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Found 548 results

  1. Offering / / / Empornium / EMP Invite, PM me for the price. Commodity URL:,, Commodity REVIEW:
  2. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (EMP) invite. Thank you!
  3. Hi there, I'm interested in purchasing access to empornium. Thank you.
  4. Keeping old torrents alive We need your help to keep our torrents alive! We're streamlining our hosting after the server loss incident earlier this year. As part of this, we will remove old tracker URLs from our configuration. Up until now we've continued to support them, but this adds complexity to our site that makes it harder to maintain. Unfortunately, some older torrents are mainly supported by seeders still using an old tracker URL, and simply disabling the old tracker URLs would risk us losing torrents due to insufficient active seeders. Therefore, we need your help. There are two things you can do: 1. Check whether you're seeding any torrents that have a tracker URL not starting in: , and fix them. Read the forum post for instructions. 2. Look for torrents with the bad.peers tag that you could download and seed, thus saving the torrent from oblivion. This tag is automatically generated based on a script to determine the torrents that heavily depend on old tracker URLs. You can search for this tag combined with others to find and save torrents that fit your personal tastes. We will monitor progress, and take action depending on the results. This could involve changing which torrents have the bad.peers tag, or sending system messages to users who are still using old tracker URLs. Read the forum post for more information
  5. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (EMP) invite. Thank you!
  6. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (EMP) invite. Thank you!
  7. Freeleech Picks June 2021 Hey Pervs, After several months delay we proudly present the Freeleech Picks for June 2021. For this month we did something different. Rather than picks from Staff Members, we decided to give the opportunity to some very special users. These picks were made by some of the top 50 donors from last years Santa give away. These users gave a lot to many other users and we thought it would be nice for them to get recognized for it. So enjoy these freeleech picks and maybe drop a thank you to these generous users. To view a collage of this month's picks, please Click Here. If you wish to view the previous picks, go to the collage section at the top of the page, and filter for Staff Picks. If you wish to discuss this month's picks, please do so in this thread. Enjoy!
  8. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (EMP) invite. Thank you!
  9. Hi! I'm interested to buy an invite for Empornium! :)
  10. Happy Mammarial Day 1-Week-Free-Leech Giveaway (FREE4ALL) Happy Mammarial Day EMPervs...!!! WELCUM to our EMPornium's Happy Mammarial Day 1-week Free-Leech Giveaway...!!! * this is a cummunity sponsored giveaway * * CUM join in...!!! FREE4ALL...!!! * Hurry, don't be late...!!! * Limited seating and it's first cum, first served...!!! * DON'T miss out... Happy Mammarial Day EMPervs...!!! Discuss this post here
  11. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (EMP) invite. Thank you!
  12. June 2021 Monthly Upload Contest - Game On! in association with The June 2021 monthly upload contest: Game On! This contest begins on 1st June and ends on 30th June! PRIZES! Every Gaming-themed upload that you post, you will win 6,000 bonus credits! Contributions to the prize fund for this and future monthly upload competitions are more than welcome!
  13. Empornium's Monthly Theme Contest Donation Drive gluon124's Monthly Theme Contest Donation Drive Hey EMPers! Last year I took over running the official themed monthly upload contest from Zakkis - and now I need more credits to keep it going! Every month a new theme is chosen - any torrent uploaded in that month that meets the criteria is eligible for 6,000 credits! IF you have any spare bonus credits just laying around, and you want to support this awesome contest, then please consider donating to the cause. Your donation and support is greatly appreciated. Help to support future uploads.
  14. I have: BITPORN(MALACKA) , FILELIST,Scenetime,Hdmonkey,, Blues-brothers , I want: HDBits,BroadcasThe.Net,LearnFlakes,Bibliotik,Blutopia,LearnBits,,M-Team TP,MusicVids,ThePlace,MagicTorrents,TheVault,BizTorrents,ElbitZ.NET ,Empornium,BitSeduce,TheGeeks,Xthor,TorrentBD,PassThePopcorn. (or any good fitness/health/E-Learning tracker). Pm me with the offers
  15. Sitewide Freeleech for 24 hrs and 0 secs
  16. Empornium | EMP | Porn | 2020 Review Tracker Name Empornium Tracker URL Tracker Genre Porn Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invite Only Bonus System Available Seed Difficulty Medium Tracker IRC #empornium Description - Empornium (EMP) is one of the largest international porn tracker around. It rose from the ashes of the old Empornium ( and was the place people fled to upon the demise of cheggit (and apparently BMT). The design has been revamped, as the site now uses gazelle. - Launched in March 2011, Empornium has slowly but surely become the reference in the Porn category. - Hundreds of torrents are uploaded daily with a grand total of 432k which includes single torrents / Packs / Monthly site-rips etc. - Another forte of Empornium is its amazing community, over 81k of members who are very active and are without a doubt one of the keys to the success of this tracker. Most of requests are being filled as fast as possible. - Maintaining a good ratio is very easy, there is many Freelech torrents each month (torrents > 30GB are always FL), a very generous seedbonus system, frequent contests, everything is done to give the user a pleasant experience. - Another great thing that EMP offers are medals and awards as a reward for community participation. You can receive medals for everything from uploading, seeding, downloading, filling requests, making presentations for your uploads etc. - Many torrents are being uploaded every day. New HD movies and vids plus many packs of specific sites and performers makes it really a paradise for a porn lover. - Joining Empornium on the other hand can be complicated as invites are only given to certain classes of users. Home Torrents Upload Requests Tags Collages Forum IRC Rules Rules User Classes FAQ Donate Rating Pretimes - / 10 Community 9 / 10 Content 9 / 10 Speed 8 / 10 Tracker Rating 9 / 10
  17. Update 30.04. The tracker is finally back on its permanent server and performing as expected, imagehosts are back online, the fault in the cooling system has been corrected and uploads have been re-enabled!
  18. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (EMP) invite. Thank you!
  19. Update 14.04. We're still waiting on the host to fix some network related issues but in the mean time have temporarily rehosted the tracker, we know this temporary hosting solution cannot cope with the load of a fully functioning site but with the current swarm sizes it should borderline cope.
  20. Update 01.04. Tracker and image hosts have once again been restored. And they're down again. Update 31.03./01.04. We're having issues with both the tracker and the image hosts. Tech staff is currently working on the issues. Keep seeding.
  21. Both Fapping and Jerking imagehosts are back online and accepting new uploads. We are going to monitor their performance over the next few hours and are likely to tweak the configs a little before enabling uploads again.
  22. EMP update 25.03. Update 25.03. We're still awaiting the new server, but in the mean time anyone who is having issues connecting to the tracker please check your hosts file for and delete that line if found.
  23. K-Pr0n Industries Proudly Presents * UFC 260 * Miocic vs. Ngannou Sat, Mar 27th, 2021 UFC APEX, Las Vegas, United States Fight Card: (See the entry form for pics) Main: Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou Tyron Woodley vs. Vicente Luque Sean O'Malley vs. Thomas Almeida Gillian Robertson vs. Miranda Maverick Jamie Mullarkey vs. Khama Worthy Prelims: Fabio Cherant vs. Alonzo Menifield Jared Gooden vs. Abubakar Nurmagomedov Modestas Bukauskas vs. Michał Oleksiejczuk Early Prelim: Marc-André Barriault vs. Abu Azaitar Prize Pool = 550,000 bonus credits * NEITHER the Covid-19 nor The Big Fire can keep us down...!!! UFC is back...!!! CUM join in the fun...!!! It is FREE For All...!!! Hurry...!!! Hurry...!!! Hurry...!!! JOIN now dammit...!!! Don't make yaypr0n hunt you down, stomp your ass, and make you cry like a sissy...!!! Don't take a beating... Take a guess instead...!!!! Play now while you still can...!!!
  24. Wanted: Taggers The tracker needs your help! Recently many fresh uploads lack basic tags like the clip resolution: 720p 1080p 2160p etc. and at least a basic description of the action: foot.worship ass.licking caning toilet.slavery cbt and so on.. The studio and the Mistress/Princess/Performer should also always be tagged: brat.princess & empress.jennifer The tagging system is our strongest tool to categorize uploads. A properly tagged upload can be found in 5 years from now while a poorly tagged upload is just a waste of space in our database! Please do not hesitate to use the tagging system, even on uploads that are not yours! Mistakes and typos can always be reverted or deleted by staff!
  25. We're currently waiting for assembly of an additional server. Once this is done, we can bring back our image hosts. At the same time we're looking into adding an additional edge server to be able to deal with the performance issues. After that we can bring back the .me domain. For now, .is is the way to go, but I guess if you can read this, you already know.