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  1. I hope this weird 2020 to be just a memory of a bad dream for all of you guys! Cheers, and let's keep the good vibe among us!
  2. Please sent me 3 unedited ratio proof and impress me. How can you guarantee that, i see you are an active trader. Give me reasons why should i choose you over everyone?
  3. 1. Do edit the Topic title and use this format [Have] Whatever tracker you have [Want] Whatever tracker you are looking. 2. In content field give detail description such as which tracker you have for trade and which tracker you are looking for as well mention which ones are account and which ones are invite, so you and interested traders can make a better choice whether they are interested in the trade or not. This way everyone will save time rather wasting time asking for what tracker you have or looking for. 3. Please sent unedited screenshot of your trackers as a proof for verified topic.
  4. Senator Tillis Is Mad That Twitter Won't Testify About Copyright Infringement; Since When Is Twitter A Piracy Problem? After writing about the MPA/RIAA's ever-shifting targets of who to freak out about regarding copyright infringement, it helps to take each new target with a grain of salt. They were mad about Napster, then LimeWire, then YouTube, then cyberlockers/cloud storage. And now, apparently the target is... random social media sites? There's been plenty of attention recently over the RIAA turning its attention to... background music in Twitch streams. But who the hell thinks that Twitter is some den of piracy? Apparently, the recording industry does. Senator Thom Tillis, who is leading a new effort to completely overhaul copyright law is apparently angry that Twitter chose not to send someone to a hearing he's holding in mid-December. The letter that Tillis sent to Twitter in response to this decision is way over the top. Unless subpoenaed, appearing before Congress is very much voluntary. People and companies refuse to appear all the time. And even if there was a subpoena, it seems worth noting that it's Tillis' party that has decided that ignoring Congressional subpoenas is just fine and dandy. But, really, the bigger issue here is why is Twitter even a target at all? No one thinks about Twitter as a source for copyright infringing materials. And Twitter has always been known to be responsive to DMCA takedowns. They have a whole section in their transparency report about copyright takedown notices. That certainly shows that Twitter is very responsive to DMCA notices. It does highlight how it has refused to comply with some notices, but those are in cases where it's clearly abuse of the DMCA for censorship, such as when a bunch of DMCA notices were sent to try to silence critics of the Ecuadorian government. In fact, if anything, we've often seen Twitter be too responsive to questionable DMCA takedown notices, like the time it pulled down a Trump campaign video (remember, Tillis is a big Trump supporter) over a highly questionable copyright claim. And yet, here's Tillis trying to make it sound like Twitter is a den of piracy that ignores copyright takedowns. But Twitter has been less engaged in working with copyright owners on voluntary measures and technological tools, and now has rebuffed my request to testify. The only reasonable conclusion one can draw from your actions is that Twitter simply does not take copyright piracy seriously. Or, maybe, the nature of Twitter (mostly short bursts of text) is not at all conducive to some RIAA supported show trial about piracy. But it's really in the detailed questions in which Tillis gives away the game. The RIAA wants to force every website that hosts 3rd party content to have to buy a sitewide license. This is what Article 17 was all about in the EU, and Tillis more or less admits it with this question: I have heard that Twitter has been slow to respond to copyright infringement on its platform and also refused to negotiate licenses or business agreements with music publishers or record labels. In contrast, other major-social media companies have done the right thing and mitigated infringing activity on their platfoms by entering into negotiated license agreements to allow uses of music. Does Twitter seek licenses for the use of music? If so, in what instances? Has Twitter made efforts to negotiate license agreements with music publishers and record labels to ensure songwriters- and artists are compensated? No one is going to Twitter as a way to get music. If music appears in video snippets on Twitter it's almost entirely incidental. And Twitter has shown that it's absolutely responsive to DMCA notices (see the Trump campaign ad takedown mentioned above). This is entirely about the RIAA trying to get the US government to force every website to just write them a big check every year. Despite the tremendous value that music brings to Twitter’s business, your platform continues to host and permit rampant infringement of music files on its platform What? No. That's literally not happening, and music is not providing any significant value to Twitter's business. Twitter has not taken meaningful steps to address the scale of the problem. It clearly has taken steps and is incredibly responsive to DMCA notices (sometimes too responsive). Instead, your company claims that it already goes above and beyond what the law requires. What steps has Twitter taken to ensure no unlicensed music is made available? This is such a dumb question. It is literally impossible to "ensure no unlicensed music is made available." Of course some will always be because of the broken nature of today's copyright law, nearly everything anyone does involves some form of copying content without a license. In fact, many unlicensed uses of music are legal because of things like fair use or de minimis use. Demanding "no unlicensed music" is not only impossible, it literally is not required by law. How many takedown notices has Twitter received each year since it launched in 2006? This is a really bad question as well. This was the key tactic the labels have used against Google/YouTube, using the number of notices received as a proxy for how bad the sites are. But this is a number the labels have control over since they get to send the notices. There are more questions, but the whole thing is clearly driven by the RIAA's interests to force Twitter into just writing them a giant check every year. I mean, I guess it worked against YouTube and Facebook (where at least there was some argument to be made that music was a bigger deal), so now they've moved on to other sites like Twitch and Twitter. But forcing every website to sign a license is crazy, not required by law, and acting as if the failure to sign a license is some indictment of how Twitter feels about copyright is complete nonsense.
  5. Online piracy remains widespread all over the world, including African countries. The Nigerian Copyright Commission, which is trying to curb this problem, has estimated that over $1 billion is lost due to piracy per year. To help local authorities fight back, the U.S. embassy in Nigeria has donated 50 laptops and other gadgets. The United States Government is taking the lead role when it comes to copyright policies and enforcement around the globe. Through diplomatic pressure and positive reinforcement, it tries to steer foreign governments in the right direction. Assistance is also provided in a more hands-on form. For example, US delegations regularly host workshops for foreign enforcement authorities, to show them how to fight piracy. In addition to knowledge, concrete tools are provided as well. U.S. Embassy Donates Laptops While these types of assistance generally don’t reach the headlines, a gesture from the U.S. embassy in Nigeria caught our eye this week. The U.S. Embassy has donated 50 laptops and other ‘gadgets’ to the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC). The equipment was donated by U.S. representative James Jewett, to aid the local fight against piracy. The Copyright Commission is pleased with the gift. Director-General John Asie said that these new tools will be used to assist the online monitoring department in tracking down online piracy activity. Tracing Pirates “The copyright inspectors, especially the online inspectors, will now track and trace copyright infringement through the deployment of these tools,” Asie said. “We must be able to trace and match [pirates] with technology since copyright infringement occurs mostly online. Not only for the good of the creative industry of the country, but to also provide the right ambience, a safe place for all creative works.” The comments indirectly suggest that there was a shortage of laptops at the Nigerian Government. With the new gear and the other ‘gadgets,’ this problem will be tackled. And, according to local media, the Commission also promises to do more. Previously, the government body estimated that Nigeria lost over $1 billion annually to movie piracy alone, so there is plenty of work still to be done. New Copyright bill The generous gift will challenge the Nigerian Copyright Commission to do more to protect the creative sector, Asie commented. This includes signing a new copyright bill into law, which is expected to happen later this year. Just a few months ago, several US copyright holders urged Nigeria to make sure that the new bill requires ISPs to take action against persistent pirates, limits private copying exceptions, while extending the copyright term for sound recordings to 70 years. The comments make it clear that copyright enforcement remains a hot topic in Nigeria. Whether the new laptops will result in any radical enforcement actions remains a question, of course. In any case, it won’t be as radical as the proposal of a local artist to simply amputate the fingers of persistent pirates. Source:
  6. Advent Calendar Advent Calendar Rules You can claim a prize once per day. If you forget to claim a prize in a given 24 hour period, the potential prize is lost. Sorry! You can receive the following normal prizes: 2500 Bonus Points or 10GB Upload Credit. You can receive the following rare prizes: Custom Title, 25GB Upload Credit, or 150 Lumens. There is also an extremely rare chance to receive a gold star. Once the advent calendar is over, you can redeem any and all gold stars for really awesome prizes. Click the present below to claim your prize! Remember, you can do this once a day! Be sure to come back every day for a new prize!
  7. Google Translation: Global Freeleech mode activated - Remember to seed! 1st Advent ... We celebrate this with Free to leech for everyone!!!
  8. Update: The event is over.
  9. Google Translation: The freeleech carnival day for PTSBAO this month is this Friday from 8 pm to Sunday evening [8 pm on the 4th to 12 pm on the 6th]
  10. Nebulance API Members of the Fleet, Recently some much needed work has been done to the site code, and the good news is API is now functional. This should in theory give users some basic functionality through the API. At least enough for Sonarr and similar applications. Read about it Article: API // So say we all Discuss this post here
  11. Update: The event is over.
  12. Donations It's donation time again boys and girls. Server expires Dec 31st, if anyone is able to make a donation to keep the lights on it would be greatly appreciated, any amount helps. I know it's been a tough year and we all can't wait to see the back of it, but If anyone can make a contribution please comment to this post and I'll be in touch 10-14 days before expiry date with the Paypal info. Stay safe, look after you and yours and make sure your chin diaper is worn correctly Regards, Staff
  13. New Year Logo Competition, Click HERE