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Found 11 results

  1. e are looking for editors to help us edit contents on new AsiaTorrents website. Rank - new Rank of editor will be visible on your account, you will have more power than V.I.P users. - You will be part of our staff team. - Opportunity to become our staff, then Moderator and finally an Admin. - access to edit every contents on the new website. Requirement - Mush have have been member of AsiaTorrent for more than a year - Must not have pissed off any of our staffs - Must enjoy and know about Asian movies, tv shows and music - Must know how to write in English. - Plus point if you know other Asian languages. Responsibilities - Edit torrents, movies, tv-shows and music contents (as per our rules). - Add missing contents like posters, actors, etc - Re-organize contents, eg: fixing wrong categories, wrong language or countries, - Add or remove tags. - blog about new releases, - build movie, tv or music collections, How to Apply - Let us know about you, we dont need to know your personal details. - let us know your experiences. - Let us know how many languages you can read and write in. - Let us know how you can contribute our our community! Apply here
  2. UPDATED: 13 April 2015 - Now you can add Music torrents. - Account section is functional, allows you to change password. - Displays torrent files. We are excited to announce, that the early beta version of new AsiaTorrents website is online!!! We would like to request everyone to help us test! What to do? - register and login to use to the website! - Download some torrents! - Upload few torrents! *** Most of things doesn't work! Please don't complain! *** Everything you upload will be deleted! *** User accounts will be deleted, If you cant login, create a new user! Comment or Suggest on our forums Poll: Should we have lighter or darker theme on new AsiaTorrents? Vote Here FAQ - Will new AsiaTorrents be on a new domain? I dont know yet, I am thinking about changing, new domain is always better for torrent sites! - Will i lose my ratio, bonus and download history? No, we will migrate your account as it is!
  3. We have updated our Description Writing Rules with what is required in the torrent descriptions, any torrents not following said rules after March 27th 2015 shall be deleted forthwith. Please be sure to read the Description Rules and follow them so that all may enjoy your torrents. Thank you. Description Writing Rules
  4. 2015 AsiaTorrents Banner Contest Deadline: 31 JANUARY 2015 (11:59 PM GMT). Shortlisting: Completed (Shortlisted Banners) Voting: Soon We have shortlisted the banners for 2015, Congratulations! View Shortlisted Banners!
  5. Tracker Name : Asia Torrents Signup Link : http://www.asiatorre...php?page=signup Genre : Movies Additional Information : Stats: Users: 528883 Torrents: 48818 Seeds: 191903 Leechers: 12594 Peers: 204497 Seeds/Leechers: 1,524% Traffic: 23,858,309.87 TB
  6. Title: Registration open all this Month! Happy Holidays 2014! - Get double upload credit for every donation! - Registration will be open all this December! Please share the news, invite your friends to signup!
  7. Pirate Bay founder Fredrik Neij has been arrested in Asia. Neij had moved to Laos to avoid the jail sentence handed down for his involvement in The Pirate Bay. But, after driving across the border from Laos into Thailand more than two dozen times, the Swede was arrested yesterday by Thai border police executing an Interpol warrant. Following the criminal convictions of Pirate Bay founders Peter Sunde, Gottfrid Svartholm and Fredrik Neij, each went their separate ways. With Sunde in Europe and Svartholm then living in Cambodia, Neij moved to Asia to be with his Lao wife and their children. As documented in the movie TPB:AFK, Neij and his family settled in Laos after getting married in a local ceremony. The country is one of the world’s few remaining communist states and is one of east Asia’s poorest countries with poor communications infrastructure and lacking healthcare system. As a result, on several occasions the family has crossed the border into Thailand. That has proven problematic in the past, especially when the Swedish Embassy in Bangkokrevoked Neij’s passport in 2012. Yesterday, however, things took a turn for the worse when police at the border in Nong Khai, a city in North-East Thailand, arrested Neij as he tried to drive across the border. Early this morning Nong Khai Immigration police held a press conference to announce Neji’s arrest, parading him in front of the media flanked by several officers. Thai border police had executed an Interpol arrest warrant similar to the one issued against Peter Sunde before his arrest in Sweden. According to Thai authorities, Neij and his wife had crossed the border an estimated 27 times before finally being caught. If their press conference is anything to go by, Thai authorities appear to be making a big thing of Neij’s arrest. While trumpeting the alleged damages the Pirate Bay founders have caused the entertainment industries, Thai authorities used the arrest as a photo opportunity, posing for the camera and in some cases even smiling aside a bewildered-looking Neij. The 36-year-old’s arrest completes the full set, with all Pirate Bay founders now in custody. Gottfrid Svartholm, whose story is particularly well known, had moved to Cambodia. He was extradited back to Sweden in 2012 to face not only his original sentence, but two major hacking trials, one on home soil and the other in Denmark. He was found guilty in the latter last week and is now serving a three-and-a-half year sentence. Peter Sunde is also in custody, having been captured on May 31, 2014 on a farm in Skåne, Sweden. The former Pirate Bay spokesman’s time in prison has also beeneventful, but is very close to coming to an end. Breaking news story, will be updated
  8. Tracker's Name: Sound Of Asia Genre: Music Sign-up Link: Closing date: n/a Review's Link: n/a Additional information: New music tracker for Asia region, looking for staff and uploader. Stats: Maximum users: 5,000 Enabled users: 25 Details Users active today: 5 (20.00%) Users active this week: 5 (20.00%) Users active this month: 5 (20.00%) Torrents: 3 Releases: 3 Artists: 1 "Perfect" FLACs: 0 Requests: 0 (0.00% filled) Peers: 2 Seeders: 2 Leechers: 0 Seeder/leecher ratio: ∞
  9. Tracker Name: Asia Torrents Genre: Movies Sign-up Link: Closing Date: Open till end of August! Additional Information: Stats: Users: 528883 Torrents: 48818 Seeds: 191903 Leechers: 12594 Peers: 204497 Seeds/Leechers: 1,524% Traffic: 23,858,309.87 TB
  10. Tracker Name : | LTTi Genre : General Review (If Any ) : n/a Sign Up Link : Closing Time : 4th August 2014 / 00:00 Additional Information : Users Active Today 299 Users Active This Week 661 Registered Users / Limit 1,368 / 3,000 Unconfirmed users 1 Male Users 1,228 Female Users 91 Total Torrents 3,746 Seeding Peers 10,144 Leeching Peers 83 Peers 10,227 Seeding / leeching ratio 12222% Active Browsing Users 1 Tracker Active Users 294 Total Size of Torrents 7.783 TB Total Uploaded 519.510 TB Total Downloaded 101.214 TB Total Data 620.724 TB 1. To celebrate the Eid, we will open a new registration to join LTTi. Warning! To already have an account yet forbidden to create an account, if your account before the similar please email to to help us explain the situation to you in the mail and the next action. New registration will be open from 31/07/2014 00:00 until 04/08/2014 00:00 your friends, your relatives or anyone can register using the following link: