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Found 7 results

  1. ExtraTorrent, one of the largest torrent sites on the Internet, remains down following a huge DDoS attack. The site's operators are working hard to mitigate the assault and hope to have the site back online soon. With The Pirate Bay down and possibly out, millions of file-sharers around the world are turning to alternative sources for their content. The current top 10 torrent sites in the world are the largest beneficiaries in terms of traffic but with that comes additional attention. One of those sites is ExtraTorrent, an index that has moved up the rankings in recent years to become a torrent scene front runner. Last year the site took the #4 position overall and with an impressive Alexa rank of 356, now sits at #3. But despite the achievements, progress has now temporarily ground to a halt. On January 10 the site went down unexpectedly, with an all-too-familiar announcement delivered shortly after. “Extratorrent is under DDoS attack by hackers right now. Please, keep your patience. We’ll try to fix the issues. We’ll be back shortly!†the site announced on Twitter. Indeed, that very same day the site did return but the comeback was brief, with the admins reporting “issues†getting the index functioning again. Early Monday the site’s operators announced that while server problems could continue, everything was on course to be fixed before January 13. But with less than a day to go, attacks against the site persist. “ExtraTorrent still is under DDoS attack. It’s very powerful DDoS attack,†the site reported a few minutes ago. “Our hosting provider tries to solve the issues. We hope to back soon!†At the time of writing ExtraTorrent is available in some regions intermittently.
  2. Attack on Titan game for "multiple platforms" granted an MA15+ rating. A game adaptation of anime series Attack on Titan could soon be making its way to the West. A posting on the Australian Classification Board (via All Games Beta) reveals that a game titled "Attack on Titan" was yesterday granted the MA15+ rating for moderate impact themes, strong impact violence, and mild impact nudity. According to the post, the classification was submitted by Spike Chunsoft and publisher Atlus USA, and applies to "multiple platforms." Spike Chunsoft released a 3DS game based on the Attack on Titan anime series in December last year, titled Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind. The game was initially launched in Japan and has not yet made its way to Western markets. What do you think, could this be the Attack on Titan game that fans outside of Japan have been waiting to get their hands on? Let us know in the comments below. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  3. Announcement Ip filter is being used to defense attack. Please DO NOT refresh pages many times during short period, which may leads your IP blocked. The site is under revision. Please be patient if you find it unavailable to our site, though we hope that it will not happen anyway. HDWinG Staff
  4. Imagine an Internet in which every possible creative work uploaded results in a copyright claim - because it's already been created. That's the nightmare scenario being painted by a Russian company which says it has a plan to use copyright and trolling to free humans from ever having to create digital content again. Without copyright, people in the creative industries would have no incentive to keep on creating. In recent years this kind of statement has been regularly pumped out by entertainment companies in their defense of tougher intellectual property legislation. Countering, advocates such as Swedish Pirate Party founder Rick Falkvinge frequently argue that copyright monopolies stifle creativity and hinder innovation. But what would happen if rather than providing an incentive to create, the existence of copyright meant that no-one would ever need to create anything original online ever again? And if they did, they could be sued for it? That’s the staggering notion being put forward by Qentis Corporation. The outfit, which claims a base in Russia, says that its business model is to use massive computing power to generate digital intellectual property on a never-seen-before scale and transfer the rights to its partners. “Our clients are private high net-worth individuals (HNWI), investment funds and corporations that act as pure investors,†Qentis explains. What Qentis are proposing is the bulk algorithmic creation of content – music, text, images etc – on such a large scale that in a few years its clients will own the rights to just about anything people might care to create and upload. “Qentis aims to produce all possible combinations of text (and later on images and sound) and to copyright them,†Qentis’ Michael Marcovici told TorrentFreak. “Concerning text we try this in chunks of 400 word articles in English, German and Spanish. That would mean that we will hold the copyright to any text produced from now on and that it becomes impossible for anyone to circumvent Qentis when writing a text.†In terms of graphics, Qentis promotional material states that a subsidiary has already generated 3.23% of “all possible images†in the 1000×800 pixel format. “We are now generating images at a much faster pace and expect to complete 10 percent of all possible images by the end of 2015. At current projections, we will by 2020 generate every possible image in the 1000×800 pixel resolution,†the company claims. Of course, ‘creating’ this ‘content’ has a purpose. According to Qentis it effectively seeks to become the biggest copyright troll on the planet. The company says it will identify copyright infringements and help investors to pursue infringers. And, astonishingly, it claims it will free companies from having to rely on people to come up with creative content. “It is only a matter of time before Qentis becomes the universal single source for all web content, freeing corporations from their expensive dependence on writers, musicians and artists,†says Qentis co-founder Howard Lafarge. TF spoke with Rick Falkvinge about Qentis’ stated aims and needless to say he’s completely unimpressed. “Interesting, and complete bullshit,†Rick said. “They claim to have generated all possible texts in English that are up to 400 words in length, and therefore, any text below that length ‘infringes’. However, having the copyright monopoly on a text is solidly dependent on having had artistic skill gone into generating it. Merely mechanically generating all combinations does not, repeat NOT, reward a copyright monopoly.†Having spent way more time on the Qentis website than we probably should, (and arriving at the conclusion that they’re either crazy, evil geniuses or masters of parody) we’re still left with an interesting concept. The fact remains that there are plenty of huge, heavily pro-copyright corporations on the planet today who would happily embark on a Qentis-style operation of copyrighting all content before a human can create it, if indeed such a thing was possible. Rest assured, at that point the ‘artists’ would be a forgotten and inconvenient part of their business models. “The mere concept that somebody thinks of generating all possible texts and then thinks they can sue humanity for coming up with one of these combinations through actual artistic talent shows how completely screwed up copyright monopoly law is,†Rick concludes. Since Qentis claims to have come up with the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s ‘Applause’ before she did, TF pressed Qentis to give us more examples where their creations have successfully predicted the future. The company couldn’t immediately give us any, but said there were “many more†to be found. We also asked about the mathematical implications of coming up with every available combination of text in a 400 word article, given there are one million words in the English language alone. How many generated articles would be a ‘miss’ in trying to come up with one ‘hit’? “About the mathematics, this is mainly about working with n-grams, we don’t work iteratively with misses because that would produce as you mention a LOT of misses, probably only 1 out of few million would be readable,†the company’s Michael Marcovici told us. “We do not include entities in the text as it does not matter and we concentrate on the structure of the text. Using known or predicted combinations is more economical, the main challenge is storage and not so much generating text.†For those interested in reading just how bad things could get on the copyright front, given the chance, the fully comprehensive and quite incredible Qentis website can be found here. We’re not sure what their endgame is, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they have a secret underground base. Everyone is invited to comment below, scholars of copyright and mathematics in particular.
  5. Hackers have made the St. Louis County Police their new target. The police department's website has been offline since Wednesday and continued to be down on Thursday. The police haveconfirmed to several news outlets that they are under "some sort of cyber-attack" and their e-mail has also been down. Presumably, the hackers involved in this distributed-denial-of-service attack are protesting the St. Louis County Police's involvement in the killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and the demonstrations that have ensued. Brown was shot multiple times by a local police officer on Saturday. The shooting happened around 1:40 p.m. and Brown's body was left on the sidewalk for hours afterward. In the wake of the shooting, police have declined to name the officer involved. The Ferguson police have since been accused of racism and become the focus of intense criticism and violent protests. On Wednesday, a group claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous announced it had hacked the St. Louis County Police to get dispatch tapes from the day of the shooting. The group released alleged details from police dispatch calls on its @TheAnonMessage Twitter account and posted hours of tape to YouTube. Then, earlier on Thursday, the group said it found the name of the officer involved and tweeted out the name of a man. The St. Louis County Police quickly tweeted back that the person identified "is not even an officer with Ferguson or St. Louis County PD. Do not release more info on this random citizen." Since this incident, the @TheAnonMessage Twitter account has been suspended. When CNET contacted Twitter for more information, a company spokesperson said, "We don't comment on individual accounts." The back-and-forth between the hackers and police shows how quickly protests and strife can be taken from the streets to the Internet.
  6. A major fork of the popular Popcorn Time project is currently being subjected to a massive DDoS attack. The whole project has been hit, from the site hosting its source through to its CDN, API and DNS servers. The team tells TorrentFreak that the attack amounts to 10Gbps across their entire network. Every year sees periods when sites in the file-sharing sector are subjected to denial of service attacks. The attackers and their motives are often unknown and eventually the assaults pass away. Early in 2014 many torrent sites were hit, pushing some offline and forcing others to invest in mitigation technology. In May a torrent related host suffered similar problems. Today it’s the turn of the main open source Popcorn Time fork to face the wrath of attackers unknown. TorrentFreak spoke with members of the project including Ops manager XeonCore who told us that the attack is massive. “We are currently mitigating a large scale DDoS attack across our entire network. We are currently rerouting all traffic via some of our high bandwidth nodes and are working on imaging and getting our remaining servers back online to help deal with the load,†the team explain. The attack is project-wide with huge amounts of traffic hitting all parts of the network, starting with the site hosting the Popcorn Time source code. ATTACK ON THE SOURCE CODE SITE – 980MBPS Also under attack is the project’s CDN and API. The graph below shows one of the project’s servers located in France. The green shows the normal traffic from the API server, the blue represents the attack. ATTACK ON THE FRANCE API SERVER – 931MBPS Not even the project’s DNS servers have remained untouched. At one point two of three DNS servers went down, with a third straining under almost 1Gbps of traffic. To be sure, a fourth DNS server was added to assist with the load. ATTACK ON THE DUTCH DNS SERVER – PEAKING AT 880MBPS All told the whole network is being hit with almost 10Gbps of traffic, but the team is working hard to keep things operational. “We’ve added additional capacity. Our DNS servers are currently back up and running but there is still severe congestion around Europe and America. Almost 10Gbps across the entire network. Still working on mitigating. API is still online for most users!†they conclude. Nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the attack and it’s certainly possible things will remain that way. Only time will tell when the attack will subside, but the team are determined to keep their project online in the meantime.
  7. For the last few days the site has been under a Brute Force Log In Attack. In basic terms this means people are trying to steal passwords and accounts here. The measures we put in place to circumvent the DDoS attacks a few months back have slowed these attacks and alongside our own safe measures here that block repeated log in attempts we believe that all the accounts here remain safe. Having said that we would like to remind our users to please make sure you have a good, strong password and that you do not use the same passwords as you do on other sites. Many sites do not use the same level of security as we do and should they be breached and your passwords are the same as here... Well, you see how easy you would make it for them. If you feel your password is weak, or used elsewhere, now would be a good time to change it.