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Found 143 results

  1. Tracker Name: PixelHD Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: HD Tracker Type: Ratioless Tracker Access: Closed / Invite Only / Application Tracker Birthday: December 25, 2010 Tracker Bonus: Yes Tracker IRC: / #pixelhd-help Tracker Description: PixelHD is the best French Ratioless tracker, is a small community but the tracker has only their Internal Releases (PxHD, PxEHD, Px3D). ATM have more than 4k torrents and a very active forum! Home / News Categories Browse Torrents Browse Stacks Requests Forums Rules Wiki / FAQ Bonus System Casino User Classes Top 10 Torrents Donate
  2. Hello Invite Scene, Well, It's time to find out The Best Hollywood Movies of 2014. Tell us which movies you have watched and why you liked them? Finally, let see which movies win the Big Hit. So, let the game begins! If you think of some other movies that is not in the list you can post it here, A little bit spamming is allowed!
  3. Both Shakira and Pitbull have made winning world cup anthems, but whose song is better, is Shakira’s “La,La,La (Brasil 2014)†or Pitbull’s “We Are One†the superior song?
  4. Tracker Name : Pro Audio Torrents (PAT) Tracker URL : Signup LINK / Application : Invite Only Tracker Type : Music Application/VST's/Samples/Plugins and many many more IRC Details : 6666, 6667, 6668, 6669, and for SSL, 6697, 7000 IPv4 and IPv6. Tracker Birthday : 2005/03/01 Tracker Speed : 10/10 Tracker Pretimes : 10/10 Tracker Content : 10/10 Tracker State : Tracker Categories : Daily Uploads List: Request list: Forum: Logs: Donations: Rules: FAQ: Music Engineering
  5. Tracker Name: HDBits or (HDB) Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: HD Tracker Access: Invite Only Tracker Type: Starting on 20th March 2006,began the epic journey of one of the most important and cherished HD tracker "". Soon after its start it picked up a position of great respect among the bit-torrent community. It is a tracker which specializes in high-definition contents. Among the contents are scene HD release,user encodes. After reaching its maximum user limit it went invite only, which too soon closed. Last time HDBits opened their invite system was on 16th December 2009, after that it completely shut down its invite system ( except for staffs and VIP's who can invite ) Tracker Logo: Tracker News, Poll and Stats: Browse: Film: TV: TV Recommendations: Offered: Upload: IRC: Top 10: Wishlist: Log: Subtitles: Rules: Links: RSS: Bonus: HDWiki: FAQ: Upload Guide: Files: My Ratings: Being one of the greatest HD tracker in the bittorrent world, HDBits holds a lot of contents and surprises for its users. It has by far the largest number of internal encoders, release qualities are awesome and pretimes for scene releases are also very good. Let us come to the contents of this tracker. Well, with 90+ internal encoders, what do you expect? This tracker has the most number of internal releases which are superb in quality. They sure do know, how to encode. The HDTV caps are also perfect. They have got a request page as well as offered page in the forum. Requests are filled real quick. So if you are a HD maniac. You need! Now about speeds, you will find the torrents there very well seeded so far speed is awesome. No complain about that. Well all that remains is the community. They have quite a large userbase with over 19,000 users. The forum is real busy with lots of daily posts, so is the irc. Whats most amazing about the forum is their tutorials on HD encoding and HDTV capping. Overall, at this moment is one of the most respected High definition bittorrent tracker and is the dream of many HD lovers! Rating: Overall - 9/10 Torrents - 10/10 Speed - 10/10 Community - 9/10
  6. Tracker Name : P2PElite Tracker Genre : Ebooks / Audio-books Tracker Type : Ratio Based Bonus System : Yes Maintaining Ratio : Easy Tracker Signup Link : Open Tracker URL : Tracker IRC : @ #p2pelite IRC Bonus : N/A Tracker Description : P2PElite is a Private Torrent Tracker for EBOOKS / AUDIOBOOKS.The whole thing looks well organized. The reason for this I think is partly because the site splits into specialist sites,which you have to apply to from the home site such as Twilight Torrents, Twilights Zoom and Twilights PrOn.Currently, it tracks more than 11,000 books and the special thing is that there are NO VIP (donor) only i think books should be available to everyone not just those with $$ !!!! Tracker Screen Shots: Logo: Home: Categories: Browse Torrents: Freeleech: Upload: Forums: FAQ: Links: Help-desk: Rules: Casino: Test Port: Donation: My Ratings: 9/10 Content 8/10 Speed 8/10 Community 8/10 Overall experience Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post Don't forget to press the Thanks button
  7. Tracker Name : Twilights Tracker Genre : General Tracker Type : Ratio Based Bonus System : Yes Maintaining Ratio : Easy Tracker Signup Link : Open Tracker URL : Tracker IRC : #twilightspublic IRC Bonus : N/A Tracker Description : It is a scene tracker. It now has 600,000+ torrents also has cleaned up the graphics popups, the whole thing looks well organized. The reason for this I think is partly because the site splits into specialist sites,which you have to apply to from the home site. I joined their game site, Torrential, and found it easier to build a ratio there. They also have a bonus system. They've given me 200 points and I think I've download less than five torrents in a month. The points would jump from 1.4 to almost 4. They're extremely friendly. I've spoken with one of the mods there, and he told me that, i quote " on this tracker there are scene releases, and 0day as well, but mostly scene" and that " we work hard on getting the most up to date stuff our tracker is about 2 years old " . but frankly haven't heard of it... i guess they are still at the beginning.Twilights also has built in IMDB search function and a TV guide and trailers section And much much more, this site is big with tons of content. Tracker Screen Shots : Home: Stats: Categories: Browse Torrents: Forums: Contact Staff: Freeleech: Freeleech system is a bit different. They do have normal freeleech torrents some for set amount of time and some infinite, Also freeleech slots you can use on any torrent you like and also 2x freeleech slots you can use at your desecration. Games: Rules: FAQ: Test Ports: Donation: My Ratings: 7/10 Content 7/10 Speed 7/10 Community 8/10 Overall experience Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post Don't forget to press the Thanks button
  8. Tracker Name : Redemption Tracker Genre : General Tracker Type : Ratio Based Bonus System : Yes Ratio : No Ratio System Tracker Signup Link : Closed/Invite Only Tracker URL : Tracker IRC : No IRC Channel IRC Bonus : No Bonus Tracker Description Redemption is relatively new serving General related with a more than 5300 torrents and approximately 4632 seeders.The torrents are very well seeded.It's common to have hundreds of seed for popular download. Speed and release times can vary widely but generally is fast, especially with popular content.It has a very enthusiastic and interesting community, and the staff run the tracker very well and respect their members. New members start with 10GB upload and with 250 bonus points but when you make the introduction, you are rewarded with 500 bonus points. Its very easy to get bonus points as they offer bonus points on every thing such as: Using shoutbox 5 bonus points Using Forum 10 bonus points Seeding 40 bonus points in one hour Making comments on torrents 5 bonus points Tracker Screen Shots Logo: Home: Themes: Lottery and birthday: Shoutbox: Torrent categories: Browse Torrents: Freeleech: I haven't seen any freeleech content on the website but they do make the whole website freeleech where you can download anything that you want and it won't be added to your download history so if you will upload it, its bonus for you or you can buy the freeleech slots, which will allow you to download stuff from the website based on your slots. Forums: Rules: Bonus system: User class Promotion: Donations: Donation are accepted on this website and they do give you a lot of bonus system and upload credit My Ratings: 7/10 Content 10/10 Speed 6/10 Community 8/10 Overall experience Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  9. Tracker Name ----> Scene aCCess Tracker URL ----> Maintaining Ratio ----> Normal Tracker Signup ----> Invite Only Intro SCC is The Best Tracker For 0DAY/Scene Pretimes In My Opinion. You Can Find 0DAY/Scene Releases There.. Logo Home Browse Forum Chart of TOp TV ,Movies ,Album. irc TV guide WIKI Donate Staff Personal Ratings Pretime ----> 9/10 Content ----> 9/10 Speed ----> 10/10 Overall ----> 9/10
  10. Mac-Torrents August 2014 Review Tracker Name : Mac-Torrents Tracker Genre : Apps (MAC) Tracker Link : Tracker Signup : Closed/Invite Only Tracker Description : Mac-Torrents is private torrent tracker specialized in MAC apps,games,iPOD,iPHONE,iPAD,music and ebooks. Screenshots : Home : Category : Browse Torrents : Top 10 Torrents : Requests : Collages : Forums : Rules : Donate : Stats : Rating : Overall : 9/10 Torrents : 9/10 Speed : 9/10 Community : 9/10
  11. BiBliotik Review September 2014 " Bibliotik is a tracker for ebooks, comics, audiobooks, magazines and scholarly articles and journals - think library. As you'll soon notice, we stand apart from other torrent sites in this way: We're an online Library " BiBliotik Staff Tracker name : BiBliotik Tracker genre : E-Learning Tracker type : Ratio based Tracker url : Tracker registration : Invite only Maintaining ratio : Very Hard Bonus system : No Home page Tracker stats Browse & Caetgories Request Section Tracker Rules Tracker Ratio User classes & Promotion BiB Forum
  12. Tracker Name: HD-Spain or (HDS) Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: HD Tracker Access: Invite Only Tracker Type: HD-Spain is a Spanish tracker which is specialized in high-definition contents. HD-Spain has been around for 6 years now, and it is one of the Biggest and Greatest Spanish trackers out there. HD-Spain is very easy to keep a good ratio (more than 0.5) which shouldn't be too hard to survive on the tracker. The platform is quite smooth, and the tracker is always online (in 3 years, i have been around and i have never seen them offline). Most of the torrents are well seeded and their forum is very active. The Staffers are friendly and helpful. HD-Spain barely open their invite system and if you are super lucky you can have this dream tracker. Tracker Logo: Tracker News, Poll and Stats: Categories: Browse: Upload: Forums: Rules: FAQ: Members: Invitations: Donations: Contact: My Ratings: Speed: 10/10 (I have almost always achieved my maximum bandwidth speed). Contents: 9/10 It has a Huge collection HD rips and a lot of full Blu-ray titles. Every rip has their original language and the Spanish one. Retention of content: 9/10 It is enough to say you can download most of the torrents they uploaded 5-6 years ago. Almost perfect. Community: 9/10 The forum is very active, they help you whenever they can. They don't have RSS, so people tend to go to the forums often. They write in Spanish and don't have an English forum. Difficulty to get an invite: 9/10 If you ever get one keep in mind this is a high level tracker and better follow the rules. Encoding group: GrupoHDS (great quality and lots of upload activity). Recommended for: Since practically every torrent has more than a language (Spanish, Italian, English, French and so on) it is recommended for everyone and specially for Europeans. Conclusion: This is probably the best HD Movie Tracker of Spain and if you enter you won't miss any other Spanish HD tracker, that's for sure!
  13. Tracker Name: HDCity or (HDC) Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: HD Tracker Access: Invite Only Tracker Type: HDCity is a Spanish tracker which is specialized in high-definition contents. They have an internal encoder group fully expert in their job named HDTeam. HDTeam is not really in a rush uploading new stuff, they only care about quality release. For me the quality is much better than HD-Spain (One of the well known Spanish tracker). They use to accept only Spanish IPs to access the website however the good thing is that few months back they removed the limitations. HDCity barely open their invite system and if you are super lucky you can have this dream tracker. Tracker Logo: Tracker News, Poll and Stats: Browse: Requests: Bonus Points: Forums: Rules: Statistics: My Ratings: So far, I am very happy to have this wonderful Spanish tracker, and once again for me it's the best Spanish tracker around. Speed is totally great and maintaining ratio is quite easy. HDCity is totally exclusive tracker with exclusive Spanish content. Overall - 9/10 Torrents - 10/10 Speed - 10/10 Community - 9/10
  14. Tracker name: BitHUmen Tracker url: Tracker type: General, 0-day Seed difficulty: Easy Sign-up: closed (invite only) Tracker speed: 10/10 Tracker content: 9/10 BH is a one of the best Hungarian tracker Stats Categories Torrents Forum Bonus (marketplace) Donate
  15. Tracker name : | bG Tracker genre : Games Tracker URL : Tracker type : Ratio based Seed bonus : yes Sign-up status : close / invite only INTRO Bitgamer is great private tracker for all the games. You can join this tracker with an invite or an Application sign-up Tracker Logo Search Browse Torrents Forums Profile IRC chat Upload Staff Rules Feeds Offers Bitbucket Seedpoints Speed : 7/10 Content : 6/10 Community : 6/10 Pre-Times : 7/10 Ratio Maintaining : Easy Overall : 6/10
  16. Tracker Name: (nC) Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: General Tracker Access: Invite Only Tracker Type: one of the Biggest Hungarian tracker! Tracker home Browse Directory Forums Wiki Premium Stat.
  17. Copyright holders asked Google to remove more than 345,000,000 allegedly infringing links from its search engine in 2014. The staggering number is an increase of 75% compared to the year before. While Google has taken some steps to downrank pirate sites, the rate at which takedown notices are sent continues to rise. In the hope of steering prospective customers away from pirate sites, copyright holders are overloading Google with DMCA takedown notices. These requests have increased dramatically over the years. In 2008, the search engine received only a few dozen takedown notices during the entire year, but today it processes more than a million reported “pirate†links per day. Google doesn’t report yearly figures, but at TF we processed all the weekly reports and found that the number of URLs submitted by copyright holders last year surpassed the 345 million mark – 345,169,134 to be exact. The majority of these requests are honored with the associated links being removed from Google’s search results. However, Google sometimes takes “no action†if they are seemed not to be infringing or if they have been taken down previously. Most takedown requests were sent for the domains, and, with more than five million targeted URLs each. The UK Music industry group BPI is the top copyright holder of 2014, good for more than 60 million reported links. Despite the frequent use of the takedown process many copyright holders have stressed that the search giant should take responsibility and do more to tackle the piracy problem. Facing this harsh criticism from copyright holders, Google has gradually changed its attitudes towards sites and services that are often associated with piracy. October last year the company implemented the most significant change to its search algorithm to date, aimed at downranking sites that often link to copyright-infringing material. This significantly reduced the visibility of pirate links in search results and had a major impact on the traffic levels of some sites. However, Google also reminded copyright holders that they too can do more to prevent piracy. Without legal options it’s hard to beat unauthorized copying, is the argument Google often repeats. “Piracy often arises when consumer demand goes unmet by legitimate supply. As services ranging from Netflix to Spotify to iTunes have demonstrated, the best way to combat piracy is with better and more convenient legitimate services,†the company noted earlier. “The right combination of price, convenience, and inventory will do far more to reduce piracy than enforcement can.†In recent weeks tensions between rightsholders and Google reached a new high. After the MPAA issued a ‘snarky’ press release responding to Google’s downranking efforts, the company ended its anti-piracy cooperation with the Hollywood group. Not much later, Google sued Mississippi State Attorney General Jim Hood who secretly collaborated with the MPAA to get certain pirate sites delisted.
  18. The Xbox One got off to a rocky start. I’m sure Microsoft still isn’t satisfied with where the Xbox One is, but things are getting better. The combination of some really great exclusives and timely price cuts and bundles have improved the landscape dramatically. And so as 2014 winds down to a close, here are the best Xbox One console exclusives of 2014. And yea, we know some are on PC too. But the only console they are on is Xbox One… so… yea. Sunset Overdrive Sunset Overdrive is over-the-top, humorous, vibrant, self-aware, full of action -- and it all totally works. It has all of the elements of a blockbuster title. It’s a kickass time, even when you play it alone, and it’s a great reminder that we don’t always have to take video games so seriously. A great Xbox One exclusive, we scored Sunset Overdrive a 9. Halo: The Master Chief Collection With more than 10 years worth of Halo content offered on one disc, The Master Chief Collection is one of the most robust curations we’ve ever seen. It offers you everything you could possibly want from Halo, and it does it on your terms. The visuals are a huge improvement, and the control and freedom you have to experience Master Chief’s adventures is one of the most appealing things about it. Volgarr the Viking Volgarr the Viking is a return to retro. Not just in visuals, but in its extremely difficult side-scrolling action platformer gameplay. It’s really, really hard. But it gives you a sense of purpose that helps you realize how good the game really is. Combat is simple but tough, so Volgarr the Viking is great if you’re looking for a challenge you used to get back in the day. Project Spark Project Spark is more of a video game editor than a game. There’s a robust set of creation tools that the game shows you how to use to bring your creations to life. Project Spark is great if you’re willing to put in time and patience and have a creative mind. It’s also going to be as good as its community. Forza Horizon 2 Earning a 9 in our review, Forza Horizon 2 stood out this holiday season among the slew of racing games that released. It’s gorgeous, huge, exciting, and most of all, it’s just downright fun. Rain and weather effects put an exclamation point on the already breathtaking visuals. Titanfall Titanfall received an 8 in our review. What it lacks in depth and variety, it makes up for in map design, maneuverability, action and balance. The overwhelming amount of hype probably hurt the game in the long run, but there’s no denying that it’s a great first entry into a franchise with a bright future, and it remains one of the premier multiplayer shooters you can buy.
  19. With 2014 nearing its end we begin our yearly roundup of the most-pirated entertainment titles across various categories, starting today with TV-shows. Game of Thrones takes the crown for the third year in a row, followed by The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory. Game of Thrones has taken the crown of most downloaded TV-show for the third consecutive year. With more than 8 million downloads via BitTorrent, the 2014 season finale is way ahead of the competition. Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead complete the top three with an estimated 4.2 and 3.6 million downloads respectively. Game of Thrones’ top listing doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Earlier this year it broke an all-time piracy record when more than 254,114 peers shared the same torrent file simultaneously. Overall there is no sign that TV-show piracy is declining, on the contrary. The download numbers for the most popular shows continues to rise, sometimes exceeding the number of traditional viewers in the US. Below we have compiled a list of the most downloaded TV-shows worldwide (single episode) for 2014, together with the viewer average in the US. The data is estimated by TorrentFreak based on several sources, including download statistics reported by public BitTorrent trackers. Online streaming and downloads for file-hosting services are not included since there are no public sources to draw data from. Total piracy numbers will therefore be significantly higher. Most downloaded TV-shows on BitTorrent, 2014 rank show est. downloads est. US TV viewers 1 Game of Thrones 8,100,000 7,160,000 2 The Walking Dead 4,800,000 17,290,000 3 The Big Bang Theory 3,900,000 18,240,000 4 How I Met Your Mother 3,500,000 13,130,000 5 Gotham 3,200,000 11,810,000 6 Arrow 2,900,000 3,920,000 7 Grey’s Anatomy 2,800,000 9,810,000 8 Vikings 2,700,000 3,560,000 9 Suits 2,500,000 2,800,000 10 South Park 2,400,000 2,400,000
  20. Tracker Name : TorentDay [TD] Tracker Genre : General Tracker Type : Ratio Based Bonus System : Yes Maintaining Ratio : Medium Tracker URL : Tracker Description : Logo: Home:- Search & T0p 15 Top 25 Browse torrent Jokes Forum Rules Faq Donation My Ratings: Pre time 8/10 8/10 Content 9/10 Speed 8.5/10 Overall experience
  21. It's that time of the year when any leftover money you've got after buying gifts, arranging holiday travel, and donating to worthwhile causes is going to go PC games. The Steam Winter sale is live, and we'll be updating this story every day with what we think is the best of the best as well as all of the other day's deals. Things are structured little different this year: New featured deals pop up every 24 hours, but will last for 48 hours Flash Sales will update every 12 hours, but those deals will be available for 24 hours Community's choice deals will update every 24 hours What are you picking up (or hoping to buy) during Valve's quarterly sales event? Let us know in the comments below. Day 5: December 22, 2014 Our pick: Grand Theft Auto IV -- $4.99 (-75%) Sure, everyone might be more focused on getting Grand Theft Auto V on PC, but that doesn't mean that $5 for GTAIV isn't a steal. And with a crazy modding community that's been supporting the game for years, there's plenty to explore outside the main game as well. Read our review of the game and check it out onSteam here. Other Day 5 Deals: Train Simulator 2015 -- $27.49 (-50%) The Walking Dead: Season Two -- $6.24 (-75%) Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends -- $16.99 (-66%) Chivalry: Medieval Warfare -- $4.99 (-80%) Endless Legend -- $17.49 (-50%) The Escapists -- $7.49 (-50%) Saints Row IV -- $4.99 (-75%) Outlast -- $4.99 (-75%) Flash Sale: Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines -- $4.99 (-75%) Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 -- $4.99 (-75%) X-Plane 10 Global -- $29.99 (-50%) Papers, Please -- $2.49 (-75%) Mount Your Friends -- $1.99 (-60%) Tabletop Simulator -- $8.99 (-40%) Community's Choice: Clickteam Fusion -- $33.99 (-66%) 3DMark -- $4.99 (-80%) Fuse Character Creator -- $33.99 (-66%) Day 4: December 21, 2014 Our pick: Bulletstorm -- $3.99 (-80%) There are some bigger and newer games on today's list, but with an 80 percent discount that brings it down to $4, you should take the opportunity to catch up with Bulletstorm, a score-driven first-person shooter with some really great, original weapons. Other Day 3 Deals: Age of Mythology: Extended Edition -- $7.49 (-75%) Alien: Isolation -- $24.99 (-50%) Portal 2 -- $3.99 (-80%) Spore -- $4.99 (-75%) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -- $4.99 (-75%) Spintires -- $10.19 (-66%) Never Alone -- $10.04 (-33%) Five Nights at Freddy's 2 -- $5.35 (-33%) Shadow Warrior -- $3.99 (-90%) Flash Sale: Grim Dawn -- $12.49 (-50%) Craft the World -- $9.49 (-50%) Project Zomboid -- $9.74 (-35%) L.A. Noire -- $4.99 (-75%) Bound By Flame -- $9.99 (-75%) Wargame: Red Dragon -- $9.99 (-75%) Community's Choice: Winner: Bulletstorm -- $3.99 (-80%) Panzer Corps -- $6.79 (-66%) Cities XL Platinum -- 10.19 (-66%) Day 3: December 20, 2014 Our pick: Metro 2033 Redux -- $12.49 (-50%) Metro 2033 was released four years ago, but with the Redux treatment, it's still one of the best-looking first-person shooters on PC. If you didn't play it back then, you owe it to yourself to pick up the discounted version. Read GameSpot's Metro 2033 Redux review and check it out on Steam here. Other Day 3 Deals: Prison Architect -- $5.99 (-80%) NBA 2K15 -- $40.19 (-33%) Stronghold Crusader -- $33.49 (-33%) Europa Universalis IV -- $10 (-75%) 7 Way to Die -- $12.49 (-50%) Rise of Nations Extended Edition -- $4.99 (-75%) The Binding of Isaac Rebirth -- $10.04 (-33%) The Vanishing of Ethan Carter -- $11.99 (-40%) Flash Sale: Mass Effect 2 -- $4.99 (-75%) Trine 2 -- $1.99 (-90%) Dreamfall Chapters -- $17.99 (-40%) The Golf Club -- $13.99 (-60%) Risk of Rain -- $2.49 (-75%) Lord of the Rings: War in the North -- $4.99 (-75%) Community's Choice: Winner: Rage --$4.99 (-75%) Ruse -- $2.49 (-75%) Cities in Motion 2 -- $4.99 (-75%) Day 2: December 19, 2014 Our pick: Castle Crashers -- $1.49 (-90%) At 90% off, there's no reason not to buy developer The Behemoth's colorful beat-em-up. It makes a good gift as well; after all, the game is a lot more fun with friends. Read our Castle Crashers review and check it out on Steam here. Other Day 2 Deals: Depth -- $14.99 (-40%) Fable Anniversary -- $17.49 (-50%) Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel -- $29.99 (-50%) Ryse: Son of Rome -- $19.99 (-50%) Batman: Arkham Origins -- $4.99 (-75%) Killing Floor -- $4.99 (-75%) Valkyria Chronicles -- $14.99 (-25%) Assassin's Creed Unity -- $40.19 (-33%) Community's Choice: Winner: Hack n Slash -- $4.54 (-66%) Neverending Nightmares -- $6.74 (-55%) The Amazing Spider-Man 2 -- $17.99 (-55%) Flash sale round 1: Galactic Civilizations III -- $24.99 (-50%) Spacebase DF9 -- $6.79 (-66%) The Legend of Korra -- $9.89 (-34%) Deus Ex: Human Revolution -- $3.99 (-80%) Guns of Icarus -- $2.24 (-85%) Space Run -- $5.09 (-66%) Flash sale round 2 Insurgency -- $4.49 (-70%) Transocean -- $17.99 (-40%) Planet Explorers -- $14.99 (-40%) DmC: Devil May Cry -- $12.49 (-75%) Hammerwatch -- $1.49 (-85%) Orcs Must Die 2 -- $3.74 (-75%) Day 1: December 18, 2014 Our pick: Dark Souls 2 -- $14.70 (63%) The follow-up to the crazy-hard Demon's Souls and the crazy-hard Dark Souls is... still crazy-hard. The game might not be to everyone's tastes, but it's a series that you have to respect for sticking to its punishing formula. Read our Dark Souls 2 review and check it out on Steam. Other 48-hour deals: State of Decay -- $4.99 (-75%) Euro Truck Simulator 2 -- $3.74 (-85%) Space Engineers -- $9.99 (-50%) Civilization: Beyond Earth -- $29.99 (-40%) Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition -- $14.98 (-75%) Sniper Elite III -- $24.99 (-50%) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes -- $13.39 (-33%) Rocksmith 2014 -- $20.99 (-65%) Community's Choice hasn't kicked off yet, but here are the first six flash sale games: Flash sale round 2 Monaco -- $1.34 (-91%) Broforce -- $10.04 (-33%) Broken Age -- $8.49 (-66%) Dead Space 2 -- $4.99 (-75%) Defense Grid 2 -- $8.49 (-66%) Doorkickers -- $9.99 (-50%) And an additional six flash games (note that the deals below didn't expire 24 hours after posting. Flash sale round 1: Damned -- $4.99 (-75%) Styx: Master of Shadows -- $14.99 (-50%) Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition -- $4.99 (-80%) Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar -- $4.49 (-85%) Injustice Gods Among Us -- $4.99 (-75%) SpeedRunners -- $2.49 (-75%)
  22. Well here is the top 100 most requested torrent tracker invites for 2014... Here are the first 10: 1. PassThePopcorn (+1) Largest private tracker, devoted exclusively to movies, this is a leader in the number and variety of films in different formats and quality. Tracker has a high seeding at the top of world resources, its database has more than 250,000 torrents, and it’s not the limit, as it is constantly updated with new films of different genres. Here you will find new items and classic cinema for everyone: comedy, action, science fiction, biography, crime, mystery, sports, art house, romance and more. 2. BTN (+7) This is a world top ratio-less TV tracker with large content, good speeds and good pretimes with gazelle code based site. It contains a huge database of various genres of television series, any size and in any capacity. Here you will find all the series that has ever broadcasted on television, with the new series appear immediately after they appeared on TV. 3. (+3) The biggest and most difficult to get HD-tracker in the network that contains a huge collection of original Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs. Community of the tracker – this is the true connoisseurs of quality and exclusivity, which fill the resource by an excellent content. That is why the tracker contains a large number of releases from the best release groups such as Esir, Don, PerfectionHD, CtrlHD etc. Among the categories of the site – there is exclusive movie news, HD/1080p videos, movies, TV shows, audio tracks, music, XXX- section, a collection of codecs, and more. Second quality records are not accepted, all materials on the tracker have an excellent quality. 4. DeepBase9 (0) One of the most rare music trackers, best tracker of musical direction Drum&Bass and Dubstep. Also there are other related genres – House, Garage, Jungle, Oldschool, Techno. It contains a huge collection of releases, there are releases that can be found only on this tracker, labeled as DB9 Exclusive. DB9 is a resource that is needed for those who appreciate this style of music, a huge base and diversity of releases you will not find anywhere else. 5. HDWing (+5) One of the largest Chinese HD-trackers, a former, which is also one of the hard to reach in the subject. Tracker contains a huge collection of HD video hands and is known for its quick releases of original Blu Ray discs, so it is often possible to find a unique distribution, which is not even on the famous 6. FSC (+10) FSC is a different tracker when talking about community. Invitations are rare and the tracker always tries to remain anonymous. There is hardly information about this tracker on the Internet. 7. BitMe (0) Best tracker on the internet educational topics, a place where you can find any e-learning you want. This site is amazing if you are interested in audio learning, art, college lectures, documentaries, e-books, languages, magic, medical, stock photography and many other terms. This closed world famous resource is one of the most popular on the network with collection of content that has no equal. There are many books in PDF and in audio formats, applications, utilities, tutorials, books, videos, manuals, school teaching, research topics, graphics, design, programming and more. Invite to will give you the unique opportunity to plunge into the world of knowledge and science, to obtain the necessary skills, and get the rarest of the information. 8. SceneHD (-3) SceneHD is the leader in quality and speed of emergence scene HD rips (720/1080), movies and TV- shows. Tracker is provided with excellent seeding by loyal users, so the old distribution and prime collections (packs) are always available for download. 9. HD-Spain (-1) Best Spanish tracker from the category HD-video, the main direction is movies in HD quality. Also it contains a large number of different categories of another video in high quality: soap operas, cartoons, sports and TV shows. Because of its high quality torrents and Blu-ray disks the resource is considered one of the best HD trackers of Europe. The main feature HDSpain is that here you can find many rare publishers unpopular movies with English audio track. 10. Pedro's (+1) Highest quality and the most needful in the music world, which is a treasure trove of musical hands in the highest quality – mostly in LossLess and Vinyl. It contains more than 60,000 exclusive hands that are made only from officially released LPs and CDs. Get the complete list here: Source: insidebt All your remarks are welcomed Vince
  23. Tracker Name: TorrentShack (TsH) Tracker Genre: 0-Day Tracker Type: Ratioless Bonus System: n/a Maintaining Ratio: Easy Tracker Signup: Closed / Invite Only Tracker URL: Description: TorrentShack (TsH) Is a Ratioless Upcoming 0-Day/Genaral Tracker Mainly With Excellent Pretimes. With Hit n Run Policy Of IPTorrents, Most of Users With Low Bandwidth Are Using TorrentShack (TsH). The Ratio System of TorrentShack (TsH) Is Simple as Follows: This site operates a No Ratio policy. We took this approach to encourage downloading, sharing and to allow those with a smaller internet connection to still be able to enjoy the torrents available. Whilst we do not frown upon those that are unable to seed large amounts of data back we still expect our users to give back as much as they can which helps create a stronger, better community where everybody helps everybody. A lack of ratio means we DO NOT track what torrents you download. It also means we DO NOT track your download amount. The only thing we do monitor and keep tagged to your account is your overall Uploaded data. The reason for this is simply to aid progression through the userclass system where by seeding you will gain higher classes of account and the added benefits and bonuses that comes with them. Home Torrents Request Pre Forums Top 10 Rules WIKI Donate Pretimes: 9/10 Speed: 7/10 Content: 8/10 Community: 6/10 Rarity: 3/10 Over All My Experience: 8/10
  24. Tracker Name : MoreThan.TV Tracker Genre : Movies Tracker Type : Ratio Based Bonus System : No Maintaining Ratio : Easy Tracker URL : Tracker IRC : Server: IRC Port: 6667 SL port: 6669 IRC Bonus : N/A Tracker Description : MoreThan.TV is a new Movie Tracker ( Mostly conatins TV Stuff). First thing you notice is a warm eye friendly design. Whole site is in English but its also translated in other languages. Everything on the site is written in ENG and in different languages (Announcements, News etc.). Torrent search engine is well sorted. With a click on "Categories icon you get a list of all categories that they offer so you can select what genre you are searching for. Staff is very kind and friendly. If you need any help you can ask staff in any language as they have staff for different languages and hopefully they would help you out with it. Tracker Screen Shots: Logo: Home: Categories: Browse Torrents: Request Section: Forum: FAQ: Rules: Donation: My Ratings: 9/10 Content 9/10 Speed 8/10 Community 9/10 Overall experience Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post Don't forget to press the Thanks button
  25. RevolutionTT Review 2014 RevTT is a general 0day tracker, the pre times are a little slower can be a very challenging tracker for beginners coz its realy harder to seed Tracker name : RevolutionTT Tracker genre : Oday Tracker type : Ratio based Tracker url : Tracker registration : Invite only Maintaining ratio : Hard Bonus system : No Home page Browse & Categories Request Rules Banned Countries FAQ User Classes & Promotion Forum