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Found 12 results

  1. Key Changes Welcome to IPS Community Suite 4.2.6! Invite Scene's system is now upgraded to the latest copy of IPS. Updated Group Color on User Link. All users can now clear their notifications. Updated the color scheme of the site. Fixed the author panel layout. CSS tweaks for mobile display. Enabled additional reactions: Sad, Confused, Haha, Thanks. Added new preview option for posting. Press ALT+B or just click the button. Additional Information Please be patient as we transition to the newest version of IPS. While browsing our site, if you find features that are broken, missing or would like to suggest a new feature, feel free to let us know. Thank you!
  2. We would like to thank everyone applied to our application signups. We were truly humbled with over a hundred application in the first 24 hours and hundreds followed afterwards and we would like to take this chance to welcome everyone new joined us hope you like it around here. Now, you may, or may have not, noticed this new bad-ass theme that we have installed (Thank you Aleks10 we really do <3 you) and now you can also change the category icons in your control panel to fully personalize your experience here at HDAccess. This is just the start and we will be implementing more features as time passes. To discuss this update CLICK HERE!
  3. A leaked build of Windows 10 has revealed that Microsoft may be about to utilize BitTorrent-style tech to deliver updates to its new OS. Deep in the settings is an option to receive updates from multiple sources including Microsoft, local computers and those "on the Internet." Could this be BitTorrent or their own 'Avalanche' system? There once was a time when one could simply throw a disc – floppy or otherwise – into a machine and enjoy software functionality right off the bat. Those days have long gone. Massive complexity, online connectivity and associated cloud features have given way to a culture of almost continual updates with some component or other requiring a ‘fix’ or performance-based software upgrade on an annoyingly regular basis. While huge technology companies have plenty of bandwidth at their disposal, shifting data around doesn’t come free. It is relatively cheap, granted, but those bits and bytes soon cause the dollars to mount up. Much ‘better’ then, is to try and offload some of that load onto consumers. It could be that with its upcoming Windows 10, Microsoft is mulling doing just that. Deep in the settings of a leaked build spotted by Neowin, the company has introduced settings which give users the option of where to obtain updates and apps for their new operating system. DOWNLOAD APPS AND OS UPDATES FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES TO GET THEM MORE QUICKLY Of course, this is where distributed BitTorrent-like systems come into their own, with each user helping to share the load of shifting around data and providing excellent speeds, without any single entity (in this case Microsoft) footing the lion’s share of the bills. If Microsoft did choose BitTorrent, they would be in excellent company. Half a decade ago it was revealed that Twitter had implemented the protocol and in the same year Facebook confirmed deploying its own servers with technology. “It’s ‘superduper’ fast and it allows us to alleviate a lot of scaling concerns we’ve had in the past, where it took forever to get code to the webservers before you could even boot it up and run it,†the company said at the time. But even though Facebook is still having fun with torrent technology to this day, it seems likely that Microsoft has its own, more proprietary tricks up its sleeve. More than a decade ago with BitTorrent in its infancy, Microsoft also began looking at developing P2P distribution. Researcher Christos Gkantsidis published his paper Network Coding for Large Scale Content Distribution which begins with a now very familiar concept. “We propose a new scheme for content distribution of large files that is based on network coding. With network coding, each node of the distribution network is able to generate and transmit encoded blocks of information. The randomization introduced by the coding process eases the scheduling of block propagation, and, thus, makes the distribution more efficient,†the paper’s abstract reads. In 2006, Microsoft published Anatomy of a P2P Content Distribution System with Network Coding but by then the existence of a Microsoft equivalent to BitTorrent was public knowledge – Project Avalanche had been born. Named after traditional avalanches that start small but gain massive momentum as more snow (or peers) get involved, Avalanche claimed it would improve on BitTorrent in a number of ways. At the time, however, BitTorrent’s Bram Cohen criticized the project technically and concluded that it amounted to vaporware. But today in 2015, almost ten years on, things have definitely changed. Although there is no confirmation that Avalanche (or the Microsoft Secure Content Downloader as it was once described) is behind the Windows 10 update process option, there’s little doubt that Microsoft will have sharpened its tools. In addition, Microsoft owns patents (1,2) which describe DRM-protected P2P distribution systems which could potentially help to keep any P2P Windows 10 update system secure, a requirement predicted by Avalanche years before. “The Avalanche model includes strong security to ensure content providers are uniquely identifiable, and to prevent unauthorized parties from offering content for download. The project also ensures content downloaded to each client machine is exactly the same as the content shared by the content provider,†Microsoft said. Only time will tell if Microsoft takes the distributed update route for its eventual release of Windows 10, and whether avalanches or torrents cascade into (and out of) homes worldwide as a result.
  4. Happy Birthday One year ago, Invite Scene started off as a humble BitTorrent community with simple goals. Through time and with the hard work of a wonderful staff and a few thousand awesome members it has flourished into the sexy beast that it is today. Prepare yourself for the awesomeness that is our first birthday celebration! We have lots of surprises in store for you! Below is a small taster of what is currently running and what is to come. Keep checking this news post as it will be updated as we kick off new celebrations throughout the coming weeks as we will be celebrating all month. Site Wide Discount! We will be doing a site wide discount on basically everything. All prices for premium membership are now 50% off. Chat Room Giveaway The Chat Room Giveaway is now in effect. We will be gifting invites to random users in our Chat Room. Invites will be given to idlers as well as to those that stand out as exceptional! Gifts for Everybody A massive giveaway topic is about to be posted in Giveaways section shortly, the list is almost done. So hang on tight! Finally, We’d like to wish all Invite Scene users and their families a Happy and Healthy New Year!
  5. Invite Scene Updates #3 Dear Members, We will be making further changes to Invite Scene in the coming weeks. We will also be introducing something new that all of you will like, I can't say much as we don't want to give it away but all i can say is that it will be useful to many. With this announcement, we will also mention any changes to sections, introductions to new sections, changes to reputations, and introduction of new modifications. New Sections Introduced: Website Construction - This area is for discussions that involve aspects of site creation. Including but not limited to PHP, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript and even graphic design. Changes to Current Sections: Currently no sections are being altered. New Reputation Levels: We now have a slew of new reputation levels (slightly modified). These were added mostly for fun, and we may use these new levels to promote contests, awards, rewards, and perhaps even use it when reviewing accounts. We encourage everyone to make use of the system as permissions permit. The current levels are as follows (and subject to change): 0 Neutral 10 Fair 20 Good 30 Upstanding 40 Reputable 50 Distinguished 75 Excellent 100 Outstanding 200 Accomplished 300 Extraordinary 400 Exemplary 500 Illustrious 1000 Prominent 2500 Legendary 5000 Mythical New Modifications: Pokes What is a poke? How do I poke someone? People poke their friends or friends of friends for a lot of reasons (ex: just saying hello, getting their attention). When you poke someone, they'll receive a notification. To poke someone: Go to the member's profile You will see a Poke button and just press it. What happens when I poke someone? When you poke someone, they'll get a notification and will then be able to poke you back. Can I get a poke back after I remove it? Once you remove a poke from your pokes page you can't get it back, but you're able to poke your friend again. Keep in mind you can't be poked by the same person unless you poke them back or remove their poke first. The Future: We're already planning on what we should introduce and some new changes for Invite Scene (we like to plan ahead!) Here's to the future.
  6. No ReCAPTCHA For a long time we've used security questions and no captcha at all to make our account creation process easier. With the introduction of No reCAPTCHA however, we've decided it's time to streamline the account creation process. Therefore we've switched from the Questions/Answers to No reCAPTCHA. It is easier for especially foreign users to get past these instead of having to translate or misinterpret our Q/A challenge. We'll see how it goes and if it seems necessary to enable Q/A once again as an additional anti-spam measure we will do so, but for now we'll see how using only No reCAPTCHA works out. Edit 2/6: Added back some basic security questions. Mostly math ones. Darn bots
  7. Xbox One's preview program now assigns users a level based on their participation. When it's not causing issues with its unfinished features (hey, it's QA testing), Xbox One's preview program can be rewarding in and of itself--you get to try out cool new features not yet available to the general public. Apparently not satisfied with that, Microsoft is trying to turn testing system updates into a sort of game by tracking your stats and offering points. Preview program members will now find a new My Stats section in the Preview Dashboard app. From there, you can check out how many points you've earned, which in turn contribute to your level. A leaderboard tracks your progress against that of your friends (or other users, if none of your friends get preview updates), similar to the new gamerscore leaderboard released in this week's Xbox One update. Points are earned by completing quests, rating updates, and participating in surveys and polls. Fortunately for those who have been in the preview program for some time, you'll retroactively earn points for all of your past contributions. More things are coming to the My Stats page "soon," according to Microsoft, which also says you can earn rewards by participating. The preview program launched back in February, offering "select" Xbox Live users the chance to help test in-development features. We've seen these users get a variety of updates ahead of time since then; aspects of the update that went live for everyone this week have been available to testers since August. Should you want to join in, you'll unfortunately need an invite from Microsoft. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. please give a slow clap to forgae for his promotion to Administrator. forgae has been a rock here at Invite Scene. Wait, no.. that's not right. He's been a fixture... ugh, no. Dammit! He's been wiping noses, slapping knuckles, shaking babies and kissing hands for almost a years now. He routinely approves selling and trading threads more than any of us here and has always been a reliable member of the team. He's slogged through the Support forums and handled his fair share of moderation duties along the way, and after his brief vacation for job, we couldn't think of a better time to promote him to his rightful place as Administrator. Also we have deqo as a Moderator, he will also help us to keep this place clean and more oriented. One more new face is qasim66, he is our new news poster, he done a very good job lately and look forward to see more. Last of all our first commercial video, created by our beloved lanser, he usually charge for this kind of video but for Invite Scene he did this for free to support us more. Be sure to congratulate and thank them on a job well done! BTW you can check the video here:
  9. Vine users around the world can now spend even more time getting their seconds-long videos to look even better, thanks to newly released updates in the form of a new camera and editing tools. When Vine says users can now utilize a new camera, they don’t necessarily mean one that looks radically different. In fact, the company means that the new, updated camera allows for more ways to interact with your videos. One new feature adds a new source for Vines: videos already saved to your phone. That’s right. Think you have a funny video from, say, a friend’s birthday party that has a perfect moment? Export it to the Vine app and turn it into a Vine video. As explained in the announcement post, the new import feature is found on the bottom left of the capture screen, and from there, you can bring in one or several videos at a time. And for you fans of slow-motion, those videos are supported too. Vine claims the videos are now easier than ever to make and get just right, and they’ve added several new editing tools to prove their point. In addition to the duplicate button and mute button, previewing of the last clip you made is also possible, as well as an undo button. You know, just in case something doesn’t work out to your liking. Additional tools also include grid; the focus lock, which gets support for both the front and rear-facing cameras; ghost mode, a tool that shows users the last frame from the last thing you shot and, finally, a torch setting that makes it easier to film in areas that don’t offer much light. “When we introduced Vine, we wanted to make it easier for people to create, share and discover short, looping videos,†explained the company in the announcement. “Today, people enjoy Vines not only within our mobile apps, but also on, across the web through embedded Vines, and on services like Twitter and Facebook.†According to previously tracked data, millions of people are watching Vine videos, regardless of where they are on the Internet. And they’re sticking around to watch videos over and over, topping over a billion loops per day. It doesn’t look like the Vine trend is going to go away anytime soon. The new Vine camera is available today for iOS devices and while the app is optimized for the iPhone 5, any iOS device that can easily run iOS 6 should be able to handle it. Android owners will have to wait a bit for their own release, though Vine didn’t detail when it would release.
  10. Dear Members, With our current traffic levels, Our old server faced pretty hard time, resulting in some downtime when the site face a peak traffic, and for some, slowly decreasing server speed. It's very frustrated for you and us. Now, Invite Scene Team are pleased to announce that we have migrated all the files and data to a new dedicated server. This is our first dedicated server and better than ever with few Cores, and plenty of Space for our growing membership .This enable us to improve performance and meet demand now, to users for future growth and to enable us to bring you the better services. Please DO NOT forget to check your data, if any data / account is missing in the new server report us within next 48 hrs. We apologize for any inconvenience but this upgrade is necessary for further growth. As well, We really appreciate your continued support. Regards, Invite Scene Team.
  11. It's time for Invite Scene Updates thread. We make these to inform the community of changes we made to the site. Read 'em carefully! New Skin We've put our new skin as everyone's default skin. This is now our new main skin. If you really liked the old one you can go back to it. I've also fixed an old bug that made our avatars too small in the author info portion of posts, so everything should be a-okay from now on! If you find bugs on this skin (i started from scratch building this skin), please PM me and i'll try to fix. Please provide your browser information as well. Organized Giveaways Section Giveaways section is renovated and divided into three sections. Here's how it works: Beginner Level: Normally this one is for new users and to access this sub forum you must have 5x Posts, 5x Reputation points, and be a member for 5 days to enter. Advanced Level: I hope the title explains most part and to access this sub forum you must have 50x Posts, 150x Reputation points, and be a member for 21 days to enter. Expert Level: This section will be most elite section for invites to access this sub forum you must have 150x Posts, 350x Reputation points, and be a member for 35 days to enter. Once you match Expert Level that opens Unlimited Giveaways section as well. As we modified the whole section, we had to archive all old thread and posts. We are hoping that giveaways section will be more furious than ever. That's all folks, till next time!
  12. 2014 Site Changes and Upgrades These changes have already been made and in affect. This list isn't exhaustive and is subject to change with or without prior notice. Future changes made that aren't listed here will be announced and the official list amended. Thank you all for being part of our community and doing all you can to make this the best site it can be. - on behalf of the Bitsoup Staff - Budget Donations are now available - Donation packaging affordable for all on our Regular Donation Page - Can be found on the menu bar as well as our Promo Forum - Contains a manual donation feature to pick your own amount - Be extremely careful and double check and manual donation amount - Manual donations do not contain any perks or credits, be sure to read the page H&R Policy has change - Check out the new H&R Policy on our Rules page - Second and Third warnings contain a downloading rights disabled feature Power User requirements have changed - Please have a look in our FAQ for any changes to our class requirements Ratio Requirements have changed - Check out our Downloading Policy on our Rules page - Leechblock parameters have also changed (please take note)