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  4. Freeleech 24-hour freelance from basicman12 ( 2500000 ), Slava_Zh (500000), Andrey_Sherm (500000), SerJ89 (250000), JiriS (250000), koba1969 (250000), OlegXXX (150000), Egorka (120000), gvm55 (70000), Detonator (70,000), Maike (60,000), misterx8 (50,000), nermer (50,000), Sergey 1703 (50,000), Qkumba (50,000), him70 (50,000), AlexKanLoss (50,000), aarambh (30,000), Andrew4444(10000), webserfer (10000), Jetts (10000), sys (10000), lyonlau (10000), Husky (10000), core (10000), splinter (10000), bazis (10000), TemiZCH (10000), Jiu3a (10000), curt (10000) !!
  5. Happy 12th Birthday Immortalseed!! Hey everyone! We are celebrating our 12th birthday this month and we have a few special things going on: Sitewide freeleech is on for the rest of the month! Enjoy, but please don't hit & run...seeding rules still apply. In addition to the weekly bonus point lottery, the GB lottery is open with 5 x 250gb prizes which will be drawn in a week. Get your tickets here! There will be a lotto grid set up in the forums with all kinds of fun prizes!! Watch out in the shoutbox for an announcement when it's open. Just a reminder, for those who play blackjack, the annual scoreboard will be reset at the end of the month. Medals go to all in the top 25 and there is an extra special medal for the person in first place when the scoreboard resets!! Thank you all for making this place so awesome...for TWELVE years!!!
  6. Aid! Hi everyone! Our support function is not working yet! The transition to the new function is in progress. In the meantime, please be patient! BitPorn team!
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  8. WINNING MOVIE NOW GETS 10,000 KARMA! It's time to make your offers for THC's Free Movie of the Week Here's how it works: Sunday-Wednesday: Make your offers for FMotW. Late Wednesday (Eastern US time)-Saturday: Vote for your favorite movie. Saturday night:(9PM Eastern US time) Winner is announced, Rewards are gifted, Winning movie is set free for 1 week. Rewards for participation are as follows: 1000 Karma points for all offers submitted. 10000 Karma points for the winning movie. That warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you've participated on the greatest horror movie site on the net.* Rules: Any offer you make must not be on site already. You may, however, offer upgrades of movies that are already here. No dupes allowed. If you're the winner, Please wait until the poll is closed before uploading and seeding the movie. Limit to 5 offers per member. There will be only one winner per week. Movies offered in different formats eg DVD and XviD will be treated as separate offers. Any movie offered (but did not win) may be offered again. Movie packs are not allowed. Each offer must be one movie only. IN THE EVENT OF A TIE I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ARBITRARILY DECLARE A WINNER FOR I AM A CAPRICIOUS AND MERCURIAL GOD That's it! Pretty simple huh? Now, let's get this ball rolling! *warm and fuzzy feeling not refundable And if you just wanna see bewbs, we got that too: Jiggly Jugs Thread
  9. ❤️ Show Some Love to Our Uploaders Show some love to our uploaders by thanking and leaving tips to the uploads you like. We greatly appreciate their hard work!
  10. This is a reminder not to share the .torrent files you download from here, they are unique to your account and sharing them with other people will put your account at risk of being banned.
  11. New Stuff Ahoi FunSharers We have some new stuff you probably noticed already. The first one are username colors everywhere. As requested by quite some members, usernames now have colors based on the userclass. That goes for the classic site only because NG had it from the beginning. Keep in mind that although the colors are based on the userclasses, they're not precise. Multiple classes can share the same color. This is on purpose to allow things like hidden classes as well as anonymous uploaders. The second new thingy is also limited to the classic site at first. Simply because more members are using that. So the second new feature are @ names. They work in the forum just like it works mostly on social media. Simply put an @ directly in front of a username to highlight that user. The highlighted user will then get a notice. We deliberately did not use the regular pm system for that because it could get quite spammy If it works well and most of you like it, it will of course also be added to NG. And last but not least worth a note that last month we had the most downloads this year. Even more than in april and march which have been pretty good already. So don't hold back and grab whatever you like So long and have some nice sunny weeks
  12. 17.07.2021 - Freeleech 24-часовой фрилич от Егорка!!
  13. Each support reward will be credited 2x plus 48 hours of individual support We will provide freeleech to the sponsor until July 25.
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