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Found 17 results

  1. The former operator of the SurfTheChannel streaming site who received a landmark four year sentence in 2012 is facing another lengthy stretch behind bars. Anton Vickerman was released in 2014 but must now pay back £73,000 his site is said to have generated in advertising. Failure to do so by June 16 will trigger a further 21 month jail sentence. Three years after its birth in 2007, was among the most-visited streaming link websites on the Internet. The site enjoyed more than six million visits a day from 400,000 users who were mainly looking for the latest movies and the most popular TV shows. The site soon became the focus of an MPAA investigation carried out by the UK’s Federation Against Copyright Theft. As previously documented the anti-piracy groups went to extraordinary lengths to pin down site operator Anton Vickerman and present their evidence to the police. After the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service declined to take on the case, the MPAA and FACT brought a private criminal prosecution against Vickerman. Accusing him of being involved in a Conspiracy to Defraud the Movie Industry, the tactic paid off. In August 2012 Vickerman was sentenced to an unprecedented four years in jail. Following an unsuccessful appeal that was rejected a year after his conviction, Vickerman was eventually freed in August 2014. But for the MPAA the matter was from over. Just months later in December 2014, Vickerman was called before the courts again under the UK’s Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA). It was argued that the money Vickerman made from the site was a proceed of crime and whatever hadn’t already been disposed of must be forfeited to the state – if any could be found. While Vickerman insisted that all of the money was long gone, police financial investigators said the former site operator had placed money not only in the UK, but also other countries including Spain, Latvia, Cyprus and Tanzania. “Vickerman moved the money he made out of the UK and into accounts around the globe, but working closely with FACT we were able to unravel his trail of bank transfers running across international borders and demonstrate to the court that six years on this convicted criminal still had access to assets worth over £73,000,†said Claudia Celentano from the City of London Police Asset Recovery Team. Following a court ruling last December which ordered Vickerman to pay back £73,055.79, the clock has been ticking for the former site operator. He now has little over a week to repay the full amount or face being thrown back into jail for a further 21 months. Surf the Channel’s Anton Vickerman In desperation, Vickerman’s family and friends have launched a GoFundMe campaign to try and raise the money. “As anyone who knows [Anton] personally will tell you he is a man who has been financially ruined by the legal battle with the powers against him and is not a man who has any money. Currently he lives on a council estate in the North West of England with his fiance working multiple jobs to try and put food on the table,†the appeal reads. “This means that on June 16 [Anton] will be sent back to prison for another ten and a half months which, when added together with his first unjust sentence brings the total to a six year prison sentence [Anton] will have served for the victimless ‘crime’ of owning and running a search engine.†If Vickerman can’t raise the money by next Tuesday, he will be sent to prison. However, that still won’t be the end of the matter. The 21 month sentence (with half deducted for good behavior) will not cancel out the requirement to settle the debt. “The debt is for life and survives bankruptcy, it never goes away,†his family explain. “On release [Anton] can look forward to being regularly dragged back before the courts to explain why he hasn’t paid in full, attachment of all earnings he makes, regular visits from bailiffs to seize any goods (not that he has any now having sold everything he could to pay some of the POCA debt) and, finally, further prison sentences if the UK Government decides that the interest on the debt has risen to a level that justifies more prison time.†FACT declined to comment for this article but Director General Kieron Sharp previously thanked police for their assistance in the confiscation proceedings. “FACT would like to thank the City of London Police for their assistance in pursuing confiscation proceedings against Anton Vickerman,†Sharp said. “This private criminal prosecution produced many difficulties, not least of which was how to uncover Vickerman’s hidden criminal assets without the authorized powers of a financial investigator.â€â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹ Whether raising such a large sum of money in a week is a realistic proposition remains to be seen, but if Vickerman is to get any closure the debt (which is subject to interest at 8% per annum) simply has to be cleared. He’s managed to reduce it by £6,000 by “selling anything he owns of value†but that still leaves £67,000. “Help us stop this never ending persecution of a man who just wants the chance to rebuild his life and start afresh,†his family concludes.
  2. Hello fellow LTTi, Sorry for spamming this message. We would like to announce that, the interview was re-active to invite new users to get into this page. interviews will be handled by our staff. For those who qualify, and answer the questions in a rational and almost meets the requirements of the question, we will invite the user. If the answer like Ahmad Maslan, we will deny the request and ip will be banned forever. Can we talk about this story, send it wherever you like. Facebook, twitter or other social media you use. Address for the interview is:
  3. WeBop has announced that it will be shutting its doors on March 10th. It is unfortunate to see another torrent site have to disappear. As such, we'll be taking in refugees starting tomorrow, March 1st. Be kind to your new perv neighbors!
  4. The Pirate Bay is down at the moment, causing a mild panic among many BitTorrent users. With the raid of last December fresh in mind some fear the worst, but as of yet there is no indication that the site has been hit again. Exactly two weeks after the long-awaited comeback, The Pirate Bay appears to be in trouble again. It’s currently not clear what’s causing the problems. There might be a hardware issue, routing problem or a software glitch, issues that have occurred many times in the site’s history. However, after the prolonged downtime earlier this year many people are now fearing the worst. The site’s domain name is working properly and the nameservers appear to be setup correctly too, so those variables can be ruled out. The Pirate Bay currently displays a CloudFlare error message suggesting that TPB’s servers are unresponsive. TorrentFreak reached out to The Pirate Bay’s admin and we will update this article if we hear back. While the main site is down, many of the Pirate Bay’s clones and copies that became popular during TPB’s recent seven week outage are still accessible.
  5. Giganews has booked another significant victory in its ongoing copyright battle with adult publisher Perfect 10. Detailing "pervasive failures" by the publisher, its attorneys and its witnesses, a court in California says that Perfect 10 violated numerous court orders and failed to comply with discovery. Adult magazine publisher Perfect 10 is one of the most litigious publishers in the online space. The company has made a business out of suing Internet services for alleged copyright infringement and in recent years has targeted Google, Amazon, MasterCard and Visa, RapidShare and Depositfiles, and even hosting providers LeaseWeb and OVH. While Perfect 10 has secured several private settlements, court victories in contested cases have not been forthcoming. The publisher had hoped of success in its current and prolonged legal battle with Usenet provider Giganews but things are not going well. In a November 2014 ruling the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California found that Giganews was not liable for the infringing activities of its users. The provider now has further reason to celebrate thanks to a ruling from the same Court. Rather than simply roll over under pressure from Perfect 10’s legal team, Giganews put up a vigorous and comprehensive defense to the publisher’s claims. During 2014 Giganews sought and obtained several discovery orders requiring the adult publisher to produce potentially huge amounts of data relating to its claim against the provider, including but not limited to: – Information on all allegedly infringing URLs / Usenet Message IDs – Information on all Perfect 10 advertising since Jan 2008 – All IP / email addresses used by Perfect 10 / affiliates – All copyright registrations and ownership documents – Details of every author / photographer of every work in the case – All evidence of direct and indirect infringement – Perfect 10 server logs and website metrics – Documents detailing all previous Perfect 10 litigation plus settlements In a 56-page ruling handed down last Thursday, Magistrate Judge Stephen J. Hillman details a laundry list of non-compliance by Perfect 10, from partial to complete failure to provide the requested documents to “misleading†representations and “intentional†non-compliance. Perfect 10 didn’t even produce evidence related to the infringement at the heart of the case. “Perfect 10 failed to produce any evidence supporting its claim of direct infringement,†the Judge writes, noting that it also “failed to produce any evidence supporting its claim of indirect infringement.†While the Court dedicates many pages of its ruling to the failures of Perfect 10 to comply with its orders, it comes as little surprise that the company did not disclose the private conclusions to its earlier litigation. “Perfect 10 failed to produce its complaints from all its earlier lawsuits..[..]..and also failed to produce its settlement agreements from earlier lawsuits,†the ruling reads. Even complaints Perfect 10 relied upon for its damages opinion were omitted. Perfect 10 witnesses were also singled out for criticism, alongside the company’s counsel who did not do enough to bring them into line. “The fact that the Perfect 10 affiliated witnesses kept making the same mistakes over and over shows that Perfect 10’s counsel was not adequately supervising their efforts to ensure full compliance with the Court’s Orders,†the Judge explains. “In the peculiar circumstances of Perfect 10’s conduct in this case, the Court can properly hold Perfect 10 and its attorneys responsible for the Perfect 10-affiliated witnesses’ conduct.†In conclusion, Giganews won this one big and Perfect 10 are now going to have to pick up the bill. “[Giganews] presented this Court with extensive evidence showing unjustified discovery noncompliance, numerous violations of this Court’s orders, and pervasive failures by Perfect 10, its attorneys, and the Perfect 10-affiliated witnesses. The court will proceed to determine the reasonable amount of monetary sanctions, and whether they should be assessed against Perfect 10 and/or its counsel,†Judge Hillman concludes. In a statement sent to TorrentFreak, Ron Yokubaitis, co-Chief Executive Officer of Giganews, says his company welcomes the ruling. “From the beginning, we rejected the veracity of Perfect 10’s allegations and believed strongly in our position. As a result, we forced Perfect 10 to litigate this case on the merits,†Yokubaitis says. “Perfect 10’s response to our approach was to engage in a pattern of systematic abuse of the discovery process and outright disregard of the court’s orders,†added Yokubaitis. “We are pleased with the magistrate judge’s ruling and we look forward to the Court’s final determination on monetary sanctions to be assessed.†The big question now is whether this legal mauling and promised monetary sanctions will lead Perfect 10 down a different path on potential future litigation. Giganews has certainly shown its teeth, so ‘softer’ targets could be on the horizon.
  6. Hollywood still has concerns over the popular Popcorn Time application. One of the main "Netflix for Pirates" forks has just moved through three different hosting companies in two weeks, after an anti-piracy group raised alerts. In addition, a new leak reveals that Hollywood was also behind the 'voluntary' shutdown of the original application earlier this year. This year Popcorn Time became an instant hit by offering BitTorrent-powered streaming inside an easy-to-use Netflix-style interface. The breakthrough app had Hollywood concerned but luckily for them the developers shut it down after a few weeks, saying that they wanted to move on with their lives. It was never revealed whether Hollywood forces had threatened the developers, but an MPAA update that surfaced as part of the Sony leaks now reveals that this was indeed the case. In the MPAA’s “first quarter update,†sent to the movie studio heads in March, the group stated that it had “scored a major victory in shutting down the key developers of Popcorn Time.†The MPAA added that the investigative and enforcement actions required collaboration on three continents, which they hoped would prevent Popcorn Time from becoming a “major piracy threat.†Unfortunately for Hollywood the threat didn’t go away. The Open Source project was quickly picked up by others and in recent months several popular forks gained steady user-bases., one of the most-used forks, has since turned into a bigger threat than the original application. As a result, Hollywood is trying its best to dismantle it. Previously the fork had its domain name suspended and over the past few weeks found itself being kicked out by various hosting providers. Complaints from the Hollywood backed anti-piracy group BREIN were to blame. The hosting troubles resulted in long periods of downtime, which isn’t good for morale among the developers. “We had a tough two weeks with a few shut downs that came unexpectedly. We moved our service through three different hosting companies in these weeks,†the team tells TF. “All caved after a few hours to a day or two, after ‘some’ copyright organization contacted them, saying suddenly that they don’t want to host our ‘illegal’ domain. We were shocked actually to see how quickly these organizations work.†While might have been down, they’re not out yet. The team is determined to keep its software available and will be releasing new updates to the app today. “BREIN is on our backs? Well, we found a new hosting company which we hope will be more cooperative, and we’re releasing updates for both Windows and Mac today to show everyone that business is as usual.†“No one said it was gonna be easy, but what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, and we’re not into dying… ;-),†the team concludes. Whether other Popcorn Time forks have had similar problems recently is unknown, but the above makes it clear that Hollywood is still determined to crush these popular apps.
  7. One of the oldest torrent trackers, Demonoid, has been fighting for its place in the sun over many years. Now the semi-private BitTorrenttracker has changed its .ph domain name for the Palau-based .pw. The operators of the service have yet to officially announce the change, which will help to improve the Demonoid’s availability on the Internet. Earlier this year, Demonoid returned after almost 2 years of downtime, which began after a DDoS attack and legal troubles in its home country, Ukraine. Since then the tracker has been rebuilding its community and now accounts for millions of monthly visitors, which makes it one of the largest BitTorrent trackers on the Internet once again. Copyright holders are still trying to obstruct the Demonoid’s growth, and the site is currently plagued by blocking requests from them. Back in November, Italian Internet service providers blocked Demonoid. In addition, a few days ago major broadband providers in the United Kingdom were requested to do the same. Moreover, the ranking of the site in Google search results has significantly diminished: if you search for “demonoidâ€, you will see a Wikipedia entry as the top result, because the was removed from the Google search results following a takedown notice. In respond, Demonoid switched domain names. Now it is domain to The .pw domain was registered just a few days ago, following the reports of the UK court orders to block the tracker. However, it should be noted that the effects of such move will be limited: while it is easy to circumvent bans in Italy with a new domain, UK providers are usually quick to update their blacklists.
  8. Are you looking forward to The Witcher 3? I certainly am, but not so much that I wanted to extend that feeling of anticipation. Yes, CD Projekt's RPG sequel has been delayed. Again. It's being pushed back a further three months, with the new release date set for May 19, 2015. According to an open letter published by The Board of CD PROJEKT SA, the delay is due to the "sheer size and complexity" of the game. "Now, nearing the end of our work," they write, "we see many details that need to be corrected. When we release the most important game in our studio’s history, we must be absolutely sure that we did everything we could to limit any bugs to a level that will allow you to enjoy the game thoroughly." You know what? Yes, I'm a little disappointed, but I can't fault them for wanting to put a better, more robust game in front of their audience. All will be well if, when it does finally release, it proves worth the wait. You can see the full statement below: "Ever since we started working on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, we knew it would be an ambitious game. We wanted, and still aim, to give you an incredible experience, an epic adventure in a vast, completely open fantasy universe. "The sheer size and complexity of The Witcher, key features of the title, have had a decisive impact on production. Now, nearing the end of our work, we see many details that need to be corrected. When we release the most important game in our studio’s history, we must be absolutely sure that we did everything we could to limit any bugs to a level that will allow you to enjoy the game thoroughly. "With this in mind, we took another look at current workloads and what they mean for the team. Even though everyone is working at full speed, we concluded that we need another 12 weeks, so we are shifting the release date of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to May 19th, 2015. "We owe you an apology. We set the release date too hastily. It’s a hard lesson, one to take to heart for the future. We know what we want to do to make Wild Hunt one of the best RPGs you will ever play. And we continue to work hard to achieve just that. So, we apologize and ask for your trust. "Thank you for the all support you show us on a daily basis. We truly do appreciate it. It has fueled us in our passion since the start and will continue to do so."
  9. Australia's administration has introduced a Data Retention bill, learning nothing from the court rulings that declare the practice to be in violation of fundamental rights. They plan to log everybody's correspondence and movements - with the idea of using that data to enforce the copyright monopoly. On December 14, 2005, the European Parliament approved legislation that was more Stasiesque than anything previously imagined. Citizens would have every piece of communications logged for a minimum for six months, including from where it was made, so that this could be used against the citizens if need be. Who people talked to, how, from where, and when. In effect, since your mobile phone communicated more or less all the time, every footstep you took through a European city was not only monitored, but recorded for the specific purpose of using it against you. The legislation – the Data Retention Directive – caused an outrage, and rightly so. But the gears of justice turn slowly. On April 8, 2014 – almost ten years later – the European Court of Justice – the highest court in Europe – ruled that the legislation violated a number of fundamental citizen rights, including the presumption of innocence, protection of personal data, and the right to privacy. It didn’t just declare the horrible law invalid from that point on – the European Court of Justice ruled that the law had never even existed. It should come as no surprise that the copyright industry was one of the primary pushers for this legislation. In combination with the typical over-implementation of theIPRED directive, which would give the copyright industry police-like powers to demand logs from Internet Service Providers. They would use this power to find people who had violated their distribution monopolies in sharing knowledge and culture among each other. This two-pronged approach would allow the copyright industry to act as a private police force: force ISPs to save logs of all correspondence, and get the legal right to demand it (a right even the Police didn’t have for crimes at that petty level). The copyright industry has never cared for human rights. Every single debate you go to, they talk about “balancing†fundamental rights against their right to profit. It is not just audacious, it is revolting. First, there is no right to profit for a commercial enterprise, and second, the reason we call the fundamental rights “fundamental†in the first place is that nothing gets to be “balanced†against them. These are rights on the same level as the right to life. Yes, they’re that fundamental. And the copyright industry cares that little. This week, about ten years late, Australia introduced Data Retention of the same model. Or at least that’s what most people think. The bill has been introduced, and yet it hasn’t, because nobody is allowed to read the details of what data is actually required to be retained in the bill yet. (Raise your hand if you’ve heard this kind of story before – an administration playing hide-and-seek with legislative details.) And just as unsurprisingly, the first thing that pops up as purpose for this violatory legislation is copyright monopoly enforcement. Violating fundamental human rights wholesale for entire countries at a time, with the idea of enforcing an entertainment distribution monopoly for a cartoon industry. It’s so disproportionate it wouldn’t even be funny in a cartoon; it’s so out of touch with reality that we’ve even left the Onionesque.
  10. Union argues that personal electronics can become dangerous during turbulence and distract people from listening to important safety instructions. A prominent United States flight attendants union recently argued in court for an effective reversal of thegovernment's new rules that allow people to use their electronics--including video game systems like the3DS and PlayStation Vita--during all phases of flight. The Associated Press and Wall Street Journal report that that the Association of Flight Attendants CWA wants the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to reverse its guidelines and has even sued the government agency. They argue that small electronics can become projectiles during turbulence, and that people pay less attention to important safety announcements when they are distracted by such devices. A lawyer for the US government said in court that cellphones and other, similar devices aren't any more dangerous than books or other reading materials that passengers have always been allowed to keep out during all stages of flight. The union's lawyer, Amanda Dure, said during court proceedings that the FAA, in enacting the new rules, violated the federal Administrative Procedure Act. This requires government agencies such as the FAA to give public notice about major policy changes; this did not happen as it should have in the case of the FAA's relaxed electronics rules, Dure said. The government disagrees, saying that in fact, it considered around 1,000 responses to the new rules, including one from the flight attendants' union. In October 2013, the FAA announced the new rules, which allowed for expanded passenger use of portable electronics during takeoffs and landings. Previously, you had to turn off a stow such devices. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  11. The latest stable version of the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent has reinstated an advanced feature that allows users to disable a prominently displayed banner ad. The shortcut in the options menu is still absent, but those who know where to look can enjoy an ad-free experience once again. With roughly 150 million monthly users uTorrent is by far the most used BitTorrent client around. This dazzling number is a dream for most advertising agencies, but not all uTorrent users appreciate an ad-filled application. When the makers of uTorrent made the client ad-supported two years ago there was a small user revolt. As a result, parent company BitTorrent Inc. chose to make the ads optional. However, earlier this month the company appeared to have changed this position. Without public notice the banner position in the lower left corner was made permanent. The bottom left ad(s) Previously, users had the option to turn the ad off through the options dropdown menu but this option was removed. The advanced setting that allowed users to disable the banner ad disappeared as well. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the uTorrent team now appears to have reconsidered its position. The latest stable release, which came out just before the weekend, reinstated the advanced setting. “Added back: Feature gui_plus_upsell in advanced settings,†the changelog reads. BitTorrent Inc. hasn’t commented publicly on the forced advertisement issue, but it seems plausible that the company reconsidered its earlier decision after users voiced their complaints. However, since the ad can only be disabled through the advanced settings, it’s expected that most users will never turn it off anyway. In addition to the toolbars and other software bundled with uTorrent, ads are an important source of revenue for BitTorrent Inc. Last year the company said that uTorrent is good for five billion ad impressions a month. Judging from these numbers the revenue potential is enormous, as long as you don’t alienate the users. Banner can be disabled now
  12. Welcome back to Defiance, Syfy's hodgepodge of Western film tropes, immigration and culture-clash tales, alien artifact mythologizing, and uneven episodes that will cause me to like the show one week and then pretty much hate it the next! Oh, and there's still a video game tie-in that I haven't played, and probably never will. Ah, well. In any case, "The Opposite of Hallelujah" started Season 2 on the right foot for me, and for Defiancein general. When Season 1 wrapped up, I was excited by the potential for an increased Earth Republic (E-Rep) presence in the town and on the show, and the premiere provided it right off the bat. It's been nine months since the events of the finale, and the E-Rep has established a considerable foothold in the frontier town, complete with a new interim mayor in one Niles Pottinger (James Murray). Basically, while Defiance was on hiatus, the E-Rep was nationalizing Rafe's mines, putting up flags, and reforming the Lawkeeper office—where Tommy still works—into more of a military police. They are, to use Amanda's words, an "occupying army" that appears to have taken steps to make Defiance a profitable and important piece of the E-Rep's map. Important enough, in fact, that Pottinger's boss, Viceroy Mercado (William Atherton, who I never ever recognize without a beard these days), warned that it would be "catastrophic" if the E-Rep lost control of Defiance—and Pottinger was happy to bring down a velvet hammer on dissent after he set up two angry young miners to be eaten by hellbugs during an "escape attempt." While I could do without the Nazi comparisons (though I've admittedly made them myself, due to how the E-Rep likes to dress some of its officers), I enjoy the character and narrative potential in Pottinger's particular brand of governance, which is all razzle-dazzle and plausible deniability. He's even a co-opter, wanting Amanda to leave her job running NeedWant (Kenya is still "missing") to serve as his chief of staff/advisor. (He's also a creeper, watching Amanda do drugs and sleep, by projecting her onto his wall.) It's good politicking to bring a recognized, generally respected face into your fold, as was the case with his decision to retain Rafe in order to keep the mines and miners in line instead of shipping him off to Camp Reverie with Datak and Yewll. An insurrection is likely brewing in Defiance, and it should make for a far more interesting battle than dealing with hellbugs, razor rain, and the Volge. Pottinger may be new and interesting, but in terms of established and interesting, Stahma continues to reign supreme. Stahma, and Jaime Murray's performance, were the highlights of Defiance's first season for me, and if this episode is any indication, the show has recognized this particular strength as well. With Datak wasting away at Camp Reverie, waiting for Stahma to swing by with business and legal updates (and handjobs), Alak has "assumed" control of his father's criminal enterprises. While he seems to be doing okay—they're up two percent!—he's not meeting Stahma's expectations. It shouldn't surprise you, then, that I loved Alak's hissy-fit of a confrontation with Stahma ("The man of the house is addressing you!") after his drug manufacturer made a very public display of paying back Alak's costs. It had everything I came to love about Murray's performance last season—namely perfectly timed swings from the subservient Castithan female ("It is not my place to give orders") to the force of will behind the Taar operations ("Once again, the strong Castithan male falters, and I am left to open the airlock door myself") to doting mother ("You will have money in your pocket...")—while also supplying a wonderful example of the cultural breakdowns the Votans have experienced since arriving on Earth. Stahma has steadily exploited fissures in the Castithan patriarchal caste system, operating as an independent agent to further the Taar's goals, and often in secret from Datak. With him in Camp Reverie—does anyone honestly believe that Stahma has filed any appeals with the Votanis Collective? I sure don't!—she doesn't have to bother with sexy bathing times to nudge Datak to do her bidding; she can just straight-up tell Alak how it's going to be. And with the steady crumbling of the Castithan mores, she might've been able to start openly control things sooner if Yewll hadn't invited Datak to tag along in her escape. These sorts of culture clashes—both between the various species and within them—are what I like most about Defiance, and I will always want more, as the show is well-suited to exploit them. Away from all the plots in Defiance, Nolan's been searching for Irisa—and he found her in the remains of Los Angeles, now called Angel Ark. Nolan wanted answers regarding his resurrection and his vision of Irisa interacting with the Kelavar (the Golden Pretzel) and Kaziri, and Irisa outright lied to Nolan about what'd happened: She claimed that the E-Rep had grabbed her, but she escaped and has been scrounging around in Angel Ark until she could make it back to Nolan. Couple that with Irisa's more violent than usual behavior—including imagining slicing Nolan's throat—and we're looking at quite a shift in the dynamic between the adopted father and daughter. I'm currently treating all this with a touch of kid gloves because, while I wasn't a fan of the Golden Pretzel stuff last season, Irisa and Irzu—one of the primary Irathient deities—are somehow joined now, and I want to avoid assigning any guilt by association because of a lousy story from last season. This arc now has the potential to offer more personal drama (as opposed to the cosmic, religious, and/or conspiracy mythologizing of last season), and that has me slightly more optimistic about its potential, as it could rattle the show's characters more than prophecies and religious cults did. And maybe I'm just more optimistic about Defiance in general, thanks to the seasonal break. That tends to happen with shows I have a lukewarm opinion toward; a hiatus kicks in, details grow a bit fuzzy, and my opinion engages in a soft reset. Of course, a show can quickly remind me of all its ups and downs—don't say I didn't warn you!—but at the moment, I'm looking forward to Defiance's second season with a mostly clean slate. CLASSIFIED E-REP FILES – In case you missed them (like I did), Syfy produced a handful of minisodes that fleshed out Nolan's time with a young Irisa through flashbacks during his search for her in the present day and explained how he ended up in New Chicago. The most interesting nugget to come out of them is that Nolan encouraged Irisa's interest in knives. Irisa saving Nolan in this episode functioned as a callback to a scene in the final minisode. (I hate the word minisode.) – I didn't recognize William Atherton without a beard. – "Want me to check you for lumps? Nope, you're good." Cute line, but decidedly icky scene, even if it was a nice illustration of Castithan patriarchy at work: They can't even be bothered to pleasure themselves. – The episode still featured a closing montage, but it wasn't set to an awful cover of a contemporary song. It was an original, in-universe song, one I'm assuming is called "Across the Storm Divide." It's a little filk-y, but I'll take it!
  13. It's a good Swedish Private Tracker. Worth give it a try. Link:
  14. Ahoi Shadows Just now we enabled the invite system again which has been closed for a little too long anyway. So don't be shy and use it if you're one of the lucky invite owners
  15. Dear All We are a little low this month on donations and its due tomorrow if any of you have a spare euro down the back of your sofa that you dont need please think kindly on us and donate. Thanks very much in advance