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  1. Tommy Wiseau. The room. Masterpiece. Nuff said
  2. Tehhacks

    What is Your Favorite Anime Series?

    Jojo i mean that is the only correct Answer to that question. And its jojos bizarre adventure. Or trigun
  3. Tehhacks

    What was the last movie you've seen?

    Some hallmark movie… i am not proud to say that. D:
  4. Rikki oh the story of rikky
  5. Tehhacks

    Who is your favorite actor/actress?

    THE ONE TRUE GOD Nicolas Cage.
  6. Tehhacks

    Favourite Movie Ever!

    It's a tie between ever nic cage film and leon the professional
  7. Figures Russia always gets the fun stuff like bears, guns , the cold.
  8. That sounds really interesting. I will have to check it out sometime. Do you happen to know if it can do java or flash? And also other supported sites?
  9. X men all the way baby
  10. Tehhacks

    WWE: Who is your favorite wrestler?

    I always liked Andre the Giant.
  11. Welcome to Invite Scene Tehhacks :)