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  1. Hello all and thank you for being with us on this OCT. 21st, 2013 and helping us mark Bitme's 9th birthday! The sysop has enabled FREELEECH in effect as of right now and will run through Friday until about the same time of this posting. Please help us celebrate by seeding. We hope you all enjoy and happy torrenting! //Bitme Staff
  2. Awesome News i would try to join them these time!
  3. Hollah The .::IS::. Workaholics

  4. TRACKER NAME :- Pedro's XBTmusic TRACKER URL :- SIGNUP LINK / APPLICATION :- CLOSED LOGO BROWSE PAGE NEWS PAGE SHOUTBOX PERMANENT FREELEECH FAVOURATE RULES STAFF IRC Something Intersting To know INVITATIONS TRACKER Content Everyone knows it what makes it so special Yes The Loseless Flac Makes it Special It Does has the 70's,80's,90's & THe These Youth Generation 2010's! As of Now Pedros has more than 60 k Torrents Which means 60 K Original CD Albums Which we get With the Wonderful Artwork !WHich They Share around! Well Music-Lover Once Try to be a Part of These Tracker and they Would Be like what the Fuck ???is these All Original Flac ! Yes it is that's make it so SPecial Also they Are The Best Best LOSELESSS TRACKER NOW . Exigo is almost Dead With Respect to Pedros If anyone Compares Exigo & Pedros btmusic ! Then Surely People would Select Pedros Btmusic as First Preference ! Well these is a Big cake which everyone would like to have But its not everyones Cake ! They Have Many Bluray Releases now as compared to Before also The DVD Sources have Increased alot From last 2 Years ! DVD-5/9 :- 10/10 BLURAY:- 10/10 MUSIC CD:- 10/10 Speed :- 9/10 Sometimes there is low Speed! Members:- 10/10 very cool members STAFF:- 10/10 Really working Hard
  5. Yes You heared Correct Requesting Your Dream Tracker or Goddamm Tracker you are Looking To Join in The Near Future! Request Review Completion Will Get The User who filled 15 REP Points. Just Request Review of the Tracker Our Members or Staff Will Try To Fill in as Fast as possible Remeber Only Requesting Reviews No Gosipping no Talking.