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  1. Hello, rep + like added. I would like to apply for a Bitsoup invitation, thanks.
  2. I would like to give you three invites for x264, are you interested? choose three of these beyondhd iptorrents torrentday waffles tehconnection bit hdtv bitspyder freshon
  3. Hello, I would like to apply for BTN & HD-Torrents Well because it has been quite some time than I am chasing them and I am out of luck, since HDAccess I have yet to find an HD tracker that suits my desires and I have heard good things about HD-Torrents! About BTN, it is well known to be the best television tracker out there, and the one I am on is not quite satisfactory! Goodluck and thanks!
  4. Hello would you be interested in exchanging M-Team for invitation beyondHD account (2tb buffer) tehconnection account (1tb buffer) torrentday invitation torrentleech account (new) 1 for 5... What do you say?
  5. Hello, x264 invitation! or bitHQ account are you interested in these: (all invitations) iptorrents torrentday beyondHD waffles bitgamer Thanks, just pm me or quote me here if you are.