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  1. Dear users, We want to inform you that we've added new rules and updated some of the old ones. They concern the uploaders and the numerous dupes we've seen in past years. We suggest to read them (even though you're not an uploader/encoder) Regarding uploaders: Only HQ MOVIE audio allowed with minimum 5.1 sound, 1.0 and 2.0 for older movies only. ISO is allowed for untouched 3D movies One web-dl version per movie will be allowed (720p or 1080p). If the first web-dl version is re-encoded or has 2.0 channels (instead of 5.1) you will be free to upload a better version (ask here if you need help or you have doubts) Only one scene release! (TV/Movie). Feel free to post here if you think you have a better/different solution. One quality encode allowed! It can be uploaded before/after a quality internal, but remember to include comparission screens! For Internal releases: We won't accept more than one internal per resolution anymore. Make sure you have staff's aproval, so: One internal encode per resolution! Proof is needed if you got a better encode Only one REMUX is allowed! Internal will be kept while others will get deleted. Only one BluRay disc will be allowed. BRRip a.k.a. encodes from re-encodes will be strictly forbidden!
  2. Emp servers status and other useful info whenever Emp is unresponsive to you: bookmark it for later :-)
  3. 100k uploads and community staff additions We hit 100,000 uploads last month! This is a huge accomplishment and we'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of our uploaders for contributing and making this possible! We couldn't have done this without each and every one of you, and the staff are all extremely grateful and proud of what you've achieved. To put things into perspective, in the five and a half years that the site's been up, we've averaged almost 73 uploads per day. That's a new upload every twenty minutes! For those interested, here's a visual breakdown of these torrents: To ensure all these torrents remain well-seeded, we're reducing the maximum number of Hit and Runs (H&Rs) users are allowed to have at any given time. As announced last month, this limit has now been reduced to 10 H&Rs. This means that if you have 11 or more H&Rs, your download privileges have been revoked. For an explanation of how to get rid of any H&Rs you might have, please refer to question 4 of our HALP! FAQ. On a happier note, we're pleased to announce some reshuffling in our community staff classes. You may have noticed some App Reviewers floating around who were appointed about a month ago. They've been working consistently on reviewing our site applications, ensuring that there's a steady and healthy stream of new users to the site. In the past, applicants have sometimes had to wait months to hear back but since ARs been appointed, it's never been more than a couple of hours! For that, we have CYMA, Forevabronze, Liseda and WIRLYWIRLY to thank, so please give them a warm welcome to our community staff team. Unfortunately, real life does get in the way of being a weeaboo at times and we're sorry to bring news that Carilious andrunod are no longer a part of our Forum Staff. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank them for their work on the site though and we wish them all the best with their future endeavours. To replace them however, we're glad to welcome 10dand vault2049 who will be joining primarily as FS for Chat and Anime respectively! They've already been doing some work in their sections for the past week so please make sure that they don't feel unappreciated~ To round off this announcement, we've also got our second set of staff picks with a visual layout available here. We hope you enjoy them! Regards, AB Staff
  4. New Client to Whitelist Do to popular demand, we are proud to announce that qbittorent versions 3.0 and 3,1 are now whitelisted and allowed for use on the tracker.
  5. Just to update you - I can do a run of 100 or 150 shirts. If I can get preorders, I can print them ASAP. I just need to know if there is a demand for 100-150 before I can get them (at a good price). Setting up a poll. Be honest! If we can get get 150 @ $11-12 usd total preorders - then we can pay for the server for almost 9+ months!
  6. Tracker Name : TheCafe Category : General Review if any : Signup Url : Closing Date: Limited Signup
  7. Uploading Contest! This is our first official contest! It will be judged by who uploads the most torrents during the one month period. The contest will last from April 1st to May 1st. Prizes 1st - 300 GB Seedbox Dedicated HDD & 1 Gbps connection with Unlimited bandwith+SSH Access+auto-dl(irssi) + 30 fl tokens + Custom Title. 2nd - 30 fl tokens + Custom Title. 3rd - 20 fl Tokens Rules 1. Seed each torrent unless it is has 2 or more seeders. 2. Deleted torrents do not count towards your total count. The minimum of points you can have is 0. 3. You will not lose points for torrents deleted before the contest start date. Discuss this post here.
  8. Website Update After a lot of hard work, we've finished revamping our class system and our push notifications system. As a result, we now support Safari push notifications. Also, as a result of the new ranking system, you'll notice rank badges next to usernames on places like the forums. This allows for a more fluid experience, and makes it easier to tell who's staff (and there's badges for things like donator and VIP too!). Because of this new system, we've laid the groundwork so we can expand our website much more easily in the future if we want to. For more info, see forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=180.
  9. GazelleGames - All version of the game (PC, PS3, XBOX360) will be freeleech until the end of April. Enjoy!
  10. Hello! Long time no talk everyone. I have been essentially been without internet for over a month (feels like 2?) on top of personal issues. But, I am back and I bring news(!) I am in talks with my friend who screenprints shirts for a living. For donations either this month, or next month I will be having 'preorders' for these shirts. I am getting prices worked out and everything, so I will update you when I get everything worked out. Anyways, I hope everyone has been well and I apologize for the constant snow up until a few weeks ago, but it is hard to, you know, fix stuff when the only internet you've had is internet on your phone Stay spleeny everyone. <3 IcyFlamez PS I am like 2 months behind on replying to messages so my apologies for that. Like I said I haven't had stable internet connection outside of friends and phone internet (which I wouldn't use for myspleen anyways) so again I am really sorry!
  11. As from today, there will be no more mega-packs or large packs allowed to be uploaded without staff permission. When you have any questions, please contact the help desk. Thanks, Elbitz Team
  12. Welcome to Invite Scene CheenLeen :)