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  1. I am still looking for an offer
  2. Uncharted


    Thanks @amazinghorse,i assure that i will
  3. Uncharted


    Invite sent,check your inbox
  4. Uncharted


    Add rep and thanks,i will send you
  5. Uncharted


    Apply here Members at least 2 weeks old Add Rep&Thanks Give +1 feedback after you signup Sent: @
  6. I am looking for SportHD.Feel free to offer but please be reasonable.
  7. John Cena is the one i support
  8. Messi-Ronaldo rivalry is the most exciting one in the football history.
  9. Yes man.3-0 win will make things so easy but i expect anything from Bayern as well.
  10. ı have got HP G62 but desktop is much better
  11. General Mobile Discovery is the one i use
  12. BTN,Exigo,DB9,HDBits etc however there are such better trackers than these ones
  13. It is exaxctly just awesome