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  1. Hi friend, i think your sign-in url is not right, the sign-in url is :
  2. Tracker Name | TheSportsTorrentNetwork (TSTN) Tracker URL | Genre | Sports Maintaining Ratio | Easy Access | It seems it will be Invite Only. As the homepage says : Sign ups are open at the moment, so you are in luck. Signs Up Url | Home Faq Rules Torrents Request
  3. They has changed their url to Tracker Name : The Sports Torrent Network (TSTN) Genre : Sports Review (If Any ) : N/A Sign Up Link : Closing Time : N/A Additional Information : This is the 2nd version of The Sports Torrent Network (TSTN) replacing the one that closed back in April 2014
  4. Mani post a full and complete list, hard to do better.
  5. The Name of the Rose from Umberto Eco.
  6. Interesting post, never knows about nsfwyoutube neither WebCanvas.
  7. Nokia Lumia 925 with WP, great device!!
  8. Well, i really like almost any kind of music. But i think i like most Rock and 80's
  9. Welcome to Invite Scene tazvader :)