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Found 9 results

  1. 17.04.15 Updated Requests System. More info here.
  2. Hey All We have some requests that go as far back as September 2014, if you have a request in can you please advise m00g if you are still looking for the request you have made. m00g will be doing a clean up of requests section in a couple of days time. Thank you all for being part of our family
  3. Hi ExDesians, I hope all of you are looking fine. We come up with this wonderful plan of allowing our users to Request their Favorite Movies, Music, TV Shows, Untouched DVDs, Dubbed Movies to us which will be fulfilled by our home team, Team XMR. I know we already have a request section available in our forum, but I feel like not much people visit this section. So here are the basic Rules you need to follow in order to request to Team XMR to be fulfilled on priority basis. You can only request the Stuffs mentioned above. You need to post Movie Name, Year of Release, IMDB Link with your request over here in this thread. Number of requests from a single user are limited to 4 requests per week. Exceeding the limit will result removal of your request. All Requests are depend on the availability of the Stuff you are asking for. We can't guarantee you of providing the requested stuff. The user who is Requesting must be having a Ratio of 0.9. If you are requesting with having ratio below 1:1, your request will be deleted immediately & if you continue doing the same you may face ban from forum. Apart from these Rules you need to follow all basic Rules of our site without fail. If we can't fulfill one request we'll inform you the same on this thread. Keep checking after requesting. On successful completion of a Request the Uploder will get 500 Reputation points All the requests will be filled by proud members of Team XMR-ExD comprising -=Rangeela=-, -=ToM=-, international khiladi, nepsters, Phantom, Titan_Of_Titans,XdesiArsenal and HearTLessS. If anybody wants to join us on this, is always welcome. This request opportunity is available on trial basis until our next notice. After observing our capability of fulfilling requests we'll decide of continuing or discontinuing this. So start requesting... Thanks & Regard
  4. Do not Request for any Movie/Video in the Shoutbox, place your Request in the Request Forum. CLICK HERE
  5. Have a request that is not being filled? You can now motivate uploaders by offering extra Seedbonus points to the uploader that fills your request! Once your request has been filled be sure to go back to the Request's details page and send your bonus points from there!
  6. A lawsuit hitting the Moscow City Court next month is aiming to deal with TV show piracy on a much broader basis than case-by-case takedowns. Brought by the local distributor of 15 shows including Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, the suit will aim to purge a wide range of unauthorized TV content from more than a dozen sites. Since August 2013, rightsholders in Russia have enjoyed greater powers to help them deal with websites carrying or linking to pirated movies and TV shows. The pre-trial mechanism allows for the imposition of so-called “preliminary interim measures†should the sites in question fail to remove or block infringing content in a timely fashion. These can include a court ordered service provider blockade of specific URLs. The process has been used dozens of times during the past ten months or so. Earlier this month the Moscow City Court took action to restrict the availability of 15 TV shows illegally posted online including Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, True Blood and American Horror Story. Several torrent site URLs were ordered to be blocked by ISPs, including those on the popular Now, just a week later, the local exclusive rightsholder of the above shows plus others including Boardwalk Empire, True Detective, Homeland, Girls and True Blood, wants to have its content completely blocked on a wide range of sites. The case is being brought by “A Series†and will begin in the Moscow City Court next month. According to Rapsinews, July 10 has been set aside for pre-trial preparations and to clarify the requirements of the parties, including a call for evidence and addressing other issues relevant to the forthcoming trial. The lawsuit will target more than a dozen sites and BitTorrent trackers including,, and, most of which have been targeted in previous actions. News of the lawsuit arrives following the announcement of an agreement between the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Culture to beef up the law introduced last year. A source inside the government told Izvestia that the text of a new anti-piracy bill has been finalized and will be submitted to the Duma in the near future. While the law’s new stricter provisions will be welcomed by rightsholders, the music industry will again be disappointed. Movies and TV shows are covered by current law, but music is not, and the package of amendments about to be presented will not see the introduction of music protection until 2016.
  7. You may notice a new button on our torrent details page that is called "Req Reseed". This will allow you to request a reseed on that specific torrent. Which means it will send a PM to all of the members who have completed it in the past, as well as the uploader. Hopefully this will allow our torrents to stay active for longer periods of time. //bG Staff