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Found 3 results

  1. The latest in Apple's line of tablets have been officially announced. iPad Air 2As expected, Apple today revealed the latest in its line of iPads at an event in California. Following the expected update on things like iPhone, which Apple said had its biggest launch ever (cue applause), CEO Tim Cook showed off the iPad Air 2, emphasizing just how thin it is. At 6.1 mm, it's 18% thinner than the original iPad Air, and two of them stacked are thinner than the very first iPad. The screen has an anti-reflective coating, and the device is equipped with a new A8X processor which helps to provide "console-level graphics," according to senior VP Phil Schiller. This 64-bit chip is an enhanced version of what's seen in the iPhone 6, and battery life clocks in at 10 hours. The Home button include Touch ID, allowing your fingerprint to unlock the device and authorize purchases on the App Store. The 8MP iSight camera is capable of recording 1080p video and taking 43MP panoramic photos, though the device unfortunately does nothing to make you look less goofy for taking photos with a tablet. The iPad Air 2 comes in silver, space gray, and gold colors. It's available in in three sizes: 16GB for $499, 64GB for $599, and 128GB for $699 for the Wi-Fi-only models. If you want cellular data, you'll pay $130 more for each of those--16GB for $629, 64GB for $729, and 128GB for $829. Preorders begin tomorrow, October 17, and will ship by the end of next week. iPad Mini 3Schiller then quickly announced the availability of the newest iPad Mini, the iPad Mini 3, curiously spending almost no time on it. It's equipped with a 5MP iSight camera, Touch ID, and a 7.9-inch screen. Like the iPad Air 2, it also comes in three colors (silver, space gray, and gold) and three sizes, with a $130 bump for cellular data over the Wi-Fi-only models. The 16GB system costs $399/$529, 64GB $499/$629, and 128GB $599/$729. Both the existing iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 will remain on sale, but for $100 less than their existing prices. Also during the event, Cook announced that Apple Pay, the company's mobile payment platform, launches this coming Monday, October 20. Just yesterday, Apple leaked the existence of the new devices through an App Store listing for its official iPad user guide. It indirectly acknowledged the leak during a portion of today's presentation featuring Stephen Colbert (or at least his voice). Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  2. Apple's official guide to iOS updated early with details on its two new iPad models. The original iPad Air It's customary for details on Apple's new products to be leaked prior to their official announcement, but that typically comes in the form of a report citing anonymous sources or including pictures from a factory worker. This time, it's Apple itself that's responsible for leaking details on its new iPads. As discovered by 9to5Mac, the App Store listing for the official iPad user guide has been updated prior to the release of iOS 8.1--apparently earlier than intended. Screenshots of the guide show off two brand-new devices: the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. They include images of both, complete with a rundown on some of their new features. Aside from confirming their names, the images show that both new iPads feature the Touch ID sensor seen in recent iPhone models. Also confirmed is support for burst camera shots on the iPad Air 2. Presumably there will be other enhancements, like faster hardware. But as this is a simple guide to iOS 8, those kinds of things weren't detailed. Luckily, we don't have long to wait before we get the full details, as Apple has an event scheduled for tomorrow where it was widely believed the company would show off its new iPads. Now we know exactly what to expect. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  3. Although the number of Marvel superhero films released in the past six years since they launched their cinematic universe may vastly outnumber those based on DC Comics characters, the opposite is soon to be true on the small screen. With The Flash premiering and Arrow returning for its third season on The CW, Gothamdebuting on FOX, and Constantine starting on NBC, there will be more DC TV series than Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter. It was reported yesterday that another DC character could join the ranks of small screen superheroes: Supergirl. Contrary to the previous report, though, Michael Green (Smallville, Green Lantern) won’t be involved with theSupergirl series. Instead, the show is being developed by Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) and Ali Adler (Chuck). Deadline is reporting Berlanti and Adler will reunite – they previously worked together on No Ordinary Family – to create the television series based on DC’s Supergirl. According to rumors reported by Deadline, the Supergirlseries will be a “new interpretation†on the character and story. As with all other DC-based shows, Warner Bros. TV will produce the untitledSupergirl project and DC’s Geoff Johns – who has been involved with Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham – is apparently involved. Adler will pen the pilot script forSupergirl and executive produce with Berlanti. In terms of where the Supergirl series may land, E! News has reported that the project is not “expected†to air on The CW like Berlanti’s other DC shows. The series was pitched to the network, but they seemingly declined to pick it up. According toDeadline, in a couple weeks, the project will be pitched to the other major networks. With Berlanti and Adler heading the project, rather than the previously reported Green, it seems the potential for a compelling Supergirl TV show is much higher. Berlanti has found success with Arrow, and although The Flash has yet to officially premiere, Johns has said it’s “the most faithful DC adaptation yet†offering fans plenty of hope for the new series. If Supergirl isn’t housed at The CW, fans probably can’t expect to see a crossover or world-building between the three series, which may have been fun but aren’t necessary for the show’s success. Additionally, if the Supergirl project were to air on The CW, it may have been easier to generate a fanbase by drawing in viewers fromArrow and The Flash. But with the lack of a female-led superhero show on television, a Supergirl show at least has a lack of competition going for it. It’s entirely possible that a Supergirl series could be successful on any network. Berlanti has enough experience under his belt to do the superheroine’s story justice, Adler has proven her chops of working with action characters, and with help from Johns, they’re sure to keep the series in line with the spirit of the comics (if not entirely faithful to the source material). What do you think of the Supergirl TV series with Berlanti and Adler running the show? Are they the best choice? Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more information on the Supergirl television series as it becomes available.