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Found 17 results

  1. I haven't had a t.v for the last 3 years and I'm enjoying that fact. But there is stuff I miss out on and finding it online can be a mission all in itself. Whats peoples favourite tracker for such things?
  2. Alright ladies & fellas , we are looking for the best Film Director of ''IS'' :cool: , Please feel free to share ur thoughts with us ! Who is ur favourite Director? Don't forget to use ur vote! I'm stuck between Steven Spielberg and Stanly Kubrick , but my vote goes tooooooooo '' Steven Spielberg '' Regards.
  3. From my point of view its ccleaner leave your one down below. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post Don't forget to press Thanks button
  4. Hello Invite Scene, Well, It's time to find out The Best Hollywood Movies of 2014. Tell us which movies you have watched and why you liked them? Finally, let see which movies win the Big Hit. So, let the game begins! If you think of some other movies that is not in the list you can post it here, A little bit spamming is allowed!
  5. What is the best e-learning tracker? I use elbitz and learnflakes.
  6. A few days ago it was revealed that Google is forwarding controversial settlement demands from copyright holders to its subscribers. Responding to the news, Google says the notices are forwarded in an effort to be as transparent as possible. However, the company adds that targeting individual downloaders isn't the best way to solve piracy. In recent years it has become more common for copyright holders to include settlement offers in the takedown notices that are sent to Internet providers. While most large ISPs prefer not to forward these demands, Google Fiber decided it would. A few days ago we highlighted the issue in an article. Before publication we reached out to Google for a comment, but initially the company didn’t reply. Now, a week after our first inquiry Google has sent a response. Google explains that it’s forwarding the entire takedown notice including the settlement offers in an effort to be as transparent as it can be. “When Google Fiber receives a copyright complaint about an account, we pass along all of the information we receive to the account holder so that they’re aware of it and can determine the response that’s best for their situation,†a Google spokesperson tells TF. This suggests that the transparency is seen by Google as more important than protecting customers against threatening and sometimes inaccurate notices. Overall, however, Google notes that targeting pirates directly is not the best solution to deal with the issue. “Although we think there are better solutions to fighting piracy than targeting individual downloaders, we want to be transparent with our customers,†Google’s spokesperson adds. Google doesn’t say what these better options are, but previously the company noted that piracy is mainly a pricing and availability problem. While transparency is often a good thing, in this case it doesn’t necessarily help Google Fiber customers. After receiving the notice they can either pay up or ignore it. If they choose the latter generally nothing happens, but recent history shows that there’s a legal risk involved. Last week the news broke that Rotten Records, one of the companies which sends settlement requests to ISPs, sued Comcast subscribers for ignoring these infringement notices. With the possibility of false accusations, it would probably be in the customers’ best interest if ISPs ignored the notices entirely, which some do.
  7. Here is the list of 10 must play games of 2015 with best graphics. 10- No Man’s Sky No Man’s Sky is an upcoming science fiction video game created and distributed by Hello Games. It will emphasize a procedural created, hugely multiplayer open world. Affirmed at VGX 2013 nearby a trailer, the game is seen to peculiarity planetary investigation, profound seas, space-based fights, and potential predators on the different procedural-created planets. Every world has its own particular environment with conceivably unforgiving conditions, for example, desert planets with substantial flesh eating worms. 9- Zelda WiiU The Legend of Zelda at long last makes it to the Wiiu in an unique principle establishment portion and in HD shockingly. Guaranteeing a huge and totally open world, Zedla Wiiu is situated to revolutionist the arrangement’s equation 8- Xenoblade Chronicles X Japanese role-playing video game by engineer Monolith Soft and distributed by Nintendo for the Wii U. The game is a piece of the Xeno arrangement of video games, particularly a profound successor to Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii. It is booked for discharge in 2015 in Japan, North America, Europe and Australia. 7- Rise of The Tomb Raider Square Enix affirmed back in August 2013 that a continuation of its 2013 Tomb Raider reboot is in progress. Ascent of the Tomb Raider was disclosed in Microsoft’s 2014 E3 presentation. Likewise, tombs are affirmed for the game – which is by and by being created by Crystal Dynamics. Rhianna Pratchett, the lead author of a year ago’s Tomb Raider, is additionally ready for lead essayist – which ought to be energizing for fans 6- Quantum Break Quantum Break is a progressive game experience elite on Xbox One that obscures the line in the middle of games and TV. Quantum Break is produced by Remedy Entertainment, the creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake. 5- Deep Down Where it counts – a working title – is another IP from Capcom selective for the PS4. It’s a dream themed Adventure game that is ready to dispatch in the fall of 2013 nearby the Ps4. Nothing more is known yet; with more prone to be published at E3 2013. 4- Batman: Arkham Knight We’ve known for quite a while that Rocksteady has been beavering ceaselessly on another Batman title since the business and basic accomplishment of Arkham City. In the wake of giving control over to Warner Bros Montreal for Arkham Origins, they are presently back in the driving seat for Batman: Arkham Knight and taking Batman to the cutting edge. 3- Bloodborne Venture Beast is a supposed upcoming cutting edge title from Dark Souls designers From Software and Sony Japan Studios for PlayStation 4. At present, no more is thought about the title, despite the fact that there is hypothesis that the game will be an otherworldly successor to the Souls games. 2- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an upcoming activity pretending video game as of now being created by CD Projekt RED and authoritatively affirmed on February 5, 2013. The game will be the third in an arrangement, went before by The Witcher and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The Witcher 3 will emphasize the new Redengine 3 game motor, created by CD Projekt RED and composed particularly for nonlinear Rpgs set in limitless open world situations. 1- Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End A few years after his last undertaking, resigned fortune seeker, Nathan Drake, is constrained go into the universe of cheats. With the stakes significantly more individual, Drake leaves on a globe-jogging trip in quest for a recorded intrigue behind a mythical privateer treasure. His most noteworthy experience will test his physical limits, his intention, and eventually what he’s ready to give up to spare the ones he adores.
  8. Tracker Name: Best mma torrents Genre: sport Sign-up Link: http://www.bestmmato...nt-register.php Closing Date: N/A
  9. Tracker's Name: best-core Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing date: N/A
  10. The Xbox One got off to a rocky start. I’m sure Microsoft still isn’t satisfied with where the Xbox One is, but things are getting better. The combination of some really great exclusives and timely price cuts and bundles have improved the landscape dramatically. And so as 2014 winds down to a close, here are the best Xbox One console exclusives of 2014. And yea, we know some are on PC too. But the only console they are on is Xbox One… so… yea. Sunset Overdrive Sunset Overdrive is over-the-top, humorous, vibrant, self-aware, full of action -- and it all totally works. It has all of the elements of a blockbuster title. It’s a kickass time, even when you play it alone, and it’s a great reminder that we don’t always have to take video games so seriously. A great Xbox One exclusive, we scored Sunset Overdrive a 9. Halo: The Master Chief Collection With more than 10 years worth of Halo content offered on one disc, The Master Chief Collection is one of the most robust curations we’ve ever seen. It offers you everything you could possibly want from Halo, and it does it on your terms. The visuals are a huge improvement, and the control and freedom you have to experience Master Chief’s adventures is one of the most appealing things about it. Volgarr the Viking Volgarr the Viking is a return to retro. Not just in visuals, but in its extremely difficult side-scrolling action platformer gameplay. It’s really, really hard. But it gives you a sense of purpose that helps you realize how good the game really is. Combat is simple but tough, so Volgarr the Viking is great if you’re looking for a challenge you used to get back in the day. Project Spark Project Spark is more of a video game editor than a game. There’s a robust set of creation tools that the game shows you how to use to bring your creations to life. Project Spark is great if you’re willing to put in time and patience and have a creative mind. It’s also going to be as good as its community. Forza Horizon 2 Earning a 9 in our review, Forza Horizon 2 stood out this holiday season among the slew of racing games that released. It’s gorgeous, huge, exciting, and most of all, it’s just downright fun. Rain and weather effects put an exclamation point on the already breathtaking visuals. Titanfall Titanfall received an 8 in our review. What it lacks in depth and variety, it makes up for in map design, maneuverability, action and balance. The overwhelming amount of hype probably hurt the game in the long run, but there’s no denying that it’s a great first entry into a franchise with a bright future, and it remains one of the premier multiplayer shooters you can buy.
  11. "I really believe it's year two when you tend to see those titles come through that start to define the whole generation." "I really believe it's year two when you tend to see those titles come through that start to define the whole generation." Though the PlayStation 4 has gotten off to a hot start, the console's best days are still to come, according to Sony UK executive Fergal Gara. In a new interview, Gara said the PS4 software lineup has been great so far, but explained that generation-defining games are still to come. "I really believe it's year two when you tend to see those titles come through that start to define the whole generation," he told IGN. "The best is yet to come on PS4. We've seen a brilliant start with the mega-franchises, like the FIFAs, Call of Duties, and the Assassin's Creeds, but we've also seen some strong new IPs launch--the likes of Destiny and Watch Dogs. But I think that the ones that are truly to define the generation are probably still to come, to be honest." Gara went on to say that history bears this out. He said the Original PlayStation didn't get its first "truly memorable" game until 1996, which was two years after the console's initial debut in Japan. "It shows that it does take some time for a platform to mature and for developers to make the best of it," he said. "In fact, you look at PS3, two of the highest-rated games of the entire cycle came in the last year with The Last of Us and GTA V. So it's a great sign of how things can progress over several years." Sony has a number of big-name games already lined up for PS4 in 2015, including Bloodborne, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, The Order: 1886, and No Man's Sky, among others. As we look to the future, what are you looking for from PS4? Let us know in the comments below!
  12. [Have] nolinks acc+Email Want Sindrella Exigo Music MagicTorrents TheVault BitMe TheOccult Or your best offer
  13. The signs on the stadium floor were (almost) better than the stadium show itself. Here are the 10 funniest. A One Direction stadium concert is unlike any current experience in pop music because of the fandom involved -- weeping teen girls, inexorable screams and dozens upon dozens of fan signs. From the standard "Sing to me, it's my birthday!" sign to the old "Take ur pants off" chestnut, the fan signs are the perfect, glitter-heavy way for young fans to channel their passion, and are just as important to the 1D live show as 1D themselves. On Tuesday night (Aug. 5), One Direction performed its second straight New York-area show at MetLife Stadium outside in East Rutherford, N.J., as part of its current Where We Are international tour. Here are the 10 fan signs we spotted from the stadium floor that went above and beyond as paeans to Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis: 10. "I'd Pay U To Punch Me" A problematic sign, to be sure -- don't pay anyone to punch you, much less pop stars, little girl! But it sneaks into the Top 10 based solely on shock factor. 9. "I've Gone BANANAS For Harry!" A perplexing sign, until you remember that Harry Styles love bananas. He ate one onstage toward the end of Tuesday night's show. That's fan knowledge at its finest. 8. "Hi We're Single" Simple, direct, friendly. 7. "Turn Down For WWAT" The "WWAT" stands for "Where We Are Tour"… although why is anyone turning DOWN for the Where We Are tour? Someone needed a proofreader! 6. "PROM?" A few signs asked the 1D lads to become prom dates, but this sign -- one word, all-caps -- was the least subtle and most effective. 5. "Suck My Ass" Wow! A bold, bizarre statement. Points for originality. 4. "Niall You're IRISHistible!" One Direction's Niall Horan hails from Mullinger, Ireland. This sign was printed on top of an Irish flag. Smart, silly, well-researched… a classic sign. 3. "Bring Us Backstage (Plz, We're 20!)" In case the guys were considering not bringing these girls backstage, the clarification that they are 20 years old and the "plz" probably (slightly) increased their chances. 2. "Harry!!! Stop Cheating on Me!!!" Liam Payne actually picked up this sign from the crowd during the group's encore and snapped a photo of it. Huge cred-booster. 1. "We <3 You More Than Wi-Fi" Classic millennial fan sign. The kids love their wireless Internet, but they can't LIVE without their One Direction.
  14. Below Dev: Microsoft Collaboration Is the 'Best-Case Scenario' Nathan Vella, co-founder and president of Cabybara Games, believes that collaborating with Microsoft on Below is not only good for the game, but also his studio. Speaking with Edge Magazine, Vella talked about the company's relationship with Microsoft, specifically regarding the upcoming rogue-like Below. “Microsoft catches a lot of sh** — some of it deserved, some not — but they understand our goals,†Vella said. “They understand the goals of the game and of the company, instead of trying to shove us in a direction that would benefit them a little more and us a little less. [This is] the best-case scenario for both the project and the studio." According to Vella, Microsoft is even letting Capy self-publish Below on Xbox One via ID@Xbox — it was originally planned to be published by Microsoft Game Studios — which led to the indie studio bringing the rogue-like game to other platforms, like Steam. Below does not have a final release date at this time, though, for either platform. IGN was floored by Below at PAX East earlier this year, noting the game's sense of mystery and exploration. While Microsoft and Capy haven't confirmed Below appearing at E3 this year, it's likely we'll see the game appear again in June at the annual video game event.
  15. Five Best BitTorrent Applications Expand Click to viewThe days of peer-to-peer file sharing tools ushered into popularity by the original Napster are over and done, and today, BitTorrent reigns supreme. It took some time for BitTorrent to gain mainstream popularity, but now that it has, there are a surplus of BitTorrent clients available vying for your downloads. On Tuesday we asked you to share your favorite BitTorrent applications, and now we're back with the five most popular choices. Keep reading for a breakdown of the top five and to pick the BitTorrent client you count on. Photo by djxspike. Before We Get Started By now BitTorrent is a common and popular file-sharing protocol, so chances are you all know how it works. If you don't, check out our beginner's guide to BitTorrent. If that's too elementary for you, our intermediate guide might be more your speed. uTorrent (Windows) Expand uTorrent's first public release came three years ago today, having been developed with one goal in mind: To create a lightweight, efficient BitTorrent client. Once a popular independently developed app, uTorrent is now owned and operated by BitTorrent the company (not to be confused with the protocol). Despite a continued emphasis on keeping the application small, fast, and light, uTorrent is now loaded with features, including a personal favorite, built-in remote control. Deluge (All Platforms) Expand Deluge is a lightweight, cross-platform BitTorrent client. The look and feel of Deluge is very reminiscent of uTorrent, and as much as uTorrent has dragged their heels on porting to any platform other than Windows, Deluge is poised to really take hold as a uTorrent-for-the-rest-of-us. The app is a little over a year old, and in that time it's already built an impressive, feature-rich client. Another feather in Deluge's cap is that it supports a plug-in architecture, and though all plug-ins are currently included in the app, the extensibility it offers could mean a lot to Deluge as it continues to grow. Transmission (Mac OS X/*nix) Expand Transmission is a free, open-source BitTorrent client with big download bars and an increasingly impressive feature set. Like uTorrent and Deluge, Transmission aims to remain as light on system resources as possible while still offering every feature most users could want or need. The application boasts similar features to most of the rest, like download scheduling and remote control, but also has nice integration with OS X, including Dock and Growl notifications and built-in Quick Look. rTorrent (*nix) Expand rTorrent is a text-based BitTorrent client that runs on Linux and Unix-like systems. In contrast to the other options, rTorrent is about as spartan as you can get on features and interface. Most fans of rTorrent love that they can easily control rTorrent remotely over SSH, but a very nice web interface called wTorrent is available if you like the idea behind rTorrent but can't see yourself managing all your downloads through the command line. Vuze (All Platforms) Expand Vuze (or the BitTorrent client formerly known as Azureus) is a free, cross-platform application written in Java. Often criticized for its memory footprint (70MB at startup for me—or about 10 times that of uTorrent), Vuze has recently re-branded; in addition to the torrent downloading, it's now a content distribution tool for original video. One of the biggest talking points for Vuze addicts is its distributed trackerless network, which allows users to find and download content from peers even when they can't find anything on a web tracker. Now that you've seen the best, it's time to vote for the BitTorrent client that gets the job done for you. If you've picked your favorite BitTorrent client and you know our beginner and intermediate guides inside and out, check out our top 10 BitTorrent tools and tricks for more cool ways to get the most from BitTorrent.
  16. Action & Adventure Winner The Last Of Us Artistic Achievement Winner Tearaway Audio Achievement Winner The Last Of Us Best Game Winner The Last Of Us British Game Winner Grand Theft Auto V Debut Game Winner Gone Home Family Game Winner Tearaway Game Design Winner Grand Theft Auto V Game Innovation Winner Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Mobile & Handheld Winner Tearaway Multiplayer Game Winner Grand Theft Auto V Music Winner BioShock Infinite Performer Winner Ashley Johnson (Ellie) The Last of Us Sport Winner Fifa 14 Story Winner The Last of Us Strategy & Simulation Winner Papers,Please