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  1. if anyone get ptn invites, please consider me
  2. I'd like to apply for e-BH, i can send my ratioproofs if requested. Rep+like added, after transition feedback will be added too. Thanks for that nice giveaway
  3. blues, rock n roll, any kind of metal except black and gothic,classical,folk,country,some quality pops raps and rnbs
  4. hey there, nice GA! id like to apply for torrentvault if possible
  5. hey there nice GA! i apply for carpathians rep like added
  6. i've been using Advanced SystemCare for like 9-10 years, i've tried everything but its the best for me.
  7. im all happy with my sweet g2 16 gb white it's p/p rate is so high
  8. Hey there! this is an awesome giveaway, thanks for attributing to community! id like to apply for Rep+Like Added, Can supply ratio+sb proofs if requested. Thanks for the chance!
  9. i got it thank you so much!
  10. okay man im preparing it give me a minute
  11. great giveaway! id like to apply for one of your pretome's, thanks in advance..