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  2. we are back online. For Uploading permission click on the link and leave a msg u will be given rights then
  3. We were running on a week old backup for a few days, but are now back to our main webserver, no data loss. Actions have been taken to prevent this from happening in the future. At the moment, any new accounts, uploads, forum posts, etc. from the last few days are not here, but I will be trying to add them, so hopefully they will re-appear soon. FYI, if there are ever issues accessing the site, the best way to find out what is up is by IRC. This is actually much easier than most think. Just go to this URL type in your username and the channel #torrentshack-help and click Start. Stay tuned for a more in-depth report of everything soon
  4. We got access to our main server, renewed it, and no data loss! I will be trying to transfer over new accounts and torrents uploaded in past couple days, but not sure if it is easily possible. The switch should take affect hopefully by tomorrow
  5. The Pirate Bay has welcomed several moderators back on board. After initial security issues were resolved site staff have now regained access to the backend. The moderators got to work right away and have already removed hundreds of fake torrents in an effort to restore the site to its former glory. The Pirate Bay has been back online for three weeks now and most of the site’s former users have found their way back. While the notorious torrent site appeared to function normally, things were pretty hectic behind the scenes. TPB had to switch hosting providers on several occasions after being kicked out following copyright complaints. At the same time, scammers were populating the site with fake torrents and scammy comments. Since TPB decided to restart without a moderator crew for security reasons, most fake torrents remained online for days, driving downloaders to malware and other malicious content. Locking out the moderators initially led to mutiny among the staff and concerns among users, but this week several long-time moderators came back on board. Close to a dozen moderators now have access to the site again and they started cleaning up the place right away. Spammer accounts were banned and hundreds of fake files have already been deleted. “I don’t know how many torrents have been removed so far, but it is in the hundreds. Some fakers had eight or nine pages under their account,†TPB moderator Agricola tells TF. The moderators describe the site as a “crap heap†and there’s still plenty of work to be done. However, for security reasons, no new “helpers†will be allowed to join. “No new staff will be recruited, so the helper status will be gone. The staff will only consist of moderators,†Agricola says. For the time being no new accounts can be registered, which makes the clean up a little easier. Spammers will have to use old existing accounts and these will become harder to find. Earlier this week TPB operator Winston told us that registrations will eventually be opened as well, but not before everything else is running smoothly. With the moderators back on board the site will slowly and steadily return to what it was before the raid, marking the end of some of the most challenging weeks in the site’s history.
  6. Tracker is Back, Please seed all the old torrents
  7. Many uploaders at KickassTorrents have voiced their frustration after tens of thousands of files disappeared from the site in a few days. Copyright holders are increasingly 'destroying' the hard work of these pirates, who plan to 'fight back' this Sunday with "KickAss Upload Day." As the largest torrent site on the Internet, KickassTorrents (KAT) has become a prime target for copyright holders. In terms of daily visitors KAT is comparable to The Pirate Bay at its height, but there’s one key difference. Unlike TPB, KAT accepts DMCA takedown notices so rightsholders have the option to remove infringing content from the site. Thus far the popular torrent index has processed more than half a million requests. While that’s already a decent number, last week many KAT users noticed that content had started to disappear at an increasing rate. “In the past 48 hours over 200 of my uploads have been removed due to the DMCA. In the past four years only 100 had been removed. Does anyone know what’s going on?†KAT’s “elite mod†Politux wrote a few days ago. “I haven’t uploaded as much as you, but I’ve lost 6% of my torrents to DMCA,†another user replied, before many more joined in to count their losses. Ironically, the thread where the discussion on the takedown purge started was quickly removed. But that didn’t stop the complaints from pouring in. In several forum posts and blog entries people started discussing the takedowns, with some even threatening to leave the site over it. Looking at KAT’s takedown stats we see that there has indeed been a significant increase in DMCA takedowns. Over the past week KAT has removed close to 30,000 torrents, which is more than 5% of all files that have been removed in the site’s entire history. While the spike may just be temporary, KAT admin Mr.Gooner has seized the opportunity to respond in style, declaring February 1st to be “KickAss Upload Day.†“Due to a recent rise in Torrents deleted because of copyright reasons and the mass of users rightfully having a grumble I suggested we should have a day like this as a ‘fight back’ if you like,†Mr.Gooner writes. “A way of encouraging everyone to upload and let these removals go over our heads, to work together as a unit & to continue enjoying each and every minute of KAT and one another’s uploads,†he adds. The idea seems to be catching on as the call to action has already generated hundreds of replies, with many uploaders vowing to upload as much as they can. On an average day KAT lists roughly 5,000 new torrents, but there may be a few more today. Whether copyright holders are planning a counter-response is unknown, but based on the reactions thus far the DMCA whack-a-mole won’t end anytime soon.
  8. The Pirate Bay has risen from its digital ashes once again. TPB is back online today, more than seven weeks after its servers were raided . The notorious torrent site is operating from the familiar .se domain and it appears that the data loss is minimal. Early December The Pirate Bay was raided at the Nacka station, a nuclear-proof data center built into a mountain complex near Stockholm. After being down for two weeks the domain came back online waving a pirate flag on its temporary homepage. TPB later added a countdown to February 1st, alongside several hints that the site would come back online at that day. Today we can report that The Pirate Bay lived up to the comeback expectations, with a comeback one day ahead of schedule. A few minutes ago the site started serving torrents to the masses again, much to the delight of millions of users. The Pirate Bay’s homepage currently features a Phoenix. The look and feel of the site is familiar and the user accounts are working properly. The “Contact Us,†“RSS†and “Register†links are not operational yet and result in a 404 error. Based on the recent torrents is appears that the data loss is minimal. The latest upload was on December 9 last year, the same day TPB’s servers were raided. Whether or not mods and admins are able to access the TPB backend is unknown at the moment. Earlier this week TPB staff told us that they would be locked out. This would make the site easier to manage and the risk of being brought down for a third time. However, these planned “optimizations†caused mutiny among the site’s original staff members. WTC-SWE, one of the lead admins of The Pirate Bay, told us earlier this week that they are launching their own version of the Pirate Bay, which they believe is the real one. These “former†staff members will also relaunch the official Suprbay forums. Interestingly, is no longer listing Suprbay in its links section. To make the matter even more confusing, Pirate Bay’s downtime spurred the development of various spin-offs who all have a steady userbase of their own.’s is currently the largest, with millions of visitors per day and the number one spot for the search term Pirate Bay in Google. It will be interesting to see can reclaim these visitors during the months to come. Developing story… Updates will be added when we have more information.
  9. We are back in business and referrals have been re-allocated, if you used an invite before you're lucky as they've had to be reissued!
  10. We're back and running in our new datacenter. However, the mail server still has issues. Do don't use invitations yet because they'll be wasted. Also, IRC is down for now. You must edit every .torrent file in your client. See your profile page for the new announce URL. Detailed directions for most clients will soon be posted to the Forums. These changes have been very expensive; in your excitement to be back online please do not forget to donate if you can.
  11. After The Pirate Bay started showing signs of life yesterday, EZTV made a full recovery today. The site of the popular TV-torrent distribution group is accessible again from its original domain name, complete with freshly updated content. Nearly two weeks ago Swedish police raided a center in the city of Nacka, close to Stockholm. The Pirate Bay was the main target of the raid, but collateral damage caused several other torrent sites to go down as well. These included EZTV, the go-to place for many torrenting TV fans. Shortly after the raid TF spoke with the EZTV crew, who quickly managed to recover several servers so proxies could serve the latest torrents again. Getting the entire site up and running proved to be more challenging, but today it appears to have fully recovered. This means that EZTV is accessible from its original domain once again. The site is loading intermittently at the time of writing, but if it doesn’t pop up right away it should be visible after a few refreshes. While the EZTV website was down for 13 days, the TV-torrent distribution group only stopped releasing torrents for a day or so. During the downtime fresh content was still shared on other torrent sites, such as and Curiously, coinciding with the comeback some proxies including have stopped working, most likely because they have to change a few settings to connect to EZTV’s backend. While EZTV may have fully recovered, many other sites hit by the raid are still experiencing problems. The Pirate Bay has put up a pirate flag and a counter, but no index or torrents. The torrent cache and the popular tracker previously returned, but are currently offline again. For now, however, it appears that EZTV is here to stay.
  12. Police in Germany are closely connecting BitShare with the on-the-run admins of streaming portal Kinox, but the site's CEO informs TF that police haven't even spoken with him. As U.S. authorities are called upon to start shutting down BitShare and Freakshare servers, the lawyer for the 'Kinox' fugitives says he's perplexed by the situation. Last week a quite extraordinary drama unfolded in Germany. Local police announced that they had carried out raids in several areas of the country with the aim of netting the operators of movie site Police did make two arrests but their main targets, two brothers said to be the founders of Kinox, remain at large. Subsequently police upped the ante by taking the unusual step of naming the pair and launching an international manhunt. Ever since news broke that the pair were being pursued, police, the attorney general, and local piracy outfit GVU have linked the brothers to a string of other file-sharing related sites. Among them are streaming portal Movie4K and file-hosting sites BitShare and FreakShare. All sites mentioned by the police remain operational. However, the anti-piracy group responsible for the investigations now wants something done about that. GVU director Dr. Matthias Leonardy claims that BitShare receives 1.5 million users per day and FreakShare 750,000. Continuing with his fiery rhetoric, Leonardy says the sites operate from datacenters in the United States so GVU now requires international assistance to shut them down. “This is by far the most serious case of organized economic crime with structurally infringing online services in Germany. The current case clearly shows that the illegal exploitation of creative content on the net is now firmly in the hands of criminals,†Leonardy says. But while GVU and the police appear acutely interested in these sites, when TorrentFreak spoke to BitShare just before the weekend, we were given a different picture. Mark Girak, the site’s CEO, who was clearly annoyed at being associated with the mounting chaos. He agreed to answer some questions to put his side of the story. Firstly, we asked Girak if anti-piracy outfit GVU or the police had ever been in contact with BitShare over the Kinox situation. “GVU never contacted us, nor did the police or any other company,†Girak said. “They are just putting our name everywhere and trying to make life hard for us. They are completely ignoring our brand and our company.†We then asked Girak if BitShare had any historical links with Kinox or its operators, and if so, to explain their nature. “We never had any contact with Kinox guys, they were once affiliates of us, but since two years they have not been using our website at all,†Girak said. “Our site is most probably being linked to that website because we offer a streaming feature for some of our users.†Finally, we asked Girak if BitShare has any pending legal problems in respect of Kinox or any other copyright matter. The answer was a clear “noâ€. And Girak isn’t the only one with doubts over the way the case is being presented by the authorities in Germany. The alleged ‘Kinox Brothers’, Kastriot and Kreshnik Selimi, are being portrayed as violent and rich individuals at every opportunity, but speaking to local media their lawyer questioned the allegations. “There is no evidence that the pair are dangerous,†said Stefan Tripmaker. “The family lives modestly and both brothers were still living in the rooms they had as children [at their parents' house]. It is a mystery to me where the money could be.†So all eyes now turn to the United States {if GVU is correct} to see whether something will be done there. In the meantime the controversy – and apparent mystery – continues.
  13. 3D Realms made some good games. 3D Realms, the developer behind Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, and Blood, is back, and it's celebrating its return with a 32 games anthology pack. The developer shut its doors in 2009, but was acquired earlier this year by Danish investment firm SDN, part-owner and principal investor of game studio Interceptor Entertainment, which developed the Rise of the Triad reboot. In February, Interceptor Entertainment’s and 3D Realms’ logo appeared on a teaser website for Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction, a top-down action role-playing game for PC and PlayStation, but it was taken down after Gearbox, which owns the rights to the Duke Nukem IP, filed suit. Now that it's back, 3D Realms says that its first order of business is to launch this 3D Realms Anthology, which you can buy from its website for $40 (though their store seems to be down at the moment). These are the games included in the pack: Arctic Adventure Bio Menace Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy Commander Keen: Invasion of the Vorticons Math Rescue Monster Bash Mystic Towers Paganitzu Monuments of Mars Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure Crystal Caves Death Rally Alien Carnage Hocus Pocus Major Stryker Blake Stone: Planet Strike Realms of Chaos Pharaoh's Tomb Word Rescue Secret Agent Raptor: Call of the Shadows Terminal Velocity Wacky Wheels Stargunner Shadow Warrior Wolfenstein 3D Rise of the Triad: Dark War Duke Nukem Duke Nukem 2 Duke Nukem 3D Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  14. Kristen Wiig is 'obviously dating' her ex-boyfriend, according to new reports. The Bridesmaids actress was in a relationship with The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti for 18 months until they split in July 2013. And according to Page Six, it seems like the pair may have reignited their romance after they were spotted out dining together at Locanda Verde in New York City on Tuesday. 'They were obviously on a date,' a source told the outlet. But it's claimed rumours they are romantically involved again are completely unfounded. Apparently they broke up amicably and were never on bad terms. 'They're friends,' another insider revealed to the publication. Kristen, 41, and Fabrizio, 34, were first linked in December 2011 after being spotted kissing at a Black Keys concert. The love affair reportedly turned sour due to hard-partying ways. "They were bad for each other. Kristen and Fabrizio were party buddies, and that was their undoing,' an insider told America's Star magazine previously. Kristen has been involved in a number of exciting professional pursuits recently. The Saturday Night Live alumna is re-teaming with her Bridesmaids co-writer Annie Mumolo on an original comedy being developed at TriStar, according to The New York Times. She will also appear in five new films within the next two years, including Nasty Baby, The Diary of a Teenage Girl, Loomis Fargo, The Heart and The Martian. Her next major feature appearance will be in dramedy The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  15. Nick Cannon is a "beautiful duck," according to his co-star. The 34-year-old comedian confirmed he had split from his wife Mariah Carey in August, although he has insisted they are still close. Nick appears in spoof reality TV show Real Husbands of Hollywood alongside stars including Erica Ash, who suggests there is much more going on with him than people realise. "He is OK,' she told New York Daily News. 'He's like a beautiful duck. It's all under the surface of the water. And he is keeping his cool, which I respect and admire. And a lot of people in his situation would fall apart.' Not all the stars of the show were as accommodating though. While they all wish Nick well, some suggest his heartbreak will be good inspiration for the new series of the programme. 'He is not safe,' Duane Martin said. 'We don't care about that. We are doing comedy. Comedy is tragedy.' The series is aired on BET, with the channel's chairman and CEO Debra Lee also touching on the subject. While there have been a lot of rumours about Nick and Mariah's relationship - with Nick forced to deny he is romancing Amber Rose, who he is now managing - neither has said the split will be for good. However, Debra seemingly hinted they are parting company for good when she began chatting about divorce. "Divorce is hard,' she said. 'But he keeps saying they have a great relationship, and I hope they will be OK.' She added that the whole cast, including Kevin Hart, want to draw on the breakup, but she is hopeful they won't cut too close to the bone. "Everyone knows it is scripted. It is difficult, but I am sure they draw a line at a certain point,' she said. Writer Chris Spencer joked: "All that sh*t is going to be on the air. We heard about [his] situation ... and we cried. But we cried while we were typing.' Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  16. PC cases are, by and large, not the most attractive of objects. Sure, they now come in different shapes and sizes, and while black still dominates, look hard enough and you'll find a few more esoteric colours to choose from. But, even some of the more appealing examples aren't the sort of thing you'd put proudly on display in a home office, let alone have sat next to a TV in your living room. Enter the Bitfenix Pandora, an aluminium-clad Micro ATX and Mini-ITX case with a front-mounted LCD panel that eschews some the usual over-the-top gaming case touches for a design that's more refined, and far friendlier for the living room. A Sleek Design The Pandora is all about curves. Its aluminium side panels sweep from the back of the case all the way through the front, partly enclosing a glossy, mesh-free black front panel. It makes for a sleek and thoroughly striking design, one that I'd be happy to have sat atop a desk, rather than hidden away underneath one. For all its sleekness, though, the Pandora isn't a small case. Sure, it's smaller than your average mid-tower, and--thanks to there being no 5 1/2" drives bays--it's much slimmer too at just 160mm in width, but there's no doubt that you'll have to make room a significant amount of room for one in a living room setup. The Pandora's size does mean there's a lot of space for components, though. There's support for MATX and M-ITX motherboards with up to five PCIe slots, GPUs up to 350mm in length, PSUs up to 180mm long, and up to a 240mm watercooling radiator on the front panel. Disappointingly, there's only room up top for a single 120mm fan, which acts as the sole exhaust for the case. There are plenty of ventilation holes, though, which makes it easy to set the case up for positive air pressure. There are also removable dust filters on the front and top fans. The front magnetic filter is, unfortunately, rather flimsy and doesn't feel all that secure, but the top filter is much studier and pops off with a push via a spring clip. The top panel also houses two USB 3.0 ports, headphone and microphone jacks, power and rest switches, and a slot for a 3.5" hard drive, with another slot located underneath the cable management box near the front of the case. The cable management box also doubles up as a 2.5" drive mount, with space for another on the side of the side, and another on the back of the motherboard tray. That's not a whole lot of room for drives, so those with more ambitious storage requirements will want to look elsewhere. Unique to the Pandora is a front mounted LCD panel (which hooks up to an internal USB 2.0 header) that you can use to display images up to 240x320 pixels in size. It's a neat feature, but the panel itself is of a poor quality, so unless you're looking at it straight on, the image gets washed out. The software is also rather basic, so there's no scope for more complex functions like temperature readouts or fans speeds, but Bitfenix is planning to release the display source code so more enterprising users can create their own software. The Build Thanks to the slim design of the Pandora, cable management is a bit of a struggle, but with a little work you can come up with a tidy layout that works well with the optional windowed side panel. The biggest problem lies with the CPU power cable. There's only a small section in the rear of the case for running cables, and that's only 15mm deep, meaning you have to run the CPU power cable across the front of the motherboard. There is a small space for tucking the cable away though, and with a little shoving it doesn't look too bad. The cable management box in the front of the case works well for hiding most of the other cables, but a modular PSU is a must if you don't want them spilling out inside the case. A judicious use of cable ties is also a must in order to work with that small 15mm of space behind the motherboard tray; the side panels are held in via four push pins, and while this makes getting to the inside of the case relatively easy, they aren't secure enough for you to be able to use the panel to squeeze bulky cables out of the way. Still, building inside the Pandora is, for the most part, a standard affair, and certainly much easier than the likes of Bitfenix's Prodigy M with its upside down PSU layout. One small annoyance, though, is the layout of the PCIe screws, which are tucked behind the aluminium side panel. To unscrew them easily Bitfenix supplies a right-angled allen key, which works fine, but will inevitably get lost within minutes of finishing your build, making it tricky to swap out PCIe cards in the future. If you're planning on using air-cooling for your CPU, then the Pandora's width limits the height of cooler you can use to around 130mm. However, a watercooling unit like the Corsair H75 I used fits perfectly to the front of the case, and I'd recommend something similar given there's not a whole lot of airflow being pushed through the case. You also need to keep an eye on GPU height. The XFX 290X I used is raised just above the PCIe express slot and fitted fine, but beefier cards that extend further may not fit. Verdict The Bitfenix Pandora isn't quite a case of style over substance, but a few compromises have been made to achieve its slim design, and it isn't the case to choosing if you've got a lot of large components to house. It's also not the best choice for airflow, particularly given the Pandora is only supplied with two fans--you'll need to factor in the cost of another to mount on the front panel to keep things cool. Watercooling is far better option, but with only the front panel available for mounting a radiator, and with limited space inside, you're largely restricted to all-in-one units. That said, if you can work through the compromises, the Pandora is a great looking case. The aluminium finish is top notch, and with a lack of visible vents on the front, it looks seriously sleek. With support for MATX motherboards, housing an SLI system is possible, but you'll want to stick with blower-style cards to ensure things don't get too toasty inside. At around $129 in the US and £95 in the UK, it's not the most expensive of cases either. There's also a version available without the gimmicky LCD display for around $110 in the US and £84 in the UK. Sure, you can get cases with more expandability and better cooling performance for the price, but few look anywhere near as good as the Pandora does. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  17. [uPDATE] After a few hours of outage, Sony's PlayStation Network service is now back online. [UPDATE] After going offline for a few hours, Sony's online service is now functional again, according to thePlayStation support page. Just a few days after it was taken down for routine maintenance, the PlayStation Network is again offline, this time due to some unspecified problems. The PSN status page on PlayStation's support website currently says the service is offline. It also offers a pretty standard, detail-light message to fans. "PSN is currently offline, and we are hard at work to resume service," it states. "At this time an estimate as to when PSN will be online is unavailable; however, we will update this article as soon as there's additional information. If you would like to receive a notice when PSN is fully restored, be sure to follow the official PlayStation Twitter account and our support Twitter account, @AskPlayStation." That Twitter support account sent out a tweet this afternoon informing users of the issues, and it, too, offered very little in the way of specifics: "We're aware some of you are unable to connect to the PSN. Thanks for your patience as we investigate." PSN was offline earlier this month in both North America and Europe. This followed downtime in August, which a group of hackers took credit for along with attacks on servers for, League of Legends, and other games. We contacted Sony regarding the downtime and were referred to the tweet referenced above. We'll report back with any additional updates we receive on PSN's status. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  18. Kesha's sexual assault lawsuit against Dr. Luke has no basis, according to the music producer's lawyer. News of the singer's suit against the producer, real name Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, broke on Tuesday, with TMZ citing claims he had abused Kesha physically, verbally and sexually for roughly ten years. In a statement released on his behalf, Dr. Luke's lawyers accused Kesha and her mother, Pebe Sebert, of 'engaging in a campaign of publishing outrageous and untrue statements about Dr. Luke to third parties, including scurrilous and false statements of purported physical and mental abuse of Kesha', according to RadarOnline. They also stated they are 'confident' their client will be 'awarded substantial damages for this malicious conduct'. 'These are allegations that Kesha and Pebe have themselves admitted are false. The complaint explains that Kesha and her mother Pebe have wielded these defamatory statements in an attempt to extort Gottwald into releasing Kesha from her exclusive recording agreement with Dr. Luke,' the statement continues in part. 'We understand that Kesha has filed a lawsuit of her own against Dr. Luke, though we have not yet seen it. Undoubtedly, Kesha's lawsuit is nothing more than a continuation of her bad and offensive acts.' In court documents obtained by TMZ, Kesha, who signed with Dr. Luke at the age 18, cited several instances in which she was allegedly forced to use drugs and alcohol and was sexually assaulted. Kesha checked into rehab in January of this year, revealing she was seeking help for an eating disorder. Her mother, Pebe Sebert, publicly blamed Dr. Luke at the time. He denied those allegations. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  19. Mean Girls actress claims Take-Two benefited from using what she claims is her likeness to promote the blockbuster open-world game. The Lindsay Lohan/Grand Theft Auto V lawsuit is heating up. The Mean Girls actress this week filed a 67-page complaint against Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games that spells out the many reasons she believes they benefited from using her apparent likeness in the acclaimed open-world game. Rockstar's legal team is challenging the allegation. Lohan's lawsuit over GTA V dates back to July, when she claimed that GTA V's "Lacey Jonas" character was an "unequivocal" reference to her. For its part, Take-Two Interactive maintains that Jonas and Lohan are similar only as far they are both young, blond women. Take-Two further asserts that Lohan is only suing for "publicity purposes." But this week, Lohan's legal squad hit back, adding dozens of images to its complaint showing real-world photos of Lohan that she suggests Rockstar used as reference points for GTA V. According to the complaint, per The Hollywood Reporter, Rockstar "used a look-a-like model to evoke the persona and image" of Lohan by emulating a 2007 photo of Lohan (above). Her legal team is also claiming that an image of blond character, which they claim is a reference to Lohan, was used in GTA V marketing material such as t-shirts and coffee mugs, as well as advertisements on billboards, posters, buses, buildings, and websites. In addition, Lohan argues that GTA V does not represent "transformative" use of her likeness (which is protected free speech under the First Amendment) because Rockstar was interested in "financial gain" above all else. "The Defendants were in the business of selling games as opposed to artists displaying artwork in galleries for profit where unauthorized images or portraits of individuals were reproduced in limited editions as opposed to the mass production for commercial promotion and financial gain," reads a line from the complaint. A Take-Two representative declined to comment. GTA V launched in September 2013, generating over $1 billion in revenue in just 72 hours. The game has since shipped 34 million copies on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 alone. Sales are likely to only increase further, as the game is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in November. Lohan's lawsuit over GTA V is currently underway alongside former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega's claims that Activision blatantly misused his likeness in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The issue of transformative use is at the heart of that case as well. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  20. If you check out this new domain: it says that PublicHD are coming back. Lets just hope it's true! You can check out their FB and twitter profiles, where they announce that too.
  21. Time to get back to the studio as fall or autumn is back........ Summer how we miss you already
  22. [sE] FÖR TILLFÄLLET ÄR INLOGGNINGEN LÅST, DETTA KOMMER VARA TILLS VI KÄNNER ATT SIDAN ÅTERIGEN ÄR BRUKBAR OCH SÄKER! Men vi i staff önskar er alla välkomna tillbaka! [EN] At the moment the login LOCK, THIS WILL BE UNTIL WE KNOW THAT THE SITE Again fit AND SAFE! But we in staff wish you all welcome back!
  23. DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon 2 was not just one of the better-received sequels of the 2014 Summer Movie Season, it remains one of the best-reviewed films of this year in general, and just crossed the $600 million mark at the worldwide box office over the 2014 Labor Day holiday frame. It’s also the top-grossing animated motion picture of 2014 – having outperformed The LEGO Movieoutside the U.S. - in the absence of a new Pixar release this year (we’ll see how Disney’s Big Hero 6 does at the box office in November, though). Yet, as was discussed during the 2014 Summer Movie Awards edition of the SRU Podcast, Dragon 2 didn’t seem to make as strong an impact on the public consciousness as certain other summer releases did. The 3D animated feature also suffered a significant drop-off at the U.S. box office, compared to its predecessor’s take in 2010 ($174 million vs. $216 million), despite a slight uptick in ticket prices – along with the increase in the number of 3D screenings available – over the four years between the films. This is all worth taking into consideration, as How to Train Your Dragon 3 has now been pushed back by a year, from a planned launch during the 2016 Summer Movie Season to the same period in 2017. Still, the fact that Dragon 3 has been given a new official release date – as opposed to being shifted to a more vague frame (see: Sony having recently pushed Amazing Spider-Man 3 to “sometime in 2018″) – is a sign that DreamWorks remains confident about the property’s future - and with good reason. Dragon 3 was previously set to arrive on June 17th, 2016, which is the same date that Pixar has claimed for the Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Dory. It’s not quitea Captain America 3/Batman V Superman situation, but it makes sense that Dragon 3 would be the one to move away first, all things considered (see: Dragon 2performing somewhat weaker than expected). Earlier today, Warner Bros. also set Shane Black’s The Nice Guys to hit theaters the same day as Dory, but it’s unlikely that had much of an impact on DreamWorks’ decision to scoot Dragon 3 back. How to Train Your Dragon 3, following its move, is now scheduled to reach theaters on June 9th, 2017, which is two weeks after the currently-untitled LEGO Moviesequel opens in theaters, and one week before currently-untitled new animated movies from both Pixar and Blue Sky are slated to arrive. There will for certain be more release date announcements (and, equally likely, release date changes) for June 2017 over the next couple of years, so we’ll have to wait and which – if any – of these family-friendly animated offerings wind up moving. There was some talk about how DreamWorks executives have been entertaining the thought of a fourth How to Train Your Dragon movie down the line (not that long before Dragon 2 opened in theaters). Dragon 2 writer/director Dean DeBlois, who also co-wrote and co-directed the first How to Train Your Dragon installment, did indeed leave the door open for a third Dragon installment (which he will also make), after all, and could do the same on Dragon 3 while still providing a satisfying self-contained story. Nonetheless, it’s best to not jump to any conclusions on that front until further notice. DeBlois may have enough story for two more How to Train Your Dragon films, as the fantasy series’ composer John Powell has indicated, but DreamsWorks might be a tad more hesitant than it was before, when it comes to saying yes to Dragon 4 at this point in time. How to Train Your Dragon 3 arrives in theaters on June 9th, 2017.
  24. Well, here we are again. Didn't think we would be away for to long did you ? Here's the story of events over the last week. Earwig was tracked down by FACT and asked to hand over the domain or face being dragged through the courts and who knows what after that. He made the right decision and did exactly what he was told and the domain is now in their hands. Please be aware that this in no way affects your security and no details at all have been given to anyone. The servers on which the site ran have now been taken offline by Earwig and any and all back ups have been destroyed. Luckily for us though, Earwig was not the only one with access to the main site box. We have coders.....We have staff..... We have a belief to keep what was started alive ! We have a belief to carry on a ratioless tracker with friendly staff, we have a belief to be able to provide the fastest pre times. In short we have managed to get hold of one of the latest back ups before everything was taken offline We have new hardware, new Domain, some new staff ! But the same beliefs, the same goals ! Hopefully we also have the same userbase behind us ! Things might be slow for the first few weeks as we get things online. We currently have no funds due to having to purchase new hardware for the site and we are still lacking a main seedbox from which to run the script. Our trusty uploaders will do all they can to make this period as painless as possible. Hopefully as soon as donations take off we can add these essential items very soon. But rest assured, we will get back to where we left off in no time ! Thanks to everyone that has been able to make this happen ! Welcome Home ;-) This is New URL:
  25. The tech giant launches a new feature that lets users continue a conversation within search results. A Bing search for the president of the US.Screenshot by Dara Kerr/CNETSometimes when you seek an answer from a search engine, it only brings up more questions. Well, Microsoft has been working on a fix for that. The tech giant rolled out a new feature for Bing on Wednesday that lets users have more of a conversation with the search engine, rather than just asking random questions. For example, if you type in "who is the president of the United States," you'll get "Barack Obama." Then, if you want more information you can type into the query box, "how tall is he," and Bing will know you're talking about the president and will answer back "Barack Obama height, 6 feet, 1 inch." "For all kinds of searches, Bing lets you ask a question the way you would ask a friend," Bing Relevance Team principal development lead Yan Ke wrote in a blog post. "By combining conversational understanding with our knowledge repository containing information on billions of people, places and things, you can dive and learn more about a topic or interest." Bing conversations are not quite like Microsoft's new Cortana voice assistant for Windows Phone 8.1, but are still a step in that direction. Like Apple's Siri and, to a lesser extent, Google's voice actions, Cortana is a personable voice-activated system for taking dictation, looking things up, and opening apps. By launching Bing conversations, it seems Microsoft is aiming to eventually bring users similar experiences on both desktop and mobile.