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Found 39 results

  1. Libgen, the largest online repository of free books and academic articles, has pretty much vanished from the Internet. Earlier this month the site's operators were sued by academic publishing company Elsevier, who asked a New York federal court for a preliminary injunction hoping to keep the site down for good. Most of the top academic articles are published in journals that can only be accessed legally through expensive paywalls. The Library Genesis Project, or Libgen for short, has systematically breached this barrier by hosting pirated copies of scientific publications as well as mainstream books. Earlier this month one of the largest publishers went into action to stop this threat. Elsevier filed a complaint at a New York District Court, hoping to shut down and several sister sites. The case has barely got going but the main site as well as several of its mirrors have been offline for the past few days. The downtime is not the result of the preliminary injunction Elsevier requested, as that hasn’t been granted yet. However, a few days ago the court did approve the publishers’ motion to serve Libgen’s operators via email. In addition, a recent court filing shows that Elsevier’s lawyers have taken action on their own. They contacted the Public Interest Registry (.ORG) hoping to disable an infringing domain name without interference of the court. The .ORG registry refused to do so, noting that it would require a valid court order to suspend a domain name. “Through its counsel, the Public Interest Registry informed me that it does not disable domains absent a valid court order, but would promptly comply with a valid court order to disable a domain,†Elsevier’s lawyer informs the court. Whether Libgen’s downtime is a direct result of Elsevier’s interference is unknown at this point, but the .org domain as well as the popular .in alternative are currently unreachable due to nameserver issues. There are some other ‘mirrors’ that still work though, including and The .biz domain points to the same IP-address range the official domain used, suggesting that Libgen’s hosting servers are still operational. Several other domains named in the lawsuit, including and, also remain online. In a few weeks the New York federal court will decide whether to issue the preliminary injunction or not. Until then, Libgen’s operators have the option to oppose the request. If the injunction is granted it will be much harder for Libgen to operate. Among other things, it would allow Elsevier to order hosting companies, domain name registries and search engines to stop providing services to the site.
  2. After episodes of Game of Thrones leaked online this weekend, millions of unauthorized BitTorrent downloads ensued. However, for some reason HBO seems more concerned about "dozens" of people who streamed the show via the Twitter-owned Periscope app. Might HBO have a certain May 2 event on its mind? After years of controversy over illegal downloads of Game of Thrones, the premiere of the new season this past weekend was never likely to come and go without a few piracy headlines. What no one expected was for the first four episodes to leak in their entirety Saturday evening, triggering a pre-release piracy frenzy and a binge viewing bonanza on a never-seen-before scale . But despite what some believed might be pending doom following millions of unauthorized downloads, HBO’s response was relatively calm, with the company saying it was “actively assessing†how the breach had occurred. However, an event from another unexpected quarter elicited a much more strongly worded response. On Monday, Aussie news outlet Mumbrella reported that in the wake of gazillions of weekend BitTorrent downloads, literally “dozens†of people live-streamed the first episode of Game of Thrones to their friends as it aired in Australia. Their weapon of choice was Twitter-owned Periscope, an app that allows anyone to point a smartphone at anything and stream that content live to the world. As expected, Twitter was quick to respond, saying Periscope would terminate the user accounts of anyone “determined to be a repeat infringer.†Considering the extremely low number of reportedly poor quality streams and the unstoppable piracy extravaganza already underway elsewhere, it seemed unlikely the story would gain much traction. But for reasons best known to HBO, the company has now issued a more strongly worded statement on the Periscope streams than it did for the torrent leak on Saturday. “We are aware of Periscope and have sent takedown notices,†an HBO spokeswoman confirmed in a statement. But then the twist. “In general, we feel developers should have tools which proactively prevent mass copyright infringement from occurring on their apps and not be solely reliant upon notifications,†HBO added. When targeted at a live streaming app like Periscope with a relatively tiny userbase, this is a head-scratching statement. While a couple of handful of users were admittedly streaming the same content to their followers, Periscope would’ve needed to be advised in advance of what content to look out for in order to censor any streams. Even then it would’ve been tricky to pick out a particular TV show from what were presumably pretty wobbly smartphone streams. But even if streams went ahead, would they even prove a crowd pleaser with those looking to view leaked shows? Periscope co-founder Kayvon Beykpour doesn’t believe so. “I just don’t think that Periscope, as much as I love it, is a compelling way to watch a theatrical premiere of a movie, a Game of Thrones release, a soccer match, an NBA match,†Beykpour says. “Of course someone is going to open up their phone and stream this stuff, but that’s not a compelling way for people to engage.†What makes this situation even more curious is why HBO would pick on Periscope at all when there are much bigger targets? Within minutes of Game of Thrones appearing online Saturday evening HBO would’ve known the hash values of the episodes. Why then aren’t they calling on BitTorrent Inc, for example, to implement a hash filtering system in its uTorrent client? It’s hard to know what’s going through the media giant’s collective mind, but neither BitTorrent nor Periscope appear to have hurt the Game of Thrones premiere. Despite four episodes already being widely available online, Sunday’s opener proved to be a series-best in the United States with 7.99 million viewers. However, it is certainly possible that HBO has something else on its mind. Sure, Periscope’s Beykpour feels that his app isn’t “compelling†for streaming sports, but will HBO feel the same way come May 2 when people start flooding into the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for Mayweather vs Pacquiao? HBO and rare partner Showtime will be charging a whopping $89.95 for a PPV pass, 40% more than the previous record set for a Mayweather fight in 2013. Plus, there won’t be a way to torrent the event until the final bell has long gone. Expect a lot more than “dozens†to point their periscopes and meerkats screenwards for the biggest fight in boxing history in just two weeks’ time. Proactively taking down those streams will be game of whac-a-mole that not even the men in the main event will be quick enough to keep up with.
  3. Sam Smith would have "cried and crawled off stage" if he'd done a Madonna. The US superstar made fans wince in empathy when she took a nasty tumble at the 2015 Brit Awards last month, when a dancer accidentally pulled her backwards down some stairs during her performance. The Queen of Pop quickly got over the fall, dusting herself off and carrying on singing Living For Love. However, fellow performer Sam says he wouldn't have been so graceful. "I used to fall up the escalator on the tube all the time. I'd do what every guy does and look back as if there's something wrong with the ground. I like to think if I'd been like Madonna and fallen at the Brits I'd have powered through, but chances are I'd have cried and crawled off stage," he laughed to British magazine Stylist. The Brits proved to be a big night for Sam too, with the singer picking up British breakthrough act and the global success gong. He celebrated the wins with pal Ed Sheeran, who scooped best male and best album, with photos of the pair looking bleary eyed making the papers. "[i got over my Brits hangover] by eating cheese!" he smiled. "The Brits was amazing but I feel like I've celebrated enough now. Since the Grammys I've had a couple of weeks flapping about not actually writing any music, it's time to get back into work mode." Sam recently rerecorded his track Lay Me Down with John Legend to raise money for charity Comic Relief. His busy schedule has unfortunately left the 22-year-old feeling under the weather though, and earlier this week he had to pull out of his Milan gigs after being struck down with laryngitis. "Milan I'm back in June and I will sing the hardest I've ever sung. That's a promise x (sic)," he told his 2.2million Twitter followers.
  4. A new report published by the United States Trade Representative has listed the world's largest BitTorrent sites and cyberlockers as some of the most problematic copyright infringers in the world. Popcorn Time and its derivatives are mentioned too, with the former's creation blamed on YIFY/YTS. Domain name registrars are also placed under the spotlight. In its latest “Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets†report the United States Trade Representative (USTR) lists some of the world’s largest file-sharing sites as venues for prolific copyright infringement. “Commercial scale trademark counterfeiting and copyright piracy cause significant financial losses for rights holders and legitimate businesses, undermine critical U.S. comparative advantages in innovation and creativity to the detriment of American workers, and can pose significant risks to consumer health and safety,†the report begins. “The Notorious Markets List (“Listâ€) highlights select online and physical marketplaces that reportedly engage in and facilitate substantial copyright piracy and trademark counterfeiting.†Torrent Sites It’s no surprise that The Pirate Bay is on the USTR list again this year but its first mention is framed as a success. The December 2014 raid against the famous site is quite properly noted but then subsequent references paint a confusing picture. While the USTR correctly notes that the site eventually resumed operations at, it also claims that the site first came back online at “as well as under several other domain namesâ€. This account runs counter to the actual sequence of events which were regularly documented online. Although not mentioned specifically by name, numerous PirateBay clones also make an appearance, notably the version created by the team. KickassTorrents is also proving to be a thorn in the side of the USTR. Now reporting that the site is based in Canada, the U.S. government notes that the site reaped the rewards of the Pirate Bay takedown in December by scooping up additional traffic. It notes that the site has had domain name difficulties recently (praising the action by the .SO registry) but concedes that the site remains fully operational. Meta-search engine makes another appearance on the list this year but with an added twist. The USTR is now referring to the site as being part of a group called ‘Movshare Group/Private Layer’ which includes various Torrentz domains plus, Nowvideo, Movshare, BitSnoop and Novamov, among others. “This group of affiliated and extremely popular sites, with ties to Switzerland, Netherlands, Panama, Canada, and other countries, reportedly uses multiple technologies to make available countless unauthorized copies of movies, games, music, audiobooks, software, and sporting event broadcasts,†the USTR writes. or YIFY as it’s still known, receives particular focus in the U.S. government report. Noting that the site has millions of visitors every month and is continuing to grow, the report makes a curious allegation – that YTS is responsible for creating Popcorn Time. “’s operators also created a desktop torrent streaming application called ‘Popcorn Time,’ similar to [spanish-focused version] ‘Cuevana Storm’,†the report reads. An interesting situation has also developed around Bulgarian torrent sites Zamunda and Both sites have been present on the USTR’s list for many years and in practical terms nothing has changed in respect of the way the sites offer copyrighted material. However, the U.S. government now says that both will now be removed from the list. “[in] recognition of Bulgarian law enforcement efforts and recent reports that the operators of these sites agreed with rights holders to remove links to unauthorized movies upon notification, the sites [have been removed],†the report reads. Predictably the massively popular Russia-based RuTracker remains a “notorious site†this time around but the problems facing war-torn Ukraine haven’t given that country a free pass. The USTR remains concerned over the country’s approach to protecting copyright so torrent site remains on the list alongside hosting site A curious addition to the list is the Spain-focused EliteTorrent. Criticized for removing content following rightsholder complaints only to replace it at a later date, the site no longer exists having shut itself down in January 2015. Cyberlockers With millions of visitors every day, file-hosting site 4shared heads the USTR list. The government notes that the site works with rightsholders by implementing a scanning system to remove unauthorized material but apparently that’s not enough. Complaints from the music industry means that the site remains on the list this time around., another regular feature of the USTR report, makes another appearance this time around. While claiming the site has alleged links to Switzerland and Netherlands, the U.S. government plucks figures directly from the recent and controversial NetNames cyberlocker report by claiming the site generates $6 million per year in revenues. With Google being asked to remove close to 10 million links from, it’s little surprise that the file-hosting site is present on this year’s list. “The site offers features that make piracy more ‘infringer friendly,’ including through accelerated downloading. Its revenues reportedly come from paid advertising, which targets the millions of users who download files from the site,†the report reads. But despite being one of the largest sites of its type, Russia’s Rapidgator gets only a short mention, possibly due to the USTR’s belief that its popularity is declining. Social network VK or vKontakte is given much more focus, however. The USTR cautiously notes the site’s efforts to reduce infringement but concludes that much more needs to be done. On the linking front gets a notable mention.The site has been in operation for almost seven years and is reportedly popular with Brazilians. However, it’s hosted in the UK so should in theory be an easy site for the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit to disrupt. Nevertheless, it remains online and features prominently in the USTR’s list. Domain registrars The USTR Notorious Markets report usually focused on sites and services involved in online copyright infringement, but this time around the government appears to be widening the net. For the first time legitimate companies that simply register domain names are being put under the spotlight. “This year, USTR is highlighting the issue of certain domain name registrars. Registrars are the commercial entities or organizations that manage the registration of Internet domain names, and some of them reportedly are playing a role in supporting counterfeiting and piracy online,†the report reads. “Some registrars..[..]…reportedly disobey court orders and other communications, including from government enforcement authorities. Some registrars apparently even advertise to the online community that they will not take action against illicit activity, presumably to incentivize registrations by owners and operators of illicit sites.†The USTR singles out Canada-based Tucows as “an example of a registrar that fails to take action when notified of its clients’ infringing activity. Consistent with the discussion above, USTR encourages the operators of Tucows to work with relevant stakeholders to address complaints,†the USTR writes. Successes In common with previous years the report begins with a short summary of successes. Spanish site and Blu-ray ripping software vendor Aiseesoft were commended for their positive actions and with some reservations noted, Chinese site Xunlei was removed from the latest list. Action taken against the German-based linking site was also deemed worthy of a mention but its resurrection as was relegated to a fine-print footnote., a site reportedly targeted by law enforcement in 2012 and 2013 (later rebranding to FireDrive in 2014) has also been removed from the list. The USTR notes that the site may not have completely mended its ways but since traffic has dropped dramatically the site has lost its “notorious†status. Conclusion While there are no real surprises in the report, the addition of domain registrars is a notable development. Expect this element to grow in future editions and for the cat and mouse game with most other sites to continue.
  5. Tumblr users say they are witnessing a tougher response to music piracy by the blogging platform. A wave of complaints suggest that increased anti-piracy activity by the music industry is resulting in Tumblr more readily banning users as part of a "three strikes" policy. Founded February 2007, Tumblr now processes huge amounts of traffic. According to latest figures from the site it currently hosts more than 223 million blogs containing almost 104 billion posts. In common with all sites of a similar size, keeping on top of what every user posts is a formidable and near impossible task, even with the 300+ employees Tumblr has at its disposal. Nevertheless, effort does have to be made and when it comes to copyright issues the law demands it. The DMCA requires Tumblr to respond to copyright holder complaints by removing infringing content in a timely manner. According to the site’s users, however, a more aggressive response is now being pursued. A large number of recent complaints suggest that music group IFPI is making a renewed effort to target Tumblr in order to weed out users who post copyright music to the site. Since several users have posted Tumblr copyright notices citing IFPI complaints, it seems like a reasonable assumption. But what is really spooking users is Tumblr’s policy of terminating those who have three complaints lodged against their account. It’s been in place for some time but with enforcement against the site seemingly being ramped up, more people are falling into the trap. “As outlined in previous emails, we implement a strict three-strike policy against repeat copyright infringement. Your blog has received three strikes in an 18 month period. Consequently, your account has been terminated. In addition, any new accounts you create will also be terminated,†Tumblr told one user. Of course, anti-piracy bots don’t discriminate between content posted today or 18 months ago so any tracks they find can result in a notice to Tumblr and a subsequent “strike†against a user’s account. As a result, many users are now desperately trying to clear up their post history (using sites like to avoid getting three strikes all at once. To find out what changes may have contributed to the panic TorrentFreak contacted Tumblr for further details. We’re yet to hear back (we’ll update this article when we do) but in the meantime its worth noting that the company updated its copyright notice policy last month. “After removing material pursuant to a valid DMCA notice, Tumblr will immediately notify the Subscriber responsible for the allegedly infringing material that it has removed or disabled access to the material,†it reads. “Tumblr will terminate, under appropriate circumstances, the Accounts of Subscribers who are repeat copyright infringers, and reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate any Subscriber for actual or apparent copyright infringement.†In order for users to be able to contest copyright complaints, Tumblr operates a counter-notification system. However, users including Stewardessme complain that on the third strike she was simply locked out. Her story also highlights the importance of contesting invalid claims early on. “Since the IFPI sent takedowns for two songs, that was two strikes, and I had a previous strike months earlier due to being erroneously accused of a copyright violation by Harper-Collins (the photo in question was not theirs),†she writes. “In my case, the time period between getting the two strikes for music and my account being terminated was zero time; I found out something was wrong when I tried to log into my account.†Since Tumblr is yet to publicly respond to the concerns of its userbase, TorrentFreak asked the company to comment on any changes that could have triggered what is now being perceived as a piracy crackdown. We’ll update here in due course.
  6. YouTube's automated takedown tool is known for its flaws, but this week it crossed a line by attacking a purring cat. According to YouTube's Content-ID system both EMI Publishing and PRS own the rights to a 12 second purring loop. The cat in question, Phantom, has filed a dispute and hopes to reclaim his rights. Week in and week out automated bots detect and report millions of alleged copyright infringements, which are then processed by the receiving site without a human ever looking at them. Unfortunately this process is far from flawless, resulting in many false and inaccurate DMCA claims. For regular Internet users YouTube’s takedown process is particularly problematic. We’ve highlighted this issue before, but an example that reached us this week attacks one of the Internet’s darlings, a cat. Last March, YouTube user Digihaven uploaded one hour of video loops featuring his cat Phantom, purring, as cats do. The video didn’t go viral but appealed to a niche public, and more recently also two major music publishers. Nearly a year after the video was posted Digihaven was informed by YouTube that Phantom is “pirate†purring. Apparently, part of the 12 second loop belongs to EMI Music Publishing and PRS. In the copyright notice YouTube states that the cat purring is flagged by the Content-ID system as an infringing copy of the musical composition “Focus.†Pirate purring The video was not removed by the false claim, but according to Digihaven monetization was disabled. Luckily he’s not going bankrupt due to the loss of income, but it’s baffling how easy it is to hijack legitimate videos. “I’m sure EMI/PRS made Phantom a sad kitty. It seems like companies such as EMI are pirating ads on people’s legit videos, so I’m wondering if they apologize to, or reimburse people for those false claims,†he tells TF. Hoping to clear his cat’s name Digihaven decided to file a dispute. This was partially successful, as EMI lifted its claim shortly before publication of this article. Phantom, meanwhile, is considering a career in the music business and is looking for compensation. “Phantom is currently independent, but looking to sign on with an indie label. Phantom’s lawyer filed a complaint, looking for 10 lbs of catnip in damages,†Digihaven says.
  7. One of the most-used Popcorn Time forks plans to implement support for the anonymous I2P network to protect its users from snooping anti-piracy organizations. In addition the application wants to shield its operation from takedown attempts by pushing software updates though a P2P technology. Branded a “Netflix for Pirates,†the Popcorn Time app quickly gathered a user base of millions of people over the past year. There are several successful forks of the application available online who all work on their own feature sets., has been one of the most active projects. The fork added numerous features and made privacy one of its key selling points. Last year it was the first fork to roll out a built-in VPN that could be used free of charge. However, with millions of users the associated VPN provider Kebrum had trouble keeping up with the massive demand. “Our user base grew so quickly and is still growing at a tremendous pace that we’re having difficulties keeping up with the volume. Only a small percentage of the huge number of our users we have can use the VPN simultaneously at the moment,†the Popcorn Time team tells TF. This motivated the developers to look for various alternatives to keep its users secure. In this quest the Invisible Internet Project (I2P) caught their eye. “We’re now making the first steps in examining integration of Popcorn Time with the I2P network,†the team explains. The I2P network has been around for more than a decade but never really caught on with the mainstream public. It operates as an anonymous overlay network, similar to Tor, but is optimized for file-sharing. One of the major downsides of this type of anonymity is that it may slow down transfer speeds, and that’s also the main concern for the Popcorn Time developers. “Our biggest question in regards to using the I2P network, and we’re examining this question thoroughly to see if it’s the best solution for anonymity for Popcorn Time, is whether the download speed will be good enough for Popcorn Time to work well and for users to be able to still get the awesome viewing experience they have become accustomed to.†“We are trying to find ways in which we can use the huge user base Popcorn Time has in order to enhance the speed of I2P to our users,†the Popcorn Time team adds. In addition to safeguarding the privacy of its users, Popcorn Time is also concerned about attacks on its own infrastructure. Android Planet reports that Popcorn Time also plans to distribute its software through P2P technology, so users can get the latest updates even when the server’s offline. This is not just a hypothetical situation. A few months ago this fork of Popcorn Time lost its .eu domain name after they were put “under investigation†by the EURid registry, and pressure from copyright holders hasn’t stopped since according to the developers.
  8. If you owned a PS2, Xbox or Gamecube back in the day then you may have played through Activision’s open-world crime thriller True Crime. If not, shame on you. True Crime spawned a sequel that fared a little worse than its predecessor but still performed well. Ever since 2005 fans of the franchise have been patiently waiting for Activision to develop and release sequel. Whilst we did get a teaser trailer back in 2009 that revealed True Crime 3 would be set within Hong Kong, nothing ever came of it as Activision shut down the project and sold the publishing rights to Square Enix who then released Sleeping Dogs, though it should be noted that Sleeping Dogs doesn’t have any connection with the True Crime series but is considered by many to be the spiritual successor. So what now? If you’re still waiting ever so patiently for True Crime 3 you’re in for a disappointment. It’s not happening. Activision has seemingly abandoned the franchise after abandoning the True Crime trademark earlier this month. Sorry guys. Sleeping Dogs will have to suffice in the mean time. Did you ever play True Crime? Which of your limbs would you give for a True Crime 3? Lock ‘n’ load down in the comments section down below.
  9. Charlie Cox is Daredevil and Krysten Ritter is Jessica Jones. Now we have the third of the four members of Marvel / Netflix's Defenders crossover event series: Mike Colter will star as Luke Cage, sometimes known as Power Man. You call him names and he sits and grins, 'cause everyone else is just a sucker to him. This is breakout role for Colter, who's been plugging away in movies and TV for a good decade. On the small screen he's been in the usual suspects like ER, the various Law & Orders, American Horror Story and The Good Wife. In the cinema you might have caught him in Million Dollar Baby,Salt, Men In Black 3 or Zero Dark Thirty. This year he's been Jameson Locke in the X-Box Live series Halo: Nightfall. He's about to blow up rather bigger. Cage will first appear in A.K.A. Jessica Jones before his own series airs. "Viewers will meet him and experience why he is such an important superhero in the Marvel mythos," says Marvel's head of television Jeph Loeb. "Fans have longed to see Luke Cage and in Mike we've found the perfect actor." "Mike embodies the strength, edge and depth of Luke Cage,†adds executive producer/showrunner Melissa Rosenberg. “We're excited to have him bring this iconic Marvel character to life." Cage’s superpowers are the result of an experimental procedure. In Cage’s case, the result was supposed to produce immunity to all illness, but he emerged from the operation with steel-tough, bulletproof skin, super-dense muscle, and massively enhanced strength and stamina. As Power Man he became a “Hero For Hireâ€, eventually teaming up with Iron Fist. In the comics he has team affiliations with the Defenders and the New Avengers, and an ongoing romantic dalliance (and a baby) with Jessica Jones. As evidenced by yesterday's new stills, Daredevil is first off the blocks in Netflick's Marvel onslaught, debuting sometime next year and followed sometime thereafter by A.K.A. Jessica Jones. Luke Cage will be third, with Iron Fist completing the collector's set and leading into the full-blown Defenders show. So now all we need is a Danny Rand...
  10. Activision and Sledgehammer Games today released a teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's upcoming zombies mode, Exo Zombies. The trailer sets up the story, and reveals that the four survivors you'll play as are none other than virtual versions of John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan, and Jon Bernthal. Check out the trailer above to hear Malkovich deliver an emotional monologue. Activision says the four survivors, who are members of the fictional military company Atlas, are "untrained and unpreprared." That's unfortunate, considering they're about to face off against a pack of nasty undead. The first episode in the Exo Zombies season is included with January's Havoc expansion, which you can get through Advanced Warfare's $50 DLC pass or by itself for $15. The expansion also adds new multiplayer maps and weapons to the game. This isn't the first time Activision has enlisted the help of celebrities to sell Call of Duty zombies DLC. Actors who played movie mobsters, including Ray Liotta, Chazz Palminteri, Joe Pantoliano, and Michael Madsen, have all appeared in past Call of Duty zombies content.
  11. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is being filmed in New Mexico (Warner Bros official website) The Dark Knight Trilogy star Christian Bale recently revealed that he is considering playing Batman again and that he is jealous of Ben Affleck after the new casting was announced. Christian Bale as Batman.(Warner Bros) "I've got to admit initially, even though I felt that it was the right time to stop, there was always a bit of me going, 'Oh go on... Let's do another'. So when I heard there was someone else doing it, there was a moment where I just stopped and stared into nothing for half an hour," he told Empire Magazine (via "But I'm 40," he added. "The fact that I'm jealous of someone else playing Batman...I think I should have gotten over it by now. I haven't spoken with Ben, but I emailed him offering bits of advice that I learned the hard way. I would imagine he is doing everything he can to avoid anything that I did." The actor, whose next big film - Exodus: Gods and Kings is ready to hit theatres, was also asked to compare the role of Moses to Batman. "It's a little embarrassing to compare Moses to Batman," Bale laughed. "There are similarities, you know, tragic beginning and then a heroic future. But Moses is a little more violent. I'm sure if there'd been guns around at that time, Bruce Wayne might have had a chance."
  12. Still no word on when the PlayStation Plus Edition will be made available. Driveclub's messy launch has still not been entirely cleared up, though developer Evolution Studios says it's "steadily improving connectivity for everybody" as it adds new multiplayer events for those who can play the game online. The latest update on its attempts to resolve issues that have hampered the game since launch makes note of everyone's frustration, but asks fans to "please understand that we are doing everything we can to get all aspects of online play up and running smoothly as quickly as possible." More servers for the game continue to come online, and Evolution says regular server updates are going out, too. The company recently claimed that the "majority" of players are now able to connect to the game's servers, which is necessary for accessing many of Driveclub's features. Those who are able to connect will now find new events that are available in multiplayer, as well as "more variety when you choose to race with and against other drivers online." "We will keep you up to date as we improve server performance for all aspects of online play," the studio says. "Thank you again for your support while this work continues." There is still no word on when we'll be seeing the free version for PlayStation Plus members. The Plus Edition was to offer a limited slice of the game; while you'd have access all features, only certain cars and tracks would be playable without upgrading to the full version (priced at $50 for Plus members). Earlier this week, Evolution said it had no "concrete info" on when it would be released. It was originally expected out alongside the full game on October 7, only to be delayed due to server issues. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  13. Disney no longer owns the rights to the John Carter franchise, with Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. now planning to make more movies. Disney spent many years attempting to bring an adaptation of the sci-fi saga to the big screen, only for the eventual film to fall flat with both critics and punters alike. However, fans of the series will be gladdened to hear that further movie outings are on the agenda, with The Playlist reporting that Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. is actively looking for production partners… “We will be seeking a new partner to help develop new adventures on film as chronicled in the eleven Mars novels Burroughs wrote,†reads an official statement from the company. “This adventure never stops.†“Along with a new Tarzan film in development by Warner Bros., we hope to have John Carter Of Mars become another major franchise to entertain worldwide audiences of all ages.†Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  14. After a very successful reunion in 2008 that included sell out tours, headline appearances at festivals around the world, special guest Matt Smith as Doctor Who at Glastonbury, the Paralympics opening ceremony with Professor Stephen Hawking, and not forgetting the highly- acclaimed album 'Wonky', brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll have decided to bring down the curtain on Orbital's remarkable 25 year career. 'Orbital had stopped working properly. We had a great four years since getting back together in 2008, but it was time to move on.' says Paul. And move on he certainly has. Paul Hartnoll has recorded his new album '8:58,' which is set for release on February 16th. He has also confirmed a UK tour for February in support of the album. Tickets for the tour go on pre-sale to fans exclusively from the new website Tickets go on general sale from 9am, Friday 24th October from the following outlets: To preview the new album, described as 'a dance record for the mind,' the title track '8:58' will be available as a free download and video, also from the website The track is introduced with a spin-tingling monologue on the theme of time by 'Peaky Blinders' star Cillian Murphy, whom Paul met whilst collaborating on the soundtrack for the TV series. The title of the album '8:58' comes from Paul's fascination with the theme of time. 'I've always had a thing for clocks and for time as a powerful force - but also the way it oppresses you,' explains Paul. 'It's one of those things I keep coming back to. For me, 8:58 is a moment of choice. It's almost 9 o'clock. Are you going to school? Are you going to this job you hate? Everybody faces that decision now and again. 8:58 am is when you've got to make up your mind.' Live dates are as follows: February Wed 18 Oxford 02 Academy Thurs 19 Norwich, UEA Fri 20 Glasgow 02 ABC Sat 21 Manchester Ritz Tues 24 Bristol 02 Academy Wed 25 London 02 Shepherds Bush Empire Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  15. Kylie Minogue has cancelled all upcoming shows for Germany after the local promoter went into administration. Kylie alerted her fans in German via a post at her website: German Lovers, I am extremely disappointed that due to financial difficulties of the German promoter CT Creative Talent GmbH, I am unable to perform the scheduled shows in Cologne, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. The Administrator who is now controlling CT Creative Talent GmbH, is unable to confirm that we have the venues and facilities needed to be able to put on the shows. On my behalf, my management team at Roc Nation are trying to work out a way that we may be able to make up for the disappointment, both to the fans who have purchased tickets, all of my creative and technical team on the KMO tour and also myself. I have always had great support in Germany from a loyal and loving fan base and I can't stress enough how difficult and disappointing it is to be ready to play the shows and to have been let down at the last minute. CT Creative Talent GmbH is not the promoter for any of the other shows on the KMO tour outside of Germany and therefore this does not affect, in any way, any other shows. Please keep an eye on this space so we can update you all with any developments. Kylie. X Ticketmaster has issued a statement for their customers who purchased tickets through a legitimate ticket vendor. Read it here. 
Any queries should be directed to the Administrators' spokesperson: Alexander Schmidt rw konzept GmbH Kommunikationsberatung Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer 83 50668 Köln Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  16. String of patches and updates help restore the game's online network; Release date for PS Plus Edition still unclear. Evolution Studios, the studio ultimately responsible for the prolonged connection problems affectingDriveclub, has said that the "majority" of the game's players will now be able to connect online. Driveclub's launch two weeks ago was marred by severe connection problems due to errors within the game's netcode. Many players were unable to play the game online, while the free PS Plus edition has been delayed. Representatives for Evolution have since been proactive in engaging with the community, frequently updating its Facebook fan page and releasing several patches to help restore connections. On Saturday, the studio suggested it had overcome one major hurdle, writing: "We're still improving server performance to get all of you enjoying full online connectivity together, but the majority of Driveclub players should now be able to connect and play online." It added: "We will continue to keep you informed as we make progress and we know we've said this before but we mean it: We know how frustrating it is when you can't get connected and we feel it too. We are working flat out to get online sign-in, multiplayer racing and leaderboards running smoothly for everyone, all of the time." Prior to the release of Driveclub, Evolution and Sony had agreed to release a free abridged version of the game to PS Plus subscribers. However, due to the online connection problems, coupled with the likelihood that a surge of new players would make matters worse, Sony decided to postpone the PS Plus edition. It is still unclear when the PS Plus edition will be released. Evolution Studios hasn't ruled out compensating those affected by the connection problems. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  17. Fans seeking to raise $150,000 to launch advertising blitz to encourage Valve to release the long-awaited game. A group of Half-Life fans have launched a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo with the hope of raising money to create a "We Want Half-Life 3" advertising campaign so large that Valve can't ignore it. The group, which says it is backed by advertising agency McKee Wallwork & Company (we've contacted them for comment), is looking to raise $150,000 "to get Valve to finish the game we've dreamed about for all these years." The Half-Life 3 advertising blitz is aiming to be so massive that it will reach "every single employee at Valve." How will the group do this? If the campaign hits $3,000, they will create a Google AdWord campaign that specifically targets Valve's employees. This ad would simply state: "WE WANT HALF-LIFE 3." If funding reaches $9,000, they will also rent a truck with a giant billboard on it to drive around Bellevue, Washington--where Valve is headquartered. "We'll plaster it with our propaganda and besiege Valve HQ in Bellevue, Washington until their white flag is raised. Or, at least until the end of the day when our driver's shift is over," the group says. Beyond that, should funding reach $45,000, the group will hire a squad of Gabe Newell doppelgangers to approach Valve's HQ wearing "We Want HL3" t-shirts. "Who knows, maybe they will sneak into a strategic meeting and release Half-Life 3 themselves," they write. If this stretch goal is reached, the group promises to film the event for all to see later on. Finally, should funding reach $150,000, the group will hold a huge concert in Seattle and invite all Valve employees to attend. The purpose of this is so Half-Life fans can speak directly to Valve employees about their request for Half-Life 3. The Half-Life 3 campaign organizers, Chris Salem and Kyle Mazzei, say all proceeds will go towards encouraging Valve to release Half-Life 3; they won't make any money on this, they say. Backing the project at $5 gets you a personalized "thank you" card, while a contribution of $15 or more gets you a "We Want Half-Life 3" pin. Giving $75 to the campaign will net you a "We Want Half-Life 3" t-shirt, as well as all previous perks. You can read more about the campaign at its Indiegogo page. While Kickstarter has an all-or-nothing policy regarding funding, Indiegogo does not, meaning the "We Want Half-Life 3" campaign could still become a reality even if the full $150,000 is not reached. The most recent Half-Life game was 2007's Half-Life 2: Episode Two. That game advances the story of previous entries Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One. A third episode was planned, but has not seen the light of day. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  18. Latest patch released in bid to further enhance online stability. Evolution Studios, the games developer that has been working frantically to solve the server problems that has marred the release of Driveclub, says the free version of the game will be available as soon as possible. Prior to the release of the PlayStation 4 racing game, Evolution and Sony had agreed to release a free abridged version of the game to PS Plus subscribers. However, due to major server problems affecting the game, coupled with the likelihood that a surge of new players would make matters worse, Sony decided to postpone the PS Plus edition. But on Monday Evolution Studios claimed it had begun to gain ground in restoring full online services for the racing title, and four days later it has released another update (1.04) which it hopes will bolster online stability even further. "More servers and new upgrades are still coming online hour-by-hour, so we expect improvements to server connectivity and reliability for everyone," the studio wrote on its Facebook page. "Essential diagnostics are still running periodically (for the next 12 hours) to help us continue to improve server performance," it added. "We are still also working hard to get the PS Plus Edition of Driveclub out as soon as possible and hope to update you on this soon." The studio has apologised on several occasions for the downtime, and hasn't ruled out compensating those affected by the problems. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  19. Plus, game director says studio "had confidence" that the PS4 racer wouldn't face launch issues of this magnitude. Driveclub developer Evolution Studios "had confidence" that the socially-inspired PlayStation 4 racing game wouldn't be impacted by the kind of significant server struggles that it's facing currently, according to director Paul Rustchynsky. Rustchynsky has been busy on Twitter responding to questions about the game's online state. In one tweet, he assured fans that Evolution "did performance testing prior to launch & we had confident in the servers then." Asked to clarify what, exactly, is wrong with the game, he said: "We've got no limits to the amount of servers of the quality of hardware; it's purely down to the server code having some bugs." Another high-profile console game, Battlefield 4, underwent a successful and smooth beta test before launching publicly and facing serious and significant server issues. Rustchynsky also says that Evolution has not ruled out offering some kind of compensation for early adopters, though it remains to be seen if this would be in the form of free DLC or something else. He also had no update to provide regarding when the free PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub would be released, but said fans can expect a "new update" on the game sometime later today. On Friday, Evolution again apologized for Driveclub's online woes, adding that it was working "non-stop" to help players get online "as soon as possible." Driveclub players who can connect should not experience any connectivity issues during their play sessions, Evolution said last week. However, the studio has implemented a one-in-one-out program to manage demand, meaning you aren't able to connect until another player disconnects. "This is obviously not ideal, especially given that there are a lot of players waiting to connect, but that's how it's working right now," the developer said previously. For more on Driveclub, which was originally expected to be released in November 2013 as a PS4 launch title, check out GameSpot's review and what other critics are saying.
  20. Developer Evolution implements one-in-one-out rule to manage demand. Those who picked up a new copy of Driveclub will not be able to take the game online unless space has been freed up by others logging out. The one-in-one-out policy is a result of the game's servers failing to manage demand just days after going on sale. These connection issues have also delayed the free PlayStation Plus edition of the game. "We're just as frustrated as you about the server performance issues right now," the game's developer, Evolution Studios, wrote on its Facebook page. "We want you to be racing with clubs and having fun playing challenges, not checking Facebook updates from us to see if the servers are updated yet." An abridged version of the PlayStation 4 racing title--which is free to PlayStation Plus subscribers--was scheduled to launch in North America on Tuesday and across Europe on Wednesday, but neither has appeared. The Evolution spokesperson said a further information regarding the problems will be issued later on Thursday. "In case you don't already know, the servers are up and running but they are hitting their performance limits, so they won't accept new connections until one of the current online players frees up their space," the studio explained. "If and when you get online, you should not have any connectivity issues during the remainder of your session. When you finish and disconnect, you'll free up a space for someone else. This is obviously not ideal, especially given that there are a lot of players waiting to connect, but that's how it's working right now." The full, paid-for version of Driveclub was released across October 7 in the US, and on October 10 in the UK. GameSpot's Driveclub review was somewhat disappointed by the game, suggesting it makes no bold advances in the racing genre. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  21. Developer Evolution Studios apologises as servers buckle under demand. A free PlayStation Plus edition of Driveclub has been delayed across the US and Europe, the game's developer has confirmed. An abridged version of the PlayStation 4 racing title--which is free to PlayStation Plus subscribers--was scheduled to unlock in North America on Tuesday and across Europe on Wednesday, but neither appeared. Now, in a new blog published on DriveClub's official Facebook page, the game's director Paul Rustchynsky explained there will be a delay to the free version. Rustchynsky said the delay is necessary because server problems are affecting the game already. "We are seeing a lot of activity and new social behaviours right now, but unfortunately this is pushing the servers to their absolute limits," he wrote. "We are sorry if you are having a hard time getting online as we know many of you are. Please be aware that the game will automatically keep trying to connect you. Once you're online, you should have no further problems during your session." He explained that the game's developer, Evolution Studios, is working on a number of patches to eliminate the problems. "In order to help all Driveclub players who have the game already, we're temporarily holding back the PS Plus Edition and the My Driveclub app to ease the load and traffic to the servers," he added. "This should give players a better chance of connecting to the game servers." The full, paid-for version of Driveclub released across North America on October 7 and in the UK on October 10. GameSpot's Driveclub review was somewhat disappointed by the game, suggesting it makes no bold advances in the racing genre. To add to Evolution Studio's troubles, players have begun to report problems getting online, being shown instead a "Fault With Your Internet Connection" error code. "To our PS Plus fans, we're sorry you're having to wait longer to play, but we want to ensure that when you come on board, you get the best experience possible," Rustchynsky added. "Rest assured, if you've pre-ordered the full game upgrade from the PS Plus Edition, you will still get the full version of Driveclub digitally, and if you can't get online you'll be able to get started offline like everybody else with single player mode as you start your Driveclub tour. "We fully appreciate how frustrating this is for everyone. We want you to get online with your club because racing, challenging and having fun together is what the game is all about. We know that racing with your friends online is what you’ve been waiting for and we are doing everything we can to deliver that experience to you as soon as possible. "Sorry again for the difficult start. We’ll keep you regularly updated on our progress as we work round the clock to improve connectivity." Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  22. When the Popcorn Time app brought BitTorrent streaming to the masses this year the "Netflix for Pirates" gained the hearts of millions. Today, one of the most popular Popcorn Time forks expands the potential user base further still with the release of an iOS app, jailbreak only for now. The Popcorn Time phenomenon is one of the biggest piracy stories of the year thus far. The software amassed millions of users by offering BitTorrent-powered streaming in an easy-to-use Netflix-style interface. When the original version shut down various forks continued the project, each releasing their own features. One of the most-used Popcorn Time versions comes from, who remain very active on the development side. After previously rolling out an Android version and Chromecast and Apple TV support, today the fork released the first Popcorn Time app for iOS. The first releaserequires a jailbreak and can be accessed through the Cydia platform. TorrentFreak spoke with the developers who say they are working on a solution for non-jailbroken devices as well, but that will take some more time to complete. Nonetheless, they are happy with the progress they’ve made thus far. “After only 5.5 months, Popcorn Time is available on all major platforms! And this is only the beginning. Our future plans are huge,†the team notes. The iOS app is currently missing some features that are available in the desktop version. Chromecast and Apple TV support are still works in progress, likewise the built-in VPN. The standard functionality appears to work just fine, provided that there’s enough bandwidth available to stream the video files via BitTorrent. The developers have released the iOS source code under a GPL V3 license, which allows others to extend and improve it. The team itself will also continue to work on improving the code, and they promise to release more “exiting details†on the application’s future in a week or two. Popcorn Time’s appeal to pirates hasn’t gone unnoticed by Hollywood. Two months ago the MPAA pushed back and managed to get two popular forks removed from Github claiming that the apps are hurting the major movie studios. While this was a setback, it doesn’t seem to have hindered development much. Both Popcorn Time forks are still around and show no sign of throwing the towel voluntarily anytime soon.
  23. King Arthur has cast a Pirates of the Caribbean actress in the iconic role of Arthur’s Queen consort, Guinevere. No, you haven’t traveled back in time to a decade or so ago - when director Antoine Fuqua cast Keira Knightley, following her turn in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, to play Lady Guinevere in his King Arthur movie. The project we are talking about today is Warner Bros.’ upcoming cinematic retelling of the Arthurian legend, with Guy Ritchie (the RDJ Sherlock Holmes movies) serving at the helm. Variety is reporting that Astrid Bergès-Frisbey has entered talks to play Guinevere in Ritchie’s medieval adventure epic, after the role was circled by such folk as Elizabeth Olsen (as we previously reported), Felicity Jones – who’s collected early acclaim for her role in the upcoming Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything – and Alicia Vikander, fresh off playing her role in Ritchie’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E. movie adaptation (which hit theaters in Summer 2015). That is to say, Bergès-Frisbey ended up securing the role over some impressive acting talent, which bodes well for her performance here. Bergès-Frisbey recently appeared in the indie film I Origins and played the mermaid Syrena in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (see the Pirates joke made earlier), but she’s far from being a well-established name. However, King Arthurdoesn’t need her to be, given the (pretty much) universally-known subject matter and that bigger name stars Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba (who costarred in Pacific Rim together) have already joined the film’s cast. Ritchie was able to bring something new to the table with his Sherlock Holmesmovies, while also remaining true to the spirit of that frequently-visited well. With no Sherlock Holmes 3 in sight (much less a sequel to an indie Ritchie flick, such as RocknRolla 2), it’s up to Man from U.N.C.L.E. and King Arthur to bring filmgoers their next helping of entertainment filtered through Ritchie’s unique directorial voice. Plus, if Ritchie’s Arthur movie introduces an exciting new vision of the Arthur universe, then we could get to revisit that world some five additional times down the line. One last thing to note – certain outlets (such as Deadline) are referring to Ritchie’s movie as being titled Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur, rather than just King Arthur. It’s not clear yet if this is another Exodus situation – where Ridley Scott’s film was renamed Exodus: Gods and Kings simply as a result of title rights issues – or if Knights of the Roundtable will be the name of the franchise that Ritchie’s film is meant to kickoff. We’ll find out soon enough. King Arthur (or Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur, whichever it ends up being called) opens in U.S. theaters on July 22nd, 2016.
  24. He may not be quite as familiar to North American audiences as some of the other DC Comics heroes debuting on TV this Fall, but NBC’s Constantine will be dealing with a darker, more fantastic side of the comic book universe that few others could even approach. And while John Constantine may be carrying the series as he combats the demonic forces of evil, it looks like the foundations are being laid to add another DC icon to the show’s universe: the embodiment of vengeance known asThe Spectre. The series’ executive producer Daniel Cerone had previously teased that the character of Detective Jim Corrigan – the man who would go on to become the supernatural figure known as ‘The Spectre’ – could wind up as a series regular. It seems that the idea turned out to be a compelling one for the showrunners, as IGN now reports that Irish actor Emmett Scanlan (Guardians of the Galaxy, In the Flesh) has been cast in the role. Before the diehard comic fans see this news as a chance to see the previously-planned Spectre TV series made real, it’s important to point out that Scanlan will only (for now) be playing the role of New Orleans Detective Jim Corrigan. In the world of DC Comics, Corrigan would wind up being killed in the line of duty, only to return as a mystical spirit of vengeance. Taking on the new moniker of ‘The Spectre,’ Corrigan sought out those who escaped justice and made sure they were… appropriately punished. The casting of another non-supernatural regular makes sense, given the changes that Constantine has undergone since being given the green light by NBC. Fans know that Lucy Griffith’s character will be dropped after the series’ first episode, with the actress’ departure raising some significant problems. Especially since the show’s premise relied upon an outsider being pulled into the supernatural world of John Constantine (Matt Ryan) and Papa Midnite (Michael James Shaw). John Constantine will be joined by his comic book ally Zed (Angelica Celaya), but with Scanlan now added in the role of a New Orleans detective, it’s safe to assume he’ll be as stunned as the audience when it comes to Constantine’s day-to-day activities. Cerone’s prior comments about Corrigan were purely hypothetical, but they should offer a sign of what fans can expect – and why they might not want to get their hopes up just yet: “For those who don’t know, Jim Corrigan is a police officer who kind of takes the law into his own hands… he ends up dying and is reincarnated as The Spectre. So it’s a perfect opportunity for us, because we can name this character Jim Corrigan and within our story, for the general viewer, that works, because now Constantine has a friend on the force. For the comic book fan, ‘My god, that’s Jim Corrigan!’ “And we can get back to that character and can slowly develop that character and who knows, maybe there’s an opportunity in the future to even see the origin story unfold within the framework of our TV series. It creates opportunities and creatively you just have to go in and lay that groundwork in and try and let it unfold naturally. It’s still possible, given Cerone’s quotes, to see Scanlan (who was recently seen as a head prison guard in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy) take up the mantle in the future. After all, we know that Justice League Dark director Guillermo del Toro will be watching the show, so perhaps he could make his way onto the big screen – assuming del Toro’s film does first. What do you think of the character’s addition to the show? Does another established DC character make you more likely to check out the premiere, or is John Constantine up against some powerful comic book competition on the small screen this Fall? Constantine premieres on NBC at 10pm EST on Friday, October 24, 2014.
  25. Even casual comic book fans realized that The CW wasn’t kidding around with its DC Comics properties when they revealed that Arrow‘s Season 3 would be getting a new central antagonist in the form of Ra’s al Ghul (a part made famous on film by Liam Neeson in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy). Not long after Neeson claimedhe’d be happy to reprise the role, the actual actor set to bring the character to life has been revealed: relative newcomer Matt Nable (Riddick, Killer Elite). According to Deadline, the Australian former-Rugby League footballer has landed the part after arriving on the scene in his first role in 2007. The actor may be best known to our readers for his role as ‘Boss Johns’ in the latest Riddickmovie, taking on a leadership role with another group of hired killers (while showing he’s not afraid of getting his hands dirty). Little is known about how this version of Ra’s al Ghul will differ from those previously seen on film or in the comics, but Nable fits the physical description that the showrunners were looking for quite well. And despite his relatively short resume, Nable’s ability to convey a likable and believable bounty hunter (in an American accent, no less) made him a standout in the action-focused Riddick. As far as Arrow‘s version is concerned, the leaked casting description sounds like the showrunners are staying faithful to the source material: “An iconic villain from the pages of DC comics. Leader of the League of Assassins. Regal, mysterious, of a bygone era. Proud and unforgiving. Ra’s is a ruthless strategist, a master of martial arts, and a shaper of history. He carries the wisdom of the ages, and protects some of its greatest secrets.Think the character of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Someone just terrifying. Not a lunkhead, but a smart and physically imposing man.†Nable will make his first appearance in the role in Arrow‘s fourth episode, titled “The Magician.†The limits of his power aren’t yet known (nor whether he’ll one day make an appearance in The CW’s other superhero series), but the fiftieth episode of Arrowlooks to be a special one for DC Comics fans, and Batman enthusiasts in particular. As the leader of the League of Assassins, Arrow viewers have already seen Ra’s play a significant role in the lives of several characters, sending his forces to Starling City in varying numbers, with varying purposes. Season 3 looks to make that threat even greater, building off of the introduction given to the warlord’s daughter Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) after making the trip to Starling City. It’s unclear if Nable’s performance will be set in the present day or the past, but with Oliver Queen’s history being elaborated upon by the week, anything is possible. What do you Arrow fans make of the casting? Is Nable an intriguing choice, or an unknown one? We’re willing to see what he can bring to such a commanding role, since a character of his stature within DC’s TV universe isn’t going to be disappearing any time soon. Feel free to speculate on what kind of voice Nable will be adopting for the role, since it seems a long shot that his native Aussie accent will be maintained. On the bright side, Liam Neeson has offered a few words of advice for his successor. Are there any other actors you were hoping to see land the part, or are you keeping an open mind after Liam Neeson’s indelible turn in the role? Sound off in the comments. Arrow season 3 premieres October 8th, 2014 @8pm on The CW.