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Found 14 results

  1. [Have] Blackcats-games,Cinemageddon, BitmeTV, IPT,Bit-HDTV, TL , TD, Scenetime, HDSpace , 3DTorrents [Want] offers
  2. Forum Logo Design Contest Winners Announced! We couldn't have hoped for a better response to our forum logo design contest and I would like to thank each and every member that entered. We've seen some truly outstanding and talented entries, so many that it was extremely difficult to choose a top three and especially an outright winner. To see the winning entry results please visit: Remember that everyone who submitted a reasonable entry is a winner because you will be credited with 50 GB of upload credit even if you didn't make the top 3 places. Each and every member who entered will receive a PM from myself over the next couple of days once I've issued your prize!
  3. Referrals Review It's coming up towards to end of the 1st week in June and as promised it's time for the next referrals review. I have now allocated this period's referrals. Again as with our usual policy no-one has been able to carry over referrals, but the number of referrals issued remains the same as the last period which is quite generous and some members in the user class also continue to be eligible. Referrals are scheduled to be reviewed again around the 21st July. Referrals have been issued as follows: Users who have been a member for at least 90 days and have downloaded at least 100GB of data - 2 invites. Power Users - 4 invites if you've been a member for at least 90 days, otherwise 2 invites. Super Power Users - 5 invites if you've been a member for at least 90 days, otherwise 3 invites. Elite - 6 invites if you've been a member for at least 90 days, otherwise 4 invites. Super Elite - 7 invites if you've been a member for at least 90 days, otherwise 5 invites. Uploaders - 8 invites if you've been a member for at least 90 days, otherwise 6 invites. Again if you are/were in Kitty Litter at the time of writing and issue you won't have received any invites, but if your account is later promoted back into good standing and you would have been eligible for invites you can optionally apply to receive them at a later date by writing to the Staff Box titling your message, "KL invite application", but any such applications received after the 27th June will be automatically rejected. The IRC #invites channel continues to remain open for business where members are allowed to give away invites to others, it's up to yourselves exactly what criteria you ask for before issuing an invite, but as usual please invite responsibly. Please note that once a referral code is issued it only remains valid for up to 24 hours, if a code expires before being used it will be wasted. Invitees are now prevented from signing up with,, or email addresses as they block our email responder. I am not aware of any other major email providers that are currently blocking us, but if your invitee doesn't receive their confirmation email, firstly please advise them to wait at least 15 minutes and also check their junk / spam folder as it commonly arrives there (this now happens most of the time when using gmail), if it's definitely not received the code can be used again to retry with a different email address within the 24 hour period. Do NOT distribute your referral codes on known invite forums or trading sites of any kind. Invite giveaways are also prohibited on such sites. The only invite giveaways that are allowed are those that are on other class restricted forums or those sanctioned by staff. Doing so will result in you losing your referral privileges indefinitely as well as possibly being disabled along with your invite tree. Please issue your referral codes responsibly. Referrals are subject to change and maybe be reissued, changed or even withdrawn at the sole discretion of the staff at any time.
  4. SP Cost Halved On Recycled Torrents Firstly after an overwhelming majority of members voted in a recent poll to keep recycled torrents I can confirm that they are now here to stay for the foreseeable future. Recycled torrents have no wait time before earning seed points and they're also immune to the 20:1 seed to leech ratio requirement, but now for the first time we have made recycled torrents even more desirable by also halving their seed points cost. This new perk also makes recycled torrents advantageous to donors who don't really reap any extra benefits from the first 2 recycled torrent perks because they have no wait time or seed to leech ratio requirement on all torrents of part of their donor perks anyway. Recycled torrents are as usual marked with a recycled icon, but they are now also more easily identifiable by their light blue text color. Remember you still have to seed recycled torrents back, but once seed points finish their job your download will be taken off and you will end up with 0KB down effectively making it freeleech and now this will happen considerably faster. Also, please note that the download is ONLY taken off if the SP system is used to get the proper ratio. If you seed the torrent back by normal means above the required ratio, the download will remain. If partial leeching is allowed on a recycled torrent pack, you must download the torrent in full or it won't be eligible for seed points and you won't take advantage of it being recycled.
  5. Recent We apologise for the short downtime which was caused by a host outage that would have almost certainly affected a lot of servers in the same data center. The issue also caused some members to have intermittent problems yesterday. Unfortunately this is beyond our direct control, but everything should be working again now.
  6. Forum Logo Design Contest - (pjcnet) We need a suitable header logo for our forum to replace the default "Deviant III" logo and who better to ask than our community for help. If you design a suitable forum header logo and it's one of the best entries you'll win a prize, in fact all reasonable entries will win something. PRIZES: 1st Place - 2 months donor privileges + a 3rd month if your logo is used + 100 GB upload credit. 2nd Place - 1 month donor privileges + 100 GB upload credit. 3rd Place - 100 GB upload credit. Everyone else who submits what we consider a reasonable entry will be credited with 50 GB of upload credit. Any donor privilege winners who are already a donor will have their donor privileges extended. HOW TO ENTER: You are welcome to reply to the forum link at the bottom with your entry. Alternatively if you prefer to keep your entry private please submit entries titled "Logo Design Entry" to the Staff Box including a link to your image. Please note that the current "Deviant III" logo is a size of 705 x 188 pixels, although a wider image of 1280 pixels would fit nicely and larger images can always be reduced. CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES: June 15th 2015 Please note that the judges decision is final and not negotiable! Winners will be informed shortly after the closing date. To discuss this contest or to ask further questions please visit on the forum. Thank you!
  7. I have a lot of invites for,,, and i want an invite for TL or SCC or any other good offer you have.Contact me for details.
  8. Donations. We were really hoping to get something auto up before now but with everything that has been happening to us, DDOS, hacked etc etc its been put on the back burner for now. For the time being we will have to do it manually, my account got a lot of stolen credit card payments whilst we were offline so i had to change the email address and I will not be displaying it on the site at all. If you could PM me on the tracker or forum, either will be fine, I will reply with the email address, if you then put your username in the comments when you pay I will know who it was and how much, please do NOT mention BCG in the payment options though. Hopefully this will just be a temporary solution and we can get something auto up sooner rather than later. Thank you all for your patience and support during these trying times, but hopefully we are coming out the other side and seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
  9. Important, Change Passwords
  10. BCG Are Recruiting! We have certainly been very busy over the last couple of weeks since our return and I'm delighted to report that we are already well on our way towards making a full recovery. Due to an increasing workload and in order to provide an even better service to all our members we are now recruiting new moderator staff. If you want to help and you feel that you have what it takes to become part of our successful team please see this forum thread for more information and for details on how to apply. I would also like to thank all our members for your ongoing support.
  11. BCG are recruiting!
  12. BCG Lives Again: Welcome Back! It's certainly been a very difficult first half of 2014 that has brought us many challenges, but when our privately owned server suddenly suffered a catastrophic hardware failure after everything we'd already been through to get the site back online it couldn't have possibly happened at a worse time. We however never gave up and despite even more challenges we always knew that with determination we'd make it back. I am now absolutely delighted to be-able to welcome back each and every member back to BCG! We now have a faster more powerful server with a faster connection and along with various optimisations this should make the site run considerably faster than before, measures are also in place to greatly reduce the chances of us being brought down for the same reasons ever again. Since we have been offline for quite sometime we didn't consider it reasonable to expect everyone who had deleted their downloaded data to have to redownload it again if they still had hit and runs outstanding in order to get their accounts back into good standing. We have therefore cleared everyone's hit and runs as we considered this the easiest and fairest solution! We kindly ask all are members however to continue to seed the torrents they do have as much as possible as this will help aid us in our quick recovery, thank you! Unfortunately due to a problem with the backups we have lost almost 4 months of the latest torrents in our database, this means that since we've been offline for quite a while the latest torrents available were uploaded approx 7 months ago at the time of writing, apart from a few newer torrents that I've uploaded and any other new torrents that other members may have uploaded by the time you read this announcement. If you are still seeding any lost torrents they will show up as "unregistered torrent" on the tracker and you can safely remove them if you want to, if however no-one else has already done so and you would like to re-upload any missing torrents we would be very grateful as you would be greatly aiding our recovery. Finally I would like to thank everyone here for continuing to believe in us throughout our extended downtime even though it went on longer than we'd initially hoped. With the help of yourselves, our members I am extremely confident that we will now make a full and speedy recovery! IF YOU SPOT SOMETHING AMISS, PLEASE VISIT THE FORUMS AND REPORT IT SO WE CAN FIX IT. Long live BCG!