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  1. Sorry this site has disabled user registration
  2. Tracker's Name: GFXPeers Genre: Other Sign-up Link: Closing date: N/A Additional information: GFXPeers is a Private Torrent Tracker for Graphics Software / Tutorials / ETC.
  3. Recent DNS issues Hi BeyondHD members, Glad you found your way back on here again. We recently had our new domain, the .xyz one, suspended for no apparent reason. Although it is now back active, the site was already being setup for The plans for now are to stay on and have multiple domains as backup. In the meantime however, the .xyz domain is still working and is used as fall back in case something happens to the main domain. For precaution measures, we are planning different redundancy systems to avoid any major downtime. A new goal we are working towards is to improve transparency with our members. Keep posted for more information.
  4. Attn UK members: Please start using: as it works on all ISP's :-)
  5. Tracker's Name: HD-Space Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Closing date: Limited open sign ups for 48 hours! Additional information: HD-Space (HDS) is a Private Torrent Tracker for HD MOVIES / TV
  6. Tracker's Name: Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing date: N/A Additional information: sitem to give invite not work
  7. Forum Updates We have spent some time thinking on how we could further improve our forums and provide our members with even better possibilities to interact with each other. As you may already have noticed, we decided that moving around a few of our forums can help with that. However, that alone would of course not be worth a news announcement. We also decided that adding a few new forums will help our users to find more content they are interested in. However, we at Empornium have the philosophy that less forums are generally better, so we have thought long and hard about it and have come up with three new forums. These new forums will extend existing popular forums in which we think a lot of threads don't get enough attention because the forums themselves are so busy. The New Forums Explained The Beggar's Den This forum is split from the Help & Support forum. It is for all credit related things, like donation drives for contests and events. We felt the Help & Support forum contained too many threads of that kind, making it hard for our users having technical difficulties with Empornium to actually find help. User Contests This forum is split from the previous Contests and Events forum. Due to the large number of contests, it was hard at times to find specific contests. To give more exposition to both official staff run contests and user made contests and allow interested users to decide what kind of contests they want to look through, we decided on splitting the forum. Fetish Discussion This new forum is an extension to our most popular forum, Porn Discussion. Porn Discussion has a lot of small threads, which is completely fine, and a lot of image threads, besides all the usual threads that are created in the forum. Not so popular niches have a hard time getting any attention. With the Fetish Discussion forum we want to provide our users with a possibility to find and discuss their fetishes with like-minded people in a dedicated forum.
  8. Deas Users! In this message, we provide you only good news! We have more and more users. In last weeks we changed a lot of things on PS, better safety, optimilizations and we added many new functions, addons and updates. Below list of changes with links to forum: Premieres PSiG - PM notice about uploaded positions Premieres PSiG - marking uploaded position Premiers PSiG - archive of uploaded positions Custom RSS - feature for shell users (automatic download) Bets - now we have categories and many more updates Bets - balance Auto-Observing torrent after adding comment Observing torrent from browse page The possibility observing position from REQ section Deleted: Torrents2 page Deleted: TV Guide Improved TOP10 is back Updated application PSiGTV for android and android TV Your suggestions to the further development of PS are welcome to the section IDEAS, However, please first check the list Made and Rejected. We invite you to CLUB PS, to use the: AUCTIONS and endless promotion -50% at donate page Also we introduce a special package of temporary access to PSiG TV for the whole Euro 2016. The package is an extremely attractive price and guaranteed access to transmission, regardless of your user class. It is available for purchase now below
  9. BeyondHD relaunch : Welcome to BeyondHD's new site. You found us !! It has been a torrid few months but everything should return to normal now. The bad news, due to our main developer going missing in action, we have had to move to the new domain. We also lost about 6 weeks of torrents/posts. The backup we restored from was from May 15th. People who donated after this time should contact staff. Moving from the bad to sad news. r3ko has had to retire from the site as a result of serious family issues. r3ko's 9-year-old son Hunter has cancer and is hospitalized. r3ko's direction will be sadly missed and we will welcome him back when all is well with his family. That leaves me as the reluctant captain of this pirate ship. We have patched a few holes in the hull and hoisted sails and underway again. We have recruited a few new shipmates in the form of Ripster(AKA Half crab) a new developer and Camilla who has joined us as Front Line Support. Both who have been invaluable in getting the new site active. Special thanks also go to Tundra and Narkyy who have worked tirelessly to get the new site ready for launch. Narkyy has been promoted to a well deserved Admin role. Thanks also go to all other staff that contributed to the preparations. The biggest consequence of moving to the new domain is that we have lost the old tracker and ALL the files seeded on it will be unconnectable. That is why we are seeking your cooperation to change the tracker announce details on all the torrents you are seeding. Tutorials on how to do this for different torrent clients have been prepared by Error and can be FOUND in our forum . Now for some good news. The FraMeSToR team have already started to post some new content for you, and we thank them for their continuing loyalty and hardworking. We also have doubled the bonus points for seeding and increased the maximum limit to 500, to reward our most valuable major seeders. We have wiped all Hit and Runs site wide. If you find any bugs on site or out of date information please report it in this FORUM THREAD. Enjoy the new bounties and tell your friends we are back sailing the high seas. We are rising again - bigger - better - faster.
  10. As we have changed the support packages i am going to do a exclusive off for each month. from upload credit to boost you ratio to VIP extentions. If we do start to cover site fees and have bit to play with here and there we will do cash or tech prizes (this is only after site fees have bin covered and whats left will be banked untill we have enough to offer a decent prize ammount of cash prize) As this is the first month its going be a massive offer so guys here it is all donations will receive triple upload stats every donation will be entered into draw to win 1 months VIP membership a massive 1000gb upload 50 000 bonus points after you have made your donation please pm me with email address used for payment and your account will be credited i would just like to add what a fantastic month we had last month your support was amazing and we want this to carry on from month to month as you will see what a difference it makes to site when we are covered and no worries. massive thanks to you all lets make this site whats its name is
  11. Tracker's Name: HD-World Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Closing date: N/A Additional information: HD-World is an Italian Private Torrent Tracker for HD Movies / General Releases.
  12. Guess how many users will be disabled due to quarter rule in 3rd quarter of 2016. Rules: You can't post numbers that have already been posted. Only your first guess will be counted. A post that is/was edited will not be counted. The closest guess wins (no matter +/-) Do not spam/troll topic with quotes, comments etc. Just pick a number and post it! Prize - 100 bonus points.
  13. Tracker's Name: SnatchThat Music Genre: Music Sign-up Link: Closing date: N/A Additional information: SnatchThat Music is a Private Torrent Tracker for Music Releases.