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  1. Hi I have a CN account available for sale or trade. It has a ratio of 8.5 with .99 TB upload and 20,000 mafia bucks. CN doesn't ban user for a bad or negative ratio so this shouldn't matter. Ratio is only used for user class promotion. This account doesn't come with an email unfortunately, I got it from another trading forum and the trader is someone I trust so I'm not worried at all about the email issue. The account does come with pin. You can change the email on CN but you need to pm staff with a very good reason. Open to any and all offers. I'm looking for invite so let me know if you have that Please pm offers. Thank you
  2. Looking for iTS or Funsharing invite or account Name price Please PM Thank you
  3. SCC account with 4.19TB buffer looking for any good trackers to trade. Not interested in selling for $ Already have: Tvchoasuk PTN Morethantv TV vault Titansof.TV Transmitthenet Waffles Freshon TV Tehconnection Ncore PTM GFT TSH IPT Feedurneed X264 Please PM offers Thanks