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Found 81 results

  1. For limited time I'm offering HDBits Invite, PM me for price. URL:
  2. On behalf of our entire staffing team, I'd like to welcome tehlarsie in our midst as latest and greatest addition to our staffing team! Until very recently, he was sysop on our beloved "sister"site, Awesome-HD. We' re certain that his vast experience there will help us make HDBits even better. Please give him a warm welcome!
  3. The site is experiencing issues at the moment. "Internal Server Error"
  4. Please enable 2FA for HDBits - bruteforce attacks ongoing We would once again like to stress the importance of account security. Please go the security tab in your profile and enable 2FA using an app like Authy or Google Authenticator. Do not be afraid of getting locked out. We suggest you copy the QR code that is visible in your profile when you enable 2FA, and store it somewhere safe. But even if you don't, you can just pop by in and we can manually disable 2FA for you, if you break your phone, have no backups and no open session. This shouldn't be a reason not to enable 2FA. In addition, if you have 2FA enabled, you get 5 BP every hour extra, regardless of if and how much you're seeding. You also don't need to whitelist your VPN/proxy ip's with which you browse the site. The reason we're reminding you of this again, is that the site has been under constant bruteforce attack the entire week. Several accounts have already "saved" because those users had 2FA enabled. We're trying to mitigate the attack of course, but so far I keep adding 4000 new ip addresses to the firewall on a daily basis. The security of your account is your responsibility. If you do manage to get your account compromised, this will be treated as gross negligence and likely result in a permanent ban.
  5. HDBits-16 days of Christmas Merry christmas! Gifts for everyone! From Thursday, 17th of December (UTC) to Friday, 1st of January (UTC) you can open one gift each day and recieve generous rewards in form of upload credit, bonus points and even a rare reward: few hours of personal freeleech!
  6. have: Accounts: , PTF , HD-F , DivTeam , , WOP , ArabicSource , HDME. Want: BTN , PTP , HDChina , UHDBits , HDBits , M-Team , HDClub , AnimeBytes , iptorrent , HD-Torrent , TehConnection , AvistaZ , HD-Space , Hon3yHD , TorrentDay , MorethanTV , Bit-HDTV , BeyondHD , CHDBits , TorrentLeech , Pretome , AsianDVDClub , FileList , JoyHD , Ncore , ArabScene , BitMeTV , SceneAccess , PolishSource , SceneTime , SharingCode. Or any offers. [Pm me please if u need]. Thank you. Proofs: Speedtest:
  7. Staff Picks Given the decrease of movie releases lately both on Blu-ray and in cinemas we decided to remind you of some of the good movies from past years. On weekly basis we'll be updating this list of staff picks and movies on this specific list are Free Leech. Week #1 - Sci-fi from the '50 Enjoy the walk down the memory lane!
  8. Free leech changes - 2020-08-31 Effective immediately, we've abolished the "no (partial) free leech for server/seedbox/VPN" rule. To clarify, this means that everyone now gets all full and partial free and neutral leech perks, regardless of the type of connection they're connecting from. In its stead, we have introduced a much simpler rule: everyone with a buffer that is greater than 5 TiB, will only get 50% of their upload credit counted on 100% Free Leech (=blue) torrents. The original uploader is exempt. The upload cap (max 3 * torrent size in upload credits during the first 72h) will remain in effect for all users. We hope this simplifies things for both staff and users. And it should avoid VPN users from getting caught in the middle on a slow connection without free leech. We believe this new system will be simpler and fairer. Happy torrenting!
  9. Staff Picks Given the decrease of movie releases lately both on Blu-ray and in cinemas we decided to remind you of some of the good movies from past years. On weekly basis we'll be updating this list of staff picks and movies on this specific list are Free Leech. Week #1 - Sci-fi from the '50 Enjoy the walk down the memory lane!
  10. Staff Picks Given the decrease of movie releases lately both on Blu-ray and in cinemas we decided to remind you of some of the good movies from past years. On weekly basis we'll be updating this list of staff picks and movies on this specific list are Free Leech. Week #1 - Sci-fi from the '50 Enjoy the walk down the memory lane!
  11. HDBits | HDB | HD | 2020 Review Tracker Name HDBits Tracker URL Tracker Genre HD Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invite Only Bonus System Available Seed Difficulty Medium Tracker IRC #hdbits Tracker Description / HDBits / HDB is the most wanted tracker in the world. Its quality and rarity make everybody want to join! Fast downloading speeds, good pre-times, P2P and Scene releases and a good community are some of this tracker's advantages. Many well known release groups call "home". The most important of these are: CtrlHD, DON, NTb, CRiSC, EbP, ESiR, SbR, BS, ThD, RZF, SFH, wAm, EucHD, iNK, EA, LolHD, ToK, TayTO, ESPNtb, PerfectionHD, H@M, AtZLIT, NorTV, NiP and more. - Maintaining a ratio isn't overly hard but it does take work. Don't download porn thinking this will boost your ratio, it won't. These torrents are neutral download meaning nothing is counted towards your stats and really they are a waste of precious space. Make good use of the top pinned torrents as these do not count towards your download. Be sure to have completed the torrents before they are removed. Once removed from freeleech they begin to credit your account and ruin your ratio - yeah I learnt the hard way. -Inactivity rules are as followed: Upscale User Class: Disabled within 4 weeks. Unparked accounts: 6 months of inactivity - account disabled. 12 months of inactivity - account deleted. Parked Accounts: 1 year of inactivity - account disabled. 2 years of inactivity - account deleted. VIP members and ABOVE: Exempt from this rule. - If you are expecting to be away for some time PARK your account. Don't forget just browsing the site does NOT qualify as activity. You need to be actively downloading and seeding content to keep your account. Downloading a 1GB file will NOT save you either. Appreciate the tracker and put in the effort. - To be apart of this community you need to make good use of the IRC channel and forums section. IRC details are in the above table but each member requires a special key to make use of the main channel.It is usually just a click of your mouse and bam you have a personal key. DO NOT SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS AND/OR FAMILY! The forums are a fun part of HDB. New members are made to feel really welcome, the tech support is always active and full of troubleshooting etc and the other sub sections are really active so it really does represent a great community to be apart of. - Uploading has an interesting twist. All members who are the user class 720p and below must use a section called 'offers'. To be eligible, the upload offer must receive 15 votes from other users of the community before it is approved by staff for upload. Most offers receive the required numbers of votes anyway! - SEEDBOXES! While they are allowed and you are technically allowed to share a seedbox, avoid downloading or seeding the same torrent from two accounts on the one seedbox. This is classed as cheating in the eyes of staff and you'll more than likely lose your account. You do not need to notify staff of your seedbox or that you are sharing. Home Browse Film TV TV Recommendations User Lists Offers Requests Guidelines Upload Creating a torrent IRC Forums RSS Top 10 Subtitles Bonus FAQ Rules Files Links Lotteries for encodes Staff My Rating Pretimes 9 / 10 Community 9 / 10 Content 10 / 10 Speed 10/ 10 Tracker Rating 10 / 10
  12. this torrent invites trade / sell iptorrents torrentleech empornium hdchina bitspyder psytorrents hdtorrents gormogon thehorrorcharnel tv-vault cgpeers audionews baconbits ncore xspeed hon3yhd iloveclassics danishbits hounddawgs bithumen cartoonchaos surrealmoviez want BTN only invite Hdbits invite/acc or selling bitcoin
  13. Mass Solicitation via User PMs Mass Solicitation via User PMs - 2020-01-18 (Originally announced on 2017-10-17: here) Please refrain from sending Unsolicited Private Messages (PMs) to multiple users with requests of any kind. There has been a sharp increase in solicitations for decryption tools, but those methods are kept private within a small group of uploaders for very good reasons. They will not be made available no matter how many people you ask, or how many times you ask, or how trustworthy you are, or how much money you are offering. Repeat offenders will be warned or disabled!
  14. Tomorrow/today (3 Nov) during the European morning (~09:00 CET / 4am EST), we will perform some quick maintenance. This means all our infrastructure will go down for approximately 15 to 30 minutes.
  15. Short downtime due to maintenance - 2018-08-24 This evening CEST (around noon in the Americas), we will perform some quick maintenance to keep our infrastructure in optima forma. This means that all our systems will be down for approximately 15 minutes or so. edit: mission accomplished
  16. Dropping support for unmaintained crypto libraries - delayed - 2018-08-18 A few days ago we dropped support for outdated crypto libraries, but there were more users than we expected with problems. Therefore we have rolled back the changes, but we will press ahead somewhere next month, essentially giving you more time to prepare. Roughly the users with problems could be divided into two groups: - Windows 7 users - Linux/BSD/Mac users running ancient software To all Windows 7 users: Windows 7 was documented as supporting the newer version of the crypto standards, but apparently that requires a patch. In preparation of the changes next month, install this official patch to enable TLSv1.2 support in Windows 7. It's the sane thing to do anyway. It will also make your other internet traffic faster and more secure. With this patch installed your torrent client will continue to function properly with our tracker next month. To all users still running outdated (software on) other platforms: upgrade, or at least disable the https tracker in your profile and replace the announce URL from all your currently seeding torrents to http:// instead of https://. Running an outdated an unmaintained crypto library can do more harm than good. Your torrent client will stop functioning with HDBits if you don't undertake any actions on your end.
  17. Effective immediately we dropped support for some operating systems, libraries and browsers that are no longer officially supported and quite probably contain vulnerabilities that can easily be exploited. Most notably, this includes the following systems: - Everything up to Android 4.3 - Native Windows XP - Older IE versions - java7 - openssl 0.9.8
  18. Backing up QR code for 2FA authorization For 2FA (2-step authorization) users only: On daily basis people who lost or reset their phone come to our support channel to have 2FA deactivated. I urge all users to backup the QR code image or 16-character code that it represents somewhere safe, ideally in encrypted password storage such as KeePass or Authy, they allow including images too. Then you would be able to reset the authenticator app at any time without asking us for help. The authenticators don't backup your accounts to the cloud by design. You will find it under Profile - Security - Display secret. Thank you.
  19. HDTV encodes - 2018-03-30 We discourage users to upload HDTV encodes for TV content because they are usually worse quality than Amazon/Netflix/iTunes WEB-DL. We won't be banning it outright because many shows don't get anything else than HDTV encode and it would cause problems with scripted uploads. However, we will be deleting HDTV encodes when WEB-DL/WEBRip/Blu-ray encodes season packs are uploaded. This rule can be applied retroactively. The only exception will be HDTV encodes that are proven to be of better quality than WEB-DL. On another note, we would like to advise WEB-DL uploaders to not bother with 720p for animated content such as cartoons, it's waste of time and effort as 1080p WEB-DL from Amazon or iTunes are already very small in size.