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  1. His film résumé includes 'Boxcar Bertha,' 'Never Say Never Again,' 'Brothers,' 'Revenge of the Nerds' and 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.' Actor Bernie Casey, who appeared in such films as Boxcar Bertha, Never Say Never Again and Revenge of the Nerds after a career as a standout NFL wide receiver, has died. He was 78. Casey, who also starred in Cleopatra Jones and several other blaxploitation movies of the 1970s, died Tuesday after a brief illness at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, his representative told The Hollywood Reporter. In the Warner Bros. drama Brothers (1977), Casey distinguished himself by portraying a thinly veiled version of George Jackson, a member of the Black Panther Party who was killed in what officials described as an escape attempt from San Quentin in 1971. His writings had inspired oppressed people around the world, and Bob Dylan recorded a song as a tribute to Jackson in 1971. Casey also wrote, directed, starred in and produced The Dinner (1997), centering on three black men who discuss slavery, black self-loathing, homophobia, etc. while sitting around the dinner table. Casey played a heroic former slave and train robber in Martin Scorsese's Boxcar Bertha (1972), was CIA agent Felix Leiter (a recurring character in Bond films) in Never Say Never Again (1983) and portrayed U.N. Jefferson, the president of the Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity, in Revenge of the Nerds (1984) and two follow-up telefilms. In Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989), Casey played schoolteacher Mr. Ryan ("Who was Joan of Arc?" he asks, and Keanu Reeves' Ted guesses, "Noah's wife?"), portrayed a detective opposite Burt Reynolds in Sharky's Machine (1981) and stood out as the prisoner who protects Eddie Murphy in jail in the sequel Another 48 Hrs. (1990). And not long after he unexpectedly retired from the Los Angeles Rams, Casey portrayed Chicago Bears player J.C. Caroline in the 1971 ABC telefilm Brian's Song, the heart-wrenching tale about the friendship between Brian Piccolo (James Caan) and Gale Sayers (Billy Dee Williams). A true Renaissance man, Casey also was a published poet as well as a painter whose work was exhibited in galleries around the world. Bernard Casey was born on June 8, 1939, in Wyco, W.Va. He was raised in Columbus, Ohio, and attended Bowling Green on a football scholarship (he returned to the school years later to earn a master's in fine arts). An elegant 6-foot-4 halfback and flanker, Casey led the Falcons to the national "small college" championship in 1959 and was named to the Little All-American team. He also excelled in the high hurdles for the track team and competed in the 1960 U.S. Olympic trials. The San Francisco 49ers made Casey the ninth overall pick in the NFL Draft, and he spent six seasons with the team (1961-66) as quarterback John Brodie's favorite receiver. In one game in his final year with the team, he caught 12 passes for 225 yards. Casey then spent two solid years with the Rams but shockingly retired in his athletic prime before the 1969 season, finishing his pro career with 359 catches for 5,444 yards and 40 touchdowns. Just 30, he wanted to concentrate on acting, painting and poetry. "When that sojourn is over and you're 32 or something, when most people are just beginning to understand who they are, what they can do and what life is all about, you have been considered in the world of sports a dinosaur," he once said in a piece for NFL Films. "From that point on, it's a downward spiral into the abyss of non-consideration and obscurity and a lot of other things that they never recover from. I want to think in my instance, it's the beginning. There's a lot of life left after 32." Casey made his movie debut in the sequel Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969) and then starred opposite Jim Brown, another recently retired NFL star, in ...tick... tick... tick... (1970). Casey received top billing in Hit Man (1972) as the title character, a no-nonsense guy who investigates his brother's death at the hands of mobsters, and then played Reuben Masters, Tamara Dobson's lover, in Cleopatra Jones (1973). His other blaxploitation work included Black Chariot (1971), Black Gunn (1972) and Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde (1976), and years later, he appeared in the genre parody I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988), directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans. Casey portrayed basketball star Maurice Stokes, who spent the last 10 years of his life paralyzed, in Maurie (1973), was a cop in Cornbread, Earl and Me (1975) and played Col. Rhumbus in Spies Like Us (1985). He also appeared in The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976), John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness (1994), The Glass Shield (1994) and Once Upon a Time … When We Were Colored (1995). On television, Casey played a minor-league baseball coach who could still hit on the short-lived Steven Bochco drama Bay City Blues and was in Roots: The Next Generations and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Casey received an honorary doctorate degree from The Savannah (Ga.) College of Art and Design, where he served for years as chairman of the board and advocated for arts education. He had many fans of his paintings. "I cannot see what Bernie Casey sees," Maya Angelou said in 2003 to promote an exhibit of his work. "Casey has the heart and the art to put his insight on canvas, and I am heartened by his action. For then I can comprehend his vision and some of my own. His art makes my road less rocky, and my path less crooked."
  2. "Snowy sky burst white deer, laughing book God Xia Bi Bi Yu", the fourteen words represent the three old martial arts martial arts classic masterpiece, and these martial arts classic masterpiece has also been remodeled into N different versions of the film , Television is widely circulated, its influence does not lose the international blockbuster! Jin Yong, formerly known as Charles Liang Yong, born in 1924, Zhejiang Haining people, was born family. University majors in English and international law. He was founded in 1959 to set up the "Ming Pao" in Hong Kong, where he was the editor-in-chief and the president for 35 years. During the period of "Ming Pao Monthly", "Hong Kong" Ta Kung Pao "and" New Evening News " "," Ming Pao Weekly ", Singapore" New Ming Daily "and Malaysia" New Ming Daily "and so on. In 1972, Jin Yong printed seal pen, wash basin. Mr. Jin Yong created countless lifelike heroes, or righteousness, or is also evil, or two sleeves breeze. Which heroes who also cherish the masterpiece of God, really envy others! [Em41] Remember a child, saw the Huang Rihua version of the Eagle Shooting Heroes, the results really secretly practice the dragon eighteen palm, their own walls did not hit me on the eighteen palm, but also suffer my sixteen palm. [Em3] kid, you really is a martial arts martial arts! Haha! [Em5] I believe that like high-definition friends, is also a friend like martial arts, have a martial arts dream. It is through the CHD's east wind, here together chatter nibbling, talk about everyone's mind heroes. Chat rules are not limited, the content is not limited! Talk about the good will be given to the station a certain amount of magic reward! An example of a chat format is as follows: What do you like Kim Yong's novel: "Condor Heroes" One of your favorite heroes and gods: Yang Guo, playing the dog bar method In the novel you most appreciate the words: Xia of the big, for the country for the people Talk about your understanding of this sentence: Xia is chivalrous people, love to fight the injustice of people. Old knight refers to some of the rivers and lakes, these people's social status is generally not high, among the knight can be called heroes must have the worries of the people, sacrifice justice. All the TV version of your favorite version: 95 years old days, Li Ruo Tong version TV or novel which plot the most able to impress you: Yang Guo and little dragon girl with the practice of jade heart, was found, resulting in the little dragon woman practice injury, Yang Guo angry and stinker will be a dead battle, to protect their own kind of woman's gas field It is so handsome. Incentive rules: The event set up a special award, first prize, second prize, third prize four awards, of which the number of awards and awards are as follows 1, a special prize: reward 20,000 magic value; 2, first prize two: the reward 12000 magic value; 3, two prize three: the reward 8000 magic value; 4, three prize four: the reward 5000 magic value; Event deadline: April 30, 2017 All the essay are in this post, the corresponding format to reply. The number of words is not limited, the more the better. This article is strictly prohibited irrigation! The The All irrigation posts will be deleted.
  3. Happy Eighth Birthday!Over the past eight years we have managed to build something truly special together. PassThePopcorn is the largest archive of quality cinema in the history of the world. We are a group of passionate cinephiles from all across the globe, come together to share what we love. In doing so we became much more than just a torrent site. We became a community. In the wake of What.CD's untimely demise it's become crystal clear just how much this community means to us. We've discovered artists, directors, and entire genres of film we never knew existed. We've laughed and cried together. We've built friendships, some which may last a life time. On this, our eighth birthday, I'd like to focus on where we've come from and the path that lies ahead. The closure of What.CD shocked us all. I'd like to personally thank all of the staff and users who made the site what it was. What.CD was simply incredible, and the world has never seen its like. They will be sorely missed in the many years to come. We've added two commemorative party hats for those who wish to show their solidarity. In the fallout from What.CD's closure one of our hosts also went under, bringing the tracker with it. It took a while to recover, but we're happy to announce that the tracker is back up! So where do we go from here? We're not going to run away. We're going to stand strong together, with our heads held high. Come join us for the journey. We're going to start off our ninth year alive with a bang! Security Upgrades and Donations Given the recent events at What.CD we've decided to implement new security measures to further harden our infrastructure. The safety of our users has always been -- and will always be -- our top priority. Doing so will likely require additional hardware, and before last month we hadn't met our donation goals since February. Every month we fall short staff make up the difference out of our own pockets. While we're in no danger of closing down, the costs are definitely adding up. At this time we're asking that anyone who is financially able to consider making a donation. We are a strictly nonprofit tracker, and not a single staff member makes so much as a penny from our work here. 100% of donations go to keeping the site alive. Starting soon, HTTPS will be forced across the entire site. There will now only be one address for PTP: We've also implemented failed login attempt alerts to notify you if anyone tries to gain access to your account. There will be some additional downtime in the coming days as we continue to implement new infrastructure and safety measures. Calling All Developers Have you ever wanted to help build new features and improve PTP? Well, now you can! Chosen candidates will be given prebuilt local environments to work in, and will not have access to any user information. Please send us a staff message if you would like to apply. Make sure to include your experience working with the following technologies: php, sql, javascript, sass/css, docker, and git. PTPImg is Back You guys have waited a long long time for this, but PTPImg is now back! There's a lot more shiny features on the way, including an improved registration system, but it's ready for you to test out and start using now! Banning Pre-release Material All pre-release material is banned for the indeterminate future. I understand that this will upset many of you who are looking forward to screener season. But given the events of last year, where a user was arrested after leaking a studio copy of the Revenant screener, we can't in good conscience condone anything that would put the site or our users at risk. Especially given the extra attention currently being paid to us in the wake of the What.CD raid. This policy is final for this year, but may be re-evaluated down the road. Encouraging Personal Encodes Personal encodes are now properly labeled, and there's a new top 10 listing for our most prolific release groups. We sincerely appreciate everyone who is releasing personal content here. Keep up the good work! 4K Content We now officially support 4K and UHD encodes, and they have their own group. New upload rules to follow. Looking for Documentary and Journalism People We're putting out an open call for documentary and journalism students/professionals who would like to conduct staff interviews (on site, not publicly distributed) and discuss the journey our community has made over the years. If you, or anyone you know, fits that description, please send us a staff message. We've gone through an awful lot together, and in order to fully understand that history we first need to have it documented. Exporting Bookmarks Ever wanted to save a copy of all the films you've bookmarked at PTP? Now you can! RSS Changes All RSS feeds now utilize https links. Additionally, they include the torrent's release name to allow for robust filtering. Birthday Picks We have something a bit different for you this year, and I think you'll like it. Normally we spend this time showing you guys movies we love. But what about the ones you want to share with us? This year we've decided to freeleech the top 30 of PTP's Best Movies of All Time, as decided by you, our userbase. We've also given our torrent checkers, GP team, and FLS a chance to share some of their favorite films. We hope you enjoy them! FLS Picks Our FLS team works quite hard on the site. From helping a user with a torrent problem to writing site wiki tutorials and everywhere in between, they do it all. We wouldn't be where we are now without them and we'd like to say thanks by offering them a chance to pick one of their favorite films to put into the spotlight. Seppuku AKA Harakiri [1952] by Tamjuk The Man from Earth [2007] by Siege Smokey and the Bandit [1977] by FluffyUnicorn GoldenEye [1995] by Snow McCabe & Mrs. Miller [1971] by Blackstrap Lucky Number Slevin [2006] by TheHabidasher Checker Picks Torrent checking and Golden Popcorn evaluation are two of the most important concepts that we have at PTP. This rigorous process ensures quality encodes are kept on the site and the latter group helps to decide everyone's favorite, Golden Popcorn encodes! We love the users that volunteer to help out with these processes and are very lucky to have them. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. [2015] by lerk08 Tenkû no shiro Rapyuta AKA Laputa: Castle in the Sky [1986] by Komic In a Lonely Place [1950] by disko The Wizard of Oz [1939] by F00D Pociag AKA Night Train [1959] by pafnucy Les parapluies de Cherbourg AKA The Umbrellas of Cherbourg [1964] by Divius In Conclusion Fuck going quietly into that good night. We're not going to just survive. We're going to thrive. Much love, The PTP Staff
  4. June is Garry Marshall month!All shows created, directed or produced by Garry Marshall (and animated spin-offs) are freeleech for the month of June.If you have any new content, please send it on up! If you can seed anything, jump in!!Filmography 1959–61 Tonight Starring Jack Paar1961–64 Make Room for Daddy1961–65 The Joey Bishop Show1961–66 The Dick Van Dyke Show1962–68 The Lucy Show1964-64 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre1964-64 Gomer Pyle, USMC1965–66 Hank1966-66 Hey, Landlord1967-67 Sheriff Who?1970–75 The Odd Couple1972-72 Me and the Chimp1972-72 Evil Roy Slade1974–84 Happy Days1974-74 The Brian Keith Show1974-74 Dominick's Dream1974-74 Love, American Style1975-75 Wives1976–83 Laverne & Shirley1977-77 Blansky's Beauties1978–82 Mork and Mindy1978-78 Who's Watching the Kids?1979–80 Angie1979-79 Beanes of Boston1979-79 Out of the Blue1979-79 Makin' It1980-80 Goodtime Girls1980-82 The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang TAS1981-81 Mean Jeans1981-82 Laverne & Shirley in the Army TAS1982-82 Laverne & Shirley with the Fonz TAS1982–83 The New Odd Couple1982-83 Mork & Mindy TAS1982–83 Joanie Loves Chachi1986-86 Four Stars1986-86 Nothing in Common2011-11 New Year's Eve - Unsafe2015–present The Odd Couple Unsafe If anyone has any comments, additions or suggestions, please discuss HERE.
  5. Waffles Staff Picks: March 2016 Edition 2016-03-07 07:48:15 Waffles Staff Picks - March (November) Edition Welcome to the March edition of the Staff Picks. These were intended for November, hence the theme, but due to various site problems we've had, never got put up, so here they are now, and we should be able to get back on track with these picks going forward. Please remember we do not look to balance genres or purposely seek out diversity - these are simply albums by bands that we love, and hope that you find something you enjoy as well. Note that each pick may be an individual track, or an entire album (for the purpose of the theme). In every case, however, the entire album will be FL. Thanks go out to our resident designer groovyds for creating the collage for this month. If you notice that there are missing formats for any of these , feel free to add them, then, and this is important, report them using the report feature, asking for the torrent to be made freeleech. Remember, if you don't see the red FL banner on the torrent page, the torrent isn't freeleech. And in other news, we have a new mod...medicalfools! He's spearheading the Radio Waffles project, and hopefully that will be successful and will generate some activity around here. Welcome aboard! Theme: Remember(ance)/Never Forget 420billy Artist: George Harrison Album: All Things Must Pass Track: I Remember Jeep He passed away November 29, 2001 Get It Here icebox Artist: The Chills Album: Kaleidoscope World Track: I Love My Leather Jacket Originally released on a 12" in 1986, it was among the songs collected onto Kaleidoscope World for its 1989 US reissue. Martin Phillips wrote this song about the leather jacket bequeathed to him from former bandmate Martyn Bull, only 22 when he died of leukemia in 1983. This jacket is, as he puts it, his only concrete link with an absent friend, therefore, a rememberance of him. He wears the jacket in the music video: Kaleidoscope World is an excellent anthology of early Chills singles. Other excellent tracks here include Pink Frost, Doledrums, Rolling Moon, and the title track. Get It Here izmo Artist: suis la lune Album: distance/closure Track: "better parts" If you listen to this song once you will be emo forever. I'll never forget how good this band is, probably. Get It Here nomado Artist: Katatonia Album: Viva Emptiness Track: Burn the Remembrance "Viva Emptiness" is my favorite album by the Swedish metal band Katatonia, and "Burn the Remembrance" is my favorite track of it. If you want to listen to a great heavy metal band, check it out!! Get It Here condon313 Artist: Mineral Album: Power of Failing For when you want to twist the knife. Get It Here Haarry Artist: The Kinks Album: The Kinks are the village green preservation society Track: Do you remember walter? Nobody did songs with nostalgic imagery as well as the Kinks. I almost feel like i'm there when I hear this song. Get It Here wozgo Artist: The Shirelles Album: Anthology: 1959-1964 Beautiful music from an era that I will never forget. Get It Here groovyds Artist: Bob Marley & The Wailers Album: Rastaman Vibration [2002 Deluxe Edition] Track: No Woman, No Cry (Live) Don't forget about your woman, or maybe if you don't have one you may not cry Get It Here lostsupper Artist: Hüsker Dü Album: Metal Circus Track: Real World "Hüsker Dü" means "do you remember" in some Scandinavian language. I do. I remember hearing this band for the first time during Jason Lee's part in Blind's Video Daze. I can close my eyes and replay most of his part by heart still. Those times were golden. We were healthy, loud, and honest. Get It Here radicaldino Artist: The Used Album: Artwork in a world constantly knocking one down, with people thinking they know what is best for you shooting down your dreams and telling you to give up, learning to persevere and pick ones self up is invaluable to ones mental health and success within ones environment - after losing someone important to me and my dreams to relocate overseas falling apart, this album helped me through an extremely difficult time and reminded me there is always light at the end of the tunnel no matter how bleak things might seem at the time. "sharpen up your teeth your dreams are more than worth defending, in a fight thats never ending..." Get It Here
  6. We've Hit Seven Years! Happy Birthday Everyone! It's been seven long years since PTP first came kicking and screaming into this world. While we've grown significantly over the years, our passionate love of cinema and our unwavering focus on the community have remained unchanged. We've been through many hardships over the years: staff changes, hardware failures, and large scale attacks. Every few months a new crisis hits...and yet here we stand. Alive. Not only have we managed to survive -- we've actively thrived. PassThePopcorn is quite possibly the largest quality cinematic archive in the history of the world. Let that sink in for a second. We're blessed with a dedicated family of staffers, a fantastic FLS team, and a vibrant and wonderful community. We're on the verge of archiving 125,000 films, and 300,000 individual torrents. And it only gets better from here. We could never have gotten this far without you, our users. You are the ones that make this place so incredibly special. We're glad to have each and every one of you as part of our extended family. And so, to show our thanks, let's unwrap some presents! -- Much love, the PTP Staff Recruitment is back It's been a long time coming, but we're finally ready to open our doors to new users. In the next few days PTP will start recruiting members from a few of our closest allied trackers. If you have a friend who has been looking to join, now is their chance. As a reminder: Personal invites should ONLY be given out to people you know well. Inviting people from public places, or people who pm you asking for an invite (even if their ratio is good) is strictly forbidden. Leave the recruiting to staff. New party hats! Deep in our secret underground lair: Show The people demand hats. Who am I to stand in their way? We've completely stripped down and re-coded the party hat system. We've also added a ton of new hats. Have you ever wanted to wear a kitty on your head? Well now you can! New users are now given 48hrs of party hats as a welcome gift, and sent a helpful pm explaining how to engage with the site and community. Better bonus store You can now use BP to help boost low-bounty requests. We hope this encourages people to fill all requests, and makes our archive even stronger. You can also buy the ability to subscribe to all new posts in a forum, and unlock new types of partyhats. We have some other fun stuff in the works too, including a special treat for those of you who are Custom Class. Stylesheet picker While this nifty feature has been implemented for a few months, many of you may have missed it. Swing on over to thestylesheet picker to easily view and change which stylesheet you are using. Improved user recommendations We now show two user recommendations at the same time, which means you'll no longer need to wait over a month to see your pick hit the front page. We've also included the cover art next to your recommendation, so more people will see it. Better movie pages You can now help make a film freeleech (contribute to its bonus pool) directly from the movie page. You also have direct access to all relevant log results for the film. Easier donation system We've overhauled the bitcoin options on the donation page so now they're much easier to use, and employ a QR code for easier access. We hope to fully automate the system in the coming months, allowing donor perks to be credited instantly. Miscellaneous changes Freeleech on new Golden Popcorn torrents will be staggered throughout the day Bonus points start to accrue AFTER you've completed the minimum seed time requirements An automated message is displayed on site when the tracker is down Collections can be sorted by subscriber count missing.php lists groups that have unfilled requests Request and collage links will now show the name instead of the url needforseed.php allows you to search by filename Freeleech Picks!And what would a birthday party be without some freeleech? Below you'll find a selection of films chosen by our checkers, FLS, and staff. All the following will be freeleech for approximately one week. Cinema is near and dear to our hearts -- so let's get comfortable and watch some films! Checker PicksTrue Grit [1969] by FatherTimeline Joysticks [1983] by clutchit Cure [1997] by hypnagogiia Ballada o soldate AKA Ballad of a Soldier [1959] by Wanderer Le petit Nicolas AKA Little Nicholas [2009] by Peaches FLS PicksThe Lost Skeleton of Cadavra [2001] by dwagonfwy Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back [2001] by kuzeth The Fountain [2006] by Siege Contact [1997] by mallegonian Gattaca [1997] by vt Brazil [1985] by Tamjuk Staff PicksOh, God! [1977] by Formal John Wick [2014] by alamak Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father [2008] by unclesalty Angel-A [2005] by Bonsai Der Krieger und die Kaiserin AKA The Princess and The Warrior [2000] by Voltaire Ferris Bueller's Day Off [1986] by Forseti Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back [1980] by ChunkyLover53 Beyond the Black Rainbow [2010] by 312c 88 [2015] for Teddy The Dead Pool [1988] for callahan Ready, Set, Bag! [2008] for paperk
  7. The U.S. Government has won its civil forfeiture case against Megaupload and Kim Dotcom. As a result, the U.S. now owns Kim Dotcom's bank accounts, cars, art and other property worth dozens of millions of dollars. Megaupload's founder describes the ruling as unjust and says his team will file an appeal at a higher court. Following the 2012 raid on Megaupload and Kim Dotcom, U.S. and New Zealand authorities seized millions of dollars in cash and other property. Claiming the assets were obtained through copyright and money laundering crimes, last July the U.S. government launched a separate civil action in which it asked the court to forfeit the bank accounts, cars and other seized possessions of the Megaupload defendants. Megaupload’s defense heavily protested the request but was found to have no standing, as Dotcom and his colleagues can be seen as fugitives. A few hours ago District Court Judge Liam O’Grady ordered a default judgment in favor of the U.S. Government. This means that the contested assets, which are worth an estimated $67 million, now belong to the United States. “It all belongs to the U.S. government now. No trial. No due process,†Dotcom informs TF. More than a dozen Hong Kong and New Zealand bank accounts have now been forfeited (pdf) including some of the property purchased through them. The accounts all processed money that was obtained through Megaupload’s alleged illegal activities. The list of forfeited assets further includes several luxury cars, such as a silver Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM and a 1959 pink Cadillac, two 108″ Sharp LCD TVs and four jet skis. The memorandum issued by Judge O’Grady repeats many of the allegations in the original indictment. It lists links to infringing materials that could be found on the site and claims that Megaupload purposefully obfuscated its illegal intent. Dotcom refutes these claims as “Hollywood nonsense†and maintains that Megaupload was operating legally and cooperated with copyright holders when required. “The default judgment is so thick with DOJ and Hollywood nonsense that one might think they drafted it,†Dotcom says. The New Zealand based entrepreneur believes that it’s been an unfair battle thus far, and with his assets now going to the U.S. it’s certainly not getting any easier. But while the ruling is a huge blow, it also opens up the possibility to have the case reviewed by a higher court. “For the first time we get the opportunity to test the decisions of this Judge at a higher court. Because of the way his previous rulings were designed he made an appeal impossible. But we now can and probably will appeal O’Grady’s decision on fugitive disentitlement and forfeiture,†Dotcom notes. For now, however, the successful forfeiture request is the U.S. Government’s first major victory against Megaupload. Meanwhile, Dotcom and his fellow Megaupload defendants are still waiting to hear whether they will be sent to the U.S. to stand trial. The extradition hearing will start early June, after a request from Dotcom’s lawyers to postpone it was turned down earlier this week.
  8. Duo apparently in negotiations to join the cast Timur Bekmambetov’s remake of swords and sandals classic, Ben-Hur, could be about to swell its supporting cast, with Gal Gadot and Pedro Pascal in discussions to join the production. According to THR, Gadot has entered early negotiations to play the film’s female lead, a slave girl named Esther who Ben-Hur finds himself falling for. Meanwhile, Deadline reports that Game Of Thrones star Pascal is in talks to play Pontius Pilate, expected to be a bigger role in this version of the story than it was in the 1959 film. Jack Huston has already been cast in the title role, while Morgan Freeman will play his mentor in chariot-racing, and Toby Kebbell will appear as the villainous Messala. Directed by Bekmambetov from a script currently being re-written by the Oscar-winning John Ridley, Ben-Hur will open in the UK on 19 February 2016. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  9. Duo apparently in negotiations to join the cast Timur Bekmambetov’s remake of swords and sandals classic, Ben-Hur, could be about to swell its supporting cast, with Gal Gadot and Pedro Pascal in discussions to join the production. According to THR, Gadot has entered early negotiations to play the film’s female lead, a slave girl named Esther who Ben-Hur finds himself falling for. Meanwhile, Deadline reports that Game Of Thrones star Pascal is in talks to play Pontius Pilate, expected to be a bigger role in this version of the story than it was in the 1959 film. Jack Huston has already been cast in the title role, while Morgan Freeman will play his mentor in chariot-racing, and Toby Kebbell will appear as the villainous Messala. Directed by Bekmambetov from a script currently being re-written by the Oscar-winning John Ridley, Ben-Hur will open in the UK on 19 February 2016. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post
  10. To celebrate his 75th birthday next year, Cliff Richard today announces a 2015 UK tour, Cliff will stop at eight UK cities with the tour culminating in five nights at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Cliff Richard ' 75th Birthday Tour September 2015 Tuesday 29th Birmingham Symphony Hall October 2015 Thursday 1st Sheffield City Hall Saturday 3rd Liverpool Philharmonic Hall Sunday 4th Manchester Bridgewater Hall Tuesday 6th Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Wednesday 7th Newcastle City Hall Friday 9th Nottingham Royal Concert Hall Monday 12th London Royal Albert Hall Tuesday 13th London Royal Albert Hall Wednesday 14th London Royal Albert Hall Friday 16th London Royal Albert Hall (Exclusive Newmarket night) Saturday 17th London Royal Albert Hall A two day exclusive Fan Club's Pre-Sale will go on sale 9am on Thursday 30th October, with General On Sale starting at 9am on Saturday 1st November. Travel Inclusive packages for the exclusive Newmarket night at Royal Albert Hall on Friday 16th October 2015 will go on sale on Thursday 16th October 2014, with general on sale beginning at 9am on Saturday 1st November 2014. All tickets priced £85 / £80 / £75 / £65 / £62 / £45 / £25 in London and £75 / £65 regionally (subject to per-ticket charge plus order processing fee) will be available from, and (London tickets only). Celebrating his 56th anniversary in the music business this year, Cliff Richard is indisputably Britain's all-time greatest hit-maker ' the ultimate pop star! No other UK band or solo artist is even close to equalling his 100 album releases, 123 single hits, or can claim to have occupied a place in our charts for the equivalent of over 20 years! Highlights of this remarkable career are too numerous to mention, but successful films, musicals, concert tours and television shows have all contributed to the Cliff Richard legend. Amidst a flurry of publicity Cliff released his 100th album 'The Fabulous Rock 'n' Roll Songbook' on 11 November 2013. This studio album of 15 great rock 'n' roll tracks was recorded live at the Blackbird Studio and The Parlor in Nashville, Tennessee, and is Cliff's tribute to the greats of rock 'n' roll who inspired and influenced him, such as Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly. Sir Cliff released his debut album in 1959, and has since released 46 studio albums, seven soundtracks, 11 live albums and 35 compilations. Cliff's knighthood, bestowed in the 1995 Birthday Honours for his tireless charity work, was the first such to be given to a pop star. His practical support of so many good causes reflects the reality of his deep Christian commitment, which began in the mid-1960's, and which, despite the media critics who claimed it was a passing fad or a publicity gimmick, has been the motivating force in his life ever since. Add Rep and Leave a feedback Reputation is the green button in the down right corner on my post