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    currently a supersenior @ the university of south florida. double majoring in women's & gender studies + psychology. double minoring in sociology and communications. obviously i'm a fucking nerd and i love it. i like feminism, talking shit about boring white masculinist culture that surrounds us here in the states at least ... when it comes to getting paid, i offer my computer nerdiness. "why aren't you majoring computer shit." your mom, that's why. in terms of torrents and invites go, you totally want to invite me because now that I live in Tampa, I have FiOS ... which, regardless of the fact that Verizon and capitalism in general is a big fat turd, still, i have symmetric bandwidth: 150mbps down AND UP. so my penis is basically huge. got me a big loud beefy seedboxy server for my gay porn and e-books. okay, i got homework brb.

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  1. I'm really nice and super gay* so I loves me my gay porn. Now that my connection is badass apparently I have 5 invites to I guess I'll have to approach this like an asshole tho. They're free if nobody wants them, but it would be nice to have stuff of my own. I really miss my bibliotik account, for instance. I also accept pills as currency. I mean I don't care about yr thilly worldly things like money ... except for when I need some. Which is always lately. Because financial aid is telling me that I'm well beyond ready to graduate college so I don't get those big fat checks anymore. *technically inaccurate but for the purposes of this post we'll just roll with that