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  1. frupoint

    Clash Of Kings - Lvl. 26.

    As the title says: i have a Castle Lvl. 26 in the Clash Of Kings game. If you want to buy it, and you need more details about it hit me a pm!
  2. frupoint

    1x invites GiveAway

    Hi lapaj123! I apply for the invite if it is possible now too!
  3. I still haven't gotten my invite at

  4. I sold it yet, also thread can be closed and delete.
  5. I give an invite code for free to you! ;-)
  6. frupoint

    [have] TS-Tracker [want] good offers

    It is the new domain address:
  7. As the title says, also pm me your offers!
  8. Send me a message, if you want to trade with me!
  9. Thread closed, delete it, please, thanks.
  10. And why are you spamming all threads??? Just send a message to Inviter or for an other moderator and they can help with your problem...
  11. bhdtv for 32

  12. PM me if you have a invite (only invite).