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  1. Google Translation: CDN failure The CDN is currently experiencing a global failure. Website services may be affected by a 502 error. Please wait for the service provider to fix it.
  2. I'll pop invites up on friday for all members just a few final things then the doors will be open first thing saturaday Loads going on in background on the framework/backend, ive updated every file & function and added a few more - better email encryption is next.
  3. A migration of the seedbox is underway, the bot will be offline so expect no uploads of your favorite tv for 1-3 days depending of the migration status starting from today.
  4. New contest The Pervy Journey To Smut Peddler Since there are no giveaways for uploaders gaining ranks, I would like to start giving out credits to all users that work towards gaining ranks that require you to upload new content. Get promoted to Great Perv and receive 3,000 credits Get promoted toSextreme Perv and receive 9,000 credits Get promoted to Smut Peddler and receive 18,000 credits Discuss this post here
  5. European media and entertainment executives have almost no faith that content piracy will wane in the coming years, despite content owners’ increasing engagement in combatting the problem with a combination of technology and cross-industry initiatives. That’s according to a new report from security and multiscreen user experience solutions firm NAGRA, which found a mere 7% of M&E executives saying the proportion of European consumers accessing content illegally will fall by 50% or more in the next five years. “In mostly smaller, emerging [Central and Eastern Europe] markets where piracy hits hard, there might be a more significant decline as the ecosystem acts to address the problem and its impact on churn and revenue,” the report reads. “What we’re seeing with the growth of premium OTT services are new opportunities for people to stream content illegally. There are always new emerging challenges for pay TV operators to deal with.” Live video streams — including the rebroadcasting of live streams on social media platforms — was pointed out as one of the top concerns among executives in the report, though content owners are more actively engaged in combatting these forms of piracy, using a combination of technologies like forensic watermarking and cross-industry initiatives, to identify and remove illegal streams. Outside of piracy, the report also polled executives on OTT disruption, with 26% of executives saying the growth of paid OTT services will have a negative impact on the industry over the next five years. Additionally, 79% said OTT subscription services are a valuable component of pay TV offerings. “These latest findings shed new light on the key priorities and trends affecting service providers in Europe and are the first of a range of findings to result from the 2019 Pay TV Innovation Forum research program,” said Simon Trudelle, senior director of product marketing for NAGRA. “The growth of OTT services is undoubtedly having an impact on the pay TV and content industries and digital transformation is emerging as a key priority. It is exciting to see that while challenges exist, focus is on creating opportunities for growth and in the end, delivering services that will delight consumers and keep them engaged. The next few years will prove to be pivotal in this regard.” Jon Watts, managing partner of MTM— which published the report with NAGRA — added: “Europe’s pay TV industry is at a crossroads, with slowing growth in many markets and increasing competition on the horizon. After nearly two decades of growth, we’re starting to see the signs of a very different industry – with a greater focus on the network, a broader offering of products and services, and new approaches to aggregation and content retailing. It’s encouraging to see signs of optimism and widespread interest in these new approaches, as the industry looks for the next wave of growth opportunities that will see it into the 2020s.”
  6. Despite all the condemnation from media producers, torrents still exist. Users continue sharing movies, music, and software via P2P sites. The legal status of such platforms varies from country to country, but Mexico remains one of the few free zones, along with the Netherlands. Why is it so? There are numerous torrent trackers available online. Some are more successful than others at staying afloat. For instance, the kickass torrent has undergone shutdowns in several countries, but may still be accessed. Some sites are geoblocked by governments, which can be circumvented with a VPN. Users in Mexico, however, enjoy the freedom of file sharing with a few caveats. Mexican laws Modern technology has boosted human productivity overall, transferring numerous services to the internet. However, the progress has its downsides, such as leaking of content online. In Mexico, there are simply no working laws that would prohibit torrent trackers. You could download anything using a torrent site and get away with it. Some regulations do exist, but they lack clarity and are simply not respected enough. Non-commercial forms of file sharing still have not been addressed by legislators directly. Despite some initiatives concerning stricter penalties for unauthorized file sharing, it is only rhetoric. According to some research findings, torrents are a source of music files for an overwhelming majority of Mexican residents (up to 90%). The trend is perfectly logical considering the minuscule share of authorized music distribution services in the country. When there are few legal ways to access music, peer-to-peer networks save the day. Increasing broadband and the presence of internet cafes have contributed to the rise in such downloads. Piracy Rampant music piracy is a predictable outcome, and its scale is shocking. A local anti-piracy company reports that almost everyone – 97% of the country’s population – admits consuming music illicitly, with half of them using stream-ripping. Therefore, in terms of piracy, Mexico is high on the list, which triggers harsh criticism from the United States. Multiple USTR reports have highlighted low progress in enforcement. According to the American Chamber of Commerce, 80% of Mexicans who download pirated content consider it a minor offense. The entertainment industry incurs significant losses. According to the International Trade Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the country is the second biggest foreign source of illegal camcords. A different view However, not all American companies are outraged. Spotify, which entered the Mexican market in 2013, is not angered by the soaring piracy rates. The company is extremely happy with Mexico-based customers. It has even dubbed Mexico the “streaming music capital” of the world. The city has more Spotify users than New York or any other megalopolis. Hence, torrent sites, which reflect the modern nature of easily sharable content, still exist and thrive. In Mexico, like the rest of the world, the digital revolution has transformed the human perception of numerous life dimensions, from personal relationships to learning to shop and entertainment. Whether restrictions will be introduced, is still unclear.
  7. Amazon, Netflix and a handful of Hollywood studios are asking a court for millions in damages from Set Broadcast, a company accused of infringing multiple copyrights through a pirate video service named SET TV. According to TorrentFreak, the copyright holders have requested maximum damages on 51 different titles – totaling more than $7.6 million – as well as a permanent injunction against Set Broadcast. “Set Broadcast has willfully infringed Plaintiffs’ copyrighted works and, in doing so, caused Plaintiffs and their entire business model immense damage. The $7,650,000 statutory damages sought here therefore represents only a fraction of the actual damages inflicted by Set Broadcast on Plaintiffs,” the plaintiffs wrote in a motion filed in a California federal court. The motion this week comes after last year the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Set Broadcast – naming Jason Labossiere, the site operator and domain registrant of www.setvnow.com, and Nelson Johnson, a partner in Set Broadcast, as defendants. “‘Setvnow’ and other piracy software applications undermine the legal market for films and television shows, causing harm to a vibrant creative economy that supports millions of workers around the world. ACE is dedicated to protecting creators and reducing online piracy through dedicated actions against illegal enterprises like ‘Setvnow,’” ACE spokesperson Jolyon Kimble said in a statement. ACE has filed similar suits against other services including Tickbox and Dragon Box. In addition to Amazon and Netflix, ACE members include CBS, Discovery, Disney, HBO, Hulu, Lionsgate, MGM, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. The organization formed in 2017 with the intent to conduct research, work closely with law enforcement to curtail illegal pirate enterprises, file civil litigation and forge cooperative relationships with existing national content protection organizations to help curb or stop online video piracy.
  8. Google Translation: Lotto open for a long time! Arpa pays 1.00GB which is deducted from your upload amount. Each user can buy up to 99 bucks. The lottery ends on June 8, 2019 at 15:00, after which the lottery pot is split equally between 20 lucky ones! Lottery can be found on the front page in the top bar under Lotto. Freeleech and open doors are still valid for 24.05.19 - 07.06.19! Good for everyone!
  9. Google Translation: Dear users, we are looking for experienced uploaders who can expand the content of the site by uploading. Just sign up for the rank that you think seriously and do your job 60gb upload and +10000,000 bonus points for reward + donor star next to your name !! pm for signing at staff members
  10. BWTorrents - Where content and community come in perfect harmony BWT has been an iconic torrent community site. Ever since it went down back in the day, we have always thought about reviving the legend.The time has come now. We present you BWTorrents.tv. A new and improved site. The site has been build from scratch. There will be some initial issues/bugs. As the site goes live, we will work deligently to iron out any issues and improve the site experience. One would ask how BWT is different from other torrent site. Here at BWT, we aim to build a healthy community while sharing content. We welcome members from all over. We want to provide a site where apart from content, members can ejoy their stay at site. Interact, chat, share experiences. The site is free for all. We have a diverse and very strong staff who are willing to help you in every way possible. Lets start a family, not just a file sharing site.
  11. Hello folks, We the staff decided way back when we started building this tracker to hold off on membership drives and let it grow naturally as we focused on creating a feature rich and stable tracker. We wanted to wait a year to make the tracker the best it can be. We have had a couple great devs along the way; @.Transmission got us started and did a fantastic job and @.kzmgd has taken up where Transmission left off. With the great job they have both done we feel the tracker is where it needs to be, of course there will be updates and features added along the way. All that being said, I and the rest of the staff feel it is now time to pivot and focus on membership. With a larger member base we will have a more active community, grow our torrent library and it will be easier to maintain the health of our torrents. @.Frontclip is a fantastic Administrator and I would love to give him a small army of Moderators and other 'front line support' to help him out . . . this can be done as we grow. The staff is coming up with a plan or two to increase our member base and we would like to open it up to you to make suggestions on how we can make this happen. Just know that we are NOT going to do an open registration period, that idea is not even up for consideration. So . . . what's on your mind? // Auge Discuss this post here
  13. Google Translation: Members, Two notices: 1. From Wednesday to the weekend, the server will be upgraded and the access will be interrupted. Please be prepared in advance. 2. Today, the site will issue magic value compensation to the old members registered before April 1, 2019. The compensation standard is to distribute magic value according to the amount of user's downloads and the highest level that users have reached. Please pay attention to the change of their magic value. (Issued) Keepfrds Management Group
  14. Google Translation: Best friends, A few days ago you received the unfortunate message that the site would close. I really couldn't let that happen, such a nice site, with such loyal and cool users, I wanted to avoid that at all times. I have therefore taken over the site, and will also actively upload on this site. From now on you can go back to me for all questions, large and small, for all proposals for improvement. We are also still looking for uploaders, so if you are interested, be sure to sign up! Best regards, M*****
  15. I guess you can read and write English. You need to "Give reaction or reply to this topic to see the hidden content."