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Found 51 results

  1. "Welcome to HDAccess Support Channel! | You might we wondering what happened to HDA , we are no more our owner has decided to close the site indefinitely. Current Tracker Status: Off! | HDAStaff: With a sad heart, I regret to inform you all, that as of today HDAccess is no more"
  2. 3 Days freeleech! Wahaaa! Looks like you guys made it and managed to hit the points needed for global tracker freeleech. Thanks to all those contributed to the global freeleech pot with their bonus points, the tracker will be freeleech for 3 days from now. Move your cursors over the “FreeLeech ON†to see when this madness will end! Remember: You still need to seed what you download and that your upload still count. Happy leeching!
  3. Updates! We would like to thank everyone applied to our application signups. We were truly humbled with over a hundred application in the first 24 hours and hundreds followed afterwards and we would like to take this chance to welcome everyone new joined us hope you like it around here. Now, you may, or may have not, noticed this new bad-ass theme that we have installed (Thank you Aleks10 we really do <3 you) and now you can also change the category icons in your control panel to fully personalize your experience here at HDAccess. This is just the start and we will be implementing more features as time passes. To discuss this update CLICK HERE!
  4. Maintenance Site will be going down for scheduled maintenance / updates on June 19th at 5am (-4GMT)
  5. Application Signups! We have decided to re-introduce application signups!. This means that everyone who is worthy will get a guaranteed chance of being a member here at HDAccess having they have successfully completed our application form. So now go ahead, tell your mates and give them this link: And let them know that we can't wait to have them here at HDAccess!.
  6. Tracker Name: HDAccess - Application signup Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional information: Open for application sign up
  7. WE HAVE A NEW CONTEST! CHECK HERE! Today we start a new contest, we have a lot of prizes for those who will enter the contest and this is a chance for all members of HDA to get our prizes The contest is simple, create new icons for torrents category and post them here, the winner will be chosen by vote of our members. Please don't copy them from other site's and create your own set of icons. Icons must not be bigger then 64px64p and smaller then 45px45p ⋆1st place 1 month VIP + 10.000 bonus points⋆ ⋆2th place 2 weeks VIP + 5000 bonus points⋆ ⋆3th place 50GB Upload + 2500 bonus points⋆ 2500 Bonus Points for all who enter and don't win one of the 3 big prizes. You can find the all icons on Browse and Browse TV page.
  8. The TV Action is Back! We are very happy to announce the return of our TV Bot to action. We re-wrote the bot from the ground up and have assigned a dedicated server to bring the TV back to HDA faster and stronger than ever before. So go ahead, make some popcorn and prepare yourselves for the endless TV action that about to happen. Please do note that the BOT is not finished yet and we are still working on it so now, join the discussion of the TV Bot and report those nasty bugs that you may have found and give us your suggestions in THIS thread HDA Staff
  9. Good news, New paypal account made doing final tests, so far so good. DONATIONS ARE FIXED
  10. Hello!, Just a quick overview everyone that donated has received their money back. Why? Our HDA PayPal was reported for certain actions such as Silk Road trading, Drugs and etc. Due too this I request that until this announcement is edited with a message stating "It works" please, please, please do not donate any amount. On a side note, who ever posts this announcement on a Public site (Invites_____) Shall be banned from HDAccess. You HAVE being warned. Good news, New paypal account made doing final tests, so far so good. DONATIONS ARE FIXED
  11. Greetings all, Today we are pleased to announce that HDclassiX (HDX) has officially become internal @ HDAccess. HDX is a group of Dutch/Belgium Remuxers who will mostly release older (classic) movies. They are known for producing, and upholding the same quality standards you are used to seeing in HDAccess internal releases. (Chances are, most of you have already seen or downloaded some of their remuxes... ) We are proud to say that HDX will now be releasing exclusively on HDAccess. So please join us in welcoming them to the team Here
  12. Namaste Everyone _/\_, I am creating this thread inorder to explain you some necessary terms,that your are going to see everyday on some torrents . FreeLeech Any torrent that is set to FREELEECH should be seeded back 1:1 or to 48 hours. All other torrents should be seeded back 1:1 or 48 hours. Failure to do so will be regarded as an act of Hit and Run (HnR). Freeleech does not mean "Free" to Leech and not to seed. If you can just leech everything that is freeleech and not seed, how are the other people supposed to get the files from you? unsure emoticon Freeleech means the download size of the torrent does not count towards your overall ratio, only the uploaded amount on the torrent counts toward your ratio. Freeleech will always help your ratio HitAndRun(HnR) any torrent not Seeded back to 1:1 or for 48 hours(TV Shows) and/or (Movie) is regarded as an act of Hit and Run (HnR).It is bad for your profile.If you will have 6 HnR's.Your download will be disabled. FreeTorrents Only upload will be counted no download will be counted.Your Ratio will increase,it is a good one for your profile. SilverTorrents 50% of the download will be counted. DoubleSeeD Slot] Using this while uploading will result in double upload credits,it is a good one to use for boosting your profile's reputation. Crazyhour All torrents become free and you get triple upload credits To request something You have to become a power user [75gb upload+1:1 Ratio] Most Important Rule: Enjoy your stay on HDAcess
  13. If you have an issue donating to the site, donate too than send me a PM, And I shall validate it and promote you. YOUR ACCOUNT MUST BE VERIFIED BEFORE YOU DONATE, (THIS IS GETTING FIXED)
  14. Hello everyone, We have a fair number of dead torrents. I would like to attempt to revive them. I am offering 2000 bonus points for every torrent that is currently dead and revived by any user and seeded for at least 48 hours. I just created a list of torrents that have 0 seeders so all you have to do is start seeding and then after 48 hours pm me and I'll send you the bonus points. Thanks to everyone that helps the site.
  15. Hello fellow HDA members, We would like to remind you that we have an active contest on the forums and have some excellent prizes that you can win! ( CLICK HERE) We would also like to point out that we have an open recruitment in the works for First Line Support available for application. If you are an active member here and have knowledge of BT operations and you would like to offer support for other members on a consistent daily basis for the HDAccess community please feel free to apply! ( CLICK HERE) Thank you everyone for your time and efforts here at HDAccess, we're continually striving to make this community a great place to be. HDAccess Staff
  16. HDAccess is need of a couple more people to support all member's questions and problems that staff members do not currently support. FLS need to be around daily. All who apply to FLS need to choose 2 categories for which support you can offer and the languages you know. for example: IRC, Uploading (ENGLISH&GERMAN). All aplication must be posted here. If you want to apply you need to not have a trader/seller history and at least a basic knowledge of BT and its workings. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME! APPLICATION ARE OPEN NOW
  17. This is an automated message to make sure this seller really got the stuff what he/she is trying to sell, Please read it very carefully. <br />PM Staff member all of your trackers unedited screenshot along with profile links, till then topic will remain closed.<br /><br />Best regards,<br />Invite Scene Staff!
  18. It's time for a new contest! This time we made a contest for forum icons, we have prizes for all who join this contest: 1st place 1 month VIP + 5000 bonus points 2th place 2 weeks VIP + 2500 bonus points and 1000 bonus for the rest who join the contest! The actual forum icons you can found them HERE or on the Forum page. Rules are simple: *Be unique don't copy from other site/forums. Good Luck to all!
  19. Effective immediately µTorrent 3.4.2 is added to the banned clients list. It appears as they have bundled Bitcoin mining software with this version.
  20. Update on Invites: Only Extreme Users or higher can use their invites.
  21. Any torrent without proper info eg BDInfo or screenshots shall be deleted whether it has 100 seeders or 100 leachers, you have been warned.
  22. Rules have been updated. We have added to Uploading rules and added Torrent Comment + Requests rules. Please take the time to review them.
  23. HDA Userbars Contest!AVAILABLE UNTIL 3 MARCH!
  24. Donations have been up and we decided to invest the funds towards upgrading the site server. The site will be migrated to the new server in the next couple days. We will keep everyone informed with the progress! Thanks to all the donators!! //UPDATE 14/02/15 Site will be going down for short time today as we migrate to the new server. Please remember to keep all torrents seeding during this process.
  25. Donations have been up and we decided to invest the funds towards upgrading the site server. The site will be migrated to the new server in the next couple days. We will keep everyone informed with the progress! Thanks to all the donators!!