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Found 579 results

  1. As the title says, I'm looking for TheGeeks invite. Let me know what you're looking for and we'll try to make a deal (of course I'm ready to trade trackers of the same level as tv-vault, please don't ask for HDBits, or anything similar)
  2. Tomorrow/today (3 Nov) during the European morning (~09:00 CET / 4am EST), we will perform some quick maintenance. This means all our infrastructure will go down for approximately 15 to 30 minutes.
  3. SceneHD | SHD | HD | 2020 Review Tracker Name SceneHD Tracker URL Tracker Genre 0-Day / HD Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invites Only Bonus System Available Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker IRC #scenehd #help Description SceneHD / SHD is a private torrent tracker for 0-Day HD releases mainly focused on Movies, TV, XXX and Documentaries including full Blu-rays, TV packs. In addition, the tracker is provided with excellent seeding by loyal users, so the old distribution and prime collections (packs) are always available for download. The administration implements a very interesting system of bonuses, freeleech hands and the rates by which you can win and to buy useful things in the P2P world – upload, invitations, freeleech, and so on. Invite to SceneHD allows you to become part of a small but powerful community, the goals of which are: quality, speed, and an abundance of content. There is a very rare items at this elite tracker that are not even on the, and a lot of excellent stuff XXX video in HD quality – the largest base of all existing trackers. Community wise SceneHD is very active on Forums and IRC. Aside from the community, the only thing that SceneHD really has going for it is that it sometimes gets complete Blu-rays that other trackers miss, and has an a decent archive. In terms of pretimes, you're better off joining any of the number of general 0-Day scene trackers that exist. How does ratio work here? Ascending ratio requirement: Download Required ratio up to 50GiB None 50 - 75GiB 0.1 75 - 100GiB 0.25 100 - 150GiB 0.5 150 - 250GiB 0.75 After you have reached 250 GiB download you must keep your ratio at or above 1.0 at all times. Inactivity rules. What happens when I don't log in for a while? If you don't use your account for a certain amount of time it WILL get disabled! Peering alone is NOT sufficient, you have to either actively upload data, or login to the site to be counted as active. The maximum amount of time you can be inactive depends on your user class: HD Leecher 14 days HD Lover/Addict 30 days HD Collector/Specialist 45 days HD Fanatic/Expert 60 days HD Authority 90 days News Browse Requests Bonus Information Betting Leaderboards & Medals Information IRC Forums FAQ Rules Community Freeleech RSS Donate Staff My Rating Pretimes 8 / 10 Community 8 / 10 Content 8 / 10 Speed 7 / 10 Tracker Rating 8 / 10
  4. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for OMGWTFNZBs invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (HDB), (PTP) and BroadcasThe.Net (BTN) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (TL) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (HDB) and CartoonChaos (CC) invite. Thank you! Thank you so much mate, really appreciate your valuable feedback. Cheers! Sorry i might have missed that, Just sent you another quote for AnimeBytes (AB) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for AnimeBytes (AB) and AnimeTorrents (AnT) invite. Thank you!
  5. Short downtime due to maintenance - 2018-08-24 This evening CEST (around noon in the Americas), we will perform some quick maintenance to keep our infrastructure in optima forma. This means that all our systems will be down for approximately 15 minutes or so. edit: mission accomplished
  6. Dropping support for unmaintained crypto libraries - delayed - 2018-08-18 A few days ago we dropped support for outdated crypto libraries, but there were more users than we expected with problems. Therefore we have rolled back the changes, but we will press ahead somewhere next month, essentially giving you more time to prepare. Roughly the users with problems could be divided into two groups: - Windows 7 users - Linux/BSD/Mac users running ancient software To all Windows 7 users: Windows 7 was documented as supporting the newer version of the crypto standards, but apparently that requires a patch. In preparation of the changes next month, install this official patch to enable TLSv1.2 support in Windows 7. It's the sane thing to do anyway. It will also make your other internet traffic faster and more secure. With this patch installed your torrent client will continue to function properly with our tracker next month. To all users still running outdated (software on) other platforms: upgrade, or at least disable the https tracker in your profile and replace the announce URL from all your currently seeding torrents to http:// instead of https://. Running an outdated an unmaintained crypto library can do more harm than good. Your torrent client will stop functioning with HDBits if you don't undertake any actions on your end.
  7. Effective immediately we dropped support for some operating systems, libraries and browsers that are no longer officially supported and quite probably contain vulnerabilities that can easily be exploited. Most notably, this includes the following systems: - Everything up to Android 4.3 - Native Windows XP - Older IE versions - java7 - openssl 0.9.8
  8. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (HDB) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (PTP) invite. Thank you!
  9. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (HDB) invite. Thank you!
  10. From HDBits forum: A successor for BitMe.ORG is now welcoming former members of BitMe's e-learning community.  The new site has been established by long-term BitMe.ORG staff team members. It is now in beta/prelaunch, fully operational, with development continuing. Please visit and /join #bitme.invites for invite interview.
  11. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (HDB) invite. Thank you!
  12. Backing up QR code for 2FA authorization For 2FA (2-step authorization) users only: On daily basis people who lost or reset their phone come to our support channel to have 2FA deactivated. I urge all users to backup the QR code image or 16-character code that it represents somewhere safe, ideally in encrypted password storage such as KeePass or Authy, they allow including images too. Then you would be able to reset the authenticator app at any time without asking us for help. The authenticators don't backup your accounts to the cloud by design. You will find it under Profile - Security - Display secret. Thank you.
  13. HDTV encodes - 2018-03-30 We discourage users to upload HDTV encodes for TV content because they are usually worse quality than Amazon/Netflix/iTunes WEB-DL. We won't be banning it outright because many shows don't get anything else than HDTV encode and it would cause problems with scripted uploads. However, we will be deleting HDTV encodes when WEB-DL/WEBRip/Blu-ray encodes season packs are uploaded. This rule can be applied retroactively. The only exception will be HDTV encodes that are proven to be of better quality than WEB-DL. On another note, we would like to advise WEB-DL uploaders to not bother with 720p for animated content such as cartoons, it's waste of time and effort as 1080p WEB-DL from Amazon or iTunes are already very small in size.
  14. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (PTP) and GazelleGames (GGn) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (HDB) and ToTheGlory (TTG) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (PTP) and PornBits (PB) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (PTP) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (HDB) invite. Thank you!
  15. Dear users. Most of you probably noticed that your torrents turned red in your clients, this has to do with the DDoS attack against domain used for announcing that started 1.5 days ago. It seems to be a big brute force attack, our mitigation attempts failed and currently we're have ordered another server to help balance the load. It will be hopefully up and running in next 24 hours but hopefully the attack will stop soon. For now, we have to wait it out. Fingers crossed and thanks for your patience.
  16. Warning regarding recently found uTorrent vulnerabilitie As many of you noticed in forum discussion there were recently certain vulnerabilities found in old and new versions of uTorrent. The latest version 3.5.3 fixes them but considering its usability problems (that all 3.x versions have to some extent) such as speed or stability issues, many users prefer to use older versions 2.0.4 or 2.2.1 or 3.4.5. The exploits are divided to 2 groups - exploit of WebUI listening port and incoming connections port. You can and should mitigate the first by disabling WebUI and setting net.discoverable setting to false in uTorrent's settings. Doing these steps prevents majority of harmful action that could be done such as getting access to your PC. The remaining unfixed exploit of incoming port could allegedly make your client crash when someone attacked it, but there reports that even this cannot be replicated so we don't think there is enough reasons or need to ban all older versions of uTorrent. Be careful about sites that you visit. We can recommend using JavaScript blocking plugins such as NoScript or others and whitelist only trusted sites. This would prevent these exploits and also various other possible online attacks. If you are using old versions of uTorrent, make sure that you use the latest builds made for that version such as 2.0.4 build 22967 or 2.2.1 build 25302. Do not use other builds of these versions! You can find more information in this topic
  17. Unfortunately, we're experiencing tracker issues again due to network connectivity problems with our hoster. We're looking to switch hoster shortly. In the meantime, please flush your DNS and/or restart your client.