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  1. Great giveaway, when i feel i have contributed enough to the site i will apply!!
  2. While i am interested in this trade, cinemageddon has temporarily disabled their invite system. So unfortunately it will have to wait.
  3. The list to choose from to vote is way to short and has some names that certainly don't belong in a list of best directors. I mean George Lucas?? i love Star Wars, and am a huge fan, but i would never ever consider him to be a great director.
  4. The Martian (2015) Rating - 9/10 - Oscar Worthy!!
  5. Although i dont have an account there, from everything i have heard about it PTP is the best.
  6. Hey All. I have : and am looking for : Will consider any offers. Anyone interested please pm.
  7. Hope to have a great time here!!