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  1. Like the title says, I'm looking for invitation or an account with email Let me know what you want for it Thanks
  2. As the title says, I'm looking for a Ethor invite or an account. Let me know what you're looking for and we'll try to make a deal
  3. This is an automated message to make sure this seller really got the stuff what he/she is trying to sell, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then topic will remain closed. Best regards, Invite Scene Staff!
  4. Hi, i need bitspyder buffered account only please have bithumen account and other good offers pm me
  5. I can create a FFFFOUND! account for anyone who wants to buy. Just send me an email here: with what username you want and the price you can offer. Get ffffound invitation 2017 from here: Buy account from here:
  6. Soft reminder to all have account here. If you not login 30 days continuously.. System will mark your account as inactive and disable your account. We will ignored any kind of email or message you sent to us. Remember! use your account, or lose it.
  7. Hi, i want to sell my Clash of Clans account. All details are in the next photos, if you need any questions feel free to give me PM. The price : 250$ via paypal
  8. have: Sceneaccess acc 2.5 Tb upload, class: scene legend torrentleech acc templatep2p acc sdbits acc want: Aged Facebook account.................PM me........if u hv an offer.
  9. As a title say i wait for your offers
  10. i have an old eoti account need sinderella big buffered atleast 1 tb account single user & must not have received any warning or hit& run or for that matter have not broke any of the tracker rules. dont need anything else..
  11. i have an old eoti account need sinderella big buffered atleast 1 tb account single user & must not have received any warning or hit& run or for that matter have not broke any of the tracker rules. dont need anything else..
  12. Have a account for Rare Movie site Surreal Moviez looking for an account for the currently closed BitHQ.
  13. [Have] account [Want] offers
  14. Prominent movie torrent release group ETRG had its Twitter account suspended today for an alleged copyright infringement. The incident is rather unique as ETRG hasn't tweeted any links to pirated material. The ExtraTorrent Release Group, or ETRG for short, is one of the best known sources for pirated movies. The group releases dozens of popular films on various torrent sites each week and has a steady following of movie fans looking for fresh content. Some of these followers track new releases through ETRG’s Twitter account. While the group doesn’t link to any copyrighted material, it does list the titles of new releases there. One would think that ETRG isn’t violating Twitter’s policies by merely pasting a title. However, a few days ago two tweets mentioning “The Signal†got them in trouble. The tweets were targeted with a DMCA takedown request which led to the immediate suspension of the group’s account. “Twitter suspended ETRG’s account with no logical or valid reason. In fact they didn’t even give the reason. All I got was a DMCA notification and next day the account was suspended,†ETRG tells TF. In its copyright and DMCA policy Twitter explains that it takes action against “tweets containing links to allegedly infringing materials,†but ETRG didn’t post any links, just text. And there are more strange things happening. The takedown notice was sent on behalf of “Wild Side†and also targeted tweets from @PRoDJi and @TorrentBird. These tweets were removed as well, but interestingly enough the associated accounts haven’t been suspended. ETRG is disappointed with Twitter’s actions and says the company is caving in to unreasonable demands from copyright holders. “It shows how these sites are influenced by the powerful movie industry to do anything they want,†the group says. A few years ago the group stopped posting links after it has its account suspended and at the time Twitter re-enabled it within a day. But even without links it couldn’t escape another suspension. Hoping to get its account reinstated ETRG filed a counter-notice, but several days have passed since and they have yet to hear back from Twitter. Meanwhile, the account remains suspended.
  15. want THC invite or account have iptorrent invite tl invite ncore (for )buffer account bithq buffer acc hdaccess invite
  16. have fuxor 380 gb buffer account+mail adress (power user) ptn fresh account +mail adress want bitmetv buffer account torrentleech buffer account ncore bithumen
  17. After several false takedown notices from the major record labels Mega has now terminated the cloud hosting account of its founder Kim Dotcom. The incident shows that Mega takes copyright infringement seriously, but that it's also vulnerable to abuse. New Zealand-based entrepeneur Kim Dotcom has dealt with numerous copyright infringement allegations in recent years. The United States launched a criminal case against Dotcom and wants him extradited, while the major movie and music companies filed their own suits against Megaupload’s former boss. This week he can add another allegation to this growing list, a rather unusual one too as it comes from cloud hosting service Mega, a company he founded. Dotcom has been using Mega to share his first music album “Good Times†with everyone who wants to give it a spin. While he holds all the rights, several prominent music labels kept informing Mega that the album was “infringing.†A few weeks ago we learned that the takedown requests were all inaccurate, and triggered by a prankster. However, that apparently didn’t stop them from coming in and as a result Dotcom has now had his Mega account terminated for repeatedly violating the terms of service. Those who try to grab a copy of the album via the official download link on see the following message: “The file you are trying to download is no longer available. The associated user account has been terminated due to multiple violations of our Terms of Service.†The account termination probably won’t last as it was triggered by false takedowns. However, it shows how easy it is to abuse the takedown process to shut down people’s accounts, at least temporarily. Previously Mega told TF that they take every takedown notice seriously, but that they also plan to set up a system where repeated false takedowns can be flagged to prevent this type of abuse in the future. “We are improving our systems to monitor the takedown process and will eventually be able to identify repeated incorrect notices,†a Mega spokesperson said. For now, we hope that Dotcom has his files backed up in a safe place. Update: Kim Dotcom told us that the following takedown notices were received for his album.The account has now been reinstated. Aug 18 – IFPI – allegedly “The Golden Echo†by “Kimbra†Sep 1 – IFPI – unspecified, could be any of “DAVID BISBAL, ARIANA GRANDE, EMINEM, ALEJANDRO SANZ, VA, U2, CESAR MENOTTI E FABIANO, CARTEL DE SANTA, CRAIG DAVID, GREEN DAY, DUNCAN DHU, PLAYA LIMBO, RICARDO ARJONA†Sep 15 – Begian Anti-piracy Federation – allegedly “X†by “Ed Sheeran†Oct 11 – MarkMonitor on behalf of the Entertainment Software Association – allegedly “ALIENS†Oct 12 – NBC Universal – allegedly “Anarchy†by “The Purge†Oct 22 – MarkMonitor on behalf of HBO – allegedly “Boardwalk Empire†Oct 23 – MarkMonitor on behalf of CBS – unspecified, could be any of “NCIS: NEW ORLEANS, NCIS, STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE, EXTANT (2014), PENNY DREADFUL, HAWAII FIVE-0 (2010)†
  18. 1 x AsianDVDClub Account Giveaway Rules: -Add REP and Thanks -Dont PM -Don't apply if you are not going to use the account . -You have to be an active member with at least 10 posts. -Donors Are always welcome. -Leave a feed back after you receive the invite. -Post which invite you want.
  19. Hi friends,I'm a new member here , want NextGen invite or account Have polish tracker,FTDB,bitmetv,fuxor,ipt,td,waffles,tt & more I'll go first only with trusted members with good reputation here . Send me message.
  20. Hi there! Acc registered 24.10.2014 Apply here. Regards!
  21. Hello! I have accout + mail! I interest "RevolutionTT" (RevTT) or "PassThePopcorn (PTP) invitation!
  22. i give CC buffred account for Revolutiontt invite pm me if interested
  23. have cheap usenet accounts omgwtfnzb
  24. Hello everyone i have tehconnection 4tb buffer account for trade with btn invite,if anyone interested plz pm and i will no go first until dealing with trusted person,i already scammed 2 3 times. IT REACHED 5TB BUFFER Proof.
  25. Like title says i have a NextGen account, make me nice offers I can also sell it! If you want to buy it PM me your offer.