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  1. Not sure you want a picture of my taint but I'm prepared to take one if you insist.
  2. Banned for trying to get me whacked!
  3. NOT banned because I don't want to get whacked by Don Corleone. taint
  4. 8/10 I don't know what it means but it's fun to say.
  5. I also use EMP but am curious to check out Fux0r because a lot of people recommend it highly despite having only a fraction of the number of torrents. taint
  6. This post has been removed by taint
  7. Not much of a surpise for first place but it's interesting to see all the other sites people like. Very informative poll. Thanks.
  8. Misread the topic. Sorry.
  9. Currently using Samsung Galaxy S5. I love it. I'm never going back to the iPhone.
  10. Daredevil Guess who's looking forward to Netflix in April!
  11. Welcome to Invite Scene taint :)