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Found 39 results

  1. IPTorrents | IPT | General | 2020 Review Tracker Name: IPTorrents (IPT) Tracker URL Tracker Genre: General Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Closed / Invite Only Seed Difficulty: Easy Bonus System: Available Tracker IRC: #iptorrents, #HELP, #ipt.announce Banned Countries: None Description • IPTorrents is the largest tracker specializing in general content. •It has approximately 978,900 torrents and over 1,500,000 users. • Maintaining ratio is easy due to the many freeleech torrents and many leecheers. • The minimum ratio you are allowed to have is 0.96. Below 0.3 will result in account disabling. •The staff is not too friendly Homepage Movies/TV Torrents Requests Upload IP TV TV Guide Forum Help Desk Bonus System Rules FAQ Donations Ratings Content: 9/10 Speed: 9/10 Pretimes: 9/10 Community: 6/10 Overall: 8.5/10
  2. Have and invites, if you're interested let me know what you can offer.
  3. I have above trackers i want kargarga or tehconnection or cinemageddon
  4. I have IPTorrents invites and looking for Offers, BroadcasThe.Net, FeedThe.Net, HD-Dream, iLoveTorrents or TVTorrents.
  5. Like the title says, have waffles, ipt, and tl, want
  6. [Have] ipt, tl scc accounts and ipt, tl invites. Joined date: 2009 (all accounts). Uploaded about 2TB
  8. change IPT invite/ buffered acc for invite/acc on Bitme or Biztorrents
  9. Deepest condolence to the people of Nepal and other affected areas. The whole world is beside you at this tough moment.
  10. Please PM me if interested in swopping Requests can be sent on request. Regards Zulu
  11. Dear members, On behalf of the IPT Staff, I have the great pleasure to announce the appointment of DinoRider I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate DinoRider on his new Elite Uploader role. I am sure everyone wants to join me to wish him the best. Congrats M8 and welcome to the Elite. Regards, ghost Systems Operator
  12. There's a new setting in named Torrents - Show files count When enabled a new Files Count column will be shown at
  13. If you live in the UK and are unable to load IPTorrents Change your DNS to Google DNS Or use
  14. If you live in the UK and are unable to load IPTorrents Change your DNS to Google DNS Or use
  15. Dear friends, The popular torrent client uTorrent has been under fire today under accusation of silently installing a BitCoin miner known as "Epic Scale" without user's consent. A BitCoin miner runs in the background of your computer and uses CPU and sometimes GPU processor power to solve a series of complicated math problems to generate electronic currency. The bundled software, Epic Scale, appears in the latest version of uTorrent - uTorrent 3.4.2 Build 38913. However, upon further inspection, Epic Scale does not "silently" install itself, but it is presented in such a way that the majority of users will opt-in to install it without noticing. ---------------------------------- PREVENTING INSTALLATION ---------------------------------- You can infact install the latest build of uTorrent without installing Epic Scale. If upgrading from and older version of uTorrent or installing a fresh version of uTorrent 3.4.2, you may be presented with a screen like this during installation: To prevent the installation of Epic Scale you must click "Decline Offer" (this will not end the setup). It is also recommended that you decline any other bundled software that comes with uTorrent. Please read each page carefully. Normally, uTorrent will show three offers of bundled software. It should also be noted that seemingly not all users get the option to install Epic Scale, but rather an option to install "Spigot's Search Protection". If you should get this prompt, Epic Scale will not be installed, however it's recommended that you also decline this offer. ---------------------------- REMOVING EPIC SCALE ---------------------------- If you're not sure if you've accidentally installed Epic Share, luckily you can check and remove it fairly simply. In Windows, it should show up under Add/Remove programs. You can also check to see if it's in your startup using MSConfig or CCleaner. The .exe is "EpicScale.exe" If you don't see it under Add/Remove Programs, then navigate to C:\ProgramData\ (You will have to enable Hidden Files & Folders under your explorer options to see the ProgramData folder) If Epic Scale was indeed installed, there would be an folder called "Epic Scale" in your Program Data. If you don't have one, then your system is clean. If you do, then you can simply uninstall Epic Scale and delete this folder to remove the miner. You can find more detailed removal instructions here if you need them: PLEASE NOTE: Using uTorrent 3.4.2 on IPT is currently not recommended and therefore not supported. Using this version may result in unexpected issues with regards to your account stats being tracked properly. Recommended: uTorrent 2.2.0 Build 23071
  16. I really need an invite for and have invites to IPT and TVT. Please PM if interested in trade.
  17. This is an automated message to make sure this seller really got the stuff what he/she is trying to sell, Please read it very carefully. PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then topic will remain closed. Best regards, Invite Scene Staff!
  18. proseeder

    ipt 4x

    proof of other accts and ratios. free just pm me
  19. Hi! I've got 2 IPT invites and i want Tehconnection or 3DT invite please!! Thanks!
  20. Giving away the following invites: 0x nCore ( Given to Crypto ) 0x BCG ( Gone :/ ) 7x BitSpyder 2x Waffles 0x TVStore ( Given to CosaNostra ) 3x Gormogon 1x TL 1x IPT Apply only if you are an active and useful member, have at least one awesome GA, some rep points and convince me, why I should choose you. Apply only if you have at least a few rep points. Do NOT post proofs and no PMs, I'll ask you to post proofs if I choose you. Don't forget to add REP and Thanks!
  21. I have invites for: - ScieneHD - Pretome - IPT - HDAccess I'm looking for: - PTP - BTN - HD-Spain - SceneHD - x264 - PixelHD - Awesome HD - SBBits - - WiHD - PlanetQ Make me proposals via PM... Vince
  22. Hello World ! It's my first post so I will Be happy to build a good reputation by trading good invites and accounts ! here we go : I have an IPT account + mail and want a good offer ! feel free to offer what ever you want and i will answer you ( PM )
  23. Hi. Looking for a PTP invite. Have AnimeBytes, Sceneaccess, IPTorrents, Waffles, JPopsuki and fux0r to offer.
  24. 1 x GFT & 1 x IPT Invite GiveAway Steps 1. Add Rep & Thanks. 2. No pm's. Leave a comment here. 3. Personal use only. NO traders/sellers!! 4. Users with more IS activity will be preferred. 5. Feedback after receiving invite please! As usual,standard rules sellers, collectors, or traders. Only those who really need the account should apply. Users with seedbox/hi-speed connection will be preferred. Provide ratio & seedbox/speedtest proofs only when I ask for them. Only apply if you've never been a part of the tracker before. If you'd been banned there before, then please don't apply here.