your best participation. Everyone gets 2GB Free Upload credits + 3 Free Invites And to all those who are currently warned, your warning has been Reset. TOP 10 Contest Rules : [Contest applicable to only torrents which are uploaded between 2015-03-15 00:00GMT & 2015-03-23 00:00GMT] Two uploaders with most snatches will be awarded VIP status + 60GB Upload Credits Third one will be awarded Privileged User status + 30GB Upload Credits (if already a Privileged User , member will be promoted to VIP) Rest of the 7 uploaders will be credited with 20GB uploaded to their profile (You can only win once) . Winners of the competition shall be declared on 2015-03-26 GMT and Snatches till declaration will be counted. To Qualify: Upload should be above 200MB For VIP stats - Uploader must have a ratio of 1.0 or above (when we declare the winner) and must be a member for atleast one week , else only upload credits will be credited. How to get good snatches for your upload ? Rare and difficult to find materials will grab more attention. Better description. Preferably with Pictures and links provided. Provide maximum bandwidth to your uploads. Give them maximum priority. - you can seed from more than one location to increase the speed of your upload. and Leechers .. all you have to do is seed what you download and Leave your Comments, Rating where it is due. If you are not Familiar with uploading, refer our Guides and Tutorials Section OR you could have a look at some of the excellent video tutorials submitted by our BSGT members. HERE Do not upload more than 3 torrents in a row before they grab more seeders. Hit & Run will not be tolerated. So leave your downloads seeded. We'll be watching !! Any attempt to Manipulate or fake your uploads / stats will result in a permanent ban.
  7. Giving away the following invites: 0x nCore ( Given to Crypto ) 0x BCG ( Gone :/ ) 7x BitSpyder 2x Waffles 0x TVStore ( Given to CosaNostra ) 3x Gormogon 1x TL 1x IPT Apply only if you are an active and useful member, have at least one awesome GA, some rep points and convince me, why I should choose you. Apply only if you have at least a few rep points. Do NOT post proofs and no PMs, I'll ask you to post proofs if I choose you. Don't forget to add REP and Thanks!
  8. have Danish bits Hdtorrent playbits waffle bitspyder bithuman trellas high voltage lossless deathlord hotvibes asiatorrents torrent.0day d4ever see hd Good offers thanks OLSO HAVE SAVETHEPRINCESS BITHUMAN ADDED
  9. This is an automated message to make sure this Trader really got the stuff what he/she is trying to trade, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then thread will remain closed. Best Regards, IS Staff Team!
  10. as title say i want to GA my Bitspyder 3x invites 1-add Rep and Thanks 2-apply here dont Pm please
  11. 2014-06-07 - FREE LEECH IS ON !! (48hrs) Ends @ 19:00 GMT 09-06-2014
  12. Announcements FREE LEECH IS ON !! (48hrs) Ends @ 19:00 GMT 09-06-2014 Your download stats are not counted, only the uploads are counted ! 2014-06-07 18:34:39 GMT (10 hours ago)
  13. Tracker Name : Bitspyder Tracker URL : Signup Link / Application : Invite Only Tracker Type : Ratio based Tracker Info (Special) : Personal Expirenece : Speed : 9/10 Pretime : 7/10 Content : 9/10 Forum : * Overall : 9/10 Few Words : Good trakcer for E-Learning Home : Browse : Upload : Requests : Forum : Rules : FAQ : IRC : Staff : Donate : If you find this review useful, please add thanks / rep