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  1. it is a really great tracker, with lot of contents and good speed on even older torrents. yes requests are also filled very quickly. but if you are not a member there its not like you are missing something. all their encodes can be found on other sites. so if you get in, good, and if not then please dont cry. you not missing much.
  2. karagarga. simply because PTP dont have movies which KG have, but PTP's movies can be found anywhere.
  3. so they opened again. lets see how their new site goes. EDIT - This is a fake site, stay away from them.
  4. @TheScene This tracker's invite are hard to find so small user base. and their quality of RIPs are THH BEST. you cant find better quality music than this. even better than WCD Waffles.
  5. i just registered there yesterday but can find its login page. help.
  6. Welcome to Invite Scene MclarenP1 :)