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  1. We the staff at AHD are always on the lookout for new encoders to join the internal team as such we have decided to open the doors outside of AHD and as such would like it if you would share the below message with anyone you know. Would you like to join a team dedicated to working on creating the best looking encodes on the Internet? Well, now is your opportunity. The staff and internals of AHD are throwing open their doors to anyone who has the ability to encode or the desire to learn. Now, we haven't gone completely crazy and are letting any Tom, Dick or Harry in. Yes, anyone who agrees to take up this challenge will be given an invite, however, there will be conditions involved. The main one being that you are prepared to release material on a regular schedule. If you accept and are invited you will be required to follow along with the user-release program that exists at AHD which means releases must be approved by staff/internals and follow the AHD Internal Release Group Standards until such times that your work has proven to be of the correct level. If you believe you are capable of doing this email us on with details of you encoding experience (if you have none say so - we are happy to work and train people provided they have the desire to do it, but anyone found to be doing this just for the invite will be banned permanently). The AHD Staff P.S. we have a one account per lifetime policy. If you have had an account previously let us know in the email. You will be discovered if you don't. P.P.S Let your friends know spread this message!
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