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  3. CAUTION. Those who have a problem with the download, open the client in the torrents that are red and do the following. Right click on the red torrent and then Properties and change https to http or vice versa. CAUTION. We no longer accept paysafe and moneysafe cards. Instead you can pay with viva e-money codes and with paypal and bitcoin. Prefer viva e-money code for better. Here you can find viva e-money points of sale, even in gas stations.
  4. Hello everyone, It has come to our attention that recent Aither content has been channeled to a specific DDL site. This activity is not acceptable, as it is aimed at making profit using another team's work, which is downloaded here for free, and also provides unneeded exposure of our content to a very large and random audience. To prevent this we decided to modify our Rules as follows: Uploading Aither content to public trackers, Usenet, private indexers, or DDL sites is prohibited. Please respect the hard work of release groups, upload Aither content to other private trackers only. Thank you, Aither staff team
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  6. Packet loss You will have noticed that that availability of the site has been poor these past several days. The brute forcing password attack is over. The front end proxy is lightly loaded, and the backend is doing perfectly well. All is well as far as Orpheus servers are concerned. The network connectivity between the providers used, however, is not good. I can trace traffic several hops either way before it hits a brick wall at some transit point and gets no further. When that happens, the site is no longer accessible. What is infuriating is that there are not too many options available, short of migrating to other providers. It will all be resolved in due course but I do not have an ETA. Discuss this post here
  7. The CMCT working group is now recruiting the following people for all members. If you are interested in participating, please choose a group that suits you from the following groups to join: 1. OCR group: SUP subtitle OCR or video hard subtitle OCR. 2. Listening and proofreading group: subtitle adjustment axis/national subtitle dictation proofreading. 3. Suppression group: CMCT official suppressed works production Chinese language film production (recruiting only 2 people); foreign language film production (recruiting 10 people): English minimum level 4 and above. Subsequent adjustments to the synthesis of bilingual subtitles need to be completed independently, and it is not possible to start teaching from 0. 4. Special effects group: special effects subtitle production. 5. Audio track group: Audio track modulation/mixing. 6. DIY group: original DIY production (requires simple special effects production). 7. Art team: production of site banners, icons, etc. (Need to be proficient in P picture) Job requirements: 1. After entering the working group, please do not quit at will. 2. To ensure that you can surf the Internet for a long time, you can use QQ frequently, and you can basically contact you every day, and you can complete tasks in the group on time. 3. Have a good impression of CMCT, have a team spirit, soy saucers who have been fishing for three days and two days on the net, and those who often do not go online on QQ, please do not disturb! Application process: 1. Send a letter to the management team in the station , write "Applicant ** Group" in the subject, and write your own situation in the text. Applicants for suppressors need to fill in their own computer hardware configuration information . 2. Novices will arrange teaching training. 3. After completing the study, you need to participate in the assessment, and the assessment will be transferred to the regular entry, and the failure will be cleared out. The time limit is one month. Special Note: 1. The special effects group, audio track group, DIY group, and art group do not accept novices (other groups do not have this requirement), and the corresponding work needs to be completed independently. 2. If the working group has no works for two consecutive months and the reason is not explained to the management group, the qualification of the working group will be cancelled. Please ask for leave in advance if you have something to do. 3. Except for the suppression group and the DIY group, other working group members are not restricted to cross-site part-time jobs, but at least they are responsible for themselves, the group and the site.   Everything we do is free and voluntary labor, everything is based on hobbies, and we refuse to fish for three days and surf the net for two days. If you are the one, if you are the one, if you are the one, if you are the one, tell the important things three times .   Of course, after joining, there will be medals, oceans, magic and internal benefits of the working group. CMCT sincerely invites children who love high-definition film and television and are willing to share their shoes to join our team, looking forward to it!                                 =CMCT Working Group =                                  May 2021
  8. The Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment has announced that it has "put a permanent end" to the activities of piracy release group NTG. Working online under the pseudonym 'notthegrinch', the operator of the group ripped movies and TV shows from streaming services and uploaded them to several major private trackers from where they spread to more public services. Those who dare to place thousands of pirated movies and TV shows online via so-called ‘release groups’ tread a very fine line. On the one hand, they could face the wrath of law enforcement and potentially years in prison. On the other, things may play out rather differently as a deterrent to others. Release group NTG has been active for around three years, mainly uploading movies and TV shows culled from online streaming services, Amazon in particular. These so-called WEB-DL and WEB-RIP releases are popular since their quality is generally good, especially in the case of the former. And NTG released thousands. Users of public torrent sites will be familiar with NTG (notthegrinch) releases due to the prominent three-letter tag but the group (most probably a single person) was mainly an uploader on a handful of major private trackers, members-only torrent sites from where his releases trickled down into the mainstream. That show, however, is now well and truly over. ACE Announces “Permanent End” to NTG Release Group In a new announcement, the Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment – the global anti-piracy coalition featuring all of the main Hollywood studios, Amazon, Netflix, and around three dozen other content companies, say that they have put a “permanent end” to the NTG group’s activities. “One of the world’s most prolific providers of ‘ripped and uploaded’ pirated content since 2018, with 4600 releases in the last year alone, NTG, also known as ‘Not the Grinch,’ illegally made new movies and TV shows available to the public within minutes of a title’s legitimate digital/streaming release,” ACE reports. “Ceasing NTG’s operations is yet another victory for ACE and sends a clear message to illegal operators working in the ripping and uploading space that ACE will find you and pursue enforcement action against you,” adds Jan van Voorn, Executive Vice President and Chief of Global Content Protection for the Motion Picture Association. NTG Apologizes For The Damage Caused That ACE would expend significant resources to shut down NTG doesn’t come as a surprise. In addition to the many releases that appeared online with specific NTG ‘branding’, it’s believed that other release entities used NTG releases to make their own lower-quality movie and TV show releases, presented under their own branding. The end of NTG means an end not only to that brand but several others too. Interestingly, ACE nor the MPA make any reference to law enforcement proceedings directly against NTG or the person operating under the alias ‘notthegrinch’. They do not mention any action against the private trackers he once called home either and there is no public reveal of settlement details. While none of these things are off the table, the nature of the announcement suggests that a criminal case is probably unlikely. What ACE does present to the public is a rather unusual ‘apology’ from NTG, which they hope will serve as a warning to others operating in the ripping business. “We are aware of the harm that NTG has caused to the many people who work so hard to bring entertainment to a mass audience and we take full responsibility for the damage we have brought to the industry,” a NTG spokesperson said, as quoted by ACE. “We had mistakenly believed that we could hide behind the anonymity of the Internet, but we have been caught and have agreed to shut down.” The apology certainly ticks all of the right boxes for a PR release but it does sound just a little uncharacteristic, which is most possibly the result of having a formidable team of multi-billion dollar companies pressing for action – or else. While there is no official confirmation, the ACE release is labeled as emanating from Canada, which may suggest the NTG group was operated from there. Content source: TorrentFreak.
  9. After being founded in 2017, grew to become one of the most popular pirate streaming sites online. But along with tens of millions of monthly visitors, its profile also drew unwanted attention. The site's domain is now in the hands of the Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment after its operator reached an agreement with ACE and agreed to close down. The brand ‘123movies’ and variants thereof have been associated with many pirate streaming platforms over the years, some more successful than others. As far back as 2016, was being watched by Hollywood and in the same year was reported to the USTR for being a notorious pirate market. In 2018, the site was branded the largest pirate streaming site in the world before being shut down as part of a criminal investigation. With many other sites using the 123Movies branding, however, a replacement is never far away. MPA and ACE Target In September 2020, TorrentFreak learned that the MPA had requested a DMCA subpoena requiring Cloudflare to hand over the personal and account details relating to the operators of a number of sites including The Pirate Bay, YTS, 1337x, and EZTV. Within that list was a request to learn more about the people behind, yet another pirate streaming site with tens of millions of visitors per month. It’s unknown whether that process directly led to any useful information but it is now clear that by some means, ACE eventually managed to identify the operator of Shuts Down, ACE ‘Seizes’ Domain Today, visitors to are no longer presented with masses of free movies. Instead, they are presented with the familiar Alliance For Creativity ‘seizure’ banner which performs a countdown before redirecting to the ACE portal. Whois details show that that the domain registrant is now MarkMonitor Inc, the company used by the MPA to administer its domains, and now utilizes the DNS servers located at, a domain owned and operated by the MPA. The Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment is also confirming the ‘seizure’. “From its debut in late 2017, received an average of nearly 30 million monthly visits, making the site one of the most popular pirate services globally,” a statement from the global anti-piracy group reads. “Further to cease-and-desist communication and a settlement with the operator, the popular streaming website has shut down and the domain has been transferred to ACE. Visitors of the domain are now redirected to legal offer platforms.” Jan van Voorn, Executive Vice President and Chief of Global Content Protection for the Motion Picture Association, says the shutdown of is a testament to the relentless work of the global ACE team. “This action encapsulates ACE’s mission and is a strong example of how we fight to protect the creative marketplace in every corner of the globe,” he adds. According to ACE, the shutdown of the site represents its first-ever action in Tunisia. The Fight Against 123Movies-Branded Sites Continues The closure of is clearly an important step for the MPA and ACE but stamping out every site carrying that branding will take considerably longer. Earlier this year the major Hollywood studios of the MPA obtained a new site-blocking injunction at the High Court in London compelling local ISPs to block several web-based streaming sites using the ‘123movies’ branding. At least two of those domains appeared in an earlier DMCA subpoena application against Cloudflare. In October 2020, the official website of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort surprised visitors by listing a link to yet another 123Movies-branded site. The ‘error’ was subsequently corrected. Content source: TorrentFreak.
  10. Every week we take a close look at the most pirated movies on torrent sites. What are pirates downloading? 'Mortal Kombat' tops the chart, followed by ‘Tom Clancy's Without Remorse'. 'Nobody' completes the top three. The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. These torrent download statistics are meant to provide further insight into the piracy trends. All data are gathered from public resources. This week we have two new entries in the list. “Mortal Combat” is the most downloaded title. The film can be watched online legally on HBO Max, but that’s not yet available around the world. The most torrented movies for the week ending on May 10 are: Movie Rank Rank Last Week Movie Name IMDb Rating / Trailer Most downloaded movies via torrent sites 1 (1) Mortal Kombat 6.4 / trailer 2 (3) Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse 5.8 / trailer 3 (2) Nobody 7.5 / trailer 4 (4) Godzilla vs. Kong 6.7 / trailer 5 (8) Zack Snyder’s Justice League 8.4 / trailer 6 (5) The Marksman 5.6 / trailer 7 (6) Voyagers 5.3 / trailer 8 (7) The Mitchells vs the Machines 5.8 / trailer 9 (…) The Paper Tigers 6.5 / trailer 10 (…) Crisis 6.1 / trailer Note: We also publish an updating archive of all the list of weekly most torrented movies lists. Content source: TorrentFreak.
  11. The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, a global anti-piracy coalition that includes the major Hollywood studios, Netflix, Amazon and others, has claimed a major victory. The group reports that it shut down Cuevana, one of the most popular pirate streaming operations in Latin America. Confusingly, however, the most popular Cuevana domain remains online. For more than a decade, Cuevana has been a dominant piracy streaming brand in Latin America. The name first came onto our radar in 2012 when the alleged operator of, a Chilean student, was arrested following a complaint from HBO. That didn’t stop the site though. Piracy Brand ‘Cuevana’ In the years that followed Cuevana remained online, frustrating many of the major copyright holders. As a result, the site was featured in the U.S. Government’s list of most notorious pirate sites. Today the domain is no longer active, but the brand remained popular under new domains. For a while, became the prime pirate streaming destination in Latin America, which was logically followed up by Cuevana3. It’s unclear to what degree the new sites are linked to the old ones but the design remained similar. No matter what enforcement actions rightsholder took, as a brand, Cuevana seemed impossible to shut down. Until last week? ACE Claims a Major Victory A few days ago the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) reported that it successfully shut down Cuevana. With backing from prominent members including major Hollywood studios, Netflix, Amazon, and other entertainment giants, ACE is a force to be reckoned with, and this latest achievement should be another testament to that. “After a successful cease and desist communication with the operators of Cuevana in Santiago, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment today announced the official transfer of 30 domains previously used by Cuevana. “In January 2021, these 30 domains received over seven million visits, making Cuevana one of the most popular illegal streaming websites in LATAM,” the group added. ACE notes that it received assistance from local authorities, who carried out raids and arrested the alleged operators of Cuevana. This should serve as an important warning for pirate site operators in the region. ACE Keeps Domains Secret This press release sounds like a major victory but we’re not sure whether that’s justified. The affected domain names are not mentioned and ACE is not willing to share these with us. Similarly, the group was not able to share further information on the raids and arrests either. “ACE currently controls a large number of Cuevana domains, but for strategic reasons we are not sharing specifics,” the anti-piracy coalition said. Most Popular Cuevana Domain is Still Online We couldn’t help but notice, however, that the most popular Cuevana site,, is still online. According to SimilarWeb, Cuevana3 had more than 60 million visitors in January, which is twice as much as the combined traffic of the 30 domains ACE took down. isn’t a new domain either. The site has been the leading Cuevana site for roughly a year and is known as the most-used pirate streaming portal in Latin America. The site receives the most traffic from Mexico but is also popular in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru. We’re not sure how ACE can claim that it has shut down Cuevana when this site is still the dominant piracy force in the region. You’d almost think that the site slipped by ACE, but that’s certainly not the case. In fact, in April 2020 several ACE members obtained a site-blocking injunction in Australia that targeted And a few months later, ACE obtained a subpoena in US courts that required Cloudflare to share information it has on‘s operators. The War is Not Over In our quest to find out which domains ACE has taken down, we found many more Cuevana sites that are still online, including Eventually, we also found one domain that redirects to ACE, However, that one looked different than the original Cuevana when it was still online. Just to be clear, we have little doubt that ACE has indeed taken over 30 Cuevana-related domain names. We also understand that every ‘seized’ domain can be celebrated as a victory. However, claiming that Cuevana has been successfully shut down, as ACE did, might be a bit much. Content source: TorrentFreak.