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  1. what is sparvar?
  2. If you want to open a torrentsite, pm me. I am a coder and can help you out. From the server system installation up till site advertisment. Many features including site link to external forum or irc servers, auto-join, auto-upload, etc.
  3. How can I talk to the staff? Still don't know why my account get disabled 4 months ago :| BBS forums still with invite code?
  4. 1 month of dedicated server. quad core intel xeon, 100mbit/1Gbit 500GB/1TB space 8GB DDR3 RAM pm me if you want but first, staff need to confirm you actually have the invite.
  5. LOL.. i've made a dupe post about this.. damn
  6. Google Translate always sucks so here are the facts: 1. It seems they changed servers again, something went wrong with their last one. 2. The assessment for newcomers was canceled until further notice. 3. The new server is still buggy, but operational. Other downtimes may occur. 4. Donations will be open!? Yea i just realised this is a dupe sorry
  7. that's why i love private sites they can keep on blocking public ones. i don't FU*KING care :wub: