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  1. GitHub has restored a fork of the fan-made “Re3” project that published reverse-engineered code of the popular GTA 3 and Vice City games. The action follows a counter-notice sent by a third-party developer in response to Take-Two Interactive's takedown. Github followed the DMCA procedure and isn't publicly taking sides. In February, a group of developers released a project that had many passionate GTA fans excited. After years of work, they published “Re3” and “reVC,” two fully reverse-engineered releases of the GTA III and Vice City games, which were originally released two decades ago. The reverse-engineered code opens the door to many tweaks and modifications that make the old games much more playable on modern computers. Importantly, however, an official copy of the games was still required for the code to work properly since game assets are not included. Take-Two Takes Down Reverse-Engineered GTA Code GTA fans welcomed the releases with open arms but the same can’t be said for Take-Two Interactive. A few days after “Re3” and “reVC” were posted on GitHub, the game publisher took them offline, claiming copyright infringement. “The content in the links below consists of copyrighted materials owned by Take-Two. The use of our copyrighted content in these links are unauthorized and it should be removed immediately,” Take-Two Interactive wrote. When the news first broke, project leader “aap” said that the team was considering possible options to restore the code. That is not without risk. Under US law, reverse-engineering can be seen as fair use, but this area is a bit of a minefield that could open the door to an expensive legal battle. The DMCA takedown notice didn’t just target the official GitHub repository. There were more than 200 forks that were pulled offline too. One of these forks was created by a New Zealand-based developer named Theo, who, unlike the main developers, decided to take a stand. Fork Owner Sends Counter-Notice Last month, Theo submitted a counter-notice, arguing that his fork was taken down without a proper reason. “This should not have happened,” he informed GitHub. Speaking with TorrentFreak, the developer says that the reverse-engineered code is not completely identical to Take-Two’s original. Since it’s not copied verbatim, he believes that the game publisher can’t claim it as theirs. “It would appear that the code in the re3 repo is reverse engineered, not a straight decompilation. I believe Take-Two’s claim to be wholly incorrect if this is the case, since the code may be functionally identical, but not exactly identical, they hold no claim to the code. “I do not agree with how Take-Two handles events like this,” Theo adds, referencing an earlier debacle when Take-Two targeted the OpenIV modding tool. “Taking down code that does not belong to them is abhorrent.” Github Restores Forked Repository While this may seem like a David vs. Goliath battle, the developer’s counter-notice was successful. After two weeks, GitHub restored the fork, which is now accessible to the public again. This doesn’t mean that GitHub has taken sides. The DMCA rules simply dictate that disputed content has to be restored between 10 and 14 business days, unless the rightsholder takes legal action. Theo tells us that he hasn’t heard from Take-Two in response to his takedown notice. While he’s aware of the legal risk that he faces, the developer doesn’t expect the game publisher to pursue this any further. This would mean that the reverse-engineered code remains online.
  2. Movie tycoon Carlos Vasallo is suing YouTube for widespread copyright infringement. Despite sending over 10,000 takedown notices, pirated copies of his movies continue to appear. YouTube did offer access to its Content-ID system but the movie magnate refused, as that would require him to release the video platform from all possible piracy claims that took place in the past. To protect copyright holders, YouTube uses an advanced piracy recognition system that flags and disables videos that are uploaded without permission. This copyright filter, known as Content-ID, works reasonably well but its use is limited to a select group of major copyright holders. The Spanish-born movie tycoon Carlos Vasallo should fall into this category. Through several companies, the actor and producer owns the rights to the world’s largest collection of Mexican and Latin American movies. Unfortunately, many of these are illegally shared on YouTube. In 2015, Vasallo reached out to YouTube, hoping to fix this piracy problem. The video platform was open to explore several options and Mr. Juanjo Duran, Google’s Director of Latin Media and Entertainment, suggested the “Content-ID” system as an ideal solution. This sounds like a typical approach YouTube would have when dealing with major copyright holders. However, unlike others, Vasallo refused to use Content-ID system because it came with a major caveat. Mr. Vasallo had to release YouTube from all possible piracy claims that took place in the past. Movie Tycoon Sues YouTube in Florida Instead, the movie tycoon opted to send old-fashioned DMCA takedown notices. However, according to a lawsuit filed in a Florida federal court this week, that did little to stop people from pirating his films. Vasallo hired a New York law firm to police YouTube and send takedown notices when pirated copies appeared. While the takedown process worked, new copies were added constantly. Even banned users reportedly returned using new names. “Once a pirated movie was found, Mr. Vasallo and Plaintiff would send YouTube a takedown notice. YouTube would then remove the pirated video movie in its entirety. However, YouTube would not remove all matching videos, as YouTube would specifically only remove the one video from the one infringer related to the single infringing upload identified in the takedown notice. “The same infringer would be free to upload the video again until three takedown notices were filed against him within a ninety-day period. Then and only then, would YouTube cancel the infringer’s username. The same infringer could then create a new username and begin the process of posting the pirated videos all over again,” the complaint notes. Over the past several years, the law firm sent over 10,000 takedown notices for pirated films that were viewed more than 500 million times on YouTube. The video service maintains that this is how the DMCA works, but the movie tycoon argued that the company should do more. Content-ID Comes With a Caveat The complaint mentions the earlier discussions with YouTube about joining the Content-ID platform. At the time, YouTube said that it could “very easily” detect and block infringing content. However, in order to join, the movie tycoon had to sign a release. Under U.S. law, YouTube is not obliged to actively monitor for pirated content. The company told the movie tycoon that it’s protected by the DMCA. But what is the purpose of the release then, Vasallo wonders. “f Defendants confidently rely on the protections afforded to them by the DMCA, then why did Defendants adamantly insist that Mr. Vasallo, as well as Plaintiff, release Defendants from all claims associated with Defendants’ prior acts of piracy? “The clear answer to this question is the following: Defendants consistently use the DMCA as both a shield and sword against the average copyright owner, such as Plaintiff in this case,” the complaint adds. ‘YouTube Should Proactively Monitor Piracy’ The lawsuit argues that YouTube should be required to take reasonable steps to anticipate and filter potential copyright infringements. This effectively means opening up the Content-ID system to all rightsholders without caveats. According to the movie mogul, YouTube has intentionally decided not to use the Content-ID process for all rightsholders. By doing so, it can monetize the billions of views these videos generate. “Accordingly, Defendants knowingly and willingly induced, facilitated, engaged, and promoted the infringement of Plaintiff’s copyrighted materials for their own financial benefit,” the complaint reads. Through the lawsuit, Vasallo requests damages for YouTube’s alleged copyright infringing activity. With over 700 copyrighted titles, the potential statutory damages add up to more than $100 million. In addition to ruling that YouTube willfully infringed copyrights, the movie tycoon also requests a permanent injunction to require the video platform to implement reasonable technologies to prevent or limit copyright infringement going forward. That sounds a lot like the EU’s ‘upload filter’ requirement. — A copy of the complaint Mr. Vasallo’s company Athos Overseas filed against YouTube at the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida is available here (pdf)
  3. Tracker Name: oMg[WtF]trackr Genre: General Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: Closing Time: Soon Additional Information: Torrents: 207,323 Files size: 371.52 TB Completed: 616,548,065 Transferred: 1.51 EB Peers: 4,895,963 Seeders: 2,511,493 Leechers: 2,384,470 //New Invites// 133b762232dfe27dea9a84c1fceb82bb 3e054270409276ee6605abd41ddfb4d8 07654bf13a638fd6819933c4fe9d446e 1c9320901de15034933ef184d74ad130 e8fff4874f6ced6173072539fe9dda2c 5851ee24334185eb9cd3e1e522c8387b 309feecc077f0c597ba56d7b3ddbe9f2 d861ed10e87902a0c1340534076d15e3 865b44cbc602f417d326fefb414573e8 2b96c232e47eb6edb4cea0027bd2f458 f890bc221dee479c7c770aadb08a5474 19f1adb1a59b9357056ef5f63df903f9 097ce17d4b1af5e7478fabe1f1faf174 adcd6470e0f956cb342eeb8381edbd5b 7b5dcff64aaa5c02a6796e357610e8af dd99f34694d5e511094a5312b65f0415 3fbbf4c69ad8499387590f61ea25077f eacb0caaaae83b74caeadb7aa6fb7c70 857e629b5767a8b8b5f90edff4d5e348 c457d52caee3062b6b35fe12614b31b8 2ef11821601d97da64fc9702a47b7668 337a14715ecfbeb79e1e812094594c95 96278433ee3ae98655adcac68123b4aa d94786ebddbb6588614649a39f406b57 9ab9d338e1ed2fcdffa6d75eed8a2f41 7fca74985ad55794c8472e7721fb4ded 8cf035018b61d25285d9e168a050ea45 aff1a33dee723fde6b1e07c8436b53f1 b400aa284ec8801e3c37ddf10be5daa1 97a00788f48364fc710fb6f8761590f4 18f8ed0c7e766da8300824ebcfa9c99a 51600526397d12c9fdbd13c08887317f a09118839a65a36271d7ad2eb35e3436 e16e239652e4fb0b403e2226646fcfc7 af2ede73b0d9d210fef78cf740d9f2cb 46e8a3538ed044e0b1afcaca5db2c2ac 9566ffac8ce8fc0c985f297635a0943d c0fbf618634bd3ed15d1c6398f1673ec bbb9f565f1c1afa5cf09f6b8da131510 386ab0ca356745aba6e74394a546b76c 5fbea7b2706094f238a88e04152f3e18 c7ff41af473c6152efca2ad54f35436e c704f312298dc8779d572bb0b99b8570 964435485373b9770674bea0c437e841 143cc74c1d804933292417efa14d4b7f d43360869e3a07960902656286ab5d7d 94967704f01fa577aaa553a693de98d5 3522f7d454075f2fb7c6f1eb7cfc4d0b 2b0b0e625163254bd86f03caebbf843e 0e6222946c18441d38165bf4cea4881f 770308953ea4aefed438e2f3f00523ef 4eb5d876ac49258baeda8a210a6997a9 0a973db2872f35ee1c0e87f362f6846b 532ce3786d4d30b7ed2c19d8c69947b1 358e9f6231c6fbec97f6dc604dd6aab5 4916719e0354b16e8a27e2f8babaf4ed 8dcb9a287439c606901bf950909f8684 9472cc6b328d3fc5278835b2148d3f3a edbb0f50400aed6d0e29998e8c55b158 e6cb30bbe277c1121789d17a3e393d7d 57eb62b56c9ac7fed13cd59f3d3ddedf f7d554d12e4c5758d65922fae1c70611 0de3e2bc3a4e645e8364ea5dc49a5c0a e107f21b4abedb92bed913b3e061daf8 eebd740a41910a93930470ae347e184e 4dd578aacbfce282cf64976d632633a8 f4a8d236d76d2e220c2e2c13829d1c91 afc3fbe6b726c85fb11a8da42550871a 4c2de829fe3d366b6c74ae8f51f36a78 cb72ce0b097f28228d43f18c06b73b90 //Invites// 0cfe730fb668f152a0440d745e591167 22e3de943174a60ab27e0ad1cadee04c 892690b7b082bc007958cd2422009e8e 04421e79b2f48046c36bc116e92729a4 b5ae0d40376f178820189ae66c05ccf8 4214ea85aecabb90f4d8b64e4ffb771b 6127b29c4fe3e74e2f8e157b1265aff7 1ab08b07c186d58ab8225dd32d6c7fe7 be53063993ff7d774b8436d4d6b254d2 3a4d78d55220599b5c31ce19c489b28a cc3a9d0a8bbe18bf2002224fa219e7c2 592a2bf63376562ef619b06b5eda4510 a37153549d558c6d26af8f9cd36a76d5 0e6d089011bf416a32d419f6e631fa61 3e20ad2f44f1916e9ce35a72c82fe386 46d611f99cbbd95521f4a313942ba46e 5f57f62e95bb60359969ac3035ee100f 9e1411b2d198621ab549e9b1eaaae7f1 9489990e3f994722db250e15be91fa5e d46818f1e4c1a4487e7795a28f4b3ae1 e1563973e7c0849e5718231f91f81a6e 94930d33dde2732c6f11b112e598172e 8575a55e1e6bd8270d765e15a99ccd09 bdcd30d9ef0d51b716433b43cbea1f22 19437c5cf637ff6f37d5d7d4bfc058bb c535743645332a1d0c708b12cf0d15c3 6b9bba95837bdb07aab66b6bf5b9b7ce de7a9c5529908775bdff1614cbea87a7 b51b848aa3571a65e1904dba7bc95257 21a1d69eef89d770a8f2133b2d9618a4 8bc2edb62dca065441d92703c2ae0020 8aa4cc21848f7a3095d3ddc3be6441f3 803ac4b36c48c0c2c6f6e4a7f3436ce6 c8375f28e5adabdd2f0787710ec35c90 246d66dacd1ae570f4b4d4da5631f0b4 ad7abe7b1634871eabb887830f9a9b42 b2c7463ecf3a32678b1a0319ddaee368 fedc66b1441645e98b501cccb2024a2c 776d8e26bec01a62cd0866a02489d7a2 6c2ac90e1bdadae83643177fb1130f3a
  4. We're back baby! Good News Everyone! We've had many ups and many downs but we're back to bring you the juicy news. OVH has taken a long while to deliver, but finally we have our development servers back online. This means we have completed quite a bit of progress on our upload page. To start we will have multiple roll-outs in the coming days for our internals and staff only. Once we work out the kinks and ensure the uploads are functioning as expected, the page will be released to all users. Prepare to release your uploads in a few weeks, provided there are no major bugs. However during that time as previously stated... internals will be releasing again!! During this phase, we will also be working on getting all of our auto upload bots working with our new systems. Expect to see the TV routine to get back to normal soon enough. I hope this has been a happy update for those of you reading. P.S. Ensure you set your IRC authentication in your user security tab, otherwise you will no longer be able to access the MTV irc main or announce channel (which is now open to the userbase! See Thread: IRC Auth if you have not set up auth yet). <3 Staff
  5. TSP is a new tracker, that have been uploading like crazy. 160 TB of boxes on over a dozen different servers. There have been 3K torrents uploaded in the last 4 days, most of which are TV packs, Movie packs, Movies, Music and Ebooks. They wanted to get a Solid foundation and not fill up on TV episodes, but are starting 0day episodes this week. Have site wide FreeLeech going, no limit on BP, and a few other perks to help the new users to get a great ratio and allow them to get as much data as they want and build a solid ratio. Most torrents have multiple seeds, so speeds are great! This will be another great tracker in time. Joining now while you can will not make you regret the choice, but make sure you get an account before this site closes doors and becomes invite only. It is just a matter of time, they are in it for the long haul and have everything set for the next year, MINIMUM. They are also looking for a few staff members, coders and uploaders, so get in while you can, check them out, and you wont be sorry! Torrents:2950 SEEDS:4962 Seedbox space:162TB Server Count 13 0day-starting this week as to not bloat base torrent collection. Daily Torrents: 600-900
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  7. Private trackers are first come first server, that open signup was posted last month. There is no way it will still be open till now. You should keep looking to their door incase you want to join again or our open signup section for latest updates.
  8. Invite Scene Official Store for Private Torrent Invites Our official store is one of the oldest and updated torrent invites selling store on the internet since 2011. Every torrent tacker is properly categorized by exact content and sorted by A-Z format. We believe that you will find everything here. If you are looking for something that is not on the list let us know, we will get that for you. So, let's take a look at our store. We have following torrent invites and accounts for sale. HD Trackers HDBits M-Team HDCorea (B2S) PiXELHD Awesome-HD x264 SceneHD TTG HDR HD-Spain HD-Torrents WiHD 3DTorrents Blu-Bits Bit-HDTV BitHQ HDCmct HDME CCFBits AceHD HDTracker HD-Space HDCenter BlueBird-HD Blu-Evolution Blu-Torrents HDTime HDSky HD-Mkv UHDBits TorViet Queros HQSource HD-Only General Trackers IPTorrents TorrentLeech SceneACCess PreToMe BitHumen GFT RevolutionTT Bemaniso NorBits PolishTracker nCore Sparvar Frolik Chorome FinBytes TheInternationals (ex-TTi) TorrentDay AceTorrents D2.Vu (Demonoid) TorrentBytes Fano FileList FunFile Greek-Team (MyTog) Ethor XtreMeZone DanishBits Acid-Lounge MySpleen Goem AppzUniverse Balkanelite Bitleechers CloneBits DigitalHive PolishSource PostFile PTFiles AlphaRatio All4Nothin PiSexy Zamunda.NET Movie Trackers TehConnection PassThePopcorn PirateTheNet DVDSeed KaraGarga SDBits Cinematik Gormogon Secret-Cinema TheHorrorCharnel ILoveClassics Cinemageddon AsianDVDclub VideoSeed TV Trackers BroadcasThe.Net Freshon BitMeTV TV-Vault TVStore E-Learning Trackers BitMe Bibliotik BitSpyder MyAnonamouse BrokenStones ThePlace TheGeeks BitSeduce ABTorrents StopThePress ElbitZ.NET LibraNet LearnBits ScienceHD TheOccult TheVault Porn Trackers Fux0r PornBits Forumophilia Malacka CherryKiss Adult-Cinema Deviloid Sinderella Pornbay Pussytorrents YourExoticTorrents Game Trackers BlackCats-Games BitGamer GazelleGames Music Trackers Pedro's Waffles TranceTraffic Music-Vid TranceRoute ProAudioTorrents TorrenTech PsyTorrents JpopSuki HotVibes Audionews Beathau5 Gettorrents Glabella HQMusic IndieTorrents KrayTracker LzTr Romanian Metal Torrents Music-Torrents Reggaetraders TheAudioScene Zombtracker AudioNews OpenMV OpenCD Psytorrents Sports Trackers RacingFor.Me MMA XtremeWrestling T3nnis FormulaMonkey WorldBoxing Tenyardtracker HD-Sportbits Aussierules Acrossthetasman Cartoon Trackers CartoonChaos AnimeBytes 32Pages Apple Trackers BrokenStones VideoSeed MacTorrents Images & Design FFFFOUND! Dribbble Designspiration Piccsy Grafolio TemplateP2P GFXNews CGPeers Reasons to do business with us: You are dealing with this forum's Administrator and #1 Seller Extremely fast sales Free safety tips and lifetime after sales support Exclusive discounts and very cheap prices One month guarantee for all the accounts Live chat support almost 24x7 and lots of freebies! CLICK HERE TO SEND US A MESSAGE AND TELL US WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR You can also add me on Instant Messengers Skype: invitervegas Discord: Inviter#5109 Google Hangouts: Windows Live Messenger: Yahoo! Messenger:
  9. AoTM: March Round 2 Winner & April Round 1 Voting Open AoTM March Round 2 Voting has closed and we have a winner! AoTM March Round 2 Winner: Punch Brothers - Antifogmatic Congratulations to [Username Withheld] for their winning pick. 20,000 Bonus Points have been added to your account. This album will be Freeleech until the next round (FLAC only) AoTM: April Round 1 Voting is open: Voting is open for two weeks and all nominations are Neutral Leech. AoTM May Nominations are open.
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