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  1. @Bujie Hi , man! I would like an invite on xtremezone Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi, Need some help for a friend to answer on some videographer questions, if you know a good answer for the questions please be more specific in details, thank you in advance. 1. Please explain any experience you have shooting an interview. 2. Please describe how you set up the lighting and audio. 3. When conducting an Interview where do you want your levels to be for voice? 4. Which tool in Final Cut do you use to color correct? 5. Describe a simple workflow (but include every step) in Final Cut Studio to get footage from an SD memory card that contains AVCHD 1080p30 video to DVD Video. Mention the steps in Final Cut, Compressor and DVD Studio Pro. 6. Name two common video codecs that you can edit in Final Cut Pro. 7. What is depth of Field? With a stock standard video camera with a fixed zoom lens (e.g. HVX200, HVRZ5U) how can we achieve a high depth of field? Name three steps. Mention lens, F-stop and subject to background.
  3. Apply fot BitHQ, REP and THX added!
  4. ...Apply 4 BitHQ!... Rep and thx added!
  5. Many many, happy returns of the day mate! Have a nice day.

  6. Looking to trade for BTN. Thanks in advance!
  7. Yes it does...The PC games from 2006 to present depend a lot of Sony and Microsoft...Yes the PC is more and will be always powerfull...but, i said it depends of Sony and Microsoft, why? because Consoles make the rules in games...the consoles makes more money, the PC is pirated all the time...and you will never seen a better graphics on PC than Sony or Microsoft EVER...from now on will see better graphics on PC, why? because it comes you want to see SUPERB graphics on all games before arrive PS4 and XBOX ONE? Do you know what i mean?
  8. This games are best when the console to early to talk about "ALL TIME"
  9. Best games: Killzone Shadow Fall, The Order, Destiny, Driveclub, Watch Dogs, Deep down, Knack, Thief, FIFA 14...These are the best games...
  10. Yeah i think too. PS4 will be the best console of his generation...