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  1. UFC on ESPN 22 - Whittaker vs. Gastelum - Apr 17 UFC on ESPN 22: Whittaker vs. Gastelum April 17, 2021 UFC Apex Las Vegas, United States Fight card Main card (ESPN / ESPN+) Middleweight Robert Whittaker vs. Kelvin Gastelum Lightweight Jeremy Stephens vs. Drakkar Klose Heavyweight Andrei Arlovski vs. Chase Sherman Middleweight Abdul Razak Alhassan vs. Jacob Malkoun Lightweight Luis Peña vs. Alexander Munoz Preliminary Card (ESPN / ESPN+) Catchweight (126.5 lb) Tracy Cortez vs. Justine Kish Heavyweight Alexander Romanov vs. Juan Espino Women’s Strawweight Jessica Penne vs. Lupita Godinez Middleweight Bartosz Fabiński vs. Gerald Meerschaert Lightweight Austin Hubbard vs. Dakota Bush Bantamweight Tony Gravely vs. Anthony Birchak
  2. 2021.04.17 - 邮件系统过载 | Email system overload 由于各位发邀请的热情过于高涨,邮件系统已经过载,邮件服务商开始拒绝所有服务器发送的邮件 请静待服务器的发送额度恢复 Since you guys are sending invites too rapidly, the email system was overloaded, and our mail service provider is currently rejecting all outgoing emails. Please wait until our quota recovers
  3. 2021.04.12- Site is about to closeLogin Please DO NOT logout The website is about to close and log in, please do not log out and back up your cookies. The login page will be disabled shortly. Please backup the cookie and DO NOT logout.
  4. April's audiobook uploading contest Start date: 2021 April 7th End date: 2021 April 31st Contest goal is to upload and share with the community as many quality audiobooks as you want until the deadline. Every upload will give you 100 karma points after the contest ends. There will be extra prizes for the top 3 uploaders. 1st place will get 3 weeks freeleech, extra 5000 karma points + 50GB upload data 2nd place will get 2 weeks freeleech, extra 3500 karma points + 30GB upload data 3rd place will get 1 week freeleech, extra 2000 karma points + 20GB upload data Upload data bonus is courtesy of @wiggins - say thank you! BONUS: If we reach total 200 uploads during this contest global freeleech will be activated for 3 days. Rules: - All ABTorrents rules apply. - Only audiobooks allowed. - Each entry must be a unique upload (meaning it's not already an existing torrent here). - Prizes will be distributed after the contest. - If the contest doesn't get at least 25 audiobook uploads, the contest is canceled. - Staff members (Sysop, Coder, Administrator, Moderator) can't win any prizes or get karma points for uploads, but their uploads will be counted towards the total. Uploaders application can be filed here: If this contest becomes a success expect more of them and in more variety, we love having an active community. Link to the forum thread:
  5. New FLS Wanted! Hello TLers!! We are looking for few dedicated members to join our First Line support team, so If you meet the needed requirements drop GareTuup a PM or come to IRC and have a chat with him! Before you apply, please note the following: You will need to use IRC and idle in the Help channel to deal with user issues You will have to check torrent comments You will need to support the Moderators in their work on the site Good understanding of English is needed! In case you also talk another language, just let us know as this is always needed! Enjoy the site!
  6. Just a quick heads-up. Static assets (javascript, stylesheets and some internal graphics) are now hosted on a separate domain, in preparation for the move to serving our own images. If quoting or other "dynamic" features have stopped working, it may due to your own client extensions (such as noscript) that require domains to be whitelisted. If this is the case, you will need to add to your whitelist. Discuss this post here
  7. Error 522 Connection timed out
  8. Extraordinary maintenance. We will be back online shortly.
  9. Due to the positive feedback we received for our Royal Rumble Raffle. We are hosting a giveaway raffle for each of the "Big 4" PPV's. Not only will you be entered into our Wrestlemania Raffle, you will receive x2 Upload Credit! The prizes you could win are: x8 Free Leech/Double Upload Slots Giveaway x4 Free Leech For A YEAR Winners! x3 100GiG Upload Credit & VIP Status Winners! x2 50GiG Upload Credit Winners! That's right, there will be a total of 17 winners during this years Wrestlemania Raffle. You can make a donation of ANY amount and you will then be automatically entered into our Wrestlemania Raffle! We will announce the winners on April 12th. Good luck!
  10. Aura 因个人原因决定退休, 管理组依照个人意愿将用户组调整为宅神等级,今后将不再负责站务。 在职期间A叔是管理组内毫无疑问的头号劳动模范,也通过言传身教培养了大批候选组新进管理成员。感谢他入职接近3年以来为站务做出的大量无私贡献,祝愿他在新的旅程中一帆风顺。 虽然他选的日子不太对不过不是愚人节消息 ----------------------------------------------------------- Aura decided to retire for personal issues. We demoted him to Nexus Master regarding to his own request and he will no longer responsible for any site administration issue. He is undoubtfully the most hard-working guy in the staff team, and had tutored a handful of newbie staff members in the offering team. We thank him for his great, selfless service for nearly 3 years, and wish him great luck in his upcoming journey of life. Although he chose April Fool's day, this IS NOT a April Fool's joke.
  11. ANTIDOTE POT IS CURRENTLY 5,000 KARMA THIS WEEK'S CLUE POSSIBLE MOVIES 1. UFO (2018) 2. Sound Of My Voice (2011) 3. Silent Warnings (2003) 4. Entity Project (2019) 5. Savage Streets (1984) 6. The Dare (2019) 7. Midgets vs. Mascots (2009) 8. Insomnia (2002) 9. Isolation (2005) 10. Red Like Blood (2006) 11. Radius (2017) 12. Plague (2015) 13. Life (2017) 14. Cecil B. Demented (2000) 15. The Last Retreat (2021) 16. The Conjuring 2 (2016) 17. In The Light Of The Moon (2010) 18. Ms. 45 (1981) 19. Be My Cat: A Film For Anne (2015) 20. 47 Meters Down (2017) 21. 51 Degrees North (2015) 22. Perfect Skin (2018) 23. Poltergeist 3 (1988) 24. The Vampire (2013) 25. American Gothic (1988) 26. Wolves At The Door (2016) 27. Tattoo (2002) 28. Mortal Remains (2013) 29. Fubar (2002) 30. Compulsion (2013) 31. V.H.S. 2 (2013) 32. The Final (2010) 33.The Odds (2019) 34. Sunshine (2007) 35. 12 Feet Deep (2017) 36. Black Moon Rising (1986) 37. The Thin Man (2015) 38. 1408 (2007) 39. Bloody Beach (2000) 40. A Young Man With High Potential (2018) 41. The Faculty (1998) 42. Midnighters (2017) 43. The Spearhead Effect (2017) 44. Classroom 6 (2014) 45. The Devil Inside (2012) 46. Caged (2011) 47. Fingerprints (2006) 48. Shot Caller (2017) 49. Funhouse (2020) 50. House On The Edge Of The Park (1980) 51. Gretel and Hansel (2020) 52. The Omen (1976) 53. Triggered (2020) 54. The Last Supper (1995) 55. Slaughter Creek (2011) 56. The Curse of the Hobbee House (2020) 57. Exorcismus (2010) 58. The Man From Earth (2007) 59. The Herd (2014) 60. The Possession (2012) 61. Below (2002) 62. Paranormal Activity (2007) 63. The Stakelander (2016) 64. Untraceable (2008) 65. Martyrs (2015) 66. Salvage (2006) 67. Up The Creek (1984) 68. Eyeborgs (2009) 69. Camp Blood 4 (2016) 70. Law Abiding Citizen (2009) 71. The Ice Pirates (1984) 72. Hush (2016) 73. Beneath (2007) 74. Along Came The Devil 2 (2019) 75. Hell (2011) 76. Tar (2020) 77. State of Emergency (2010) 78. Don Peyote (2014) 79. Feedback (2019) 80. Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017) 81. Don't Let Them In (2020) 82. Terror Train (1980) 83. Primer (2004) 84. Fallen (1998) 85. I Like To Hurt People (1985) 86. Plague Town (2008) 87. VHS (2012) 88. Discopathe (2013) 89. Global Metal (2008) 90. Popcorn (1991) 91. The Slender Man (2013) 92. Ejecta (2014) 93. The Capture (2017) 94. Little Joe (2019) 95. Red State (2011) 96. Grabbers (2012) 97. The Hybrid (2014) 98. Ever Since The World Ended (2001) 99. Incident at Loch Ness (2004) 100. Storm Warning (2007) 101. Cyberjack (1995) 102. Mama (2013) 103. The Hauntung of Grady Farm (2019) 104. Alien Code (2017) 105. The Wind (2018) 106. The Dwelling (1993) 107. A Second Son (2012) 108. Insidious (2010) 109. Baby Dolls Behind Bars (2012) 110. Cam-Girl (2016) 111. Specter (2012) 112. Sunshine (2007) 113. Lemon Popsicle (1978) 114. Castle Freak (2020) 115. No Country For Old Men (2006) 116. The Devil's Chair (2007) 117. Naked Vengeance (1985) 118. They Reach (2020) 119. Evil Aliens (2005) 120. Qhy (2020) 121. The Unfolding (2016) 122. The Tall Man (2012) 123. Body Melt (2013) 124. Island of Blood (1982) 125. Ginger Snaps (2000) 126. Bad Impulse (2020) 127. Reform School Girls (1986) 128. Helltown (2017) 129. VFW (2019) 130. Casting Couch Slaughter (2020) 131. Acedia (2012) 132. Midsomar (2019) 133. Needful Things (1993) 134. A Demon Within (2017) 135. Edge of Tomorrow (2014) 136. Death Spa (1989) 137. The Devil's Doorway (2017) 138. Hangar 10 (2014) 139. Catechism Cataclysm (2011) 140. What Keeps You Alive (2018)
  12. We're bringing back the traditional Creampie April Event! You knew it was cumming, we all knew it was cumming, it's the classic Pornbay uploading event that turns boys into pie delivering men and girls into pie craving women! In order to celebrate the month of April, we're bringing back this classic event that's become synonymous with Pornbay! Throughout the month of April we will be giving out rewards for people who post creampie video torrents. To read more and submit your entry use the forum thread Creampie April 2021 Upload Event
  13. sillymojo has triggered the Freeleech Pool! The following films have been randomly selected and are now freeleech for the next 48 hours. Zombieland: Double Tap Never Say Never Again The Prince and the Pauper Zero Motivation A Hidden Life Thanks to users fishspeed and sillymojo who donated to the pool. Now go drop some of your own orbs into the next pool!
  14. Hi? This is an animation category modder. We are recruiting animation supporters for the management and smooth operation of the category data Basic requirements -Those who are interested in the animation category and understand the rules-Those who have a love for the tracker and can continue to work- Those who are interested in requesting revisions and uploading forms How to apply Requests for management staff can be sent by message of management staff. -Reasons and determination to become the management team (Reference: Favorite animation fields, category rules that need to be added or modified, materials that need to be modified, etc.)
  15. Good news! We would like to inform you that starting today 14.03.2021 we open the recruitments for our Internal capping group, playTV! DVB Viewer Installation Tutorial: Tutorial VideoReDo Installation Tutorial: Tutorial After reading the tutorials and considering that you are able to follow them, please enter iRC ( Tutorial ) on the #recruitment channel. If the answer is delayed, there is a good chance that we will sleep or have other things to do, but "With patience, pass the sea".