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  1. Encrypted Internet traffic is surging according to data published by Canadian broadband management company Sandvine. A new report reveals that 25 percent of the encrypted downstream traffic in North America is consumed by BitTorrent transfers, second only to YouTube. In recent years it has become apparent that BitTorrent users are increasingly searching for options to hide their download footprints. Thus far, however, there was little information available on how much of all encrypted traffic is file-sharing related. A new report published by Sandvine now provides some insight into this. To find out how much of all Internet traffic is encrypted, and what the most popular sources are, last month the company gathered data in collaboration with a North American fixed access network. The findings reveal that nearly 30% of all downstream traffic is encrypted. The majority of the traffic remains unencrypted (65%), and the small remainder has yet to be identified. Looking at the individual sources of encrypted traffic we see that YouTube currently accounts for most of it. More than 11% of all downstream traffic comes from encrypted YouTube data, which is nearly 40% of all encrypted traffic. BitTorrent transfers come in second place with 7.2% of the total downstream traffic, which is good for nearly a quarter of all encrypted data. It’s worth noting that the report only looks at downstream traffic. BitTorrent’s share of upstream traffic is usually much higher, so the total percentage of all encrypted traffic will be well over 25 percent. Another fact worth mentioning is that before YouTube made the transition to support secure data transfers, BitTorrent was the number one source of encrypted traffic according to Sandvine. With Netflix poised to move to encryption by default, the relative share of BitTorrent will probably drop even further in the near future. Absolute traffic is expected to keep growing, however. In response to various anti-piracy initiatives and monitoring schemes around the world, BitTorrent users are increasingly turning to anonymizing services such as encrypted VPNs. It will be interesting to see how this trend develops during the years to come.
  2. Deepest condolence to the people of Nepal and other affected areas. The whole world is beside you at this tough moment.
  3. Any torrent without proper info eg BDInfo or screenshots shall be deleted whether it has 100 seeders or 100 leachers, you have been warned.
  4. Reddit has published its first transparency report, providing an insight into backroom events at the news and social networking giant. On the copyright front the site details the takedown requests that it receives and notes that almost two-thirds are rejected as unlawful or overbroad. Reddit is without doubt one of the most popular sites on the Internet. The community-driven behemoth is the world’s 28th most popular site according to Alexa, rising to 9th most trafficked in the United States. Founded in 2005, the vocal SOPA opponent‘s last set of published stats (Oct 2014) paint an awesome picture: 174 million unique visitors from 186 countries viewed some 6.1 billion pages. Aside from posting the latest breaking news, AMAs, plus a million items in between, it will come as no surprise that in 2014 some of Reddit’s users also infringed copyright. Details of subsequent complaints have previously remained private but thanks to the publication of Reddit’s very first transparency report, we now have more of an insight. While the company has some fascinating thoughts on copyright (which we’ll come to in a moment) it’s notable how few takedown requests Reddit receives. In 2014 the site received just 218 requests to remove content, 81% of which were DMCA-style copyright notices. Interestingly and unlike those who send the notices, Reddit reveals that “real humans†examine each and every request received. It’s clear that in many cases they don’t like what they see. From 176 DMCA complaints received, Reddit removed content in just 76 instances, 38% compliance overall. For a variety of reasons, in 62% of cases Reddit rejected notices completely. Overbroad As previously reported here on TF, on many occasions copyright holders have approached Google in an attempt to have entire Reddit communities removed from its indexes. The search engine mostly rejects those requests and Reddit isn’t impressed by them either. “We received many copyright takedown requests for entire subreddits. We (and the DMCA) require specific identification of allegedly infringing content, not broad demands to delete entire reddit communities,†the company reveals. Links don’t infringe copyright Reddit doesn’t host any content of its own but instead users can post links to material hosted elsewhere, which they do in their millions every day. However, when those links point to infringing content such as movies, music or TV shows, copyright holders tend to see that as facilitation of infringement. Nevertheless, Reddit has its own opinions on what breaches the law. “A significant percentage of the copyright takedown requests we received were for user-submitted URLs that link to content hosted on other websites. Because links do not generally infringe copyright, we exercise extra scrutiny in assessing takedowns for links,†the company says. Of course, Google might argue the same point but instead it removes millions of links to content every single week. Notices fail to meet legal requirements Under the DMCA a copyright holder can request content to be removed from a third-party website via the sending of a properly formatted DMCA notice. Such notices must include: – A physical or electronic signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder – Clear identification of the original infringed work – Clear identification of the allegedly infringing content According to Reddit, many notice senders fail to make the grade. “We rejected many copyright takedown requests because they did not include the information required by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA),†the company reports. Conclusion Overall and despite its millions of users, it appears that Reddit does not have a significant copyright infringement problem, despite the fact that several sub-reddits are dedicated to linking to infringing content. For now most copyright holders are ignoring the site, while others prefer to complain to Google instead. Reddit’s 2014 Transparency Report can be downloaded here (pdf).
  5. The Pirate Bay raid and various technical issues have caused headaches for the three of the largest BitTorrent trackers over the past month, but all have now returned. In addition, the people behind OpenBitTorrent have launched a separate tracker to share the load and help to serve millions of torrent users. OpenBitTorrent, PublicBT and are three of the largest BitTorrent trackers on the Internet, coordinating the downloads of 30 million people at any given point in time. This means that these non-commercial services handle a staggering three billion connections per day – each. However, over the past several weeks the three trackers have been offline most of the time. While they have had their fair share of downtime in the past, it’s not often that these top trackers become unresponsive all at once. OpenBitTorrent was the first to go offline early December. The domain name, registered to Pirate Bay’s Fredrik Neij, disappeared without notice leaving many downloaders in the cold. Not much later the PublicBT and trackers folded too. The latter was hit by the Pirate Bay raid as collateral damage, alongside several other BitTorrent related services. During the weeks that followed the three trackers have worked hard on a comeback. There have been ups and downs, but now they’re all up and running again. TF spoke to the operators of OpenBitTorrent (OBT) who explained that server issues were the root cause of its initial problems. After a few changes behind the scenes, the tracker eventually found a new home at a befriended torrent site. “Through IRC we proceeded looking for a safe provider and we had an offer from a torrent site that was willing to let us use one of their servers for the tracker,†OBT tells TF. While the tracker is up and running for most people, there may still be some stability issues, we were told. “We are currently facing stability issues due to a large amount of users trying to connect to the tracker, so there might be some downtime until we stabilize.†In order to make the tracker ecosystem more resilient one of the OpenBitTorrent developers has now launched a separate tracker, The OBT team encourages torrent users to use both trackers. “We’re planning on sharing the peers of OpenBitTorrent with and have users also use that tracker as it will help lower the load of the tracker at this crucial stage,†OBT told us. During the weeks to come OpenBitTorrent’s operators hope things will normalize. In the meantime, they hope to revive some other Pirate Bay affiliated ventures including, but more on that later.
  6. The chief executive at The Witcher 3 studio CD Projekt Red has explained that the game was delayed in order to optimize its visuals across all formats. Marcin Iwinski told Nerdacy that the delay will not result in content changes, but instead bug fixes and to ensure the game runs at an optimal resolution and frame rate across all systems. "We are removing the final bugs and still running optimization in various areas. What it will result in is a smoother and more engaging experience and, yes, the game looking better across all platforms," he explained. "The content is locked, so no content changes are being made at this point. The scale of the open world in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is unprecedented, so fear not--there is enough gameplay to keep you playing for weeks." These comments come six months after it was rumors that The Witcher 3's resolution on Xbox One and PS4 could be noticably different. At the time, Iwinski said it was "too early" to say whether there would be a difference between the two home console versions. Then, in early December, CD Projekt RED announced it had delayed The Witcher 3 release date from February 2015 to May. At the time, the studio explained that the postponement was necessary in order to fulfil the studio's ambitions. "The sheer size and complexity of The Witcher, key features of the title, have had a decisive impact on production. Now, nearing the end of our work, we see many details that need to be corrected," the studio wrote when announcing the delay. In October, CD Projekt Red responded to rumors that the studio was entering crunch to finish the game on time, and that its public demonstrations were overly flattering. Writing on the games forum NeoGAF, one anonymous user took issue with others praising the Witcher 3, claiming that developer CD Projekt Red has built an "overblown" impression of the game. After the anonymous poster's legitimacy was questioned, a NeoGAF administrator claimed they had been "vetted and cleared," suggesting these were not the words of an outsider. The Witcher 3 release date is May 19, 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Pictured below: Ciri, The Witcher 3's new female hero.
  7. I want all : Bibliotik PTP PTN Cinematic nextgen Thevault CoreBay NoLinks EOTI I have all for trade on this link : Google talk : skepe : BruceWiilliis
  8. Taylor Swift is furious that people think all celebrities have "dirty secrets". The 24-year-old singer wants to be known for her music, but over the years her personal life has hit the headlines too. She got so tired of hearing rumours about who she was dating and being referred to as someone who was unlucky in love that she stopped seeing boys altogether. "That's what I don't like about celebrity culture and the obsession with it, and the takedown culture that we seem to be in," she told the American edition of Esquire magazine. "You have celebrities who are pushed to the brink of a public meltdown, and so the public thinks that every person in the public eye has dirty secrets that they're keeping, or isn't what they seem, or is masking it and faking sincerity, faking authenticity, faking being surprised at award shows when you win a Grammy." The star sees her fame as a double-edged sword. While she understands how lucky she is, the constant speculation about her private life could have an effect on her lyrics if she isn't careful. This is something she is doing her utmost to stop happening. "I'm not gonna let them make me have a meltdown. But, I think, as a songwriter you lose your edge if you find a way to protect yourself from everything they're going to say about you," she explained. "You lose touch with what made you vulnerable enough to connect with people in your songwriting. And that's not something I wanna do. So it's all about walking a tightrope between not being so fragile and breakable that they can level you with one blow and being raw enough to feel it and write about it when you feel it." While untrue headlines aren't fun, Taylor has paid a higher price for her fame. She's been the victim of stalkers and, after railing against it for a long time, has hired security to watch out for her at all times. The musician hasn't driven a car on her own for six years and admits it's hard not to get paranoid. "They [her security] have to be in a car behind me. Because just the sheer number of men we have in a file who have showed up at my mom's house, threatened to either kill me, kidnap me, or marry me," she explained. "This is the strange and sad part of my life that I try not to think about. I try to be light-hearted about it, because I don't ever want to be scared. I don't want to be walking down the street scared." Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  9. Jack White has cancelled all planned gigs after the sudden death of his keyboard player 'Ikey' Owens. Owens was 38 years old. The following statement was posted at the Jack White Facebook page: 'It is with great sadness that we tell the world of the passing of the incredible musician Isaiah 'Ikey' Owens. He will be missed and loved forever by his family, friends, bandmates and fans. 'Ikey Owens was an astounding keyboard player in Jack White's backing band. He also played with Mars Volta, Free Moral Agents, and many other projects. 'Out of respect for Ikey, the remaining shows of the Jack White Tour in Mexico have been cancelled. 'We will all miss you Ikey. You were and are an incredible artist.' Owens was found dead in his hotel room in Chulula, Mexico. The cause of death has not been determined but is understood to be under investigation. Jack White had played in Mexico City three days earlier and was scheduled to perform in Guadalajara tonight. Owens played on all albums by The Mars Volta between 2002 and 2008. He also features on Mastadon's 'Once More 'Round The Sun' and 'Blood Mountain', White's 'Lazaretto' and albums by Saul Williams, Reel Big Fish and Sublime. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  10. In a surprise move Kim Dotcom has sold all of his shares in music startup Baboom. Speaking with TorrentFreak, Baboom chief executive Grant Edmundson said that the company will now be able to be judged on its own merits, rather than on the "brand equity (or otherwise) of its shareholder base." On January 20, 2014, Kim Dotcom celebrated the two-year anniversary of the raid on his New Zealand mansion by releasing his brand new album ‘Good Times’. In addition to being the first Dotcom collection distributed commercially, the album was also notable for soft-launching Baboom. The fledging music service was to provide the platform for the entrepreneur’s assault on the major label-controlled recording business. From the beginning Baboom’s stated aim was to disrupt the music industry by closing the gap between artists and fans, rewarding the former with most of the profits. The latter would be put in a win-win situation via free ad-supported music streaming. The one constant that remained throughout was Kim Dotcom himself, a person with whom the service was inextricably linked, both financially and from branding and marketing perspectives. Today, however, that has all come to an end. According to a new Particulars of Shareholding document filed this morning, Coatesville Trustee Services Limited – Dotcom’s family trust – has sold all of its shares in Baboom. Before the sale Michael Sorensen’s Vig Limited, which also holds 13044 shares (9.97%) in, held 45% of Baboom’s shares. Company documents reveal that Vig now owns 90% after Dotcom’s family trust shares were transferred to the company. As can be seen above, the remaining 10% is held by Xavier Buck of Dicé Invest. In November 2013, Buck, who is also a director at Domaintools, said he would be heading up MEGA Europe. Perhaps the most curious element of Dotcom’s exit from the business is the language being used by Baboom chief executive Grant Edmundson. While he wishes the Baboom founder well, a single sentence distances Dotcom from the company in every possible way. “The transaction means Dotcom no longer has any equity or role in Baboom, nor any relationship with the company,†Edmundson said. “Kim is moving on to focus on other projects and both camps wish each other well with future plans.†TorrentFreak spoke with Edmundson and asked if Dotcom’s exit from the company had been his choice alone, Baboom’s, or by mutual agreement. He told us that he would not comment on matters between shareholders. However, when questioned on whether Baboom’s brand would be affected by the departure of its founder, Edmundson was more forthcoming. “In terms of the impact on Baboom, my view is that the Baboom service will now be able to be judged on its own merits rather than being assessed on the brand equity (or otherwise) of its shareholder base,†the Baboom CEO said. Kim Dotcom did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Baboom is currently trying to raise US$3.98m (NZ$5.05m) and a listing on the Australian Securities Exchange. The company sought to raise the funds from investors in return for 11.5% of its shares with the offer closing in July, but that deadline was amended to make it open-ended. Baboom is scheduled to debut in the fourth quarter of 2014, although no firm launch date has been provided by the company. Update: Kim Dotcom has taken to Twitter:
  11. i like to play blackops 2 and its one of my favorite game Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  12. Gareth Edwards’ debut feature-length theatrical release Monsters is very much a human character-oriented story – one that’s told against the backdrop of a fantastical setting, where mysterious gigantic creatures now roam the Earth. In other words, it’s the low-budget predecessor to Edwards’ Godzilla movie franchise reboot, and a far cry from the upcoming sequel, titled Monsters: Dark Continent(which Edwards only produced). The new trailer for Dark Continent (see above) builds onthe previous teasers, by emphasizing combat sequences that pit humans against the invading “monstersâ€, over the more intimate human drama in the movie. A few years ago Edwards gave his blessing for another filmmaker to come in and play in the Monsters sandbox; by the look of it, director Tom Green (Misfits, Blackout) has, if nothing else, put a very different spin on the universe that Edwards did, with the sequel. Story-wise, the Dark Continent screenplay written by Jay Basu (The Dinosaur Project) picks up seven years after the first Monsters installment – trading in an “infected zone†near the U.S./Mexico border (“infected†meaning where mysterious giant aliens run wild) for a different area in the Middle East. U.S. soldier Noah Frater (Johnny Harris) is participating in the organized effort to “protect U.S. interests from the Monsters†in the region, when (in a Heart of Darkness-inspired twist) a high-ranking American soldier goes rogue within the nearest “infected zone†– and Noah is tasked with tracking him down and killing him as necessary, lest he endanger the greater war effort. Both Edwards’ Monsters and Godzilla reboot were generally well-received within the film critic community (71% and 73% on Rotten Tomatoes, respectively), though each film also got flack from a vocal minority of reviewers and/or regular moviegoers who wanted less human drama, more creature-oriented spectacle. Dark Continent, by the look of it, should deliver some pretty solid monster visual effects (given the smaller budget) and battle scenarios – far more than Edwards’ first movie, that is. Question is, will the shift towards more “Monster†fights and fewer moments of quiet introspection result in the underlying metaphors of Dark Continent feeling all the more ham-fisted for it? Not per se, but going by what we’ve seen of the “human elements†in the Monsters sequel thus far, that is a legitimate concern at this point. We’ll hope for the best, of course, especially seeing how the Monsters franchise is one that has the potential to be worth sustaining beyond two movies. Monsters: Dark Continent currently does not have a U.S. release date, but will reach U.K. theaters on November 28th, 2014.
  13. KickassTorrents is the first large torrent site to bump up its security and force SSL encryption for all visitors. This makes it impossible for outsiders, Internet providers included, to monitor page visits or snoop on data being sent. KATLike most Internet users, torrent site visitors prefer not to have their browsing habits exposed to third parties. One way to prevent this from happening is by using SSL encryption. This is supported by more and more sites, and last year Google even went as far as encrypting all searches by default. Most of the larger torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay and Torrentz also offer SSL support. However, KickassTorrents is the first to force encryption. This means that everyone who visits the site will now be sending data over a secure https connection. TorrentFreak spoke with the KickassTorrents team who told us that the new feature was implemented by popular demand. “We’re just thinking about those people who will feel safer when they know all the data transferred between them and KAT is completely encrypted. People requested it, so we respond,†the KAT team informs TF. SSL encryption will prevent one’s boss, school, or ISP from monitoring what pages are visited what data is sent or retrieved from the site. However, it’s still possible to see that the KickassTorrents domain was accessed, and how much time was spent there. Also, it’s worth emphasizing that it doesn’t anonymize the visitor’s IP-addresses in any way, as a VPN or proxy might. That said, enabling encryption is a good way for KickassTorrents to offer its users a little more security. On top of that, Google recently noted that it would prioritize SSL encrypted sites in its search results, something the site’s operators probably wont mind either.
  14. The Doctor returns at last this Saturday, with the premiere of the eighth season of the modern Doctor Who TV series. Season eight’s debut episode, “Deep Breath†(watch the trailer), will properly introduce Peter Capaldi as the Doctor’s latest regeneration, after his brief appearance at the end of the 2013 Who Christmas special (and his forehead’s even briefer cameo in the Doctor Who property’s 50 anniversary special). To mark the occasion, today we can offer the full rundown of season eight, including each individual episode title plus the individual writer(s) and director involved. rrent Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has, in the recent past, expressed a desire to mix things up far more in season 8 than he did on his previous three seasons as the series’ head writer. Going by a more dramatic and darker trailer for this season, Capaldi’s “less human†Doctor is a far cry from Matt Smith’s boyishly absent-minded Doctor. As Jenna Coleman (who’s back for season 8 as the Doctor’s human companion Clara) has put it, “You can quite access him the same way.†As such, it feels all the more appropriate that Doctor Who season 8 was overseen by a number of directors who’re new to the Who-verse, yet are very much experienced at crafting more adult-oriented entertainment. Indeed, when you look at the films (A Field in England, Tank Girl) and TV series (Strike Back, Da Vinci’s Demons) on the collective resume for this season’s helmers, it’s an interesting mix of intense dramatic material and mature genre fare. Here is the complete list of directors for Doctor Who season 8 (via BBC One); we’ve also included some of their previous directorial efforts. Episod 801 and 802: Ben Wheatley (Kill List, A Field in England) Episode 803 and 806: Paul Murphy (Casualty, Hollyoaks) Episode 804, 805, and 809: Douglas Mackinnon (“The Sontaran Stratagemâ€,“Cold Warâ€) Episdoe 807 and 808: Paul Wilmshurst (Strike Back, Da Vinci’s Demons) Episode 810: Sheree Folkson (Hit & Miss, Truckers) Episode 811 and 812: Rachel Talalay (Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare,Tank Girl) Equally intriguing is the fact that a handful of Doctor Who season 8′s directors know their way around horror territory - be it grounded in nature, like Ben Wheatley’s work, or more fantastical, like the Nightmare on Elm Street feature by Rachel Talalay (Doctor Who‘s first female director in some time). That is to say, the ominous tone of those initial season 8 teasers could prove to have been rather prophetic of what lay ahead. Bear in mind, saying that Doctor Who season 8 will be “darker,†we’re talking relative to recent seasons. As you can see below, the season’s episode titles alone indicate the show is not abandoning its identity as a whimsical sci-fi/fantasy adventure – since, really, an episode titled “Robot of Sherwood†can only be soserious. (“Mummy On The Orient Expressâ€, though, now that sounds like an intense hour of viewing material… yes, I’m kidding.) It looks as though iconic Who villains The Daleks will be popping up as soon as the second episode this season, though we know there are other classic Who baddies waiting in the rafters for their turn to fight the Doctor once more. On that note, here is the full episode rundown for Doctor Who season 8 (along with the writer(s) for each one). The roster of newcomers to the world of writing forDoctor Who this year include Peter Harness (Case Histories), Jamie Mathieson (Being Human), and Frank Cottrell Boyce (The Railway Man). Episode 1: Deep Breath – Written by Steven Moffat Episode 2: Into The Dalek – Written by Phil Ford and Steven Moffat Episode 3: Robot Of Sherwood – Written by Mark Gatiss Episode 4: Listen – Written by Steven Moffat Episode 5: Time Heist – Written by Stephen Thompson and Steven Moffat Episode 6: The Caretaker – Written by Gareth Roberts and Steven Moffat Episode 7: Kill The Moon – Written by Peter Harness Episode 8: Mummy On The Orient Express – Written by Jamie Mathieson Episode 9: Flatline – Written by Jamie Mathieson Episode 10: In The Forest Of The Night – Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce Episode 11/12 Dark Water/Death In Heaven – Written by Steven Moffat One last thing to note – the BBC One‘s episode list confirms that Samuel Anderson (Doctors, Casualty) will be introduced to the Who-verse in the episode “Into The Dalekâ€. He will be playing Danny Pink, who is one of Clara’s fellow teachers at Coal Hill School – not to mention, someone who will occasionally be joining The Impossible Girl and The Doctor on their adventures through space and time. Whether or not Danny will eventually become the Doctor’s full-time companion once Clara’s run with The Doctor draws to a close (rumor is that will happen during the 2014 Christmas Special) – that very much remains to be seen. Generally, the human companions are only able to keep up with the Doctor for a couple seasons, at most, before their time is done; which is to say, even if she makes it past Christmas, it’s unlike that Coleman will remain on the show after season 9. One thing at a time, though, as we’ve yet to see how different (or not) life is, exploring the galaxy with Capaldi’s Time Lord. Doctor Who season 8 premieres on Saturday, August 23rd, 2014.
  15. ilary Duff fans might want to mark down Monday on their calendars. The singer is set to premiere her new single, "All About You," on August 11. It was revealed on Twitter that she will appear on the Adam Bomb radio shownext week to give her fans a first listen to the song, which was reportedly co-written by Savan Kovetcha (Britney Spears, Ariana Grande and Cher Lloyd.) @HilaryDuff will be on the show #Monday night with me across the #USA & we'll world premiere #AllaboutYou @NightsLive — Adam Bomb™ (@adambombshow) August 8, 2014 Additionally, she tweeted out the cover art for the track. It features Duff looking boho chic in a black hat, low-cut black dress, capelet and lots of silver rings. She wrote, "I told you this weekend was "All About You" Can't wait for everyone to hear this one." I told you this weekend was "All About You" :) Can't wait for everyone to hear this one. — Hilary Duff (@HilaryDuff) August 9, 2014 "All About You" follows in the release of Duff's "Chasing the Sun," which she released last month. Both songs will be featured on her forthcoming fifth studio album, set for release later this fall.
  16. Welcome to All New Users We would like to welcome the large number of new users to the site. We are always glad to have new membership. This can be a trying time for both you, being new to the site, and staff, trying to handle multiple requests for help. Please take time to read the rules and navigate around the site. Go to the forums as they are an excellent source for information. Everyone here was new once so probably asked many of the questions you are asking. Search the forums. Post questions in the forums. You will find people willing to share information and help you get settled in. Please be patient with staff. We are accommodating a large number of new members so we may not be able to answer your questions right away. Have fun, get some good shows, and enjoy the site.
  17. For all of you Usenet people. Here is a 60% off coupon code for a block account at NewsDemon Coupon Code block60spl
  18. Time-limited invitation (25th Feb - 5th Mar 2014) 1) All users (except "peasant" class users) will be given TWO "free invites", which expire at the end of the invitation period. 2) This exercise begins at 25th February 8:30am and ends at 5th of March 8:30am (GMT+8 / Beijing time) 3) additional notes: i- unutilized "free invites" will be forfeited after the invitation period. ii- redemption of invites with bonus points is unavailable during this period. "User" and above are able to invite. iii- as usual, activities such as trading invites and registering duplicate accounts are strictly prohibited. Offenders' accounts will be terminated immediately. Those who provide us with such information will be rewarded accordingly. 4) CHDBits admin team reserves the right of final interpretation of all the rules of this activity. --- CHDBits Staffs ---