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  1. 2 x CGPeers, 1 x Cinematik, 5 x Filelist, 1 x baconBits, 2 x PornBits, 2 x TorrentLeech, 2 x JpopSuki DO NOT APPLY, if you have been banned or not going to use. NO Trader or Seller or Collector. Donators are most welcome. Active users, who will use invite for his personal use only can apply here. While applying do not forget to mention @DamnMyEyes. Add me rep if you like my GIVEAWAYS. Do not pm me. Leave me a feedback after receiving invite.
  2. This is just a open signup thread, They closed signup for a while now. Only way is an invite in order to signup. Look for someone who have an invite. Good luck!
  3. 1. Do edit the Topic title and use this format [Have] Whatever tracker you have [Want] Whatever tracker you are looking. 2. In content field give detail description such as which tracker you have for trade and which tracker you are looking for as well mention which ones are account and which ones are invite, so you and interested traders can make a better choice whether they are interested in the trade or not. This way everyone will save time rather wasting time asking for what tracker you have or looking for. 3. Please sent unedited screenshot of your trackers as a proof for verified topic.
  4. Nice review dear, Keep up the good work. Thumps up!
  5. @laliguras When you post a news, please use like this bitGAMER News instead of this 'Bitgamer : bitGAMER Discord Chat!' As well while copy and paste the news just use 'Paste as plane text' instead of Paste. You will see that option when you right click and that option is available just under paste. Thank you!
  6. Hi @Ritika, @laliguras post this topic as a news from Hon3yHD Tracker, If you are looking for an invite you can purchase an invite from official store or PM @Inviter.
  7. Happy holidays everyone. Wish you guys all the very best.
  8. CrazyHour All torrents free and triple upload credit! starts in 10:43:37
  9. New Server In the beginning of September we will be getting a new server for Twilight most likely. If everything goes correctly we should only be down at the most 24 to 72 hours because of propagation. I will give you plenty of warning. Just keep seeding when the time comes.
  10. Google Translation: Seven years 2012.7.31~~2019.07.31 Seven years! ! ! 2019.7.31 The website will be open for registration for one day. 2019.7.28~~2019.8.3 Sitewide 2x Upload & FREELEECH for 7 days.
  11. It's that time of the year everyone. I can't believe it's now TT's 15th birthday.. it's amazing we've kept this community running for this long with many dedicated users and uploaders throughout the years. Hope you guys are having a great summer and enjoying the time off school / work. As is customary, we're going to have freeleech for 2 weeks starting today; so go and get your leech on FREELEECH: ON
  12. UNIT3D "Nex-Gen Torrent Tracker" Greetings, UNIT3D is looking for help. This open source project is very time consuming and the founder needs help. UNIT3D is the great codebase we use. There are a few things they are looking for. Contributors (If you feel you can contribute any code to UNIT3D please do. Weather php, js, css, vue. It all counts. Even multilingual support. Please submit any commits via a PR on GitHub. Thank you. Sponsors / Supporters. If you can handle one dollar a month or more please consider helping out UNIT3D via finical support. Even one dollar a month helps. This can also be viewed on GitHub repo directly by clicking the sponsor button in the top right corner. Stars, Stars and more Stars. If you cannot contribute code or $1 or more a month then PLEASE consider taking the few minutes out to make a free account on GitHub if you do not have one and clicking the STAR and FOLLOW button on UNIT3D repository. R4E is a great community and I have faith you guys/gals will take the time to help UNIT3D out. Thank you, o*******
  13. TEAM WILD ANIMALS One of THE best danish UPLOADER groups has decided to join our community! TWA will be gracing us with their releases, from this day forth. You can welcome them here.
  14. Google Translation: [WARNING] The site has been down for the last few days due to payment authorization issues. We're still trying to normalize access. We believe that by the end of the week we will be back. We apologize for the inconvenience and delay in posting this notice. We remind the importance of donations to maintain the site.