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  1. IMPORTANT - Account Security! Back in August I posted a news announcement warning members to use unique passwords for BCG, also recommending unique passwords for all sites. At the time it was also mentioned that it was especially important since another gaming tracker (NOT classed as a top tier tracker) had been compromised where passwords had allegedly also been leaked. I stated that it was absolutely vital for members of this site to ensure that their BCG password was unique, but since it is against our policy to publicise the name of the private tracker affected, members where told that if their BCG password was used on any other site it should be changed immediately. Since this announcement there was been a small number of accounts compromised, every one was accessed as a result of the member using exactly the same password as was used on the compromised gaming tracker at the time of the leak and even though it was compromised around 3 months ago we have had a couple of accounts compromised very recently! I can understand newer members missing and not taking notice of the previous announcement, but established members are unnecessarily putting the security of BCG and the entire community at risk. In fact you might have noticed a couple of Adult XXX Games that were uploaded and removed. Firstly we do NOT allow adult XXX games on BCG, we allow some mature games, but only if they've been rated and passed to be sold in the mainstream market as an 18 game, if in doubt please ask. These games however were uploaded from compromised accounts along with City Car Driving v1.4.2 which has also been removed. Since these games came from a malicious source I advise members who have installed them to thoroughly check your PC for malware, also check task manager and lookout for any tasks that are using an unusual amount of CPU. I am now asking members once again to urgently ensure that your BCG password is unique. To do this click on the Personal menu, select Profile and you can change your password towards the bottom of the form. If any more accounts are compromised because of not using a unique password and this happens after we believe you've had a reasonable chance to read this announcement, you will be held responsible. Not taking your account security seriously is not only putting your own account at risk, but it's potentially putting the entire community at risk too, we can't let this happen. Thanks.
  2. 7 years, long live PTP!! Happy Birthday Everyone! It's been seven long years since PTP first came kicking and screaming into this world. While we've grown significantly over the years, our passionate love of cinema and our unwavering focus on the community have remained unchanged. We've been through many hardships over the years: staff changes, hardware failures, and large scale attacks. Every few months a new crisis hits...and yet here we stand. Alive. Not only have we managed to survive -- we've actively thrived. PassThePopcorn is quite possibly the largest quality cinematic archive in the history of the world. Let that sink in for a second. We're blessed with a dedicated family of staffers, a fantastic FLS team, and a vibrant and wonderful community. We're on the verge of archiving 125,000 films, and 300,000 individual torrents. And it only gets better from here. We could never have gotten this far without you, our users. You are the ones that make this place so incredibly special. We're glad to have each and every one of you as part of our extended family. And so, to show our thanks, let's unwrap some presents! -- Much love, the PTP Staff Recruitment is back It's been a long time coming, but we're finally ready to open our doors to new users. In the next few days PTP will start recruiting members from a few of our closest allied trackers. If you have a friend who has been looking to join, now is their chance. As a reminder: Personal invites should ONLY be given out to people you know well. Inviting people from public places, or people who pm you asking for an invite (even if their ratio is good) is strictly forbidden. Leave the recruiting to staff.
  3. We have recently opened up for testing of our SSL module for the tracker, if you want to help us test it out please go to your settings and check the box labeled SSL tracker (beta), this should enabled change your announce URL on our site to the SSL tracker. unfortunately, we will not be able to enabled this on all your old torrent without forcing you to download them again, so if you really want all your torrents to be on the ssl tracker, please remove all hounddawgs torrents from your client and re-download them. Any problems surrounding the SSL tracker should be reported directly to BuckTheBuilder.
  4. Hello! I have Pedros invite!I want BTN (
  5. To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary Torrentland From this moment, until Sunday 07/13/2014 at 23:59 FreeLeech all contributions will keep and open registration for new faces Fail, do not lose your chance to climb ratio, plus you can also level up, having more slots for downloading. You can also participate in forums for gaining seedbonus participate. Do not hesitate not miss the opportunity.
  6. New User Classes & SSL Encryption! We have now added some new user classes to bitGAMER. As always there are certain requirements that need to be met in order to receive these promotions. For further information please check the link below: SSL encryption has also been added. You may need to accept our certificate in order to gain access: Enjoy! //bG Staff
  7. Gold Shop After some downtime for maintenance the Gold Shop is back, you will find there some new feature that you can buy. :: Staff
  8. Hello Folks, Just a news letter to inform you of what's been going on behind the scenes We open almost a week ago , and it was a big rush and we encountered some bugs that were not expected. We have address and fixed the recover system, if you are onsite then it doesn't matter to you to much now, but to inform people that it has been address and fixed. The donation system has been fixed and extras have been added so you get more. I will be checking the users that donated before the issue and upgrading there accounts so they receive the same. It may not matter to you so much but the system has been configured in a new way which is safer for us and will avoid paypal trying to close our accounts. We will in the near future be looking at another source to use but for now paypal is safe to use for us and you. The site currency has been all updated seed amounts BP etc (More to follow in the FAQ, FAQ is yet to be addressed.) Open registration has now closed as it was only open while we had the user come back in , just in case we had errors with recover. Alot of stuff has been set up in the back ground not much interest to you guys , but we are becoming more stable and secure than ever. we are working on the forums at the moment but if you are in i have a list of Site Fixes & Priorities here - Also to mention is please be patience on reply of PM's from staff , i clocked 22 PMs today in order to do my job correctly and address and fix them properly i have to do them one by one , and same go's for the other staff so we will get to you we are answering them its just take time that is all Will update you guys with more next week if you don't notice it on site already
  9. Tracker name: UHDBits Tracker genre: hd Sign-up link:
  10. Keep an eye out for the start of the July competition, yet another chance to win a seed box for a month. The start date is Saturday July 5th (GMT). A little bit late, just to give the World Cup competition more time in the limelight. There is an extra prize being added this month..... For further info, please click HERE.
  11. Do you think that things are cheaper in the third world? The Chinese don’t. Not anymore. The local governments of the United States are trying to attract the Chinese companies to their states in the hope they will set up shop. According to the recent Yahoo news, the free market failed to provide states like Alabama with jobs, and in result the region suffered from a high unemployment rate. The problem was solved after the state began looking for investors from the Communist Henan Province in China. The searches were successful – Henan’s Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group has already opened a plant in Alabama in May 2014, and it is not the only one of its kind: the trend of the Chinese outsourcing to the US is being noticed across the country. Indeed, the Chinese companies have already invested a record $14 billion in the US in 2013. What is more important, they collectively employ over 70,000 Americans. The market confirms that the rules have changed: Chinese workers are getting more and more expensive, while the energy prices in the United States are falling. So, now mayors and economic development officials can be seen lining up to welcome Chinese investors, though a few years ago they would have called them “Commie infiltratorsâ€. The researchers point out that it is in the more conservative Southern states, where obsession with blocking health care defined a higher number of people on welfare being at the forefront of attracting the Chinese. Today any market expert would admit that the United States has some advantages of cheaper Chinese manufacturing facilities: aside from access to cheap Mexican labor, companies that set up in the States will save a fortune on transport costs.
  12. If you see Transformers: Age of Extinction, the fourth (fourth!) film in the franchise this weekend, you’re not going to see an emotional tale of robots banding together to overcome adversity. You’re going for the badass special effects. We chatted with VFX supervisor Scott Farrar to see how the new movie made them more awesome than ever. In Age of Extinction, the Autobots are more intricate, they’re bigger, more detailed, and more realistic. And the 165-minute movie is mostly robot action, rather than Mark Whalberg spilling his soul. Farrar, who is a long-time veteran of ILM (the visual effects company started by George Lucas in 1975 to work on the original Star Wars), and whose VFX credits include World War: Z, Hunger Games, Back to the Future, all four Transformers flicks, as well as more than 40 other films, told us a little bit of the back story. How were the techniques different with Age of Extinction when compared with the other three Transformers movies? Farrar: We’ve all been students of how to make the Transformers characters look more real, more metallic, better acting, more photographically real in each of the films. Certainly the robots look better than they have before in this one. They’re sharper, the colours are more detailed, and the biggest change is, I think, the large amount of work that we had that was all robots, lots and lots of shots in the film don’t have human actors in them at all. In fact, our work accounts for about 90 minutes of the movie. It’s data-heavy, it’s the largest film I’ve ever done, and it’s the largest data push through in ILM history. What kind of work goes into making just one Transformer? Let me break it down this way: To do one model takes roughly — it could be less, it could be more — 15 weeks. So you start with artwork, and lots and lots of designs and artwork that are photoshopped in 2D. Then we turn [the art] into a 3D character and all of its little pieces have to be built. Optimus has over 10,000 pieces in him, for instance, and each one of those pieces has to be modelled correctly. It’s easy to make a box or a rectangle in the computer but it’s very hard to do compound curves — that’s what is time consuming. Every [model] has to be painted. So we have an entire ILM paint staff, which started over a year and a half ago just to get the models ready so we can have them ready to be put in a shot. After that you get the models done, you kind of like the way it looks, then you rig it. That’s the internal skeleton, and that takes another 15 weeks because there are so many little pieces — the joints and the swivels and so forth that allow the animators to make all the little mechanisms move and turn and spin and flip. Then finally you’re ready to put them in a shot, and at that point you still spend about six months fine-tuning the look of the character. Are you not using pre-made models from previous Transformers films? We start with the older models. One thing that’s happened is the software changes, and we have to do updates and sometimes what we used to have won’t run on current software, so conversions have to be made. But in each one of these movies, you will see a difference in the characters. For instance, look at Bumblebee. He got more refined, he’s sleeker, he’s buffed-out, he’s stronger-looking. His shoulders got wider. It’s exactly the same as we do with all the GM vehicles. Like the Camaro has undergone a lot of changes as you look through the years. All the models themselves, by the same token, we revamp to make them look cooler and better each time. Has creating characters in CGI gotten easier, or are you making the characters more intricate? It’s gotten harder. [The Transformers] are more dense, they have more pieces, and the look and style of each one is more complex. Let me give you an example: In this film, Optimus Prime undergoes three different character changes because he gradually becomes an updated version of a knight, a knight formation. His shoulders, his helmet, his facemask and the cuffs on his sleeves, and lots of different details and chest pieces all revamp throughout the movie. Then in addition to that, he’s got four levels of damage and each one of those has to be created. If there’s a slice or a cut or a hit or a bullet hole, all those are a change in the model. So then it gets to be an unbelievable game of trying to keep track of ‘where are we with each model?’, especially when you’re cutting back and forth between shots. Then, ‘alright, which model variation are we supposed to be using?’ We have this whole game plan based on where the shots fall in the sequence. It must be interesting to do the visual effects on films like Transformers because the characters are changing so much by their very definition. It is! Well, it’s also given us a great opportunity to make these things look as photoreal as possible. One thing I really enjoy about Transformers is [director Michael Bay] prefers to shoot as many background places as possible that are real locations… Our style is a different approach from [a lot of] films, [because we] start with real backgrounds. We shoot actually in Detroit and Chicago and Hong Kong and Beijing. And with those backgrounds, with those real buildings, the expectation is for all the robots to look as photographically real as possible. Therefore the lighting is critical. I spent every day all day long just working on mostly the lighting so that it looks like a theatrical piece, like a normal film that you’re used to seeing. What percentage of the four cities we see in Age of Extinction are real and what are CGI? Every single cityscape is real. Let’s talk about Chicago, the aerials. We developed a new camera, we’re developing new camera rigs, we use every toy and tool there is in the business to photograph these movies. We use the latest rigs, and I shoot a lot from a helicopter. We’ve developed a new rolling gimbal to mount on the helicopters so it looks like you’re roving and you’re turning and you’re banking through the turn around all the buildings in Chicago, which are real places, all actually shot from the helicopter. Likewise, Hong Kong. A lot of ground scenes ares shot from a Porsche Cayenne that has a gimbal arm above it. It can go 145km/h down the street and you can get a lot of shots. However, there are certain scenes, like Optimus galloping down the streets of Hong Kong, where what we shot maybe didn’t exactly look the way we wanted it. So all those backgrounds are built from actual photographs. So it’s not CGI, it’s actually photography that we stitch together and we animate in the fashion that we want. So we can, for instance, create a corridor that’s a mile-long stretch of real buildings and fly the cameras through that area — and it will look 100 per cent photoreal.
  13. Notice Progress ball is coming back. Now Biggest names and higher classes could see it. More privileges would be open for high-class users. We are adjusting discount policies of old torrents. If your ratio is in danger, please pay attention to it! We suggest you stopping downloading big and old files these days. HDWinG Staff