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  1. Download the free method that's going to make you $280+ on autopilot. Don't forget to comment below. 280-per-day.pdf
  2. LitenDark


    BTracs ~ Register This is a site that checks for open sign ups. This is the site being used to find every tracker that is now on the front page of this section. Every tracker that has been listed today is open every day... Bittorrent TRackers Automatic Checking System - A.K.A BTRACS "BTRACS is an automatic information site which periodically checks closed community Bittorrent trackers for being open for signup. Some closed community Bit-torrent trackers' signups are closed and are "invite only" (meaning, if you have a user, you can invite your friend to join or a friend can invite you). The main page refreshes every 10 minutes and shows a list of Bittorrent private trackers open for signup. Bittorrent trackers that opened registration in the last 10 minutes are marked... Signup is open for these 62 Bittorrent trackers. Which are open most of the time." Website category Language Ranking* AdultCinema Adult english 110,282 AhaShare General english 9,081 All4Nothin [A4N] General english 109,475 Arab-Torrents [AT] General arabic 82,708 AsiaTorrents [AT] Video english 14,183 BestMMATorrents [bMT] Sport english 67,144 BitSeduce [bS] eLearning english 156,052 BizTorrents [bT] eLearning english 14,237 Brown General english 14,439,765 DeepSeek General bulgarian 1,538,785 Deviloid General english 64,107 [ET] General english 10,617,167 ExtremeShare [ES] General english 59,521 FreePeer [FP] General polish 1,966,104 Global-Sports Sport german 1,896,096 IceTorrent [iCE] General romanian 615,634 inPeril General latvian 161,317 LossLessLegs [LL] Music english 249,092 LostFilm TV russian 2,879 Mac-Torrents [MT] General english 46,835 MegaTorrent [MT] General polish 2,727,155 MixFiend Music english 512,357 MuayThaiTorrents [MTT] Sport english 7,427,484 OneBigTorrent [OBT] General english 58,203 PlanetDoc [PDc] Video french 7,906,723 ReleaseZone [RZ-RG] General english 1,687,533 [sA] General english 37,828 ScenePalace [sP] General english 1,478,719 SeedGames [sG] Games english 2,163,420 Shellife Music english 1,520,743 SPEED.CD [sC] General english 35,257 SportScene [sSC] Sport english 141,175 TangledUpInTorrents [TUiT] Music english 4,516,319 TapeDown [TD] Music english 1,885,414 TeamTPTB [TPTB] General english 1,409,139 TheCafe [TC] General english 1,378,698 TheEmpire [TE.BZ] TV english 94,380 TheFoundry General english 4,695,860 [TS] eLearning english 130,441 The-Torrents.Ro [TRO] General english 12,773,927 the-zomb Music english 433,261 TorrentBluray [TB] General spanish 11,595,658 TorrentBully [TB] General english 642,121 [TTR] General spanish 3,402,894 torrential General english 8,122,221 General polish 344,898 TorrentsMD [MD] General romanian 26,731 Torrent-Vision [TV] TV english 305,395 Torrentzilla [TZ] General english 101,462 TribalMixes Music english 134,579 TVChaos [TVC] TV english 2,773,320 Twilight [TW] General english 5,485,776 TwilightsDreams [TD] General english 7,472,716 TwilightTorrents [TW] General english 2,909,151 TwilightZoom Music english 3,430,592 XSpeeds [XS] General english 68,449 XtremeWrestlingTorrents [XWT] Sport english 35,309 xwt-classics [XWT-C] Sport english 453,899 YuBraca General croatian 844,320 ZonaTuga General portuguese 2,769,433 They also have a forum...
  3. Clash of Clans Free "Shield" Guide Introduction: First you're going to need to understand how the game works. When you're online, you are not able to be attacked. If you're always online, you're always protected. What we're going to do is run Clash of Clans on a PC, and then set up an auto clicker to keep it "active". You're not going to actually get a real shield in the game, but you'll get all of the benefits of one. First i'll teach you how to play CoC on your PC. What you'll need: PC/Laptop BlueStacks App Player AutoClicker Step 1: Download and install Bluestacks App Player Step 2: While Bluestacks is installing, go ahead and download the AutoClicker if you haven't already. I still use Garyshood from my old RS days, but feel free to use whichever autoclicker you like. Step 3: Run Bluestacks and Search for Clash of Clans. It will ask you to enable a few things by linking your Google account. Step 4: Install Clash of Clans on Bluestacks Step 5: Run Clash of Clans and Speed through Tutorial Step 6: Once you complete the tutorial, link your current device by going through settings. Connect your account with Google again, and you'll be linked to your current CoC account. So now that we have connected you with your CoC account on the PC, how do you get the shield? Simple. The shield is simply from being online. That's where the auto clicker comes in. The game works where you can be online for 5 mins before it boots you off due to inactivity. Solution to this? Click every once an a while. Step 7: Run the Auto Clicker Open "rsclient" or whichever auto clicker you choose. Select "Auto Clicker" and adjust the time to 5 seconds, 10 seconds, or whatever you choose. It can be any value as long as it's within five minutes. Step 8: Start the auto clicker and keep mouse hovered over your CoC base. Best to leave BlueStacks in fullscreen in case the mouse gets moved. When you're ready to play again, load the app on your phone/tablet and it will boot you out of BlueStacks Cons: You will be unable to use your computer as long as you want a shield. You can't actually play while doing this, but you're online anyway so it doesn't matter too much. Rarely accidentally clicks something that you don't want it to. Eight hour personal break limit in which you must restart the app before you can play again. Disclaimer: I have tested this myself, and it has worked for me. If you have any problems, please post and i'll see what I can do to help. If this doesn't end up working for you, then I apologize and sorry for wasting your time. Thank you for reading my tutorial everybody.