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  1. Last week Triller filed a $100m lawsuit hoping to make several sites pay for illegally streaming the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight. Triller believes that up to two million people viewed the fight illegally so is now inviting people to enter into a $49.99 settlement agreement. VPN services, it is being claimed, will offer no protection to those who used them to pirate the event. On April 17, Jake Paul squared up against MMA veteran Ben Askren, finishing the accomplished wrestler in the first round. The card was a success but according to Triller, many sites and up to two million people streamed and viewed the event without paying. In order to make some of these people pay, last week Triller filed a $100m lawsuit in a California court targeting a range of sites and up to 100 John Does. While tracking down individuals and sites that offered the streams has its complications, vigorous legal action could give Triller opportunities to achieve damages, perhaps in significant amounts. However, the social media platform has now placed another initiative on the table, one that hopes to bring scared pirates out of the shadows. Streamed the Paul vs Askren Fight Illegally? Pay a Settlement In a statement published by Reuters, Triller claims that it will be pursuing up to two million people and will press for the maximum possible damages. However, if people step forward and voluntarily pay $49.99 (the original price of the event) before June 1, they can avoid legal action. “Triller will pursue the full $150,000 penalty per person per instance for anyone who doesn’t do the right thing and pay before the deadline,” said Triller’s head of piracy Matt St. Claire. “We are taking this position because it is outright theft. It is no different than walking into a store and stealing a video game off the shelf,” he said. “In the case of the offending sites, it’s worse because they also then resold it to many people, illegally profiting from work they do not own.” Triller Claims That VPN Users Aren’t Protected Although no VPN suppliers are currently listed in the company’s lawsuit (an amended complaint was filed last Saturday (pdf) which added the H3 Podcast to the list of defendants), Triller suggests that these could become part of the discovery process and will be forced to hand over their customers’ details. “VPNs all have to comply and turn over the actual IP addresses of each person who stole the fight in discovery,” St. Claire said. “We will be able to identify each and every person, VPN or not, as each stream has a unique fingerprint embedded in the content,” he said. The big question is how much weight Triller’s threats carry. Intentionally or Not, These Are Mixed Messages While Triller’s threats seamlessly switch from suppliers of pirated content and those who allegedly consumed it, there are important differences. Courts generally view suppliers of pirated streaming content much more seriously than they do consumers and as far as we’re aware, no one in the United States has ever been ordered to pay damages for simply watching a pirated stream. Suppliers of illegal streams, on the other hand, have more to worry about. There is little doubt that such suppliers could be on the hook for all kinds of damages if Triller is able to back up its allegations. However, in order to get to the users of those sites, Triller will need to force the sites to hand over their users’ details. Whether that will be possible remains a big question and whether any information obtained via discovery will prove useful is perhaps an even bigger one. But what about Triller’s claims that VPN users aren’t safe? Again, Triller appears to be muddying the waters quite a bit here by blurring the lines between suppliers of content and consumers of it. First of all, VPNs can be ordered by a court to hand over their customers’ details but it is not always straightforward. Firstly, all good VPNs carry no logs, meaning that even if a site that streamed the site handed over visitors’ IP addresses, that trail will go immediately cold. Secondly, many VPN providers use shared IP addresses, meaning that the same IP address will show up in site logs time and time again, since they are being used by hundreds if not thousands of end-users. Since they will all be watching at the same time, pinpointing who did what will be all but impossible. Of course, it is very likely that some viewers will have used some free VPN app they got from Google Play or elsewhere. If these carry logs, tracking users down could be possible. That being said, the process would not be cheap and it would not be particularly easy, and with two million potential targets (at least according to Triller), the entire legal profession doesn’t have the manpower to deal with them all. In respect of the unique fingerprints that Triller says it deploys in its streams, they could prove useful but perhaps not in the way Triller seems to claim. The company implies that these could help them identify people who watched the stream, including those who used a VPN, but that deserves some nuance. What these identifiers can do is help Triller track down people who bought a stream officially and then restreamed it. It could also potentially link those redistributed streams to entities who further restreamed them. As a general rule, however, they won’t be particularly useful in tracking down consumers, VPN or not. The Settlement Offered By Triller Anyone spooked by Triller’s warnings can head over to the dedicated page set up by the company and pay a relatively small settlement. It begins by mentioning the lawsuit filed last week and notes that people who “unlawfully viewed or displayed the event but were not otherwise involved in its illegal sale or distribution” can pay $49.99 to obtain a “one-time settlement and release for their unlawful acts.” Before entering their names, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and payment card numbers, those who wish to confess to committing an offense are advised to read four lengthy paragraphs about the settlement and its terms and conditions. For example, despite apparently clearing the matter with Triller, people who pay the settlement also agree to Triller storing all of the information they provide “in perpetuity”, noting that it may be used and shared as Triller “deem necessary to enforce our rights under applicable law and this settlement and release.” On the other hand, people who settle aren’t permitted to reveal settlement details to anyone, unless required to by law. Triller also says that after payment, people who settle will be released from the lawsuit it filed last week but, at the time of writing, the people being asked to settle aren’t listed in the lawsuit as defendants. That could change, of course, but there won’t ever be an amended claim listing two million viewers by name. A Speculative Effort That Might Pay Off What Triller appears to be saying here is that if they already knew the identities of the alleged infringers, they would be pursuing them. However, they will take steps to try and find out identities by other means, and potentially pursue them then. In the meantime, people can come forward and confess, something that will enable Triller to positively identify those people with ease and get paid for the event too. The big question is whether people who viewed the event illegally are prepared to play the odds of being identified versus a payment of $49.99 which will identify them anyway.
  2. After almost two decades of lawsuits and criminal cases against pirates of all kinds, no one should be surprised that supplying infringing content has the potential to end badly. Nevertheless, it's a risk that some people are still prepared to take, sometimes with life-altering consequences. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time? Perhaps, but there are real lives at stake here too, let's not forget that. Pirate FireFor those who are old enough to remember, the 2000s were arguably the glory years of the file-sharing revolution. Have a file, give one. Need a file, take one back. That was the very essence of file-sharing, a mostly self-governing system that allowed people to swap content without having to part with a penny. Certainly, in the majority of cases, regular people weren’t making any money from it even though they were probably saving some. In broad terms, those days are now gone. While there are still some communities that exist on the old sharing ethos, today’s file-sharing landscape has transformed into a much broader piracy scene, often motivated by profit. Indeed, when it comes to the latest revelation, pirate IPTV packages, none if any of it would exist without being supported by an underlying business and in effect, a massive black market. IPTV Crackdown Continues, With an Interesting Target Rightsholders and their anti-piracy partners view this type of piracy as a particular threat. These are paying customers after all, ones that they would prefer to have line their collective pockets, not those of organized pirates. As a result, it appears that entertainment companies are prepared to go to extreme lengths to enforce their rights, with little or no mercy shown to their targets. This week yet another case came to the fore via a release from the Federation Against Copyright Theft. Working with the likes of the Premier League and Sky, FACT is no stranger to tracking down pirates. However, the case in point has a different tone to it, one that shows that absolutely no one is immune to being hauled over the coals. FACT says it was able to identify a man selling illegal services that provided access to premium sport, TV and films. He was reportedly offering the subscriptions through a Facebook group and via an app, for loading onto devices such as Firesticks. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary thus far but FACT also drew specific focus to his occupation. Serving Member of the Military – So What? The anti-piracy group reported that the man, from Oxfordshire, is a serving member of the armed forces as a Corporal in the Royal Air Force. FACT says that in order to carry out its investigation it teamed up with the RAF Special Investigation Branch and was able to confirm that the man had been working with “illegal content providers outside the military.” FACT did not reveal whether the man pleaded guilty or not, but the company reports that he has now been sentenced. “He was convicted of conspiracy to defraud and loss of service property and also received a reduction to his rank,” FACT revealed. It is quite possible that the conspiracy to defraud part of the above statement came as no surprise. FACT prosecutions have long centered on fraud charges rather than copyright infringement because they carry more weight and are easier for a jury to understand. However, the direct effect on someone’s career isn’t something we’ve seen before. And FACT sound pretty pleased about it. “Those running illegal streaming services are committing a serious crime and must be held accountable for their actions,” said FACT Chief Executive Kieron Sharp. “This result shows the serious consequences faced by individuals who choose to break the law by supplying illegal content. This type of conviction will have a significant and long-lasting effect on this individual’s career and future opportunities.” Dire Consequences This almost celebratory warning over an entire career being undermined makes for uneasy reading. But the statement goes beyond that, by appearing to welcome the potential for a lifelong negative effect on opportunities too. It looks bad – and it is bad – but it is also completely true and shows how the game is progressing. The message that FACT wants to send out is that piracy does not pay, can ruin your life, and the company is standing by to help make that happen. There are hundreds of potential targets when it comes to sellers of pirate IPTV in the UK but for reasons that FACT and its partners aren’t making clear, this person was considered a perfect candidate for the most punitive action, despite his role serving his country. Of course, serving a country doesn’t make anyone immune from prosecution, but it’s perhaps telling that the man’s name, age, address, and extent of offending have all been suppressed. This information is usually made public but not in this case, potentially due to his position in society. Don’t Do The Crime If You Can’t Do The Time? Let’s not tread lightly here though. While getting into the IPTV selling game is relatively simple these days, there can be few people involved who aren’t aware of the risks. It has been widely publicized on dozens of occasions that sellers in the UK have been pursued for conspiracy to defraud so as a presumably intelligent member of the military, this cannot have gone unnoticed to the recently sentenced man. With that in mind, we are presented with an uncomfortable truth. When people get involved in this type of activity, are aware of the risks, and yet do it anyway, should anyone have any sympathy? For whatever reasons, this was a person out to make a profit from piracy and to FACT – a company that measures its success by the severity and volume of these types of convictions – this is a red rag to a bull. Deterrence – But At Any Cost? What people need to know and what FACT is keen to express, is that no one is above the law. If they’ll hit this guy, they’ll hit anyone, the news seems to suggest. The big question is whether sending a strong deterrent message has its limits before those signals veer off into less palatable territory. Indeed, it’s notable that the rightsholders behind this action appear to have taken the decision not to have their names associated with it in public, instead allowing FACT to take whatever type of publicity comes as a result. That being said, big names in sport and/or broadcasting are most certainly behind the action and could have more in store. “We thank the RAF for their work on this and FACT will continue to monitor channels used to advertise, market, sell and distribute apps, devices and streams to take action against suppliers and operators. Subscribers to his services have been identified and further action is anticipated,” FACT concludes. Let no one say they didn’t get the memo.
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  5. A man who ran a website that sold stolen credentials for services including Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, HBO, Xbox Live, and EA Origin has been handed a 26-month sentence in Australia. The 23-year-old ran WickedGen, HyperGen, Autoflix and AccountBot, which according to police enabled customers to circumvent the technological protection measures put in place by official services. Before the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify, one of the major drivers of piracy was the limited availability of legal platforms. Consumers were largely denied access to subscription content online, even if they were prepared to pay for it. In 2021, the situation is dramatically different, with consumers spoilt for choice when it comes to legal online streaming. Unfortunately, there are so many platforms available now that users have a new problem – deciding which services will get their money and how many they can afford. According to a recently released study from Deloitte, 82% of US consumers are now customers of a video streaming service, subscribing to an average of four services each. Even then this won’t give them access to all content, so even more subscriptions are needed at a considerable cost. This is a problem that some illegal services have been attempting to address in recent years. ‘Account Generator’ Platforms Three years ago we reported on the rise of so-called “account generator” sites that offer access to a dazzling array of legal platforms for a very low price. For just a few dollars per year, sites like WickedGen provided logins for movie and TV show platforms including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Now, Crunchyroll, DIRECTV/Now, CBS All Access, and Funimation. Sports were also catered for with logins to BT Sports, MLB.TV, NBA League Pass, NFL Game Pass, UFC Fight Pass, and WWE Network. Those looking for music weren’t disappointed either, with access to Spotify, Deezer and TIDAL all on the menu. A small selection of the services available The big question was how services like WickedGen could offer access to all of these and more for a tiny outlay per month. It now transpires that this minor miracle was being achieved by criminal means. FBI Investigation Leads to Australia In 2018, the FBI was carrying out an investigation into WickedGen and in May of that same year, referred the case to the authorities in Australia. A cybercrime investigation was launched by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and in 2019 a man from Sydney was arrested under suspicion of being the operator of WickedGen and three other similar services – HyperGen, Autoflix and AccountBot. “WickedGen operated for approximately two years selling stolen account details for online subscription services, including Netflix, Spotify and Hulu,” police reported Saturday. “The account details were confirmed through a process of credential stuffing, which allows a list of previously stolen or leaked usernames, email addresses and corresponding passwords [to be] re-used and sold for unauthorized access.” According to police, the number of offenses was considerable. Across the four ‘account generator’ sites, the man – who is yet to be named – attracted at least 152,863 registered users and provided at least 85,925 subscriptions to illegally access legitimate streaming services. Cheap While It Lasted “The man was charged with unauthorized access to (or modification of) restricted data, dealing in proceeds of crime etc. – money or property worth AUD$100,000 or more, providing a circumvention service for a technological protection measure, dealing in identification information and false or misleading information,” police added. Account Generators Are Lucrative Business When the police executed a search warrant in March 2019 and seized a laptop used to run the operation, they discovered around AUD$35,000 in cryptocurrency. Overall, however, police say that the man received “at least” AUD$680,000 (US$529,798) through PayPal by selling subscriptions to sites including WickedGen. In December 2020, the AFP-led Criminal Assets Confiscation Taskforce obtained restraining orders under the Proceeds of Crime Act which allowed them to seize assets including cryptocurrency plus bank and PayPal accounts. Police report that the combined assets have a current value of AUD$1.65m (US$1.29m). Man Handed 26-Month Sentence Police say that the now 23-year-old Sydney man was handed a sentence of 26 months last Friday, to be served by way of an Intensive Corrections Order (ICO). According to the authorities, an ICO is a court sentence that is served outside prison under strict supervision and is the most serious sentence that can be served in the community. The man was also ordered to serve 200 hours of community service. Commenting on the sentence, AFP Commander Chris Goldsmid, Cybercrime Operations, said that the WickedGen service utilized the hacked credentials of millions of legitimate streaming service subscribers from all around the world. “The harvesting and selling of personal details online was not a ‘victimless crime’ – these were the personal details of everyday people being used for someone’s greed,” he said. “These types of offenses can often be a precursor to more insidious forms of data theft and manipulation, which can have greater consequences for the victims involved. This investigation is an example of the importance of our relationship with the FBI. These partnerships are critical to law enforcement being able to respond to a rapidly-evolving crime type.”
  6. Thank you so much for contributing to our community with this giveaway! Please make sure you follow these rules: 1. After sending the invites/accounts you offered, DO NOT forget to announce the winners in the topic and then ask our staff members to close it. Keep in mind that if you close the topic (while some members already applied) without announcing any winners (or even keep it open without announcing any winners) you may get banned permanently from here! 2. Keep the thread open for a while, until you find some well deserved winners. Do not giveaway your invites/accounts to the first applicants, because good (maybe even better) users may apply later. The MAXIMUM period of time you can keep a thread open is 4 weeks. This is allowed ONLY for really good/rare trackers. For other lower level trackers, 2 weeks is enough. 3. You are allowed to BUMP your thread (by posting "still available", "I am waiting for more applicants" etc.) ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS. 4. In order to make it even easier to keep in touch with each other you better use the mention system (@ Username). This way users get email notifications when someone mentions them and makes it way easier to give/get invites! For example: " @Inviter i would like this invite" OR " @Inviter send me a PM with your email". Quoting a user's post also does the job, since the system sends an email notification as well in this case.
  7. 1. Do edit the Topic title and use this format [Have] Whatever tracker you have [Want] Whatever tracker you are looking. 2. In content field give detail description such as which tracker you have for trade and which tracker you are looking for as well mention which ones are account and which ones are invite, so you and interested traders can make a better choice whether they are interested in the trade or not. This way everyone will save time rather wasting time asking for what tracker you have or looking for. 3. Please sent unedited screenshot of your trackers as a proof for verified topic.
  8. Miami University student and security researcher Erik Johnson has filed a lawsuit against software company Proctorio, which used DMCA notices to remove several critical tweets. Johnson asked the court to declare that publishing code excerpts to document critique is fair use. Meanwhile, Proctario should pay damages for misusing the DMCA process. The DMCA takedown process give copyright holders the option to remove infringing content from the web. It is a powerful tool that’s used to take millions of URLs and links offline every day. In most cases, this happens for a good reason, but some takedown efforts are questionable. This week, college student Erik Johnson filed a lawsuit at a federal court in Arizona, accusing Proctorio of abusing the DMCA process. Represented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Johnson argues that the proctoring software vendor used DMCA notices to censor critique. The use of proctoring software has become more common during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tools such as Proctorio are used by schools and universities to surveil students, making sure that they follow the rules and don’t cheat. This type of software is seen as a necessity by some educators but they are not without critique. Features such as face detection, eye-movement tracking, and audio recording, are a step too far for many. This includes Miami University student and security researcher Erik Johnson, who decided to take a closer look at the software. In a series of tweets last summer, Johnson argued that Proctorio’s claims about its software were contradicted by its code, revealing how much access it has to users’ computers. To back up these claims, the student linked to excepts of the code that were readily accessible on his computer. Proctorio didn’t like the exposé. Soon after the tweets were published, the company’s CEO contacted Johnson through a private Twitter message, asking him to remove the content. The student refused to do so, which triggered a series of takedown requests targeting Twitter, GitHub, and Pastebin. The pressure didn’t stop there. The complaint also alleges that a representative from Proctorio asked Miami University to urge Johnson to remove the content. In addition, the software company banned the student’s IP-address, making it harder for him to take some exams. Despite the mounting pressure Johnson didn’t give in. Last November he teamed up with the EFF and this week they filed their lawsuit against Proctorio, asking the court to declare that the code excerpts and his tweets are not infringing any copyrights. “Johnson has made every effort to explain the lawfulness of his conduct to Proctorio, to no avail. To ensure that Proctorio will finally cease its efforts to abuse copyright law to interfere with his speech, Johnson has no choice but to seek a declaration of noninfringement,” the complaint reads. In addition, Johnson also requests compensation for the damages he suffered from Proctotio’s alleged abusive behavior, which is seen as a “misrepresentation” under the DMCA. “As a direct and proximate result of Proctorio’s actions, Johnson has been injured substantially and irreparably. Such injury includes, without limitation, the time and effort associated with responding to Proctorio’s multiple fraudulent infringement notices, as well as harm to his free speech rights under the First Amendment.” The above illustrates that the effects were much broader than the takedown requests alone. There are real consequences. In fact, the complaint notes that a professor informed Johnson that his application to work in the university’s IT Security department will likely be rejected due to the legal troubles with Proctorio. Commenting on the lawsuit, EFF Staff Attorney Cara Gagliano notes that software companies should never be allowed to abuse copyright law to undermine their critics. She hopes that the court will set the record straight. “Copyright holders should be held liable when they falsely accuse their critics of copyright infringement, especially when the goal is plainly to intimidate and undermine them,” Gagliano notes. Thus far, Johnson has already booked a few successes against Proctorio outside of court. Both Twitter and GitHub have restored content after he submitted a DMCA counternotice. We also reached out to Proctorio to hear its perspective on the lawsuit but the company didn’t immediately reply. What’s clear, however, is that its takedown efforts have backfired in possibly the worst way imaginable. — A copy of the complaint against Proctorio filed at a federal court in Arizona is available here (pdf)
  9. Name: CHDBits Category: HD Type: Ratio based URL: Signup: Invites only Maintaining Ratio: Easy IRC: N/A Bonus Points: Yes Banned Countries: None TRACKER DESCRIPTION CHDBits is one of the best chinese trackers and one of the fastest in uploading the most anticipated movies in the Bluray format. They are usually uploaded here first as they have a very dedicated group of uploaders. CHD has around 77,237 torrents and aprrox. 15,182 users. It is one of the best trackers for HD content, it is a tracker that you must have if you like quality. Personally I love CHD, it has excellent pretimes, and it does not matter if a torrent has few seeders because almost 85-90% use seedboxes or have very good speed, so almost all torrents have very good speed Even the speed of torrents with less seeders are tolerable. The most anticipated torrents or movies reach close 2000 downloads. It is very easy to have good ratio here, but it is very difficult to join as they don't give out invites that often. They want users to buy invites through donations. Like all the Chinese trackers, they have freeleech, 50% discount and bonus system. CHDBits does something different apart from all this. Unlike other Chinese trackers, they want to users to have a certain amount bonus points to go move upto higher userclasses. It takes a long time to upgrade userclass. HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS MOVIES SERIES SUBTITLES OFFER TOP TORRENTS FORUM RULES FAQ BONUS POINTS DONATE MY RATINGS PreTimes 9.5/10 Content 9/10 Speed 8.5/10 Community 8/10 Overall 8.5/10
  10. April's audiobook uploading contest Start date: 2021 April 7th End date: 2021 April 31st Contest goal is to upload and share with the community as many quality audiobooks as you want until the deadline. Every upload will give you 100 karma points after the contest ends. There will be extra prizes for the top 3 uploaders. 1st place will get 3 weeks freeleech, extra 5000 karma points + 50GB upload data 2nd place will get 2 weeks freeleech, extra 3500 karma points + 30GB upload data 3rd place will get 1 week freeleech, extra 2000 karma points + 20GB upload data Upload data bonus is courtesy of @wiggins - say thank you! BONUS: If we reach total 200 uploads during this contest global freeleech will be activated for 3 days. Rules: - All ABTorrents rules apply. - Only audiobooks allowed. - Each entry must be a unique upload (meaning it's not already an existing torrent here). - Prizes will be distributed after the contest. - If the contest doesn't get at least 25 audiobook uploads, the contest is canceled. - Staff members (Sysop, Coder, Administrator, Moderator) can't win any prizes or get karma points for uploads, but their uploads will be counted towards the total. Uploaders application can be filed here: If this contest becomes a success expect more of them and in more variety, we love having an active community. Link to the forum thread:
  11. A report published by the UK Intellectual Property Office shows that a quarter of all online entertainment consumers downloaded or streamed content illegally last year. Many pirates pay for content but turn to illegal sources when availability is lacking or when the costs become too high. ukEvery year the UK Government publishes a new edition of its Online Copyright Infringement Tracker. This report is the result of an annual survey that polls the piracy habits of people twelve years old and above. Earlier this week the UK Intellectual Property Office published the tenth wave of the report. As always, there are some positive changes compared to earlier years, as well as some negative ones. Fewer Pirates Starting with the good news, the study finds that the overall level of copyright infringement across all content categories has dropped. In previous years this number was stuck at 25% but has now reduced to 23%. This means that nearly a quarter of the people who consumed online content have used illegal sources. While this is a big number, the survey also shows that many of these pirates consume content legally as well. For example, 20% of all film fans occasionally pirate content, but only 3% use piracy services exclusively. The same effect can be found in other content categories, including music consumers of which 18% used unauthorized sources last year, but only 2% did so exclusively. For games, these numbers are 10% and 2% respectively. For the above categories, a relatively small percentage of the pirating public used illegal sources exclusively. However, that picture is the other way around for software and digital magazines, where the majority of all pirates never purchased anything legally. Sports Piracy is Booming Similar to last year, the highest percentage of pirates can be found among the live sports streamers. Of all the people who consumed sports streaming content last year, 37% used illegal channels. That is up from 34% last year. Roughly a third of the sports streaming pirates never used legal services. This brings us to the motivation people have to pirate content. Here we see a familiar picture emerge as well. People pirate because something is not available or because they can’t or don’t want to pay additional costs. Movie fans, for example, may not want to pay for yet another monthly streaming subscription to see a film. Or, the content they desire may not be legally available at all, as we have seen with some of this year’s Oscar contenders. COVID Had a Limited Impact Despite some small shifts in piracy levels not much has changed. There is a small decline in music, movie and TV piracy, while the proportion of sports, gaming and software pirates increased a bit. Interestingly, the COVID pandemic doesn’t appear to have a strong or lasting effect. Some people reported that their piracy activity increased, but there aren’t necessarily more people who pirate. “In terms of levels of infringement, the findings from the qualitative phase showed that while many reported no change in their use of illegal sources, some noted that owing to their general consumption in entertainment increasing, so too did their use of illegal sources,” the report notes. How to Stop Pirates? While the yearly reports help to track how piracy trends develop over time, it does little to address the problem. However, the latest report does give some advice on how to motivate pirates to ‘go legal.’ The study tested a variety of messages focused on the negative consequences of piracy, to see what would make pirates change their behavior. This leads to some interesting insights. For example, mentioning the financial losses of big corporations or the broader economy has virtually no impact. People don’t seem to care that the revenue of major movie studios or sports organizations is impacted. A more effective approach, according to the study, would be to focus on the financial impact piracy has on individual artists and employees who work in the creative industries. Those messages even impacted hardcore pirates, who also showed concern about their own risks, including malware and viruses. Finally, hasher punishment could work as well, according to one of the report’s conclusions. “There is potential to explore messages around risk of greater legal action and consequences for those who infringe – this is not currently seen as a viable threat but was mentioned by a few as a potential deterrent if enforced more widely.” A summary of the tenth copyright infringement tracker survey is available on the UK Intellectual Property Office website. While not mentioned, it may also make sense for the entertainment industries to change something themselves. After all, harsher publishment is not going to improve the convenience, availability, and cost of legal alternatives. Content source: TorrentFreak.
  12. Via the MPA, global anti-piracy coalition Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment is investigating several major streaming platforms. The sites, which offer mainstream movies and TV shows, are good for more than half a billion visits per year. With the help of a US court, the rightsholders are hoping to identify their operators, with disruption or even closure the ultimate aim. MPAThe world’s major movie and TV show studios are in fierce competition, aiming to release the next blockbuster or series to capture the imaginations of the public and generate much needed revenue. Industry counterparts are rivals in that respect but when it comes to dealing with piracy, especially when that propagates from hundreds if not thousands of unlicensed streaming platforms, teamwork is the key. Through their global coalition, Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), rivalries become partnerships, with resources shared to disrupt and destroy sites that dare to offer free movies and TV shows to the public. ACE Homes in On Several Major Streaming Platforms Investigations into pirate sites take place in the shadows, with little outward sign that a streaming platform is under investigation until it’s too late. However, there is a “canary in the coal mine” that can reveal early signs that legal or other enforcement action might not be far away. In legal terms, the DMCA subpoena application is a straightforward and cheap-to-file legal document yet it has the power to yield crucial information when building a case against pirate site operators. Late last week ACE and the MPA went to court in the United States with such a request, one that targets several streaming platforms with well over half a billion views per year. Cloudflare: Weak Link or Useful Proxy? With so many pirate platforms using Cloudflare, the company has become a go-to point of contact for ACE and the MPA. An application for a DMCA subpoena filed by the groups late Friday in a California court shows that at least in theory, Cloudflare could be in a position to give up valuable information. Listing sample infringements of movies including Almost Christmas, 47 Ronin, Varsity Blues, Forrest Gump and Flashdance, ACE and the MPA are now seeking to identify the operators of Lookmovie, Watchmovie, YesMovies, Himovies and Adfah. Say them quickly and the domains don’t sound like they would amount to much but together they account for well over half a billion ‘pirate’ views every year. The Targeted Domains is by far the most popular domain on the list. From a standing start last October, the platform captured a million visits in just a month. By December, that figure had risen to just shy of 15 million. By March 2021 the site was pulling in 18m visits per month – a potential 216 million per year – with around 30% of its traffic hailing from the United States. Interestingly, is not blocked by ISPs in the United Kingdom as similar platforms usually are, meaning that almost 14% of its traffic now comes from the region. appears to be an alternative domain for, a domain blocked in Australia due to legal action in 2019. In traffic terms, has also been on the rise. Last October the domain was good for around five million visits per month but by last month, that had risen to just short of 12.5 million, around 150 million visits per year. The domain has seen traffic increase from all major regions recently, with the United States accounting for around 19% of views. WatchMovie In common with, is doing well in the UK, where traffic share is as high as the United States after recently receiving a 35% boost. The site, which is branded on-site as WatchSeries, is not blocked by ISPs so until that situation changes, UK visitors are likely to increase. Interestingly, data available from SimilarWeb relating to the site’s display advertising lists several ad companies but one in particular stands out. While potentially very small, – a prominent ACE and MPA member – is listed as a publisher. watchmovie-netflix Generating around 9.2 million visits per month, is another streaming platform being eyed by MPA and ACE for some kind of legal or enforcement action. Its traffic has see-sawed for the past six months but in most regions traffic is on the increase, including in the United Kingdom where the site is not blocked by ISPs. yesmovies-ag Since there have been so many sites using YesMovies branding, it’s not straightforward to link this domain to the many others previously and currently in operation. However, YesMovies domains have been targeted in numerous earlier actions, including in the United States and Australia. The final sites listed on the MPA and ACE subpoena are and The former is currently enjoying around 6.25 million visits per month according to SimilarWeb, with the latter pulling in close to 6.2 million. Both are most popular in the United States but also in the United Kingdom too, where are neither are currently subjected to ISP blocking. ACE and MPA Subpoena Demands Action From Cloudflare “The ACE Members (via the Motion Picture Association, Inc.) are requesting issuance of the attached proposed subpoena that would order Cloudflare, Inc. to disclose the identities, including names, physical addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, payment information, account updates and account histories of the users operating the websites listed [above],” the DMCA subpoena application reads. Precisely what the applicants want to do with the information is unclear at this stage but we have seen in the past that in addition to direct legal action, sites listed in DMCA subpoenas can later appear in applications for ISP blocking in the UK. After previously demanding in a similar DMCA subpoena that Cloudflare should hand over the personal details behind several 123Movies-branded sites, the domains appeared in a High Court injunction and were subsequently blocked by the UK’s leading ISPs in February. Over the past several years Cloudflare has been heavily criticized for allowing its services to be used by pirate sites, particularly operations such as The Pirate Bay. The argument is that the CDN service should part company with infringing sites but to date, Cloudflare has dismissed its role as that of a simple intermediary. The ACE/MPA DMCA subpoena documents can be found here and here (pdf) Photo Credit: Chris Yang. Content source: TorrentFreak.
  13. Before it was shut down, Jetflicks was reportedly one of the largest pirate streaming services in the US. To date, three defendants have indicated that they relied on professional advice suggesting the platform was legal but the Government is far from convinced. According to a new filing, the defendants knew exactly what they were doing and one even threatened to report another to the MPAA. In August 2019, eight men were indicted by a grand jury for conspiring to violate criminal copyright law by running two of the largest unauthorized streaming services in the United States. Kristopher Lee Dallmann, Darryl Julius Polo, Douglas M. Courson, Felipe Garcia, Jared Edward Jaurequi, Peter H. Huber, Yoany Vaillant, and Luis Angel Villarino were the operators of Jetflicks, a subscription TV show streaming service that was reportedly disguised as an aviation service. The defendants were charged with copying thousands of copyrighted TV shows and streaming them to customers all over the United States. Jetflicks reportedly had a massive library running to more than 183,000 episodes. In December 2019, Darryl Julius Polo (who also ran another service called iStreamitAll) pleaded guilty to charges of copyright infringement and money laundering. Jetflicks programmer Luis Angel Villarino pleaded guilty to criminal copyright infringement. The main trial was delayed due to problems with obtaining huge amounts of evidence from Canada, not to mention the coronavirus pandemic, but is now scheduled for July 2021. Before then, however, there are still matters to be cleared up. US Govt Wants To Limit Defendants’ Defense Options On March 25, 2021, defendant Felipe Garcia filed a notice with the court indicating that he would like to rely on a so-called “advice-of-counsel” defense, noting that he had obtained ‘expert’ advice at some point and had therefore acted in good faith. Garcia is the only defendant in the case to have filed such a notice, despite Jetflicks founder Kristopher Dallman previously claiming that he paid for legal advice in 2008 and thought he was within the law. Unfortunately for Garcia, the US Government believes that he should be precluded from presenting any evidence related to an advice-of-counsel defense because, in essence, they believe that no such defense opportunity exists. Case Facts Undermine The Defense According to the US Government, Garcia wishes to present his defense “in accordance” with the previous statements of Darryl Polo. During an interview with the FBI in 2017, Polo noted that “everything he has done is legal under the ‘Fair Use Act’” and that “if he owns a copy of something he can let people rent it.” Polo also claimed to have attended a meeting with Dallmann and a retired judge in Las Vegas who told them their business was legal. “In particular if they owned a copy of a given title, they could essentially rent that copy to others,” the Government notes, recalling Polo’s statement. Later, however, Polo is said to have admitted knowing “from early on” that the Jetflick’s business model was illegal and that the other defendants must’ve known that too, since “they knew Jetflicks was using SickRage and torrents” to obtain television episodes. “Polo also noted that Jetflicks offered a service called Realflicks as a paid add-on that gave subscribers access to reality television shows. Such shows were generally not available for purchase,” the Government adds. Importantly, Polo also admitted that Jetflicks did not comply with the alleged advice from the lawyer, including the suggestion that “it was ok to stream the television shows if you owned a copy of the show [as long as you] own[ed] as many copies as were being streamed at any given time.” According to Polo, Jetflicks did not have DVDs for every TV show and did not have multiple copies either. In fact, Jetflicks streamed copies of TV shows as soon as they were aired and before they were available on DVD. Claiming that Jetflicks used SickRage and SickBeard to “obtain 100% of the content” from “completely illegal sources”, Polo later pleaded guilty to numerous counts in the indictment. Advice-of-Counsel Defense Should Be Disallowed If he was to rely on an advice-of-counsel defense, Garcia should have provided much more evidence in support of it, the US Government notes. This should include evidence to show that all of the pertinent facts were disclosed to the legal professional and the advice received was strictly adhered to. In this matter, Garcia did not even supply the name of the “retired judge”, leading the Government to note that it’s therefore impossible to determine if the person was qualified to give any advice. However, even if that was the case, the Government says that Garcia knew that any advice wasn’t being followed. Text messages between Dallmann and Garcia showed that both knew that TV shows were being streamed on Jetflicks on the day they officially aired and before they appeared on DVD. But there’s more too. “Most telling, the evidence shows that once Garcia left the conspiracy, he threatened to report Dallmann to the Motion Picture Association of America,” the Government writes. “If Garcia believed that what Jetflicks was doing was legal and that Jetflicks was obtaining its content from legitimate sources in conformance with this alleged legal advice, why would Garcia have threatened to report Dallmann to the MPAA? “The evidence in this case belies any suggestion that Garcia was relying on alleged legal advice that Jetflicks could ‘rent’ material when the company owned a copy of a particular television program.” For this and a number of other reasons, the US Government informs the Court that it should bar all of the defendants – Garcia included – from presenting “any evidence at trial regarding communications with or advice from legal professionals.” The US Govenment filing can be found here (pdf) Content source: TorrentFreak
  14. RULES: 1. Add Like & REP 2. Reply this post, and don't forget to mention me @blokestofblokes 3. Do not PM me, I will PM you. 4. Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you received the invite. Good Luck.
  15. OpenTrackr helps millions of people to share files via BitTorrent. The software has been running on an old Dell server but in recent months it's suffered severe bottlenecking. To keep everything running smoothly, OpenTrackr's operator decided to order new gear. Part of the costs are covered by donations and the rest are chalked up as 'hobby expenses.' network connect worldEvery day, millions of people from all around the world use BitTorrent to download and share files. Most of these transfers are facilitated by third-party torrent trackers, which help file-sharers to connect to each other. When someone asks for information referenced by a specific torrent hash, the tracker will respond with a list of peers, if available. This is a pretty straightforward but resource-intensive process. While there are serverless technologies such as DHT and PEX, trackers remain a central part of most people’s torrent transfers. Despite this rather crucial role, the top trackers are mostly run by volunteers and hobbyists. OpenTrackr’s Rise This is also the case for OpenTrackr, which coordinates the transfers of close to 10 million torrents. The tracker’s operator Bart launched Opentrackr in 2015 because there was a lack of reliable alternatives at the time. His goal was to start a content-neutral tracker that would adhere to the law, which turned out to be a great success. At the time of writing, the tracker handles roughly 200,000 connections per second. This adds up to roughly six terabytes of bandwidth every day, which merely comes from passing on requests from file-sharers. The actual files that are transferred never touch the server. Hardware Bottleneck Thus far, OpenTrackr has managed to keep things afloat on an outdated server. The tracker is currently hosted on a 10-year-old Dell R410, which is running two Intel L5640 CPUs with four DDR3-1066 ECC 16GB memory modules. This setup is now experiencing bottlenecks. “The current server is strongly bottlenecked,” Bart tells us, mentioning that both the CPU and memory bandwidth are not cutting it anymore. “We currently use DDR3 ECC memory, ECC memory has bad timings that give it a much lower throughput. This results in the CPU having to wait longer for it to receive data from memory, while it’s already getting overloaded with requests.” In recent months, the urge to update the server became stronger and stronger. While that might be a logical step for a commercial operation, for a ‘hobby’ project it’s a different decision. Nonetheless, Bart decided to take the leap. New Gear After considering various options he settled for an AMD Ryzen 9 Pro 3900 CPU with 2x DDR4-3200 memory. The memory doesn’t support error correction code, but that shouldn’t be a problem. In addition, the new server will use a 10Gbps fibre network card, which will help the tracker to grow in the future. “The parts have been ordered, I hope to have the server ready and active next month if everything goes to plan,” Bart says. Needless to say, this hardware doesn’t come cheap. And while the tracker accepts donations through Patreon, that doesn’t cover all costs. “The new server is partly coming out of my own pockets. I don’t really mind, the tracker has always been a fun project and I’m happy to continue with it for many years. The new server will cost a total of about €1200, the old server should go for at least €150 so it’s costing about €1000 or so,” Bart tells us. Transparency It’s refreshing to see a service at the core of the BitTorrent ecosystem being quite open about its financials. At the moment, OpenTrackr is receiving €61 per month from 15 supporters, which helps to pay the running costs. The transparency doesn’t stop there either. Through Patreon, OpenTrackr regularly shares detailed bandwidth statistics too. And there are financial updates to show where the money is being spent. Even takedown notices are processed in the open. It is safe to say that OpenTrackr has succeeded in its plan to become a stable and content-neutral torrent tracker. The public doesn’t always notice, but it plays a bigger role than most people assume. Content source: TorrentFreak
  16. A lot of people ask me, “How do we get more women working in recording studios?” The answer is simple: Go get them! And the earlier, the better. Working in a studio can be daunting. Producing, engineering, mixing, mastering — none of these things comes naturally. You have to learn them, and it’s not always clear how. That’s why just 2% of the producers of last year’s top 100 songs were women, and only six were women of color, according to USC’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative. We need to illuminate the path, and we need to do it from both an educational and practical perspective. Women Making Music Study: Sexual Harassment Is 'By Far The Most Widely Cited Problem' Some progress is being made. According to the just-released TuneCore and MIDiA Research report “Be the Change: Women Making Music,” over half of respondents said they have seen increased opportunities for women to become producers and industry leaders over the past year. However, 17% said they’ve seen no improvements. That’s why we need to educate women on the studio jobs available to them — from mixing engineers and recording engineers to producers, songwriters, session musicians, gear techs, and administrative assistants. These roles can serve as a springboard to leadership roles for women in the studio world, creating equity and ensuring women’s concerns are heard and addressed. What’s Your Major? On the educational side, it’s important to teach women not only how to be a producer or an engineer but also what specific classes and majors they need to take to get that training. The music industry is huge with many different aspects to it, and a music business program isn’t necessarily going to give you the technical skills you need to record an artist or create a beat. We need to let young women know that audio engineering majors, certificates, and courses are available to them — you just need to know what they’re called and where to sign up. New Annenberg Study Shows 'No Meaningful' Change For Women in Recorded Music For those interested, 4U Recording’s home states of Tennessee and Georgia offer a variety of programs in the field, including a Bachelor of Science in Audio Production at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), a Bachelor of Science or Arts in Audio Engineering Technology at Belmont University, a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production at the Art Institute of Atlanta, an Audio Bachelor of Applied Science at the SAE Institute, and Live Sound and Studio Engineering programs at The Black Bird Academy. Other possibilities include Berklee College of Music’s Bachelor of Music in Music Production and Engineering, Full Sail University’s Bachelor of Science in Audio Production, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Bachelor & Master of Fine Arts in Sound, the Los Angeles Recording School’s Bachelor of Science in Audio Production, Media Tech Dallas’ Associate of Applied Science Degree in Recording Arts, the University of Washington’s Certificate in Audio Production Techniques, and the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music’s Certificate in Audio Engineering. Respect the Hustle However, going to college isn’t an option for everyone. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a studio job — it just takes a little hustle. Personally, I didn’t know what a compressor was when I first got to 4U Recording, but I hung out around enough people who did that I eventually figured it out. That’s the key — getting young women in the door in a studio environment. Many people who are interested in producing or engineering assume they need to find a job as a producer or engineer right from the jump, and don’t even bother looking at studio positions until they feel like their skills are up to snuff. That leads many women down a wormhole of self-doubt that ultimately takes them somewhere else entirely. Latinas Behind the Hits: These Female Songwriters, Producers and Engineers are Blazing New Paths for Women in Latin Music We can correct that by letting women know about other jobs in the studio they can do without being a master technician. Every studio has administrative needs, and these positions are a great way to get started. Once you’re in the studio space, you can sit in on sessions, talk to the producers and engineers who work there, and learn by doing. At 4U Recording, we also bring many young women into the mix as interns and encourage them to get as involved as they’d like. We’ve even had a few join us full-time once their internships were up. The key thing is that while learning to be a producer or engineer can be a little technical, it’s not so complicated you can’t learn it on the job. But if you don’t even know there are jobs available or are too intimidated to apply for one, there’s no way for you to do that. Speaking of intimidation, those who are a little iffy on jumping directly into the often male-dominated studio environment might want to check out woman-owned or -run studios like 4U Recording in Memphis and Atlanta; the Memphis Slim Collaboratory in Memphis; Neato Mastering and Crybaby Audio in Nashville; Women's Audio Mission in San Francisco; Nitrosonic Studios in Lexington, KY; Gramercy Post, The Lodge Mastering, Funkadelic Studios, and Jungle City Studios in New York; and Denk Studios in North Carolina. No one understands women like other women, and these are all great spots to work and learn. The point is, let’s make sure women know about the opportunities they have. Be Visible Finally, to the women and women of color like me who are in the studio business, it’s time to get out there! Visibility is important to get young women started on their path to the studio, so go speak at high schools and colleges, sit in the booth at job fairs, get involved in community organizations, and sign up to be a mentor. Something as simple as seeing a woman onstage at a concert setting up equipment, or assembling their own DJ booth and doing a set, can have a lasting impact on someone who previously didn’t even think of those things as a possibility. So don’t sit back and expect women to find their way to the studio. Go get them! Crystal Carpenter is Studio Manager of 4U Recording, a state-of-the-art recording studio that is part of the Made in Memphis Entertainment (MIME) family of companies. She joined the studio in February 2019 and has already built a strong client base, hosting the Recording Academy Writers’ Retreat in March 2019 and establishing relationships with major labels such as Interscope Records, Atlantic Records, and Columbia Records. In less than a year, she earned the studio its first Gold plaque for rapper Moneybagg Yo's Time Served album, as well as a Platinum plaque for his single “All Dat (feat. Megan Thee Stallion).” 4U Recording also recorded portions of NLE Choppa’s Top Shotta album, which debuted in the Top 10 of the overall Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. Carpenter also DJs under the name DJ Crystal Mercedes, and has performed for Chilli of seminal pop group TLC and on the TV series Single Ladies.
  17. Hello everyone! We’ve been longing to host another rave to put out some sick beats for y’all, but covid isn’t making things easy. So we found another way, VR. The 5th of march we’ll be throwing a sick rave in a Virtual Reality club via VRChat. This is a new concept to most of us, so we’re putting in a lot of effort to give you a rave experience from your own home. Please keep track of this page for more information that will follow. Since we can’t physically meet anywhere, we’re trying something new. A rave in a virtual club! Technology has come a long way and we feel pretty solid about giving this a serious shot. The rave will be held on friday the 5th of march. We will start off around 17:00 NL time, be sure to keep an eye on this page for more information. To check against your local time, here’s a countdown: We’ll be featuring some or favourite DJ’s and friends: - MC Behy - CHZK - DJ Electro - DJ MaxPain - Neodash Zerox - Power2All - DJ Rems - TriplestarDJ - MC Turtledome You will be able to get into the club via url that will be shared when the event goes live. More information like the timetable will follow soon! Of course you can also follow along via twitch, it will be streamed to out twitch channel: FB Event: Webpage:
  18. Name: xSpeeds Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: General Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Closed / Invite Only Bonus System: Yes Seed Difficulty: Easy Banned Countries: None TRACKER DESCRIPTION XSpeeds ratio-based general private tracker. The tracker is very underrated. The site has been around for around 11 years now and has been constantly uploading 0day early, unrared and fast. The best thing about XS is it is always doing its thing, no donation begging, no other BS. The forum is active and very helpful. They don't allow you to mention other trackers. The tracker is family friendly meaning, no porn. But other than that, it got contents from 30 categories, from anime to Xbox games. XS have a more mature user base. They are helpful, active, friendly. Maintaining a positive ratio is relatively easy as there are freeleech torrents and occasional freeleech across the site. Also, there are some torrents that give double upload credit. There is a bonus point system implemented. This tracker has a nice layout and very friendly staffs who are always eager to help newbies. Invites age not very hard to find. Highly recommended. HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS REQUESTS SHOWS SUBTITLE FORUMS RULES FAQ USER CLASSES BONUS POINTS DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Pre-Time: 9/10 Speed: 8/10 Content: 8/10 Community: 8/10 Overall: 8.2/10
  19. Freeleech of the Week Matt Everitt Presents - The First Time With... Megapack Uploaded by swamp Freeleech on this torrent will end on Sunday 11th April 2021 Freeleech torrents won't affect your download total but any amount uploaded will be added to your ratio, so even if this FLOTW pick isn't something you're interested in, it could be worthwhile downloading it just for the ratio boost. To nominate a future megatorrent as a Freeleech of the Week, use the Nominate a torrent option on the Bonus Points page. There is a full list of all previous FLOTW picks here. TMB Royal Rumble 2021 This year's TMB Royal Rumble mix competition is under way and voting is open for the first two rounds of mixes. (Round 3 to follow soon). Give them a listen and then vote for your top 5 from each round in the torrent threads. Remember, all Readers' Mixes are free to download. Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 TMB Discord Server Our new Discord server is now up and running. Join here
  20. Making his 007 debut in 2006’s Casino Royale, actor Daniel Craig had what was possibly one of the most infamous scenes in James Bond history. Tied to a chair and stark naked, Bond finds himself at the whim of the nefarious villain Le Chiffre, played by Another Round actor Mads Mikkelsen. What ensued was a torturous experience where James Bond has his crown jewels whipped by a knotted rope; a scene that, if it were left up to the actors, could have been even more brutal. Reunited by Variety for a very informative video chat, the Casino Royale co-stars spilled a lot of fun stories from the beginning of Daniel Craig’s reboot arc. But if you’re going to get James Bond and Le Chiffre in the same room, one of two things has to come up: their supposedly laughable poker battle or the ball whipping incident. Both were discussed, with Mads Mikkelsen revealing the process that reined in the madness on the latter: " I do remember we had an extensive conversation with Martin Campbell, and we were like, because we came from rock and roll films, we were just diving into that scene and we came up with so many cool ideas, and Martin was listening and listening, and at a certain point he said, ‘Guys, guys, come back, come back, it’s a Bond film.’ We just left that. We were somewhere else. … It was always a scene that was on the edge. We were never sure if it was going to be in there or not, because it was on the edge for a Bond film. " While the finished scene in Casino Royale apparently was toned down from the extreme energy that Daniel Craig and his iconic co-star were working with, it was still a bit harsher than what the 1953 book intended. For starters, in Ian Fleming’s version of events, Le Chiffre wielded a “cane carpet beater” that he lightly flicked underneath Bond’s chair. But in director Martin Campbell’s second outing meant to introduce a new 007 to the world, he went balls to the chair with a thick, knotted rope. It was certainly a far cry from Daniel Craig’s first day on the set, kicking ass and taking names. And make no mistake, that Casino Royale scene was actually carried out. Mads Mikkelsen was really whipping Daniel Craig in a chair, just with an added layer of protection. Though as Craig and Mikkelsen waxed nostalgic, it was learned that even that protection had its moment of weakness: " Craig: So I’m sitting in a chair, which had… and I’m naked. … And I had a, I don’t know what it was made of, it was fine and it worked, it was a sort of thing that was the shape of my backside, in the chair. Which I sat in… Mikkelsen: stop the knot. Craig: [Mads] was actually swinging that thing right up under the chair, and it was hitting me, the chair, as hard as it sounded. So I kind of had to give over to the fact that this thing wouldn’t break. Because he was swinging the fuck out of it. Mikkelsen: It did break, a couple times. And it was made out of some plywood, so you got splinters. It was a wonderful day for me—you, maybe not so much! It was a brutal day, obviously. It was eight hours of you screaming your lungs out. " The chair torture in Casino Royale actually exceeds its literary source material when it comes to its cruelty. In Chapter 17, entitled “My Dear Boy,” Le Chiffre’s methods against James Bond’s manhood are more exacting, but still quite painful. That said, the character is described as having a more girthy presence than Mads Mikkelsen’s more svelte and handsome version in the movie. Also, Le Chiffre is smoking and working on a pot of coffee as he works his foe over in a much nicer room than we see in Casino Royale’s film adaptation. As you’ll see in the scene itself, this Le Chiffre is no frills and all pain, which is an approach that actually helps modernize Ian Fleming’s work into a version that fits the rest of the bells and whistles the film contains. But try not to flinch at the thought of splinters, as you watch that interrogation unfold: With Daniel Craig getting ready for the fall release of his final James Bond film, No Time To Die, and Mads Mikkelsen talking up the Oscar-nominated film Another Round, we won’t see a shortage of either participant in this discussion. And that might be hysterically complicated by the fact that, after reading the details above, their memorable showdown in Casino Royale won’t easily be shaken from the mind. Of course, the ball’s in their court as to whether or not that story shall persist or if it’ll die down.
  21. When Disneyland opened in 1955, it was unlike anything the world had seen when it came to amusement parks. Disneyland was an entirely new thing, and while it had some bumps in the early days, it eventually became a massive hit. So when Walt Disney announced a new project in Florida in the 1960s, of course a new version of Disneyland was planned to be part of that. 50 years ago this October, the “East Coast Disneyland,” officially called Magic Kingdom, opened to guests, and while anybody who had ever been to Disneyland would certainly recognize the general layout of the park, there were a number of significant differences as well. While there are almost more small differences than it’s possible to count, here are the major differences you’ll find between the parks. If you know one of them well, but are planning to visit the other, it's good information to know. How To Get There The first big difference between the two parks you'll find happens before you ever actually arrive, because the way you get into the park is drastically different. Disneyland: Disneyland, being located right in the middle of Anaheim, is surrounded by hotels, both those owned by Disney and others. If you're staying close by, you can walk right up to the gate of the theme park. Otherwise, you can drive in and park in either one large parking lot on one side of the theme parks, or a parking garage on the other. From there, you can take a bus or tram, or simply walk the couple of blocks to the front door. Magic Kingdom: Magic Kingdom is found on the shore of Bay Lake, and so getting to that theme park is a bit more involved. While there is a massive parking lot for Magic Kingdom, it will only get you as far as the Transportation and Ticket Center. From there, you have a choice to either hop on a bus, take the monorail or take a boat across Bay Lake to the theme park. If you're staying at a Walt Disney World hotel, the bus heading to the Magic Kingdom will take you directly to the park. Liberty Square Vs. New Orleans Square Most of the major lands at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom are identical in name. Each one has a Fantasyland, Frontierland, Adventureland and Tomorrowland. However, there are a few differences in those lands, and one of the most significant is that both parks contain a "Square," but what that represents is very different depending on which one you're in. Disneyland: In California, you'll find New Orleans Square, which includes two major attractions: Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Haunted Mansion. The food and music you'll find in the land give the place a Dixieland vibe that's quite fun. You'll find some of Disneyland's best restaurants here as well. New Orleans Square is found in the back of the park, accessible via either Adventureland or Frontierland, but as the land was originally carved from Frontierland, there's no direct access from the hub. Magic Kingdom: Because Florida is so close to New Orleans, it was felt that creating a New Orleans themed area in Magic Kingdom was unnecessary. Instead, the park took inspiration from an unused idea for Disneyland focused on colonial America. Liberty Square is designed to look America in the late 1700s. The Haunted Mansion is still here, but the exterior has been given an overhaul to match this land's aesthetic. Pirates of the Caribbean isn't here, though it can be found in Adventureland. Instead, the second attraction is the Hall of Presidents. Liberty Square is a small land, but it's treated like it's something bigger here as it's accessible from the hub. The Lands You'll Only Find In One Park While Disneyland and Magic Kingdom more closely resembled each other 50 years ago when Disney World opened, that's become less true over time. In fact, there are entire lands now found in one park that you won't find in the other. Disneyland: There are three different lands you'll find here that you won't find at Walt Disney World, though you'll still find most of what can be found there elsewhere at Disney World. Critter Country, found in the back corner of Disneyland and containing Splash Mountain and The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, is past New Orleans Square, and there is no equivalent location at Disney World. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge also exists at the California park, but it's not part of Magic Kingdom. The one land completely unique to Disneyland is Mickey's Toontown, where Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin is located and many character photo ops are available. Magic Kingdom: While Critter Country doesn't exist in Florida, the two attractions found there do exist elsewhere at Magic Kingdom. Likewise, Galaxy's Edge isn't there, but a functionally identical location does exist at Disney Hollywood Studios. The closest thing Magic Kingdom has to a completely original location is the Storybook Circus area, which a sub-land in Fantasyland that doesn't exist in California, and everything, with the exception of the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, is only found here. Frontierland Both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom have a Frontierland, but of all the differences between the different lands in the two parks, Frontierland may be the most notable. The two locations share a name and one ride, and the rest is very different. Disneyland: Frontierland is one of the main lands found in the park, and while its only major attraction right now is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the mirror image of which does exist at Magic Kingdom, the land simply feels more important at Disneyland. It's available right up off the hub, which isn't the case at the other park. Magic Kingdom: By comparison, Frontierland at Magic Kingdom feels more like Critter Country at Disneyland. It's hidden away in the back corner and you have to walk through either Liberty Square or Adventureland to even get there. Also, like Critter Country, this is where you'll find Splash Mountain. However, Magic Kingdom's Frontierland does have one thing you'll no longer find at Disneyland: the Country Bear Jamboree. Matterhorn We could make an entire list of every single attraction that's only found in one park or the other, or the ways that they are different between the two parks, but most of them probably won't drastically change your experience in either park. However, one attraction that is literally iconic in one park, yet doesn't exist in the other... except that it sort of does. Disneyland: The Matterhorn Bobsleds was the first roller coaster built at Disneyland, and the massive mountain still exists today. The attraction has undergone numerous renovations over the years, so it isn't quite the same ride it once was. But the exterior has remained largely unchanged, making the mountain a key part of the Disneyland skyline, and it's even part of fireworks shows. Magic Kingdom: However, the skyline of Magic Kingdom is very different because there is no Matterhorn mountain, which is not to say that the ride doesn't exist there. One other difference between the two parks is that while they both have a Space Mountain, the rides are quite different. Magic Kingdom's Space Mountain is actually more of an evolution on the Matterhorn, so if you want that sort of experience in Florida, that's the place to get it. With the recent news that Disneyland resort could be getting a significant facelift in the coming years, these two parks will continue to diverge. But at their respective cores, you'll find Main Street U.S.A. leading you to a magical castle. As long as those places are there, and you can visit Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Adventureland and Frontier land, Magic Kingdom and Disneyland will continue to feel more alike than different.
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  23. Media giant ABS-CBN has filed a new lawsuit accusing several websites of offering pirated copies of its movies and TV-shows. One of the mentioned domain names,, was previously used and promoted by British Member of Parliament Craig Whittaker. The new owner turned it into a pirate site and faces millions of dollars in damages. In recent years, ABS-CBN, the largest media and entertainment company in the Philippines, has filed a series of lawsuits against pirate sites in the US. These complaints typically list domain names as defendants, accusing their anonymous operators of copyright and trademark infringement, among other things. ABS-CBN’s Million Dollar Piracy Lawsuits This legal campaign has been relatively successful to date. ABS-CBN has won millions of dollars in damages through default judgments and settlements. At the same time, domain name registrars and registries have been ordered by courts to take domains offline. A few days ago, ABS-CBN filed a new lawsuit at a federal court in Florida, listing the operators of 21 allegedly infringing domain names as defendants. “Defendants’ entire Internet-based website businesses amount to nothing more than illegal operations established and operated in order to infringe the intellectual property rights of ABS-CBN and others,” the complaint reads, stressing the importance of the domain names. “The Subject Domain Names themselves are a significant part of the means by which Defendants further their infringing scheme and cause harm to ABS-CBN in that they cause and effect the infringement as described herein.” These allegations are in line with the other lawsuits ABS-CBN has filed in the past. Most of the domain names clearly give away the intention of the sites, such as and However, there is one that sticks out like a sore thumb. Lawsuit Against British MP’s Old Domain Amidst the ‘pirate’ domain names, ABS-CBN also lists As the name suggests, this domain was previously used by British Member of Parliament (MP) Craig Whittaker. In fact, the domain name was linked to the MPs official website up until 2017, which is still promoted in old tweets. Today, Whittaker has a new website and, as far as we know, the old domain name is no longer registered to or controlled by the MP. Instead, the domain name now promotes Pinoy TV-shows and movies, which offends ABS-CBN. According to the media giant, and the other domains are classic examples of pirate operations that willfully infringe ABS-CBN’s copyrights and trademarks. Through the lawsuit, the company requests the court’s help to stop this allegedly illegal activity. ‘ is a Classic Pirate Operation’ “Defendants’ websites operating under the Subject Domain Names are classic examples of pirate operations, having no regard whatsoever for the rights of ABS-CBN and willfully infringing ABS-CBN’s intellectual property,” the company writes. The complaint accuses the defendants of trademark and copyright infringement, among other things, requesting an injunction to halt this activity. Because defendants may not respond, ABS-CBN also requests an injunction ordering domain registries to take the domains offline. Millions in Damages In addition, the media giant asks the court to order all defendants to pay statutory damages. These can reach $2 million for each trademark infringement and an additional $150,000 for every copyrighted work shared without permission. TorrentFreak reached out to Craig Whittaker for a comment but he didn’t immediately respond. There are no signs that Whittaker is in any way involved with his old domain name at the moment. The most likely scenario is that it expired at some point and that a third-party registered it afterward. — A copy of the complaint filed by ABS-CBN at the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida is available here (pdf)
  24. If there’s one thing that Zack Snyder fans know about the longtime director, it’s that he’s a fan of slo-mo scenes in movies ranging from 300 to HBO Max’s recent Justice League cut. A lot of the DC heroes in the new movie get their own big slo-mo moments, but for one hero, The Flash, it’s arguably the most important. The way Barry Allen is shot is a note that The Flash solo movie definitely needs to take from Snyder as his vision for the DC world wraps. Some spoilers are coming, obviously. So if you haven’t caught the 4-hour HBO Max extravaganza, don’t say we didn't warn you. Iris meat snack scene in HBO Max's Justice League How Iris West And A Hotdog Really Showed What Barry Allen Can Do Early on in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, we see Barry Allen applying for a job at a pet daycare. Out of the corner of his eye he sees a young woman getting in a pretty brutal car wreck and he decides to save the day. The entire car accident happens from Barry’s viewpoint in slow motion, as he lovingly shifts Iris away from disaster and grabs a hotdog -- aka a doggy meat snack -- in the process. It’s riveting. I don’t even have any emotional engagement with this Iris West/Barry Allen plotline and I found the slo-mo to be far more captivating than just Barry quickly trying to save that Russian family Joss Whedon inserted in the theatrical cut. That’s a move Zack Snyder already said he didn’t love, noting “it goes against physics to be able to have…if you grab someone, and you can say they’re protected by the Speed Force, but that’s, you know, up to interpretation.” If Barry is going to shift things in the speed force, they are gentle movements, taps etc. Or as Snyder put it, Barry’s got to be “super careful.” Barry Allen is shot this way over and over throughout Zack Snyder’s Justice League and while slow motion is a favorite for the director, the rules created for Barry Allen in the Speed Force really, really work in the final cut. I’m also just super impressed with how stylish it all looks (as someone who has watched a lot of slo-mo on the CW’s The Flash). Aquaman crowd screaming underwater James Wan 2018 Other DC Movies Like Aquaman Have Already Set A Precedent For Doing Their Own Thing You may be thinking, “Of course, The Flash solo movie will feature slo-mo,” and you’re probably right. But specifically the way Zack Snyder does it in HBO Max’s new cut is what is working for me. The reason I feel the need to point this out is because of Aquaman specifically. In Aquaman, of course, Mera and Arthur Curry have to communicate underwater. The way Zack Snyder envisions this is through complex water bubbles created to give the people of Atlantis bubbles of oxygen to speak English in. In James Wan’s Aquaman it was easier -- and doubtless cheaper -- to just have the actors talk underwater. Does it look as cool? No. Is it less complicated? Yes. DC movies have made a point to be standalones and have their own interpretations of heroes and heroines like Arthur Curry and Diana Prince, but if something is working, it’s not a bad idea to keep it in the mix as Ezra Miller continues playing the iconic character. Barry Allen going so fast he's slow in Zack Snyder's Justice League How Zack Snyder Pulled Off His Slo-Mo Shots, According To Ben Affleck If you want to know how those Barry Allen shots are pulled off in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, you can go ahead and thank Ben Affleck. Affleck’s a director himself, and was super interested in the way The Flash scenes were shot for the DC movie, including the big moment where Batman throws a batarang at Flash. He explained how the scenes were shot to Fox 5's Kevin McCarthy back before the initial release in 2017, noting: " We brought in for that day, special cameras that shot at a high frame rate. So that, you know, I just threw [the batarang] at full speed and you can slow way down. And then you can shoot Ezra at a slightly different from rate, so that it looks a little bit slow but also that he’s moving faster than I am. " Ben Affleck went on to explain that even though it seems like Batman is in the same shot as The Flash, it’s not quite in the same frame, so it’s easy to make it look as if he is slow and The Flash is fast. In the same video, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher also mentions that the VFX team “worked out the physics of the speed force” and really helped them to get the critical slowed down shots to look good. To be clear, I’m not necessarily arguing for more slo-mo from The Flash movie or that Zack Snyder’s use of slo-mo works every. single. time it appears in Justice League. But I do think that Warner Bros. and DC’s push for each of these movies to be its own thing rather than in continuity with one another means that some cool stuff does occasionally get lost in the process. The rules with the speed force could change as Barry Allen sets off on his next adventure. I don’t really want to see that, as it works so charmingly in Zack Snyder’s Justice League and gives Barry Allen more major hero moments within the gang.
  25. Platforms such as OnlyFans allow content creators, including those working in the adult space, to post content and earn money from fans. Others prefer to go it alone with their own subscription-based services but inevitably some consumers prefer to get that content for free, via illegal uploads to sites like Reddit. That, however, is not without legal risk. redditThe growth of the Internet has enabled millions of content creators to more directly address their fans. Platforms such as YouTube, for example, create a more personal fan experience but content of a more risqué nature is better placed elsewhere. Founded in 2012, OnlyFans is a subscription content platform based in the UK. Content creators using the service can earn money from subscribing fans, who pay for content on an ongoing basis and may also contribute valuable additional tips. Importantly (and unlike YouTube), OnlyFans doesn’t shy away from adult-orientated content such as more explicit photographs and videos. Of course, any content that can be uploaded to OnlyFans can be re-uploaded elsewhere without the creator’s permission. It’s the same type of piracy experienced by almost every player in the multimedia space but due to the small filesizes in content such as pictures, pirated content is very easily spread. The question is what to do about that, if anything. Uploading to Social Media Since many people sharing OnlyFans content do so fairly casually, social media platforms such as Reddit are an easy option. The site accepts image uploads and there are large quantities of sub-Reddits dedicated to specific content creators, who are also trying to sell their work on OnlyFans. While this exposure may help sales in some instances, when dozens of photographs are uploaded for free, there’s less of an incentive for people to subscribe. Also, since legal action against unlicensed uploaders is not commonplace, there’s little incentive for people to stop pirating either. This week, however, TF spotted a couple of actions filed in a US court that may give some pirates pause for thought. DMCA Subpoena Filed in California Against Reddit On March 9, 2020, lawyer Jason Fischer sent a DMCA takedown notice to Reddit, informing the platform that his client, adult performer Natasha Noel (NSFW), is the copyright owner of various photographs and video content published through her OnlyFans account and other social media platforms. According to the notice, dozens of these items were uploaded to Reddit illegally and as a result, Reddit should take the content down. While that is nothing out of the ordinary, it appears that Noel and her lawyer want to take things further. On March 23, 2020, Fischer filed a DMCA subpoena application on Noel’s behalf in a California district court, listing the same set of URLs detailed in the Reddit DMCA takedown notice. This time around, however, the lawyer was seeking more than just content removal. “This law firm has the privilege of representing Natasha Noel, owner of the copyrights in and to certain materials that been infringed through use of the online services provided by Reddit, INC,” the document reads. “Pursuant to the DMCA, we respectfully request that you execute the enclosed subpoena directing Reddit’s records custodian to disclose users’ identities.” The information requested is described as “any and all information” in Reddit’s possession pertaining to the identity of the “individuals who posted the images and content previously appearing [at the URLs in the DMCA takedown notice].” For the sake of clarity, Fischer then lists everything he expects Reddit to hand over, including usernames, account names, users’ actual names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses (including dates and times of access), and all billing information. What Fischer and Noel intend to do with this information isn’t clear but having gone this far, it seems likely that some kind of legal action or pressure will follow. Identifying a leaker will be useful in its own right but deterring further leaks among Noel’s community of fans might prove more valuable. Second DMCA Subpoena Filed Against Reddit On the same day, Fischer filed another DMCA subpoena application, again against Reddit, this time on behalf of model and MMA fighter Valerie Loureda. Unlike Noel, Loureda does not sell her content on OnlyFans but goes direct to her audience via her new website Ordinarily, fans would need to pay $9.99 to see Loureda’s glamour shots but visitors to Reddit’s /r/Valoureda have been getting that content for free – until the sub-Reddit was banned for generating “excessive copyright removals.” Valoureda Reddit Precisely when the sub-Reddit was banned isn’t clear but Fischer sent DMCA notices containing dozens of infringing URLs on March 20 and March 22. In common with the DMCA subpoena filed on behalf of Noel, he is now seeking to identify in detail the Reddit users who uploaded the content, including their email and IP addresses. Again, it’s unclear what Fischer and his client intend to do with the information but having put in some effort, it’s unlikely to end particularly well for any uploaders who Reddit is available to identify. TorrentFreak contacted Jason Fischer for additional information, including whether he’s representing other independent content creators and details of his plan for the uploaders, but at the time of writing we were yet to receive a response. The DMCA subpoena applications and supporting documents can be found here (1,2,3)