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Found 16 results

  1. this torrent invites trade / sell iptorrents torrentleech empornium hdchina bitspyder psytorrents hdtorrents gormogon thehorrorcharnel tv-vault cgpeers audionews baconbits ncore xspeed hon3yhd iloveclassics danishbits hounddawgs bithumen cartoonchaos surrealmoviez want BTN only invite Hdbits invite/acc or selling bitcoin
  2. Downtime due to server issues.
  3. Live djs starting from 17:00 UK time throughout the day Big ups all those past and present that got us here, lets keep it rolling!! You can tune it at Or install the android app!
  4. BIG UP THE GOLDIE! Can you believe this nutter has been going strong for 25 years now? Most people will have heard his now legendary record Timeless which marked the beginning of a long journey of fantastic tunes exploring all sort of styles and sounds. He's made such a name for himself that besides countless awards and TV appearances he even received a MBE from the Prince of Wales. To celebrate 25 years of Goldie he released a small collection of remastered unreleased tracks and we'll celebrate by putting his entire discography on FREELEECH for a week here: collages.php?id=6928 If for some reason, you have never heard of Goldie, you owe it to yourself to give his music a listen! Let us know, what are some of your favourite Goldie tunes/releases?
  5. What were you guys doing 12 years ago? 12 years ago, this little haven of bass was born and flourished over the years because of dedicated users and music lovers like you. Personally, when I first joined DB9 6 and a half years ago, I was amazed by the archives here, especially for all of the record labels. Following record labels regardless of genre is an excellent way to discover new music, new artists, and for exploring different styles and genres, so to celebrate, we will make some of the most-subscribed record labels for each genre freeleech/neutral leech to help keep these libraries alive! The following labels were selected based on the most used genre tag for each label and by the total number of subscibers subsequently, some discretion was used when the main genres weren't clear. Labels with 100 or more torrents will be freeleech for 3-10 days depending on activity, and will be neutral leech for about another 3 weeks. Labels with 50 or more torrents will be freeleech for 7-14 days depending on activity, and will be neutral leech for about another 2-3 weeks. Labels with less than 50 torrents will be freeleech for a month. Drum & Bass 1. Metalheadz 2. Shogun Audio 3. Critical Recordings 4. Exit Records 5. RAM Records Dubstep 1. Deep Medi Musik 2. Tempa 3. Hyperdub 4. Chestplate 5. Tectonic Breaks 1. Boomsha Recordings 2. Warehouse Wax 3. Hot Cakes 4. Top Drawer Digital 5. The Pooty Club Records Jungle 1. Suburban Base Records 2. Congo Natty 3. Scientific Wax Retro 4. Green Bay Wax 5. Deep In The Jungle Records House 1. Aus Music 2. Black Butter Records 3. Dirtybird 4. Naked Naked 5. Lobster Boy Techno 1. Nonplus Records 2. Convex Industries 3. Houndstooth 4. DECA Rhythm 5. R & S Records UK Garage 1. Symbols Recordings 2. L25 Recordings 3. Unknown To The Unknown 4. Sounds of Sumo 5. Nice 'N' Ripe Oldschool Hardcore 1. Basement Records 2. Kniteforce Records 3. De Underground Records 4. Jedi Recordings 5. Production House Ambient 1. Auxiliary 2. Apollo 3. Silent Season 4. Bering Strait Archives 5. Glacial Movement Records Grime 1. Bandulu Records 2. Butterz 3. Terrorhythm Recordings 4. White Peach Records 5. Oil Gang Don't forget to support these labels and the artists they represent when you can! Enjoy updating your collections, discovering new music, and vibing out with the bass ~ // DB9 Staff
  6. All uTorrent Users, PLEASE READ Due to the recent news about the security vulnerabilities with previous versions of uTorrent 3.x, every user who has not already updated to the latest stable build (uTorrent 3.5.3 build 44358) should do so. We will eventually remove previous uTorrent 3.x versions from the client whitelist to phase out those insecure versions, but for now, please upgrade to their latest stable build ASAP. As of now, any future stable builds of uTorrent 3.x will be considered for the whitelist. For more information, read here: [Discuss this post here]
  7. Merry Christmas from DB9! To kick things off, all users will get 25 Freeleech Tokens that will expire on January 16th! These tokens are already sent out. For every 25 torrents that you are seeding you will get +1 bonus Freeleech token (max at 25 bonus Freeleech tokens). As of now, there is still time to snatch and seed plenty of torrents before these bonus tokens are given out! Users seeding over 1000 torrents will receive an additional 25 tokens. These tokens will be awarded later as well! Competitions! All entries must have username and date written in the picture. Tree Decorating Show us your decorated Christmas tree! 1st prize: 25 freeleech tokens, 25 request tokens, a custom title, 1 invite (pending user eligibility), and 1 release to be a freeleech staff pick with your own review 2nd prize: 15 freeleech tokens and 15 request tokens 3rd prize: 5 freeleech tokens and 10 request tokens Christmas Dinner Show us what you're noming on! (Bonus FL tokens may be rewarded to any entry with a recipe) 1st prize: 20 freeleech tokens, 20 request tokens, a custom title, 1 invite (pending user eligibility), and 1 release to be a freeleech staff pick with your own review 2nd prize: 15 freeleech tokens and 15 request tokens 3rd prize: 5 freeleech tokens and 10 request tokens Lastly, and certainly not least, we updated the Golden Rules for clarity. Please take the time to read them again: rules.php Merry Christmas to you all! // DB9 Staff
  8. I have an m-team - tp account I want an invite to or
  9. Tracker Name: DB9 or DEEPBASSNiNE Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: Music Tracker Access: Invite Only Tracker Type: Tracker mainly specialize in the music style of Drum'n'Bass. Also a lot of Bass, House and Techno. This is a great site if you're into DnB, but if not you might not find anything of interest here. They have great staff and great forums. Tracker Logo: Tracker Stats: Categories: Browse: Requests: Forums: Rules: User Classes: My Ratings: Content: 5/5 - There are many exclusive torrents, what is forbidden to upload on other resources Speed: 3/5 - Speed is bad on some new torrents, but rest good so far.
  10. Tracker Name: DeepBassNine ( DB9 ) Genre: Music Sign-up link: Closing date: N/A i.S Review Link [ by inviter]:
  11. As the title says. I have a Pedro and CHDBits invites. Looking for DB9 Nxtgen Norbits SceneHD FTN HDSpain Exigo HDBits ....well you get the picture. Looking for trackers of high level and high value. Shoot me a pm with your offer. Please no lowball offers of common easy to get trackers. I don't care about the buffer. I'm also giving away 3 Pedro invites in the giveaway section. Feel free to apply if you are a super user.
  12. Looking for some trade. [HAVE]: CHDBits invite HDWing buffered acc + email TTG buffered acc + email BH invite [WANT]: TheVault acc + email BitMe invite or acc + email SceneHD invite DB9 invite P.S. can give 2 trackers for 1.
  13. Have chdbits acc with 3tb upload/700gb download and original mail. Want db9.