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Found 16 results

  1. Mac-Torrents August 2014 Review Tracker Name : Mac-Torrents Tracker Genre : Apps (MAC) Tracker Link : Tracker Signup : Closed/Invite Only Tracker Description : Mac-Torrents is private torrent tracker specialized in MAC apps,games,iPOD,iPHONE,iPAD,music and ebooks. Screenshots : Home : Category : Browse Torrents : Top 10 Torrents : Requests : Collages : Forums : Rules : Donate : Stats : Rating : Overall : 9/10 Torrents : 9/10 Speed : 9/10 Community : 9/10
  2. Music | JPopsuki | JPop | Music | August 2014 Exclusive Review Tracker Name : JPopsuki ( JPop ) Tracker Genre : Music Tracker Type : Ratio Based Bonus System : Yes Tracker Birthday : 9th September 2008 Maintaining Ratio : Easy Tracker Signup Link : Closed/Invite Only Tracker URL : Tracker IRC : IRC Bonus : N/A Tracker Twitter Account : Tracker FaceBook Account : Tracker Description : JPopsuki is one of the best torrent tracker for asian music releases with great speed.The tracker includes all type of musik like Korean,Japanese,Chinese and many more.Staff and members are very active in IRC and they are very helpful and friendly. Tracker ScreenShots : Home : Categories : Browse Torrents : Top 10 Torrents : Requests : Collages : Artists : JPop Radio-TV : Bonus Points : Invite : Upload : User Classes : Forums : Rules : Help : IRC : Stats : My Ratings : Pretimes : 9/10 Speed : 9/10 Content : 9/10 Community : 9/10 Rarity : 6/10 Overall My Experience : 9/10
  3. General | Galaxy-Tracker | GT | General | August 2014 Exclusive Review Tracker Name : Galaxy-Tracker ( GT ) Tracker Type : Ratio Based Tracker Genre : General Bonus System : Yes Maintaining Ratio : Easy Tracker Signup : Closed/Invite Only Tracker URL : Galaxy-Tracker Twitter Account : Tracker Description : Galaxy-Tracker is a greek general private torrent tracker since 2011.Has greek and foreign movies,music,anime,ebooks etc.They have the own internal groups making their own releases or re-uploads. Tracker ScreenShots : Home : Categories : Browse : Requests : Torrents Need Seeding : Bonus Points : User Classes : Upload : Internals Groups : Forums : Rules-Faq : Radio : Stats : My Ratings : Content : 8/10 Speed : 8/10 Community : 8/10 My Overall Experience : 8/10
  4. Movies | Secret-Cinema | SC | Movies | August 2014 Exclusive Review Tracker Name : Secret-Cinema ( SC ) Tracker URL : Tracker Signup : Closed/Invite Only Tracker Type : Ratio Based Maintaining Ratio : Easy Bonus System : N/A Tracker Genre : Movies Tracker IRC : N/A Tracker Description : Secret-Cinema is a private tracker with good content in old/rare movies. Tracker ScreenShots : Home : Categories : Browse Torrents : Top 10 : Top 50 : Top 100 : The 50 most popular torrents of the past 31 days : Requests : Upload : Forums : Rules : Faq : Stats : My Ratings : Content : 8/10 (in rare movies) Speed : 8/10 Rarity : 9/10 Community : 9/10 My Overall Experience : 8,5/10
  5. Movies | TehConnection | TEH | Movies | August 2014 Exclusive Review Tracker Name : TehConnection ( TEH ) Tracker URL : Tracker Signup : Closed Invite Only Tracker Type : Ratio Based Seed Difficulty : Easy Tracker Genre : Movies IRC : Tracker Description : TehConnection is a pure movies tracker,formats include xvid,divx,x264,dvdr,and matroska.They also allow scene and home ripped releases. Tracker ScreenShots : Home : Categories : Browse Torrents : Montages : Requests : Upload : User Classes : Forums : Rules : Faq : Wiki : Invite : Help Desk : Donate : TehConnection Manifesto : Stats : My Ratings : Speed : 8/10 Pretime : 8/10 Content : 8/10 Community : 8/10 My Overall Experience : 8/10
  6. General | Greek-Team | GT | General | August 2014 Exclusive Review Tracker Name : Greek-Team ( GT ) Tracker Genre : General Bonus System : Yes Maintaining Ratio : Easy ( Seedbox ), medium ( without seedbox ) Tracker Signup : Closed/Invite Only Tracker URL : Tracker IRC : NO Tracker Description : Greek-Team is the No.1 greek private torrent tracker with thousands member,and thousand torrents.You can fint anything : greek movies,tv series,music,e-books but also international releases.You find many freeleech torrents from the internal groups to help you make a good ratio.Invites are open only for VIP members but some time are open for lower ranks(power member).Speeds are great with seedboxes.Finally the community is very active and stuff are realy good. Internal Groups : GrLtV,GLM,GTRD,GTtvSD,GTActive Tracker ScreenShots : Home : Categories : Browse Torrents : Top 10 Torrents : Freeleech Torrents : Torrents Need Seeds : Requests Page : Bonus Points : Upload : User Classes : Forums : Rules : Faq : Disclaimer : Support Desk : Donate : Internal Groups : My Ratings : Pretimes : 8/10 Speed : 8/10 Content : 9/10 Rarity : 8/10 Over All Experience : 9/10
  7. [Music] ApenasMusica | AM | Music | August 2014 Exclusive Review Tracker Name : ApenasMusica Tracker Genre : Music Tracker Type : Ratio Based Bonus System : N/A Maintaining Ratio : Easy Tracker Signup Link : Closed/Invite Only Tracker URL : Tracker Irc : Yes IRC Bonus : N/A Tracker Description : ApenasMusica is a new music tracker based in gazelle style.Has different style of music(rock,country,gospel etc ) Tracker ScreenShots : Home : Categories : Browse Torrents : Top 10 Torrents : Requests : Collages : Upload : Forums : Rules : Invites : IRC : Staff : Donate : Stats : My Ratings : Content : 8/10 Speed : 8/10 Community : 8/10 Overall My Ratings : 8/10
  8. It has often been assumed that the iPhone experience is together in many ways that Android is not, say iPhone fans. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has been accused of being slow and laggy, and many an iPhone performance test claims that iPhones best Android smartphones each year in terms of their performance on a number of levels. Well, Apple’s latest announcement seems to point to the contrary. The Cupertino has announced an iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program due to some defective units (a very small percentage, it’s been said) that have batteries that drain faster. Apple says that the defective units are those that were sold between September 2012 (the month of the iPhone 5 launch) and January 2013, and those who purchased an iPhone 5 during that time can bring their device(s) to local Apple retail stores starting on August 29th. It’s times like these that show how universally similar smartphones can be across all operating systems. No matter how great the smartphone, how much better you think it is than all others, smartphones are made imperfect because humans are – and even the most premium smartphone brands are subject to the same defective issues as non-premium smartphones are. Please refer all Apple fanboys to articles such as this to make them aware that, if Android smartphones have their share of criticism, so do iPhones.
  9. Dear User, The free registration will take 2014.08.24. up! Speak to friends and acquaintances in! / We recommend that you use Gmail's address! / Each user can have only one registration, you will be monitored! Sincerely, Staff Malacka!
  10. Waffles Staff Picks - August Edition | 2014-08-18 01:34:56
  11. HDVNBits Review | 2014 | August HDVNBits is a Vietnamese General/HD tracker. But really it is more of a High-Definition tracker. HDVNbits is kind of a mini HDBits tracker as many (some even the encoders itself, if am not wrong) upload the internals of HDBits here in HDVNBits and few internals from HDVNBits is also internal at HDBits like EbP, LolHD etc. Their is also a new internal release group which also aims not at faster releases but at quality called VietHD. Such encodes from this highly respected groups comes with filters like debanding applied, dirty borders and lines deleted, fill margins etc, they just make it look better and more transparent as possible unlike any other encodes, so it takes time , they do not rush like scene groups. Also HDVNBits have their own best quality unique mHD(microHD) releasing group called EPiK which is also one of the most downloaded & demanded encode from this site. You will find more of quality , transparent encodes from quality groups like DON, CRiSC, ESiR, CtrlHD, SbR, EbP, LolHD than from any other sites here and for those who are still at dream of getting to such sites , this site will provide your needs till then, as HDVNBits is much much easier to get in as invites are not that hard to find,its such an under rated site(may be because not many knows), thats all it make. But they are indeed very old tracker and have many experienced hands running it, so it can only get bigger & better. They also have a great forum which is highly active and do have some great tutorials on encoding and some great helpful members. It don't have any such regular assessment tests like in chinese trackers like CHDBits, TTG, HDWinG. etc. Also for those who need encodes from such sites like CHD, WiKi, HDWinG, you will find them here also, unrared scene releases , games , softwares, music etc are also features of HDVNBits. But once a quality encode from any of the above mentioned group of a movie or doc shows up scene encode of the same usually gets removed. Overall HDVNBits is great hustle free HD|General Tracker that will serve your Homely entertainment needs & that even in best quality encodes available. Tracker Name : HDVNBits Tracker Genre : High-Definition | General Tracker Type : Ratio Based Tracker URL : Tracker Sign Up : Closed ( Invite Only ) Maintaining Ratio : Easy Bonus System : Yes, available (can exchange for upload credits, invite, custom title etc) Tracker Birthday : November 11, 2008 IRC Details Description: The name of the server, HDVNbits IRC Server: Port: 6667 SSL Port: +7000 (note the + sign). Group: customized, can be placed or not. Password: ignored. SITE STAT Home Categories/ Search Browse/Torrents Page Bonus Page Upload Page Subtitles Forum Donation Rules Faq Personal Rating Content : 8/10 Speed : 8/10 Pretime : 8/10
  12. Mydlms Review 2014 Tracker Name: My Download Maniacs (mydlms) Tracker Genre: General Tracker Type: Radio Based Bonus System: Yes Tracker Birthday: n/a Maintaining Ratio: Easy Tracker Signup: Closed/Invite Only(for now) Tracker URL: Banned Countries: n/a Tracker IRC: n/a IRC Bonus: n/a Tracker Twitter n/a account: Tracker Facebook n/a account: Description: Mydlms is greek general,ratio type private tracker,pre time is good,have freeleech torrents,but seeders its little. Screenshots: Category: Browse: Torrent by seeders: Most Completed torrents: Bonus Points: Upload: Forum: Rules: Faqs: Statistics(at time of post): Invites: Shoutbox: Radio: Ratings: Pretimes: 8/10 Speed: 8/10 Content: 8/10 Community:7/10 Rarity: 7/10 Over all my experience:8/10
  13. General | MySpleen | MyS | General | August 2014 Exclusive Review Tracker Name : MySpleen (MyS) Tracker URL : Tracker Type : General ( especially comedy ) Signup Link : Closed/Invite Only Bonus System : No Maintaining Ratio : Easy Tracker Description : MySpleen is a private torrent tracker for TV/COMEDY/ANIMATION/80-90 VHS NOSTALGIA.Word of the staff(myspleen):We are largely a group of comedy and cartoon fans that have found each other through various means on the internet.We are here to share and discuss the TV shows,bootlegs,tapes,and DVDs that we enjoi. Tracker Screenshots : Home Categories Browse Torrents Top Torrents Top 10 Torrents Reseed Requests Upload User Classes Donate IRC Forum Faq Stats Ratings : Speed :8/10 Content :7/10 Community :9/10 Rarity : 8/10 Overall my Experience :9/10
  14. Tracker Name: HD-bits Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: HD movies\Tv Tracker Access: Invite Only Home Browse Buy Upload Request Upload Profile Forums Top10 Rules FAQ Contact
  15. Hello, On day 15 of August hdwing will open invites and I have the points needed for one invite. I am looking for BTN account or invite. Thanks
  16. Monthly Competition for August! Yep your chance to win the use of a seedbox for free for a month has come around again. This time the competition will echo the same as the extension we ran to July's, just make a post and you will be given 3 random numbers. Only one post will give you the numbers. It may appear a light weight option for the chance to win but lots of stuff is going on behind the scenes here at BS and the next set of monthly competitions coming up are going to be quite funky, so thanks to all staff who are working out of sight but always thinking of members. For further info, please view forum!