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Found 326 results

  1. Website is unstable, experiencing loading issues for the past 1 hour.
  2. Website and tracker are unstable for the past 1-2 hours (currently down).
  3. Site Down For Maintenance We are currently carrying out some maintenance. We will be back soon The Staff Status Page or IRC
  4. Website is currently experiencing loading issues, as the server is either unresponsive or too slow to load.
  5. Website is unstable, experiencing loading issues for the past 1-2 hours.
  6. Site is unstable for the past 1 hour, mostly down.
  7. Site is unstable for the past 1 hour, mostly down.
  8. CHDBits Recruitment You may have noticed announcements around the internet earlier today about an agreement between CHDBits and ourselves. This was put in place by a junior staff member who did so without consulting senior staff and as such is not going to be going ahead. CHD is on our no movement list and will remain there.
  9. Site is experiencing connectivity issues due to invalid SSL certificate.
  10. To increase the secruity of the site we have made some changes to how logins work. The first one is transparent to the user and involves the hashing algorithm that your hashed password (we do NOT store your actual password) is stored with basically we have upgraded to a stronger password hashing algorithm. What do you as a user need to do to use this? Absolutely nothing outside of what you do normally i.e. login. When you login the hashed password is updated and stored for you automatically. So please logout of your account and log back in again to ensure that you are using the new hashing algorithm So the next one is a little more involved but makes your account much more secure, that is the use of two factor authentication via Google Authenticator. With this enabled you will be required to enter a code generated on your smart phone after entering a valid username and password to gain access to your account. To Enable this on your account go to your profile, scroll down to the Account Security section and tick the Enable Two Factor Authentication checkbox Then click the Save Profile button. Once the page refreshes you should see a QR code appear, scan this QR code with Google Authenticator and you should now have see a code in the Google Authenticator screen (If you do not scan the QR code into Google Authenticator you WILL be locked out of your account). Then when you try to login after entering the username and password you should see this screen Enter the current code that Google Authenticator has automatically generated for you and click Submit. //The Staff
  11. Guess who's back, back again! Yes if you can see this you have probably already realized that AHD is back. So where have we been? Well, first we got on a plane and flew off to the beach for a day or 2. Nah we are just fooling around with you. You more than likely have noticed the same problems around speed that we had noticed over the last few months, well we decided it was time to do something about it. So we took the opportunity of being at home in lockdown to pull our infrastructure apart and start to put it back together in a way that should allow for a more responsive user experience for you. There is still some more work that needs to be put in to make sure everything is back to normal and running smoothly but we wanted to get the site back in your hands as soon as we can. There will be some more downtime to come but it will definitely not be for as long this time. Thank you for sticking with us during this. The Staff
  12. Site Down For Maintenance We are currently carrying out some maintenance. We will be back soon The Staff Status Page or IRC
  13. An AHD mod, regarding the recent downtine, has mentioned that there is a hardware failure and it could take a few days for things to get back to normal.