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Found 524 results

  1. Update 30.04. The tracker is finally back on its permanent server and performing as expected, imagehosts are back online, the fault in the cooling system has been corrected and uploads have been re-enabled!
  2. For limited time I'm offering (EMP) Invite, PM me for price. URL:
  3. Update 14.04. We're still waiting on the host to fix some network related issues but in the mean time have temporarily rehosted the tracker, we know this temporary hosting solution cannot cope with the load of a fully functioning site but with the current swarm sizes it should borderline cope.
  4. Update 01.04. Tracker and image hosts have once again been restored. And they're down again. Update 31.03./01.04. We're having issues with both the tracker and the image hosts. Tech staff is currently working on the issues. Keep seeding.
  5. Both Fapping and Jerking imagehosts are back online and accepting new uploads. We are going to monitor their performance over the next few hours and are likely to tweak the configs a little before enabling uploads again.
  6. EMP update 25.03. Update 25.03. We're still awaiting the new server, but in the mean time anyone who is having issues connecting to the tracker please check your hosts file for and delete that line if found.
  7. K-Pr0n Industries Proudly Presents * UFC 260 * Miocic vs. Ngannou Sat, Mar 27th, 2021 UFC APEX, Las Vegas, United States Fight Card: (See the entry form for pics) Main: Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou Tyron Woodley vs. Vicente Luque Sean O'Malley vs. Thomas Almeida Gillian Robertson vs. Miranda Maverick Jamie Mullarkey vs. Khama Worthy Prelims: Fabio Cherant vs. Alonzo Menifield Jared Gooden vs. Abubakar Nurmagomedov Modestas Bukauskas vs. Michał Oleksiejczuk Early Prelim: Marc-André Barriault vs. Abu Azaitar Prize Pool = 550,000 bonus credits * NEITHER the Covid-19 nor The Big Fire can keep us down...!!! UFC is back...!!! CUM join in the fun...!!! It is FREE For All...!!! Hurry...!!! Hurry...!!! Hurry...!!! JOIN now dammit...!!! Don't make yaypr0n hunt you down, stomp your ass, and make you cry like a sissy...!!! Don't take a beating... Take a guess instead...!!!! Play now while you still can...!!!
  8. We're currently waiting for assembly of an additional server. Once this is done, we can bring back our image hosts. At the same time we're looking into adding an additional edge server to be able to deal with the performance issues. After that we can bring back the .me domain. For now, .is is the way to go, but I guess if you can read this, you already know.
  9. EMPornium's Covid Emergency Relief Aid Donation Drive * WITH the world still reeling from the covid, and remaining in lockdown, people are stuck at home, bored, and are chewing up the internet, and here at EMPornium, they are destroying their stats and digging themselves deeper into debt... WE have distributed over 18 million bonus credits to help out our fellow EMPervs in need, but now our resources are dwindling, and we have around 400,000 bonus credits remaining in the fund... SO, I cum to the cummunity once again, with hands out, in hopes of raising some more funding to keep this project alive... IF you are so moved, and have some extra bonus credits that you are not using, and wish to help out and to give a helping hand to your fellow EMPervs in need during this time, your generosity and support is appreciated... Thank you kindly for your support... usb
  10. We're slowly resuming operations, we're starting with the website, available under (preferred) and for now We have restored the site on the and domains, will take a little longer. The tracker should also start to come back online shortly. We expect the imagehosts to take considerably longer to restore, possibly next week but it may take even more time. Thank you for your patience and support during this difficult time.
  11. Extended downtime due to crispy hardware malfunction Dear pervs, Welcome back! Some critical Empornium infrastructure was lost in a big datacenter fire Wednesday. Because of this, our site and tracker have been down for several days. Luckily, our main database was unaffected, and no site data was lost. Our techs have been working to get the site back online by deploying and configuring new servers to replace what has been lost. We're now at a point where we're able to bring the website back online through the domains and . However, much work still needs to be done before everything is fully back to normal. While work is ongoing, there will be no automated rank changes or bans, no torrents will be deleted due to lack of seeders, and uploads are disabled. Please be patient while we resolve remaining issues, which include but are not limited to: The tracker is not yet operational. Other domains besides and are not yet online. We suggest you use to reach the site. Performance or reliability issues might crop up in the new infrastructure. We will handle these as we learn about them. Because scheduled server actions have been disabled, some status information on the site might not be updated. Some imagehosts are not yet fully operational. We will update you on the status of the maintenance work by updating this announcement. For now, please don't report any issues you may run into, we're probably already aware of them. Thank you for your patience. Regards, Emp staff
  12. Our main edge server appears to have been destroyed in a fire at the hosting company's datacenter. The site's database is not hosted at this location and therefore is unaffected by this unfortunate event. Unfortunately the core server for both the Jerking and Fapping imagehosts were also at this datacenter and the fire occurred approximately 23 hours after they had performed their last backup, thus we have lost those images. Sources tell us that no hamsters were harmed during the fire. One of our public facing servers stopped working. (Almost) no data has been lost, we're working on restoration. Might take a few days. Last edited by Mysterio; 2 Hours Ago at 02:29 PM.
  13. Schduled Maintenance Downtime We're going to have an extended downtime starting at 12:00 pm (UTC) on Wednesday the 10th of March. This downtime will see the entire database undergo a logical reload and as such may take 24 hours or longer. We'll of course keep you all as updated as possible and our FLS are busy preparing for an IRC party to help you all with the expected withdrawal symptoms pass the time. -Emp Tech Staff
  14. Tracker name : Empornium Genre : XXX Review : If any Signup URL : Alternate Signup URL : Closing Date : Soon
  15. * purplewolverine's NHL 3-Way Parlay * NHL hockey is back...!!! * 50,000 bonus credits prize * FREE 4 ALL * Join in NOW...!!! * Don't be late...!!! * thank you to PW and our cummunity sponsors *
  16. Happy Festivus EMPervs...!!! ATTENTION EMPervs...!!! * Festivus is near...!!! CUM celebrate a week of Festivus with the rest of us...!!! 7-days (1 week) of Site-Wide-Free-Leech...!!! Friday December 25 - Friday January 1st starting at UTC (25-12-2020 00:00:00) and ending on (01-01-2021 00:00:00)... HAPPY FESTIVUS EMPornium...!!! --->>> discuss here <<<---
  17. New contest Cummunity NHL Pick-the-Winners-Contest * Cummunity NHL Pick-the-Winners-Contest * The NHL is still going forward... * The Covid has wreaked havoc on the NHL season, but they are pushing forward... * 60,000 bonus credits prize * FREE 4 ALL * Join in NOW...!!! * Don't be late...!!! * You don't even have to know the sport to play... I'm running the contest and I don't follow the sport... * thank you to our cummunity sponsors * Discuss this post here
  18. New contest * UFC 258 * K**** Industries Proudly Presents * UFC 258 * Usman vs Burns Sat, Feb 13th, 2021 7 PM PST UFC APEX, Las Vegas, United States UFC is back...!!! The Covid hasn't stopped them, so maybe no one can...!!! These warriors are HUNGRY and are out for blood...!!! They've stared down the covid and are ready to rumble...!!! Only ONE will be victorious...!!! Who shall it be...??? CUM check it out...!!! * Free4ALL * 900,000 bonus credits in prizes * Everyone is welcum to play * Cum join in now, before you miss out...!!! Discuss this post here
  19. HAVE :: Animebytes invite WANT : Bezze ,BTN ,, ,DB9 ,Exigo with imail
  20. New contest * 2021 World PMV Games Donation Drive * 2021 World PMV Games Donation Drive Hey Lovers of Music and Porn, its Back again! For the 6th year running we celebrate the event that brings together dozens of PMV creators and Millions of fans....A noble and fun contest that pits editors against each other in a battle of wit, skill & vision...!!! MAY 13,2021 * IF you enjoy the games, then please consider donating any excess bonus credits that you have lying around, and support our efforts and contest... Discuss this post here
  21. New contest EMPornium's Merry X-Mouse Helping Hand Giveaway EMPornium's Merry X-Mouse Helping Hand Giveaway is open...!!! Discuss this post here
  22. New contest EMPornium's Merry X-Mouse Helping Hand Giveaway EMPornium's Merry X-Mouse Helping Hand Giveaway is open...!!! Discuss this post here
  23. 10th Anniversary Fellow Pervs, Today, we're celebrating the 10th anniversary of Empornium. It's incredible to think that this iteration of Empornium has existed for a whole decade now. We just started with the name and a bunch of staff from the original Empornium. And look where we're at today, having our very own loyal user base, almost half a million torrents and generally still thriving besides the fact that streaming porn is a lot more popular and accessible these days compared 10 years ago. We from the Empornium admin team want to use this opportunity to say "thank you". Thank you Empornium users who keep us afloat by bringing life to our site, seeding their snatches to keep torrents alive and the occasional donations so we can afford our servers. Thank you uploaders for keeping Empornium interesting and providing entertainment to all of us. Thank you FLS for assisting our staff, supporting our users, and for finding ways to improve Empornium Thank you regular staff for doing all the dirty work with the goal of keeping up Empornium standards. Thank you senior staff for organising staff and still doing all the regular tasks on the side. Thank you coders and technicians for keeping Empornium running and having introduced many amazing features to Luminance and Radiance. We don't have anything big planned, this anniversary came out of nowhere, but we want to allow more people to join our community, which is why we're once again handing out invites to our members who have uploaded some torrents in the past. If you're one of the following ranks, you may find some fresh invites to give away: 1 invite for Great Pervs 4 invites for Sextreme Pervs and above The maximum number of invites you can have at once is 4. Depending on development speed, this might be the last time we're handing out invites to users who have Two-Factor-Authentication disabled. To make sure you will receive invites in the future, please enable Two-Factor-Authentication on your Security Page. Discuss here
  24. New contest EMPornium's Merry X-Mouse Helping Hand Giveaway EMPornium's Merry X-Mouse Helping Hand Giveaway is open...!!! Discuss this post here