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  1. hello, i just got what.cd invite, i have 3 days to use it, i will forward it to someone who want it to trade it for polish tracker or pedros hurry please!!!
  2. i have accounts for piratethe.net bemaniso.ws scenefz.net torrentvault.org forum.gfxnews.org audionews.org trancetraffic.com mac-torrents.me gettorrents.org cgpeers.com demonoid.ph morethan.tv tehconnection.eu and invites for mutracker.org hotvibes.org (2 invites) torrentech.org alpharatio.cc i will give all accounts and invites for revolutiontt or baconbits, some for torrentshack invite or account, so if anyone interested let me know if you have some other interested invites or accounts (passthepopcorn, pedro's, beathau5, polish tracker...), sure... let me know...